Mirima’s positions are either conflicted, or he is doing so for political expedience


Mr. Henry Ford Mirima,
May I remind you of another Luganda saying, “Ekidedde ekigenza omukadde mu lusalosalo….” which roughly translates “a Darker cloudy sky makes an old person poop nearby…” This is done in the hope that the run-off water will wash away the excrements, but alas often darker clouds do not translate into rain, and the poop stinks up the home to the regret of the “old fellow.”
I fear for those who are pooping in the “lusalosalo” in the hope that the cloud hovering over Uganda is set to rain. Bless your soul, but also be blessed for the stench, phew; does smell goo at all!

I have no reason to challenge your Luganda, my path has crossed yours in the past, we walked the same lanes in the 80’s and I trust your competence in Luganda. (With total respect I would love you to recall another Kasala be cca…) First of all I did not claim to be a pure Muganda, what I am sure of is that despite the fact that I am a hybrid Muganda, not pure Muganda I am uncompromisingly proud to be a Muganda. But what is more important to note here again is the fact that these are not Baganda/Banyoro issues, these are national matters. All I did was to show you that every coin has two sides and you seem to only be looking at one side. The good thing is that you understand the importance of nantabulirirwa… that combined with ndiwulira… should and must be guiding maps in our ethos. Thus far, I will belabor the following:-
I put it to you that some of the extreme positions you have taken of late indicate that you are either conflicted, or you are doing so for political expedience. The man from Karuguuza, the son of that decent soul of a unique nature our elder Kazairwe (RIP) I know, can not be the same one posting what is attached to your name on this forum. I have refused to believe it, because I know you are a much better person, who embodies the great grain of your late father. The Mirima I know is a reconciliatory person not a provocateur
You have repeatedly accused the Baganda of being “colonialists,” I do not think that any one can deny that fact, but who is innocent of this crime? The Baganda could have been colonialists in your view, but is you ask me there is an alternative story that is not often told. You know that Buganda did not start with Kintu, the Banyoro had colonized a land occupied by a people called “Balasangeye” who had constantly fought Banyoro for their freedom. I believe in your research you have came across the facts relating to Chief Mugoziita and finally Buganda, whose reign-line ended with Bemba, who was overthrown by Kintu. Kintu finally was able to repel Banyoro from Buganda and declared Buganda an independent Kingdom in a meeting of clan heads which met at present day Nnono. You are aware that Bunyoro in its war adventures had almost extended as far as present day Busoga proper. That far we have all been there! Therefore your father’s reconciliatory tone in regards to these matters was, and is a better approach. We are all Cameroonian Bantu (read Vansina, Path through the Forest) and at the center of it all we are brothers, we need to figure out how to deal with our past. It is important to figure out how to use the history markers to inform our tomorrow. How do we decide what time period in history to revisit and what to exclude is a question is can not answer?

lawrence mukasa Ssemagulu


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Mr Lawrence Mukasa Ssemagulu

    I thank you for your post especially in as far as it educates me on the history of Bantu-Cameroon but also on the history of Bunyoro

    However, how i wish it had taken a different path. I do beleive that you intended to ask Mr Mirima to “beat the path towards reconciliation” when you state that “The Mirima I know is a reconciliatory person not a provocateur”. Unfortunately, instead of going ahead to champion this cause, the rest of your comment is about what you are urging him not to do-and yet you conclude by stating that “It is important to figure out how to use the history markers to inform our tomorrow…”

    In my humble opinion, you should have helped us see the “how” of going towards unity instead of making what has, turned out to be a counter-accussation of Bunyoro being colonialist as well

    Has that helped me?

    Am afraid not

    Like i mentioned in an earlier post, and as i do now, Ugandans should not concern themselves about restoration of past glories or lands. A demand for ebyaffe or ebyaittu will always cause a counter demand from other circles and hence a vicious cycle of not so helpful demands

    I would rather we set in place specific development programs which help the man in the village to eat better, dress better, sleep better, read better and generally live better. We should be thinking of how to get water, food, electricity and health facilities closer to the masses-regardless of their tribal affiliation of biases

    For God and My Country

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