Buganda must take Otafiire remarks seriously


All responsible Bangada and indeed Ugandans must consider comments by Trade and Industry Minister Mj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire as official government policy.
Not long ago, the controversial Minister warned Baganda that they have “betrayed Museveni” … who “would kill Mengo if he chose to do so”.  ……. Were Museveni to break Mengo’s legs, the legs would be so badly broken to ever be repaired by any other government. ………..  What other governments would do in that regard is to completely remove the legs”.    Would that not cost NRM votes in Buganda?  “…. Well that is democracy, but will that make the other person win?”
These are powerful statement made by no ordinary man.  Mj. General Kahinda Otafiire is a member of the Military command that was against the restoration of Buganda Kingdom.  A Muganda hater by character, Minister of Trade and Industry and a so called historical of the ruling National Resistance Movement.  He is also a Presidential Advisor on whatever affairs.  It would be therefore scandalous to dismiss his remarks.
In my opinion, the NRM regime is already pounding the legs of Mengo and will soon crack her legs in a manner similar to cracking a dry cockroach unless Baganda unite and start thinking and acting strategically.  The NRM knows that their actions would not cost votes because it is in Buganda that the NRM can rig votes more efficiently.  By declaring that the other party would not win, Otafiire meant that Buganda has no say in her own affairs.
Look at the way the state foiled the Kabaka’s visit to Nakasongola and Kayunga.  The creation of Ssabanyala, SSsabakooki, Sabarulli, Ssabamooli and God knows who will come up next.  The Land bill has passed through parliament, the regional tier bill is on the way and the Kampala bill will take huge chunks of land away from Buganda.  During the recent riots, the army killed 31 dissenting mainly Banganda, imprisoned 700 more and the crackdown is still continuing.  Buganda, the Kabaka and the people of Bugnada are firm “Captives” according to Beti Kamya the MP for Lubaga North.  President Museveni has already closed the Kingdom’s CBS radio station, banned the Buganda Anthem from radio stations and is curtailing the publicity of the image of the Kabaka. 

Last year, district government officials were instructed to stop using the name ‘Buganda’ and instead refer to the Kingdom as the ‘Central Region’.  Based on the above account, unless Otafiire and his NRMO anti-Buganda government are stopped, Buganda as we know it may not be there in the next 3 years.  According to one Buganda hater at Ugandans at Heat, a popular Ugandan internet chat room, “Buganda is Bugending!”.   Of what use is a Buganda that is being chopped away piece by piece and a Kabaka whose legs have been broken he cannot move freely within his kingdom?, asked another.
Considering the above events, the legs of Mengo are already being pounded and will soon be cut off.  What we should be doing is ensure that we can salvage something and maintain at least some movement, continue the physiotherapy and hope that with time we can recover.
To recover  we need a strategic thinking team in Mengo.  The current leadership at mengo is inept and incompetent when it comes to articulating and strategically advancing the interests of Buganda.  They are easily picked upon and wronged by Museveni’s political machine.  Sometimes Mengo Administrators shoot their own foot.
The Katikiiro is demobilizing Buganda nationalism and has a conflict of interest with state house.  He is telling Baganda not to die for their country.  Mengo was tricked into disowning Husain Kyanjo, a warrior of Buganda.  Jolly Lutaya called Baganda sons and daughters of Museveni . Mengo has been out maneuvered, outsmarted and outplayed by Yoweri Museveni’s clever and ruthless political machine.  Museveni has made them look incapable of even running the federal system we cherish. 

“If Mengo cannot respond to Kyanjo’s remarks in a manner that will not be quoted as disowning the brave MP, then how will they manage to convince NRM MP’s not to vote for the regional tier bill or Kampala Bill without making their party disown them?” asked John Bosco Musisi, a prominent Muganda from Australia. 

“We are not sons and daughters of Yoweri Museveni”, responded another Muganda to reckless comments by Jolly Lutaya at the funeral of the late Bishop Ddungu.  “We are offspring’s of Kintu and now sons and daughters of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II”
“How can a Katikiiro stand up at a party of Baganda workers paid for by the Kabaka of Buganda and tell his audience that ‘Woliggwa wendigwa is a wrong philosophy… how dare he insult Baganda to that extent?”,  asked Moses Mukiibi, a worker in Katwe a surburb of Kampala.  “How can people uttering such reckless statements be negotiating on our behalf? … no wonder they’re being outwitted by the government side”, Moses continued.
The Katikiiro has been wrong on the sh. 2 billion loan from the central government, wrong on negotiations with central government, wrong on his decision to hurl the Kabaka into a meeting with Museveni and now that the government has set tough conditions to re-open CBS, the Katikiiro was wrong to inform the public that the station would open by the end of December!! 

Clearly we have the wrong team, in the wrong place and serving the wrong purpose.  We need strategic thinkers in Mengo.  People who can compete on the political scene without looking political but advancing a political goal.  Surely with all their good intentions,  this job cannot be done by Katikiiro Walusimbi, Peter Mayega and Mulwanyamuli.   It is therefore imperative that Dan Muliika is returned as Katikiiro with a new administration in respect of the wishes of the people.  There isn’t any other person who can unit, rally and strategically position Buganda in this crucial period as we descent into the 2011 general elections.  It would be a disaster of hurricane Andrew proportions to leave the current leadership in control of affairs at Mengo.
We don’t advocate for war or a shouting match with the central government.  We just want to be sure that the people working on our behalf are genuine and competent advocates.
That mengo decided to bring about CBS radio as an issue  at the burial of Bishop Ddungu was disrespect to the deceased who was a strong Federal advocate.  CBSfm radio is not in anyway part of Ebyaffe and should never have been brought up.  Furthermore, the Central Civic Education Committee led by Betty Nambooze has not done any work since May of last year.  This can only happen because the leaders denied it funds.  No wonder the land bill passed.  

Buganda belongs to us, our children and grandchildren.  We must be prepared to die for it, to build it and hand it over to our future generations.  That is why I take Otafiire’s remarks SERIOUSLY and want fundamental changes in Mengo.
Michael Senyonjo
Political Strategist Analyst, London UK


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  1. Of-course we know Kahinda Otafiire,he talks with both ends of his mouth, Buganda has existed before NRM.and will contune ti exist, believe me.

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