CBS should not apologise


CBS should not apologise to Museveni government  because it is a trick. The idea is to trap CBS management into accepting liability for the damage caused during the riots.

Basically, such a signed apology would be handed to  government operatives masquerading as “city traders”, who would then sue Buganda’s government in a civil court for untold billions as “damages”, citing the apology as admission of “guilt”..

The hope would be to then bankrupt Buganda through this, as properties (read land titles) could then be attached, etc.

Those comparing it to the New Vision apology miss the point: there was no liability involved.

Those saying it is the end of CBS fall into two groups: anti-Native (actually self-hating) Africans who along with the government want to panic CBS management into falling for the trick.

2. People with no sense of history: When Governor Cohen deported Kabaka Mutesa in 1953, he made an official announcement assuring the Baganda that they “would never see their Kabaka again”. We know what happened next.

The UPC people made similar noises when renaming Bulange “Republic House”.Keep on moving.

there is a lot to suggest that many contributors here do not have positive motives behind their postings. This is evidenced even in the great sensitivity about their true identities.

There is another problem though: they are part of a scheme to spread was is known as “Hate History” about Buganda. The logic is that if you want to destroy a people, first make them look bad by creating negative myths about them through distorting history. There are many regional and global examples of where this has been done. It won’t succeed in our case as as long as we keep our eyes open.

All I am therefore trying to do is to make sure that the real facts, historical and contemporary, are on the table, so that nobody gets misled by these misbegotten children on Governor Cohen.

Here is some information about the real meaning of Mutesa II’s return. Just like Cohen had said it would “never happen”, many engage in the same mistaken thinking about Natives’ rights in Uganda and Africa today. Did Cohen succeed in his vow, as some of his children are now trying to wish?

This is a description of “His Excellency” Governer Cohen’s problems, on Wikipedia (black underlining is mine):

Governor of Uganda

In 1952 he was appointed Governor of Uganda, with the task of preparing that country for independence. He reorganized the Legislative Council to include African representatives elected from districts throughout Uganda, thus creating the basis for a representative parliament. He also introduced economic initiatives, including the establishment of the Uganda Development Corporation.

In 1953 the Lukiko (Parliament) of Buganda sought independence from Uganda. Edward Mutesa II, the kabaka (king) of Buganda demanded that Buganda be separated from the rest of the protectorate and transferred to Foreign Office jurisdiction. On the 30 November Cohen deposed the Kabaka and ordered his exile to London. His forced departure made the Kabaka an instant martyr in the eyes of the Baganda, whose latent separatism and anticolonial sentiments set off a storm of protest. Cohen’s action had backfired, and he could find no one among the Baganda prepared or able to mobilize support for his schemes. After two frustrating years of unrelenting Ganda hostility and obstruction, Cohen was forced to reinstate “Kabaka Freddie”. The Kabaka returned to Kampala on 17 October 1955.

The negotiations leading to the Kabaka’s return, although appearing to satisfy the British, were a resounding victory for the Baganda. Cohen secured the Kabaka’s agreement not to oppose independence within the larger Uganda framework. Not only was the Kabaka reinstated in return, but for the first time since 1889, the monarch was given the power to appoint and dismiss his chiefs (Buganda government officials) instead of acting as a mere figurehead while they conducted the affairs of government. The Kabaka’s new power was cloaked in the misleading claim that he would be only a “constitutional monarch,” while in fact he was a leading player in deciding how Uganda would be governed, and would become the country’s first president in 1962.

Kalundi Serumaga


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Mr Serumaga,

    1/6 You correctly say, AB Cohen announced that: “would never see their Kabaka again”. You also refer to what you call “People with no sense of no history”. To deny the reality of the Cohen announcement is to pass into the ranks of the latter people you refer to. Why?

    2/6 In 1955, EL Mutesa was allowed to return as a result of a bargain that culminated in the 1955 agreement signed by the Lukiiko and AB Cohen &co. By signing that agreement, the Lukiiko in one stroke reduced the Kabaka to a mere symbol…the original “byoya byanswa”, changing the fellow from the position of a ruler to that of a so-called constitutional monarch.

    3/6 When you read the Uganda Herald of June 18, 1953 pp 1-8, here is how the Lukiiko went ahead to whitewash its blatant folly:

    “This is the core of the fabric of our culture and traditions to which must be adapted the new conception of constitutional monarch whereby the king is immunised from conflict with his people on matters political, but his traditional prerogative to advise his people on these matters is not impaired”

    4/6 That was after appending their signatures to such an abomination as:

    “Before any prince shall be recognised by Her Majesty’s Government as Kabaka of Buganda he shall enter into a Solemn Undertaking in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution set out the First Schedule to this Agreement; and so long as he observes the terms of the said Solemn Undertaking, Her Majesty’s Government agrees to recognise him as Ruler of Buganda.” (the mazing Art. 3 of the 1955 Agreement)

    5/6 The point they thus emphasized is the Kabaka must be a symbol. “Twagala kyoya kyanswa”…distanced from political conflicts, and therefore divested of political power. In the name of byaffe, byaffe had been castrated! Kwisha….

    6/6 Sense of history shows that Edward Mutesa may have come back but the Kabaka remained in the venue of the Namirembe Conference. Anything else: sense of hysteria…..

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick

  2. Kalundi,

    While you were working with Radio One in your Spectrum Program, you turned the program and the Radio into a hate media for the president and his tribesmates. Using what you might have thought was your great intellect, your program never ended without a hidden jibe at the person of the president and his tribesmen.

    For those with above average intelligence like myself, it was clear that you were involved in a slow but subtle effort at profiling the president and his tribesmen for possible genocide. No wonder when the riots broke out you were hoping from one radio station to another or from a radio station to a tv station to send the message home. And it was apparently well recieved!!

    No wonder you even reached a crescendo and questioned the president’s parantage!!

    Some of us wondered where your new found ganda radicalism would lead the country and indeed yourself! The rest is history as they say!!!!

    Is it any wonder therefore that you are now one of those strongly opposed to CBS accepting responsibility for the incitement that it indulged in during the riots? Since you are a Muganda and I dare say one of the inciters, it is understandble why you think CBS did nothing wrong and should therefore be reopened to complete the job it had started.

    But for those of us who were victims of the incited youth and who could not sing ‘Ekitibwa Kya Buganda’ in roadblocks, we certainly demand that CBS must acknowledge some mistakes.

    I was in Kampala and listerned to CBS and nobody including the Kabaka can convince me there was no incitement against other Ugandans by CBS.

    But it seems you also agree that CBS incited Baganda to kill other Ugandans and destroy their property. Your only concern is that if CBS apologises then it may be forced to pay damages. Read your own views: The idea is to trap CBS management into accepting liability for the damage caused during the riots.

    Read yourself further: Those comparing it (apology) to the New Vision apology miss the point: there was no liability involved.
    To me it is clear your message is that yes: CBS committed ‘murder’ (incited) but to admit liability (apologise) would result in a ‘death’ sentence. So your advice to CBS is deny, deny, deny, deny to save Buganda!!!!!!

    But then again is CBS Buganda and is Buganda CBS?

    I thought that Buganda and CBS are two separate legal entities each of which can be sued and can sue on its own right. Aren’t you then stretching the argument to much for the sake of justifying your strange logic?

    So anytime I as a citizen sues CBS, will I also be sueing Buganda? What if CBS sues me, will it be Buganda sueing me?

    I thought Mengo has some good lawyers who could advice better!!!!

    Learning from history

    Kalundi – what does Buganda itself learn from the history you have so well cited in your piece? Is it possibly that in all those sad episodes it is the non Baganda actors who were constantly wrong and Buganda’s position was always the correct one including in the present CBS case and also in any other case in future?

    History they say can be a doubled edged sword! All sides in any situation can learn from it albeit sometimes drawing different self serving conclusions. So be it in this case of CBS.

    Peter Okello

  3. Hello Peter Okello (or whatever your real name might be),

    You seem very annoyed, going by the tone of your posting.

    Is because you can now see that your attempted entrapment of CBS has been worked out?

    Since you have decided that you hold “above average intelligence”, perhaps you feel disappointed in yourself that it failed to produce an “above average” kind of plan?

    The laws on sectarianism and incitement are very clear. it should be a simple matter to gather toghether all the claims that have been made, and turn them over to the DPP for handling.

    To date, as you well know, nobody from CBS has been convicted (and very few even accused before court) of all the things you are claiming, and this is several months after that September.

    Why on earth would one ask for only an apology from someone supposedly guilty of all the very grievous things you allege? Love? A forgiving heart?

    You know the answer (given your intelligence): those in charge know that these accusations are extremely dubious, and would not get far in a proper trial. So they have tried to trick CBS management into accepting liability, thereby sidestepping certain loss in open court, and also liquidating the station in one go, by suing it and its shareholders into bankruptcy.

    Accepting liability is not the same thing as actually being liable (that’s why insurance companies have that slogan about “not accepting liability” after having a car accident, remember?).

    Only a court has the power to decide who is innocent and who guilty. That is how proper systems work.

    So, if you are so sure of your accusations take it to court.

    And If you are not sure of the CBS-Buganda relationship; go to Bulange and ask.


  4. Hi Serumaga
    I am impressed by your posting.
    Oh yes Indeed I agree with you that closing CBS is a ploy “maybe” to make those in charge of the radio to go bankrupt. I believe they (those who closed down the radio) are “cooking” some thing behind the house to see that the radio will never be operational again because it is the mouthpiece of may voices around the country and beyond. The keep forgetting something that the more one or something is incarcerated they give it more popularity

    On not taking those who were working on the radio to court is a decider that they committed no offense more probably but they were after closing the radio and make some individuals who were the employees of the radio and others as well where you Sserumga were working to stop you and clear you off the sheet of advocacy in the land

    Wako Joel

  5. I don’t think Government will get the liabilities of the riots to Buganda Government. The President and his cabinet know very well that the tempers of the people got out of control because they would least expect a leader they love so much to do the undoable of refusing Kabaka to go to visit an area within his jurisdiction, (they also know it very well that the President was simply annoyed with Kabaka Mutebi not taking his calls over time and he wanted to show him (Mutebi) that a Buganda Kabaka was not above the President of Uganda. And not that they were not aware that Kayunga is in Buganda!

    Let us give it the benefit of doubt, that the central government will not go that far, and more so, Mengo lawyers can clearly stipulate what the apology is all about. It will become tricky in that not only CBS was a victim of closure; so if you closed all the concerned stations in connection with inciting the people, how do you quantify that CBS then eventually is responsible for all the damage, it simply does not make sense.

    Willy Kituuka

  6. Forumists,
    Please donot distort facts, M7 has never wished to restore traditonal leaders from day one. He was forced by circumstances that were prevailing at that time.He even tried to derail this process through his confidants ie Gatrued Njuba it back fired, to this present day she must be regrating her statement that,” Aba Gganda bakabila amatta agayise Obwakakaba te bukyadawo.” At that time if you may recall Museveni was running a tight rope the war in the North was a thorn, Baganda were getting disgrantled after several attempets to reclaim ebbyafe were fruitless.There was fear that insurgence would erupt in Buganda that would be catastrophic for his shake regime at the time.
    So this was forced on to him don’t be decived that he wanted it but he still continues to dig in and destroy Buganda through the many district created and his regional tyre law if passed that will reduce Buganda and also help him create a new region for the Balalo or Batussi that had no acenstral region in Uganda.

  7. Please read between the lines on this so-called apology being demanded from CBS by the government! The matter is not as simple as you want to make it out. The so-called apology as well as the other unconstitutional conditions from Tinyefuza/Museveni a.k.a Cabinet have enormous legal, political, social and economic ramifications not only on CBS as a business entity but also on His Majesty the Kabaka, Buganda Kingdom and the Baganda as an ethnic group in general. Someone with smart brains can clearly see the dangerous snare Museveni and Tinyefuza are laying for CBS, His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi, Buganda Kingdom and the Baganda in general. Museveni has already said it clearly and loudly, namely that “ Obote made a stupid mistake of militarily attacking Sir Edward Mutesa II. He could have done it [read destroying Buganda Kingdom]through political means”. Now, neither of the two evil methods of destroying Buganda by Milton Obote’s military blunders against the late Sir Edward Mutesa II and subsequently Museveni political machinations against His Majesty Mutebi II /Buganda Kingdom/Baganda/CBS are any good at all! Both methods are equally evil and disatrous! Museveni does not believe in strong and independent institutions such as the Kabakaship today under His Majesty Kabaka Mutebi. He does not want to see that the strong bond that exists between the Baganda and their Kabaka continues. It’s no longer a secret that he wants to break it for goo! That’s why he is crafting all political schemes to destroy that bond. Let us also not forget that Museveni is looking for some big fish to pass on the buck of the responsibility for the extrajudicial killing of 40 0r 50 Ugandans during the September Buganda riots! Remember that this is one of the mooted ICC case brewing up against Museveni and his cabal of military officers and government ministers who participated in those killings. Have you, for instance, wondered why no independent commission of inquiry into those riots has been put in place up todate but you can now hear ‘someone from above’ demanding for an apology from CBS? What is this apology for when there is an abundant claim to the effect that the law courts in Uganda are indepedent and effective?? Does it make sense for someone or an institution like Buganda Kingdom or CBS to offer an apology for allegedly having killed 40 or 50 Ugandans including one Congolese, and destroyed property in billions of Uganda shillings???? Does it really make sense??? For how long must someone think that all Ugandans are a bunch of fools????

  8. To me the apology of New Vision paper has been working on m7 and his pondents as a tit for tat when the paper apologised to the Kabaka, the rift had been hatched and in actual sense it was m7 swallowing his own baby lies as new vision apologized amidst shame directed to m7 himself, this did not go down his throat very well.

    M7 made the apology shame a project to retaliate. A man very concerned with very simple matters that do not tally for the person of the presidency. In short our presidency is held by omukopi w’empisa as the Byanyimas would not labour to inform you in advance, you may experience it for yourself, if the dictator thinks you crossed his path.

    Thats why the chap cannot hand over power in a peaceful democratic transition, its too big and hard for him at the same time to let it go ina democratic process for he did not expect it and therefore cannot do without it, kind of an unworthy mukopi man marrying a beatiful Mumbejja, if the mumbejja tries to opt out the mukopi man may threaten to kill himself or kill who ever he thinks is taking his Mumbejja , he can can do whatever it takes to keep the Mumbejja no matter what, even if it takes him to his grave he wont let go. He may suggest that the mumbejja gets married to his son, just to keep her in the family.

    So m7 is now trying to twist the Kabaka in the same kiwani style to get CBS to apologize meaning that its now the Kabaka to apologise, erase his govt run propaganda paper shame which is politically counted on him and then move to destroy the Kabaka’s and anything that he holds value, as he closes the radio, he knew the move to stop the Kabaka would raise the stakes at cbs to abuse him as he alleges, but I think they simply said te truth

    The apology is a trick to silence all those identified as the brain to sensitise the masses about his full fledging dictatorship that he is trying tio unleash to the people of Uganda. The end result, most of those who have lost their jobs will be found out there jobless, and then try them into enemies of the people and the Buganda kingdom, offer them a deal they cannot refuse or those who harbor some shame to refuse will go six feet under as they are poisoned sent to safe house for crocodile desert.

    Those who agitate for the apology like Muwadi Ahmed Kateregga are enemies of the people (bipingamiizi) and can be coined as narrow minded because the apology trick is broad based and live in m7’s sinister mindset as the original m7 govt that is now reduced to extra judicial activities, state inspired terrorism on the wanainchi, high profilled corruption, land grabbing schemes, bribery, vote rigging, bad governance and crowned itself in dictatorship projects that have defined the nrm funny govt as of today.

  9. I honour members of this forum, all has been said, but the best as of now is to apologise and have the public connected. It is now a complete black-out yet communication is a big power. There is no situation as bad as the one we are in when official communication from Mengo has to be gambled through other media. While to the well to do, they have the information that they would need from all the other media, the people down there have CBS as the station which educates them. The Baganda can push on well with educative programmes from CBS and get other stuff from other sources.

    If there is evidence from sound bite that some staff incited the public; we have to accept that it was wrong, and getting these people from direct broadcasting does not mean Mengo cannot deploy their abilities elsewhere. There is Buganda land board, and other areas. It is also important to know that some broadcasters were using CBS knowing that no body could get them or touch them. Have a station where storming it is not equivalent to invading the Kabaka. As far as am concerned given the circumstances, re-locating can be done. This does not mean that office of the station may not be in Bulange though I have not seen the communication; and with modern technology, broadcasting can go on normally if not better. For many people are more centrally located place may be easier compared to going to Mengo if they are having business with CBS.

    We keep saying Mengo has no source of income. If merely making an apology will get the station back to business that income will be in place and employment of the staff currently in suspense; not forgetting that many Baganda are in a vacuum and it will be most unfortunate if we proudly say we cannot apologise.

    Willy Kituuka

  10. Am actually enjoying this one. The peasants ask why CBS is not yet re-opened!! The MPs keep bringing this up!

    The man who can’t stand silence from a mere “Byoya Bya Nswa” for over two years has set his conditions.

    The baganda are saying…we don’t want a CBS under those conditions.

    It is a comedy to watch….

    Hope it doesn’t become a tragedy…afterall according to Patrick Otto…. Kyaffa DDA. Naye this Kyaffa dda gives sleepless nites to the man who can’t stand silence when “byoya by nswa” ignores him hehehe.

    Byebyo ebyange.

    Mylz Gituufu
    Kampala, Uganda

  11. Kituuka,

    Sometime I really wonder. You support NRA/M-O, simply support it! Don’t tryin to throw into this issue, some useless reasonings thusly in support of apology for CBS radio. Apology for what?

    Baganda cannot apologise for CBSfm; neither do the staff of the radio station. If there was any wrong done, by anybody in CBSfm, why is it that Uganda government of president Mu7 failing to use the law it created to address the issue? If you don’t know why they failed to use the law to address their complains against the staff of the radio station, then let me tell you why. IT IS BECAUSE MU7 AND HIS GOVERNMENT HAVE NO GENUINE REASONS OR COMPLAINS AGAINST THE RADION STATION INCLUDING THE STAFF WHO WORK IN THE RADION STATION!

    That is why they are finding themselves in a quandary and instead, are calling for apology! Apology for what? Some immaginations in your heads?

    If you have genunie reasons to close the radion station, tell Ugandans what reasons these are. Serious allegations as, inciting the public to carry out genocide against a people cannot just be treated with calls for apology! Calling for apology proves that they are making all these things up; and they know darn well that if the allegetions go to even their court, they will lose, and shall have to pay CBSfm, staff of CBSfm, and Buganda Kingdom crippling damage compensations they won’t be able to afford.

    When some drunk driver has an accident with his car while driving drunk, say killed someone, his car doesn’t get impounded and destroyed because of the accident, or impounded and he be told, the car cannot be driven ever again on the streets until he apologises!

    If the car is drivable, the car can go on the streets the next day. It is the driver that would have to face the law. What the government of Mu7 is doing against the Buganda Kingdom radio station is, impounding the car(CBSfm), and telling the driver that while you were drunk, you drove and killed someone. You are not going to be allowed to drive this car ever again, until you apologise!

    Is that how laws anywhere operate? How stupid can these NRA/M-O and their supporters get really?

    If you have some cases with evidences, against CBSfm staff members, take the staff to court. Let the court address the issues. But if you know darn well that you have no ground over your allegetions, and that even in court you will simply lose, then simply let it go. CBSfm does not talk; it is not a living thing.

    You cannot close the radio station just because in your mind you must close it. Just like you cannot impound the car of a drunk driver who drove and killed someone, and then tell the owner, you are not going to drive the car ever again, until you apologise!! Is there a law in the constitution of the land that says, if someone drove under influence and killed a person or persons, impound the car, and tell the driver he won’t ever drive the car again until he apologise? If there are no such law then why is Mu7 and his NRA/M-O government impounding CBSfm?

    No one can apologise for CBSfm. If Mu7 and his government have genuine reasons against the staff of CBSfm, take them to court. Otherwise, they should simply open the radio station, and with costs of course! Or, they can refuse to open the radion station, and face the political ramifications down the road.

    No way out for Mu7 and NRA/M-O on this, the way I look at it.


  12. So Mr. Kituuka,

    You want CBS to be relocated in premises where they can easily be easily stormed by the the military or police personnel when they say anything bitter about the govt. Forget it. Are you also trying to say CBS was having difficulty getting business while located in Bulange? Think again. Whether it takes CBS to be off air permanently, be it. But no apology. Court of law is the way forward for the govt.

    Peace & Love!

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