Baganda should not blame me-Mirima

Dear Baganda,
You sound like you are blaming me for what you think I am not doing anything to develop Bunyoro-Kitara.
My participation in the struggle to recover the kingdom’s land, I am doing a very big service for Bunyoro-Kitara. I believe you have done some elementary course in Economics; There they tell us that LAND is the basic, a most precious asset, any entrepreneur needs in order to engage in economic development activity. My struggle to recover our land which was stolen by the British, and donated to Buganda, is a very big service to the kingdom.
When this land is recovered, including the over 4000 land titles in Kibaale District the Baganda absentee landlords are holding, I will have done a very big development activity for Bunyoro-Kitara. Therefore, do not think I am not doing any developmental activity for the kingdom.
And as for your description of me as a very rare old man, you are 100 percent correct. The Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru in the year 2009 Empango Celebration Ceremonies recognised this fact and awarded me one of Bunyoro-Kitara’s highest knighthood. His reason, “Henry Ford Miirima is a brave Defender of Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom”. Henceforth I became an officially respected elder in Bunyoro-Kitara.
In Buganda where I hold an  LC post in my village, I have been returned unopposed for the last over twenty years, ever since I began seeking a post there. This is a conspicuous show of respect by the people, residents, of my village .But the likes of you cannot see this.You think all those people who respect me are fools.
And in the profession of journalism, apart from holding a First Class University degree in the profession, attained in 1966 at Kent State University, Ohio, USA, one of the best Journalism Schools in the USA, the Uganda Journalists Association in 2002 awarded me a title of, THE MOST COURAGEOUS JOURNALIST in Uganda in year 2002. Nobody has ever won it again.  I am the only one holding it today. The Association gave me a commemorative trophy to show this.
As an investigative writer, a book publisher, I have written books whose subjects most people fear. I have published, UNVEILING WITCH-CRAFT . This is a subject most people fear to tackle. But after ten years of research I came out with conclusions which go against the established, archaic beliefs in Uganda, or Africa as a whole. I discovered that spirits worshiping is a pack of lies and trickery. I do not fear to antagonize people believing in spirits worshipping, abasamize, abafumu, okusamira okubandwa, lubaale, emizimu, emisambwa,  etc. In that book, I and Bro/Fr. Anatoli Waswa, we clearly show that our population which believes in spirits worshiping are ignorantly/honsetly misled.
I have also published  another book which lesser people would fear tackle.  This is the book, DEMYSTFYING OIL EXPLORATION IN UGANDA. Several forumists have said such a book should be written by professors who have spent years in the field of  oil exploration. How come a person like me who has no degree in oil exploration, should write it.
Yes, Henry Ford Mirima, is a rare old man. The above are just a few examples to show I am a rare old man.

Henry Ford Miirima
Spokesperson for Bunyoro

About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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