A Muganda who has not benefited from Kingdoms


I submit to you that as a
Muganda  I have not gained any thing from this kingdom that I can use as a
base to praise how it works. Ssekabaka Mutesa decided to be an inward
looking king, he was made the first Uganda president, but what did he
accomplish in that Presidency that makes you proud as a Muganda or a
Ugandan? Ssabassajja Mutebi refused to hold a meeting with the president
for two years, and you continue with “only genuine and frank approaches to
the Uganda problem will help the situation” Well what frank approach did
Ssabassajja see from the president after two years to agree to meet with
him?  Or this is all about waiting in a queue as every one? Doesn’t that
qualify into what my son calls “a silly grand standing”? But most
importantly, what did you as a Muganda or Ugandan achieve in those two
years he put Buganda on hold? No I will answer for you, 30 dead Ugandans.
Because the death of those Ugandans was a direct result of Ssabassajja
refusing to communicate with the government, and we must not shy away from
stating so.

But let me add that Museveni is not about finding solutions to Uganda’s
problems, that has never been in his dictionary, Museveni is about being
in power and today. Whether Ssabassajja meets wit him or does not it is
about being in power Ssebo. Take a good look at this government, Museveni
does not even care about the Uganda he will leave after his death in
power, no it is about being in power and today. He does not care what will
happen to his family if he leaves power, no it is about being in power and
today, and he has done that for now almost thirty years. And you think
that Ssabassajja can worry him for he has not seen him? At the end of the
day this Kingdom will loose as the last kingdom lost, and we will remain
writing historical books as the Kingdom continues to get weakened due to
poor advice. For trust me the very advice of isolation you are giving in
this posting is the very cause of Buganda/Mengo’s failure.

What we need in Buganda and Mengo in particular is a leadership that
communicates, both with Uganda government and Baganda, but we need a more
involvement of Baganda in how Mengo is ran, for trust me most of what is
going on here is loose talk. There was a riot in Kampala and many people
lost their lives, the president and Ssabassajja got a meeting and
discussed many issues. Mwami Musisi what was discussed? Isn’t it your
right as a Muganda to know? And I have stated that Mengo needs a full time
and paid Nabakooba for much of the talk is nawulidde. Ugandans need
leadership and this Mengo is not giving it to them, a very reason they are
turning away. Look when you create a gap in leadership the population look
for alternatives, and this is the very problem FDC is sitting in right
now. So whether Mengo participates in that conference or not it is not
going to create any difference in Museveni’s position of using all of

The question to you though as a Muganda is what do you gain by self
Edward Mulindwa


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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