Did the Bunyoro Karuguuza incident happen or not?


Dear UAH,

Mw Mirima Henry of Bunyoro said that the date of the shooting at Karuguuza was 31-1-1961 and he goes on to say that: “This Karuguuza incident has been mentioned in Uganda’s Parliament several times by important people. Go to Parliament and surf on their internet and also go through the official Parliamentary debates in the HANSARD.”

There was no Parliament in Uganda in 1961. If you recall we had the Legco and I have with me the debates of 2-2-1961 and 7-2-1961 and the incident does not get a mention. I have little hope whether Legco sat on the days in between because the records do not bring up anything else. On another occasion Mirima has said that the shooting incident took place in 1964. Can he tell us which is which? And Mirima should not ask us to read thousands of Hansard record, let him give us a date. I have surfed Hansard with “Muteesa”, “Muteesa II”, “Kabaka of Buganda”, “King of Buganda”, “Mutesa II”, “Mutesa”, “Karuguza incident” and several permitations and there is no mention of Muteesa shooting people for fun as put it.

I tell you what, if he had shot anybody, the British would have had a strong hand negotiating the independence constitution and would have curbed the Mengo self-rule powers to the bone but they didn’t. What does that tell you? Mr mirima then said “I am giving giving you unchallengeable facts, yet you often accuse me of not supporting my facts.” Mirima always make up stories believing them to be facts. They are not facts. He needs to do better with his smear campaign.

I have written to Mengo to ask them to take Mr.Mirima to task on these allegations but they are bloody cowards. They have not even responded to my letters. But rest assured that our day in court will come. I pray that we will still be alive when that day arrives.

Lastly Mirima is asking Buganda kingdom to apologise but what is the constitutional position today? Who has authority over the territories Mirima is making reference to? How can Buganda give up what it does not have? How could one be said to have a colony yet one does not exercise any powers over the so-called colony?

Byekwaso Omutegu kweguli

UAH forumist


Dear Ugandans at heart,

I would like to ask Mr. Henry Ford Mirima afew questions about the Karuguza incident because I think he has taken it to unacceptable levels:

1. Did the alleged ‘Karuguza’ incident come to the attention of the then governor of Uganda, Sir Frederick Crawford?

2. Why is it that the ‘alleged Karuguza’ incident occured on 31st Jan 1961 yet the ‘Pan Africanist and Nationalist’ Milton Obote in August of the same year wrote a letter of appreciation to Sir Edward Muteesa, calling Buganda the nation that holds the key to Uganda’s salvation?

3. Why is it that for all the days of Obote’s life on earth, despite his hatred for Buganda, not at a single time did he mention of this ‘Karuguza’ incident?

4. And lastly, Mr. Mirima, talking about intimidation, is it true or not true that some time back you went to Kisubi parish, in Buganda kingdom, and intimidated the Parish Priest in his Holy Office with intention to commit suicide there and then, if the Parish did not give you 6,000,000/= in lieu
of a plot of land located on the Parish’s vast titled land that you claimed belonged to your family? According to very reliable sources, the Parish was intimidated into fundraising that money *kama mbaya mbaya* from the Parishoners’ coffers that same day and at the end of the saga you walked out of the Parish Priest’s office 6,000,000/= richer than you had walked in!

In Buganda, as per our norms (ennono), a person who threatens to commit suicide or effects the act of suicide, loses respect of the society. He/she can no longer be allowed to seat in Elders’ councils and other meetings of responsible people to debate motions of interests to the Society or Nation.
All women shun him save for the prostitutes and all men shun her (in case of a woman). In the case of a person who dies by act of commiting suicide, that person is not buried in a normal grave and all the normal procedures of sending off the dead as per Kiganda culture are not followed. I do not know about Bunyoro, but being cousin-brothers, the story could most likely be the same.

You being or having been a practising Catholic, should well be aware of how the Church (both Roman and Anglican) runs its financial matters. This is not a one-man’s business where a creditor walks in and makes a demand and he/she is paid there and then. There are set out Financial Rules and Regulations procedures to be followed when making a payment to a creditor, especially when such a huge amount is involved. But I shall return to that later on if you keep on tickling the issue.

Secondly, Owekitiniisa Mirima, I must thank you on behalf of all the keen Baganda and Uganda loving-citizens for having provided us with one vital piece of information:

Some 10 years and even may be more years ago, while Buganda was still on honeymoon with the Central govt, some Banyoro officials or individuals that may be, were planning the disruption of the coexisting peace and tranquility between the peoples of Buganda and Bunyoro by way of laying a snare in the names of cropping up a non-existent tragedy. How? By naming a street in the
youthful Kibaale district after a purportedly martydom hero, Ntogota, who was ‘murdered’ by the ever bloody-thirsty Baganda under the command of none other than their Kabaka, now Ssekabaka Muteesa II.

I must admit that this is very vital information that shall be referenced on for many more years to come in both the history of Buganda and Uganda. So to speak, this Issebanyara/ Issebaruuri/Ssabamasaba/Ssabakampala etc. did not start just yesterday in 2007/8 but during the pre-assumed days of the honeymoon! Wonderful!! Please, keep on educating us! *(Applause).*

Robert Nviiri

UAH forumist


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Owekiinisa Ssemuwemba;

    You are doing your best to make it look like the Banyoro are
    fabricating the Karuguuza shooting incident by Ssekabaka Muteesa. Your
    efforts at denial including Nviiri’s, will change a fact which took

    It was witnessed by market goers of that day, who might be in the
    region of hundreds. Many of those are still alive today. If you are
    genuine about cleaning Buganda name, go to Buyaga, around Karuguuza and
    secretly talk to people who are in their sixties and sevenities, and
    ask them about Ntogota and the nine Banyoro who were killed by
    Ssekabaka Muteesa.

    Nviiri, and you, are raising issues like why didn’t the then Governor
    of Uganda get the information and act accordingly by sendding it to
    London. You also ask why didn’t the Hansards of the day have a report
    of the incident. By the way why don’t aqsk why the Hansadrs of the deay
    did not report the shooting of the Muganda mmagtistrate whowas wont of
    jailing banyorofor speaking their mother tongue. It took a courageous
    Munyoro who got a gun and went and shot him during court session. From
    that day that Muganda magistrate stopped jailing Banyoro for speking
    their mother tongue.

    That Munyoro was knighted with one of the highest Bunyoro-Kitara
    knighthoods of a Mujwarakondo based on his bravery. Indeed. President
    Museveni’s Government should declare this Munyoro a national hero for
    he did a nationalistic act.

    Did that shooting get reported in the Hansard? And when the Baganda
    Kawonaowos shot and killed a Mubende BanyoroCommittee leader, one
    Mugenyi at Nyamaarwa, in 1960, Bwamiramira sub-county, was that
    shooting get a space in the Hansards. And when the same Kawonawo murder
    squod kill a Munyoro sub-county chief of Ndaiga, near the then Mengo
    palace in Ndaiga, did it get reporeted in the press or in the Hansard?

    I can mention hundreds of incidents of this nature which were never
    reported in the press, or in the Hansards of the day.

    Indeed, in the eyes of right thinking intellelctuals you, and Nviiri,
    are trying to bring impossible arguments,bordering on trickestry, to
    prove Baganda innocence. Deep in your hearts you know that at that time
    the situation was abnorrmal. You could not expect the press, if it was
    there anyway, to act like today’s Red Pepper is doing today.

    These are dishonest questions you are asking, and you are also askig
    for impossible evidence, because, you know very well that at that time
    the country was in a state of emergence and events were not recorded
    like in normal times. Besides ,it was in the best interests ofAnglo-Ganda diplomacy, to sweep them under the rug. How could you
    expect a British Governor to assist Banyoro case and give the whole
    world evidence of Angolo-Ganda commission of atrocities against Banyoro.

    Incidents of that nature normally appear in Parliament, or Legco, if a
    member raised it in question time. But what British Speaker of that
    time, where the British Government was in the dock, would want to
    create evidence of Anglo-Ganda atrocities. Already Bunyoro had taken to
    court the UK and Kabaka’s Government accusing them of murders of two
    million people, and other atrocities, the British Governor would be the
    most stupid person to avail evidency of Anglo-Ganda natural inclination
    to violence.

    Please, Abbey and Nviiri, do not waste people’s valuable time arguing
    on this subject trying to exonerate Baganda. Your co-accused, the
    British have already acknowledged their share of the crimes against
    humanity, thats why they are today pumping aid to Africda, British,
    Europeans and Americans are paying reparations to Afrrica. Only
    Baganda are refusing to admit their share of the crime against humanity.

    The people of Kibaale District, through their District Council have
    documented this Karuguuza incident, and, however much you Baganda will
    want to wash it away, you will not succeed because it is already in our
    official records. It has already been mentioned in Hansards and
    Ssekabaka Muteesa stands as a criminal in the eyes of right thinking

    The best course for Buganda is to admid guilt, apologise to Bunyoro and
    Uganda moves forward.

    Henry Forde Miirima
    Former speaker of Bunyoro

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