My take on current Buganda issues

You are stereotyping. In saying that the Baganda ethnic group is the fraud and corruption is mostly in Buganda intimating that the Baganda are most frauduklent and corrupt in Uganda. The premise here is that if fraud and corruption is mostly in Buganda, it is obvious because tht is where the seat of government of Uganda is located.  If Uganda is rated amongst the most corrupt countries it is because the government regime is most corrupt and this is not because the regime operates within the boundaries of Buganda but because it is corrupt.
The Uganda President has himself said his government is corrupt and he has vowed that he will fight against it. It is on record that the Uganda Police and the judiciary are most corrupt organs of government in Uganda. The Uganda Land office is another corrupt organs.
The question is how many Baganda are in government positions if Uganda? If the government is corrupt- meaning in its security organs, in the judicial and in the various ministeries how many of those are Baganda? If we take the statistical data of people in Uganda, the demographics of the ethnic groups by percentage, what is the ration of the Baganda to the ratio of the different other ethnic groups for you to make such a blind statement?
If the corrupt Ugandan government operates in Buganda it is obvious Buganda is most corrupt because this is where the corrupt governemt is located. But I know you were referring to the Baganda as being most fraudulent and corrupt.
Please present us with statistical data and compare it with populations demographics so we may all compare and see because it is known that the Baganda are the most populaous in the country. Visit the prisons and obtain statistics of criminal records as well.
b) About CBS, and this is my personal opinion please: If CBS incited Ugandans against the NRM government the right course of action is litigation. Let the Governemt pursue a process of litigation at law and let the courts give their verdict. If found guilty, let CBS pay the price. If acquitted, let government pay costs and damages. Period.
It is my understasnding that the Ugandan incumbent leader, General Yoweri K. Musevni is the so far the only long serving president whose regim has brought relative peace and stability to Uganda post independence.
Dr. Obote’s first term was relative peaceful but for the Mengo crisis of 1966 and the Nakulabaye incident in which many innocent lives were massacred plus the St Mary’s College Kisubi students deaths at the hands of the miliraty in what appeared to be a road accident.
Museveni no doubt has brought some democratic incentives to Ugandans. This includes freedom of speech. But if CBS broadcasters were exercising their freedom of speech during the course of their job, neither you rgudoi nor army generals like Tenyefunza and others can decide the truth about it. It is the legal procedure that can establish this.
Of course 27 people died during the recent riots in Kampala and elsewhere after government prevented the Kabaka from visiting Kayunga which is part of his kingdom by the way. This was an unfortunate event that needed not be. Whether or not it happened because CBS incited people remains to be decided by the courts of law.
The question is were the Baganda as a people happy with government refusing their king to visit his people and territories in Kayunga or not? Was it natural for them to react to that refusal? Did they act responsibly in rioting? Is rioting legal in Uganda? Was the riot led by CBS personnel? etc.
c)  Is it true Ugandans hate the NRM governemnt? if it is, why is that so? Has the NRM delivered well its promises to the peoples of Uganda? Has it delivered well on its Ten Point Programme? Has it brough peace and stability to the people? Has its brought and respected the rule of law in the country? Has it brough democratic institutions and does it respect them? Why then are people hateful of the Incumbent government regime if this be true? If it is true, then there must be something that the government and only government can rectify.
Yoweri Museveni as I know him has the potential and foresight ability to right the wrongs. He is by nature an objective individuals who weighs matters before taking decisions. I hope he is not an impulsive leader judging from I read and have seen about him. Of course there have been incidents of which he is accused by some circles.
Cases in point: the people who died in a container in Teso which I am told was not his directive that they be locked up in a cantainer. But these people died during NRM’s time and so the people take it on him.  Some people even blame him for the LRA of Joseph Kony which I think is absurd and a fanatical assumption.
I have heard Betty Bigombe narrate and report on the Lord Resistance Army atrocities in the North of Uganda. I have een and heard children report on it in the media over the years.  Of course during the long period of LRA insurrection there are bound to have been isolated cases in the military operations where the military officers might have done wrong things. No one denies that. It happens.
Even United States soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have committed wrongs and are prosecuted by their government. But such cases are not singled out as being government policy or directives and therefore government cannot be held responsible only where or if it does not prosecute those soldiers.
d) You state that when a Muganda asks for one thing, he never stops but asks for more, like Olive Twist you asert. The logical question here is what is it that the Muganda is aksing for? Is he asking for favors or is he asking for what rightfully belongs to him? The truth of the matter dear Rugdoi is that the 9,000 square miles the Muganda is asking for is his native land taken away by a foreign force- the bristich colonial masters. What is wrong when a Muganda asks for what is rightfully his by nature? Is that asking too much?
Museveni and the NRM regime gracefully resstores the Kingdoms in Uganda including that of Buganda. This was because Museveni promised the Baganda that if he won the bush war against Obote he would restore the kingdom is they join him in the people’s protracted war.
That is what I hear. If it be true, then in restoring the kingdoms Museven only was delivering what he promised. The Baganda need to be grateful for that and I hope they are but one can argue that the in return, the Baganda shed their blood during the bush war more than any other tribe in country, for Museveni’s agenda, which was to remove dictatorship from Uganda.
e) For Buganda to seek self-governance or to secede from the rest of Uganda is a wild dream that I do not support. My reasons for this include among others the following:
i- It is backward looking.
ii- It is bound to cause too much bloodshed of innocent lives.
iii- It is unwise at a time when East Africans are working towards an East African Political Federation in which East Africa will be one Federal State with one President, one currecny, one passport and one national army. Where will Buganda be then?
iv- For Buganda to secede from Uganda is impractical because it is unacceptable to the majority of other Uganda and therefore it cannot happne through peaceful means without a divine miracle intervention. On the other hand it cannot happen by the power or the gun. Uganda army is professional and very powerful compared to Buganda who have no army and to resort to a bush war Buganda must solicit other tribes to join her forces against the incumbent regime. This is an impossible undertaking and it is obvious because most ethnic groups in Uganda  will not support Buganda’s desire to secede.
v- I think Buganda has the great potential and ability to develop beyond words and become even a greater economic anf financial engine for Uganda and East Africa if not Africa at large.
Why do I say this? Because the Baganda in the diaspora have connections worldwide. Connections and money with which they can invest for developmental projects- industries and service based firms or corporations; something they have not focussed upon decisively.
Many Baganda have prefered to live in foreign nations and appear to be satisfied with where they are. however, if they turn their massive capital and invest in Buganda, they can outwit their current cries of Museveni tatuwadde bugagga, agaggawazza bantu be. tayagala kabaka waffe etc. We can support our king by developing Buganda without looking at what others are doing. We can make our king proud and independent of the central government peanut handouts or allowances.
One biggestcancer among the Baganda is being envious and jealousy of one another. They wouldrather promote and financially empwer people of other ethnic grouos than empower those of Buganda. We still have not learned this lesson because those we have always empowered have went ahead to become rich and powerful and have in turn empowered more of their own peoples. History should teach us this lesson and we need to change. But our change should be even more generous to all Ugandans because it is our very nature to be generous to others and to stop that would be self-destructive. God gave it to us lavishly. What we need is only to weed out that cancer from our hearts. That is what is destrying Buganda. Not Museveni not Tinyefunza or the Banyankore.
These Baganda living abroad and those at hime can do a great deal in developing their kingdom. if they build industries and other projects the Kabaka will not need to look up to the Central government for anything.
The Baganda need to ask themselves what they have individually done for the development of Buganda rather than spend our precious time talking and beating drums of a civil war. For, while we do that, other ethnic grouo are busy working and developing- and it ironical that they are not only developing their home area but they are developing Buganda by buying Buganda land from the Baganda!
It is time for Ugandan tribes as Ugandans to refocus their attention to the development of their native areas and stop bickering at each other. Together we can build a prosperus Uganda and we have the potential to do so else we may perish in constant civil wars based on tribalism- the evil power and design of the Demon- divide and rule them. Ugandans and Africans must all loathe these divisions.
Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro
Northern Virginia, USA.

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