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Museveni Burned Tombs/ 7 points why he is the chief suspect

Given the history of m7 and how he operates in such suspiscious circumstances, m7 comes as number one suspect on my list, here are the reasons why
1. During Idi Amin’s regime it has been found out that it was m7 and his fronasa that killed/kidnapped innocent people in Uganda and the blame rested on Amin, example, investigate who sent weapons to Janan Luwum’s house, it is believed that it was fronasa headed by m7 and the person who wrote to Ben Kiwanuka thanking him of his support for the struggle, that later ousted Amin from power; knowing very well that State resaerch bureau boys were reading those letters.
2. During Obote’s regime, m7 was the leader group of those boys in the white Leyland bus, a.k.a mpawo atalikaaba, that terrorised people in Natete, Rubaga and Kampala suburbs at large and during those times Obote was blamed for the bus that killed people, guess who was the minister of Defence and those boys are alive and well in UPDF “professional army today”.
3.  When Luwero came around it is also believed that, the kadogos were woed into the war by circumstances that arose in the death of their loved ones, some known NRA bayekera, came and killed the head of the family and in few minutes after the tragedy, the NRA soldiers arrived on scene out of nowhere with deep sympathy & advice; it was a public secret that those areas were condoned off by m7’s army and no UNLF could pass.
Now where did the UNLF pass?, leave alone escape back to Kampala unheart? Guess what all the remaining young boys and girls automatically enrolled themselves in the guerilla war fight. What would you have done if it was you that lost your relative under such obvious circumstances? It was known that the NRA boys removed the UNLF uniforms and put on rags in just a few minutes and were so involved with the mourners and forces grew in numbers with this rotten foundation.
4. It was later found out by the kadogos who had long enrolled in the ranks of the guerilla warfare thinking it was UNLF soldiers who had killed their parents when they were sent on the same mission in those new UNLF uniforms that were supplied by insiders who are wel known in m7’s govt today, and with time some of them kadogos had a chance to see eye to eye the real culprits who did the real killings of their parents in the camps of nra, what a shame. Those who tried to confront the the killers among the kadogos many of them never saw the light of day shortly before Kampala fell to the now dictator. Ask about the Kakumbi ku mutwe squad during those days.
5. m7 has seen or masterminded the killings of many of his soldiers in his own govt after 1986 and before who he could have been ashamed not to harm, “A father preying on his own children” people like the late Nkwanga, Kayira, up to now no guinuine report of how he was killed is available to the public, his own like Noble Mayombo and Kazini have died thru dubious circumstances and so many that you may know that may be others dont know, on all those occasions m7 has not been welcomed to the say the last words as he is believed to know more that what others know of these deaths.
6.Given m7’s unstable IQ, I would bet you that they are so many orportunities on m7’s radar, that may have led him to okay the (Operation Burn Kasubi Tombs); to test waters, test the Kabaka, or gain an orportunity to restore the tombs while giving with one hand and taking away with another, he closed CBS radio denied the Kabaka to visit his subjects, it is now so wiered for him to cry crocodile tears when tombs of the Kabaka catch fire.
it is equated to a hyna mourning the cow/ paying homage to the calf when the mother cow dies on the village as if the hyena is not overjoyed- for it will be hiding in the nearby bush to eat of the remains of the cow. m7 had a lot to gain so he thought in the burning of the Kasubi tombs, as if he was waiting like a hunter in the nearby bushes having used the nooze of a banana fiber (Eyatega omutego ogw’ekyayi) that when he heard that the noose had caught something he rushed to the scene to capture the occasion before it slipped away as if it was on his schedule, as if he had no other things to do and appear where he was most un-welcome.
7. In all circumstances that m7 has been involved he will come back to try to make things right where he feels that his empty integrity has been jeopardized. And where he feels that his security is not compromised m7 will show up even if it means to kill and not be killed, M7 now employs Ben Kiwanuka’s son as a junior minister, Employs Amin’s son in ISO, Employs Tito Okello’s son, applying the predictable tricks of a criminal who returns to the scene of crime in a sophisticated way, these are acts of a sick man, m7 has given kitu kidogo to the kadogos whose parents died under the circumstances noted point number 3 as above.
And therefore there was no pressing need nor reason as to why m7 had to show up forcefully and so quickly as lightening at the Kasubi tombs despite Mengo’s advice for m7 not to come to the grieving site, there were already symptoms that people were going to be shot thats why, the tombs were surrounded and deployed with so many security operatives with pistols and plain clothe an act that was un-called for, the tombs simply burned as m7 himself wants the masses to believe and people were gathered to mourn the incident, no guns were needed to facilitate the mourning process.
And then why did m7 appear as if he was the saviour of the day?. People who were by default in the vicinity when the fire incident happened said the blue shirted boys were already deployed in the area, the question is what other tragedy was going to happen or happened above the Kasubi tombs if it was not the burning of the tombs itself and may be to secure the gate-away of the numberless pickup truck that was seen fleeing the scene soon after the fire gutted the tombs?
The Kabaka’s schedule had to be interfered by m7, yet the Kabaka was the main mouner, in BUGANDA IT WAS THE MOURNERS WHO WELCOME THE SYMPATHISERS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, BUT THIS TIME, it was m7 who almost welcomed the chief mourner the Kabaka of Buganda, unless of course m7 had so  much to do with the burning of the tombs and had come back to the scene of crime as many profiled criminals do.
m7 has meddled into many people’s affairs; bribed many people’s families who he is widely believed to have been the cause of death; promised to take care of them to ease the tensions and may be others think that he had nothing to do with it; and people say m7 bought a house for the widow of the late Kayira in Boston USA, thats why she is saying nothing about it, m7 has promised to take care of Noble Mayombo and Kazini’s family, m7 is now the Godfather of the young King of Toro whose father may have been poisoned.
When he does that he has binocuolars all over you and has access to you whenever he wants since you come to him he can come to you in any way he chooses, if you fall in his trick you might as well join your fore fathers; in other words your days are numbered by him and his security dogs. Just watch m7 and see where he interferes with what happened.
The trend is he has something to do with it and now he forced his way to the Tombs promised to investigate like in Kayira’s case he brought the scotland yard and fingures pointed to him and since refused to release the report that most probably has his finger prints everywhere. He wants the Kabaka cornered, and binocuolars all over him as he pushes his way to secure all ways to compromise on the Kabaka’s strengh before things turn around and set him on the run..
What happened at Kasubi Tombs did not call for m7’s presence at all, it had nothing to do with him excpet to follow his norms of making things right where he knows that he is highly involved; m7 gave away his position as the the one who burned the tombs.