The person who typed the Mao-Mbabazi letter is the same one that typed the Mukiibi

Dear Ugandans,
Many days after Mao was elected, or enthroned as you term it, we were together here analysing the photographs of genuflecting peasants and lumpen bourgeoisie and reactions of the powers that be.
Now, anyway, the Mao-Mbabazi document:-
Look at this in conjunction with the letter written by Paulo Muwanga ahead of the 1980 elections in which he re-echoed AM Obote’s words to eliminate opponents etc.  Here they are both below, the letter circulated by Prof Joseph Mukiibi sacking Mr J Sebaana-Kizito and one official letter from the Ministry of Health.
Forensic analysis:
1. When documents or pieces thereof are superimposed on each other, the tendency is for the differences in contrast to stick out, like when you patch a “kiraka” of new fabric on an old piece of attire.  In the Mao-Mbabazi document (IMAGE 1), note that the limbs of the ssegwanga and goat almost vanish completely as a result of the fading that incidental to superimposition.  The typed characters are more solid than the graphic and of course the Amama signature has vanished altogether.  There is consistency of contrast throughout the Muwanga document (IMAGE 2).  For example, the court of arms is as solid as the signature, just as it is with the body of the letter.  Very clearly, Muwanga’s document was signified on the very original draft.  Look also at IMAGE 4 where the signatur, and where the limbs of the seddume are clearly visible.
2. The tendency by forgers is to try to introduce aspects of what is more familiar to them in the documents they forge.  When you look at IMAGE 3, Prof Mukibi’s letter sacking Mr Sebaana, you notice the unique formatting of the court of arms and the double horizontal line (2.25 pt) separating the text from the court of arms.  I am reminded of a Muganda boy who impersonated a soldier, and when he met an officer wearing red collars, instead of saluting, he went down to prostrate! By reflex, he was doing what he was used to doing to show respect, but that gave him away.  The person who typed the Mao-Mbabazi letter is the same one that typed the Mukiibi.  He thinks that a letter is not a letter if the double margin is not there.
3. The socalled Mao-Mbabazi letter was typed by an individual who has not had formal training in letter writing, one that would not be expected to be employed by a government office like Mr Amama’s.  The consistent use of “&” instead of “and” is testimony to that fact.  Additionally, the author of the Mao-Mbabazi letter could not hide his antipathy towards the group that dominated the Mbale process, and YK Museveni’s aide.  He addresses all of them without any title..Sebagala, Byaruhanga, Nsubuga etc, not the formal “Mr”.  Note the lumpenish, “Tried to reach you…” a la SMS…..
4. The socalled Mao-Mbabazi letter was forged by the Joseph Mukiibi (Headquarters’) faction of DP.




Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


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