Daily Archives: March 23, 2010

Possible fundraising methods for Buganda Kingdom


submitted by William Kituuka


To those who are Baganda and those who sympathize with the Buganda Kingdom, You will all agree with me that there is a deliberate move to weaken the Buganda kingdom financially, lender it incapable of solving any social problems affecting the subjects, create room for the kingdom to be mocked by the likes of Mulindwa and hence create a dependence syndrome which will lead to the collapse of the Kingdom.

The leadership in Mengo has tried to raise funds, come up with ideas but in all cases the sources are blocked by Buganda’s enemies. The closure of cbs, the new land law, the burning of Kasubi tombs etc are all clear manifestation that the hopes to stabilize income for the kingdom are minimal.

By opening an account in the bank on which to deposit money, the Mengo leadership is trying to minimize funds mismanagement and to ensure that the accountability is easy. However, the method only considers those who can afford to go to the bank and eliminates those with small donations, those with no time to reach the bank and those who prefer quick processes.

In this modern  society, even fund raising should go modern so that we utilize the new technology to avoid the inconveniences of envious people who hate to see Buganda Kingdom developing.

The first step should be to raise funds by using an sms. It is a matter of negotiating with the mobile phone network providers and sign a partnership contract where each sms will deduct a certain amount of money and at the end of the day, the money shall be shared between the company and Buganda Kingdom. This system can work in such a way that all sms can be channeled to the Kingdom site for viewing and accountability. In this approach, people of all walks can fund raise starting with UGX 500.

The second idea is  to set up a Buganda kingdom fund raising day where on such a day, all Baganda and their friends should reflect seriously on their Kingdom and atleast prepare to donate to the kingdom. I believe that on that day alone, the kingdom would raise more than 1 billion shillings.

Finally, Buganda kingdom should use all kingdom functions to raise funds. For example the week of mourning for Kasubi tombs should be used to sell off special fund raising certificates etc

Jude Mayanja