On the Issue of Kabaka not being Elected- Bothers m7-why?


On the issue of HH the Kabaka not being elected
That shows how m7 does not understand the cultures and norms in Uganda, “ebyensikirano n’ebye nonno”, have nothing to do with being subjected to elections. m7 has never been heir to any one in Uganda prominent as he thinks he is, simply because most probably he is not from Uganda and the issue that he is omunyankore is still a myth, even to the real Banyakore themselves though the chap is still alive and well in Uganda.

M7 refused the coronation of the Ankore Kingdom which is highly doubtable whether he hails from Ankore. Very soon m7 will have to preside over family issues where by if your grandfather/father/mother/uncle dies then you have to be elected by your family members in order to become a heir in this regard, especially where land and property is involved. Thats why he is fighting un-ethical simple wars and wants to give land to those who he thinks are like him, the squaters, which the baganda call the serwajja okwotas on people’s land, some of it of course came to them as in being passed on by those who have left us.

And the question still stands who elected m7 to become a minister in Lule’s Govt or Binaisa govt? and who elected him in 1986- up to 1990, we are not even sure that he was elected all this time but stealing the vote, thus being envious of the Kabaka, his Katikiros and Mengo officials and the wielding of what he calls political power, thats not political power its the love people embedded in their cultures and norms and can have their Kingdom and its leaders without question or doubt of the choices made by the King, Its the serwajja okwotas asking as to why the leaders and the KABAKA HIMSELF WHY THEY ARE NOT ELECTED. It is not the rigging or craftmanship of stealing votes and waging war that shows you have power, m7 use your btrains.

M7 is a typical example of what the Baganda call omukopi w’empisa, he thinks everything has to voted on, and when it comes to him, he has to dodge the vote and use dubious means to steal it, then the Sovereighn God and the devil should stand for elections, and guess what the devil will win since he has many people who think like m7, the majority in the world support the devil and his temporary gifts/powers that he has lent to many like m7 himself. And therefore Heaven will be taken over by the devil as Uganda is today.

If the people reject the idea of voting on the Kabaka then m7 will move the motion that muhoozi becomes president without elections too, since he thinks in his madness that he is a King of some sort, a sabagabe since he restored kingdoms in Uganda, his urgument is unintellectual that since he allowed this people the Kingships, then what is his title? isnt it sabagabe?, and why should he be subjected to elections when other people are not, like all the Kings we have in Uganda and elsewhere like england,

This is not ekanya land of comics mr., the reflection of all this check it out m7 has the greatest number of relatives in govt since independence in Uganda and most of them come from his wife’s side that he had never met before until he became the master rigger of the vote, so where are those from his side if they are not from a neighboring country?

Mayiko Makula



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