Possible fundraising methods for Buganda Kingdom


submitted by William Kituuka


To those who are Baganda and those who sympathize with the Buganda Kingdom, You will all agree with me that there is a deliberate move to weaken the Buganda kingdom financially, lender it incapable of solving any social problems affecting the subjects, create room for the kingdom to be mocked by the likes of Mulindwa and hence create a dependence syndrome which will lead to the collapse of the Kingdom.

The leadership in Mengo has tried to raise funds, come up with ideas but in all cases the sources are blocked by Buganda’s enemies. The closure of cbs, the new land law, the burning of Kasubi tombs etc are all clear manifestation that the hopes to stabilize income for the kingdom are minimal.

By opening an account in the bank on which to deposit money, the Mengo leadership is trying to minimize funds mismanagement and to ensure that the accountability is easy. However, the method only considers those who can afford to go to the bank and eliminates those with small donations, those with no time to reach the bank and those who prefer quick processes.

In this modern  society, even fund raising should go modern so that we utilize the new technology to avoid the inconveniences of envious people who hate to see Buganda Kingdom developing.

The first step should be to raise funds by using an sms. It is a matter of negotiating with the mobile phone network providers and sign a partnership contract where each sms will deduct a certain amount of money and at the end of the day, the money shall be shared between the company and Buganda Kingdom. This system can work in such a way that all sms can be channeled to the Kingdom site for viewing and accountability. In this approach, people of all walks can fund raise starting with UGX 500.

The second idea is  to set up a Buganda kingdom fund raising day where on such a day, all Baganda and their friends should reflect seriously on their Kingdom and atleast prepare to donate to the kingdom. I believe that on that day alone, the kingdom would raise more than 1 billion shillings.

Finally, Buganda kingdom should use all kingdom functions to raise funds. For example the week of mourning for Kasubi tombs should be used to sell off special fund raising certificates etc

Jude Mayanja


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Mw. Jude Mayanja,

    Thank you for raising the important issue about effective fundraising.

    You write: “The first step should be to raise funds by using an sms. It is a matter of negotiating with the mobile phone network providers and sign a partnership contract where each sms will deduct a certain amount of money and at the end of the day, the money shall be shared between the company and Buganda Kingdom.”

    It is a good way forward in plugging gaps in fundraising drive, but even this will leave out a large number of pontential donors. There should also be a more conventional way of recieving money from Baganda and well-wishers who may not have access to a mobile phone, and they more than those with access to a mobile phone.


  2. Musisi,

    I really agree with you, what I put up was not exhaustive but can be a starting point. Buganda needs a serous group of thinkers to handle the fund raising. We are so many and we have so many supporters why should we suffer at the hands of those envious politicians?

    How do we raise these issues to Mengo?

    Jude m

  3. Jude Mayanja

    So you are asking of money from the population before you even know how to contact Mengo. Great !!! And that is the really danger in Buganda, it is to think backwards always. We start with the cart before we get a horse. And that is why we are where we are, with a Masiro of great importance and no one cared to protect it, and after it is gutted we raise up to rebuild. I have asked why we rebuild before we know what caused the inferno, for without knowing that we will not protect the new one. And Jude listed me as a man that hates Buganda. No I a am not hating Buganda but I am raising serious steps that must be taken by anybody with a brain.

    For example, you are calling on Ugandans to raise funds to rebuild Kasubi, I have talked to some one in Mengo who has told me as late as only two hours ago that there is a great thinking of not to rebuild Kasubi but move that Masiro entirely from Kasubi. How much of that information do you know Jude? Yet you are here telling people to raise money to rebuild Kasubi. Are people supposed to follow you or follow Mengo? And that is why I stated on the very day of the fire that Mengo must raise up and create an official committee to organize this thing before it becomes as the building of the Kibuli Mosque under Iddi Amin.

    And Jude it is called common sense for it has never been common.


    Thé Mulindwas Communication Group
    “With Yoweri Museveni, Uganda is in anarchy”
    Groupe de communication Mulindwas
    “avec Yoweri Museveni, l’Ouganda est dans l’anarchie”

  4. Mwami Mulindwa,

    It is not that I cant contact Mengo, I actually know many and has already emailed to them but just wanted Ideas from members because I am not at the top of thinking.

    Regarding the idea of not rebuilding the Masiro, people are entitled to their views which is the very reason why we go into these debates.

    Why I think that you hate Buganda is because you just criticize but has never posted any ideas of making the kingdom sustainable. All you keep on asking is what the kingdom has done for the people, why Tefe collapsed, why Kabaka is not caring about his subjects etc.

    If you want us to respect you, please join us in coming up with positive ideas of how we can help the kingdom and stop that hate crusade for you will never become the Kabaka of Buganda through out your life time.

    Jude m

  5. Mw. Edward Mulindwa,

    You write: “For example, you are calling on Ugandans to raise funds to rebuild Kasubi, I have talked to some one in Mengo who has told me as late as only two hours ago that there is a great thinking of not to rebuild Kasubi but move that Masiro entirely from Kasubi. How much of that information do you know Jude?”

    You are clearly back in your old hallucinating mode, conjuring up phone-calls and other non-existent gossip. Who in their right mind would even think of moving the Royal Tombs from Nabulagala? Do you know the significance of a place in Buganda culture?

    Talk of things you understand, and leave others to their owners. You are only exposing your unadulterated ignorance about Buganda and Baganda.


  6. Jude Mayanja

    I am not in this forum to be respected by you or by any one I am here to state facts period. Secondly I have made very many suggestions on how Mengo and this Kingdom can serve the region better, all way before the sitting of Chongom, so if you have not been attentive in UAH start today for it is a forum with a magnitude of information. But let me add as well that I have tried to work with Mengo but I have found the very same block you are finding, the leadership in Mengo does not want any ones advise, they are caught into looking for favors from the King and the King has so miserably failed to separate himself from the old age advising him. Kabaka is so intertwined with the old that he thinks he can face the century with oldies that he does not need any advice from any one that is not among that age. When I was coming back from Uganda this Christmas I met a Ugandan from UK who is very interested into the Kingdom and his complaint was very standard, this Kabaka is circled by old people that have no ability to drive this kingdom forward. So this neglect of young people and youths is very paramount in Mengo. One of the reasons UPC is surviving today is for it targets the leaders of tomorrow, but the fact that we have a born leader, Ssabassajja does not believe that we must prepare Baganda youths for the future of Buganda, thus the goons in Kasubi.

    I walked into Teefe Bank and I saw the people running very academic requiring sections of that bank and I warned them that the Bank was going to collapse for it simply cannot be getting sectional leaders based on Mukulu was Kika gundi and he puts on a Kanzu. Many of these people did not even speak English, and when I asked why, I was told that it is okay for Luganda is the language of the Kingdom. Are you kidding me !!!!! And nobody listened, trust me I was very surprised that Teefe bank survived that long.

    We have a huge problem in Buganda to separate where our culture and love of our Kingdom has to end and we put in the academicians. I can as well tell you right today that you can have so many contacts in Mengo but to get who does what will be very volatile. I thus gave up on them. Do you think the entire world was so silly not to be concerned about the fires and protection of Kasubi? UNESICO Its self wrote a scaging report about that premise and the dangers it faced, fire were number une. But no one did a thing about it for what is of more value to us as Baganda is kneeling before Ssabassajja. So I have dealt with that Kingdom way long for you to even advise me on what to do. Many Ugandans in Diaspora simply gave up on it. If the price of making an intelligent decision is to be labeled a Buganda hater, so be it.

    And to tell you the truth, the bottom line remains that I really have no time for this firkin crap, I really do not.


  7. I wonder if you can clarify on the building of Kasubi. Some of us got a communication from Mengo stating that there will not be a fund raising for the rebuilding of Masiro for it is going to be rebuilt based on Nakyewa. And that term was explicitly used. If Kasubi is going to be rebuilt based on Nakyewa why are Ugandans abroad soliciting for funds?

    And just on a matter of information.

    The Ugandan in Stockholm that handed Ssabassajja Mutebi a trophy to be used in a soccer match , we are getting information that the has lost a grandchild in Stockholm, so those in Sweden kindly attend to this family. Sorry I do not have his name handy but those in Sweden can pick up from the bits of information we have given. And we are here by registering our condolences at this loss.


  8. Mw. Edward Mulindwa,

    You write:” If Kasubi is going to be rebuilt based on Nakyewa why are Ugandans abroad soliciting for funds?”

    “Nakyewa” to me is voluntary basis? Why should Nakyewa exclude Ugandans abroad?


  9. Edward Mulindwa

    I get my information and knowledge from reading the same Newspapers you do, and some time by listening to the Radio. The rest is personal opinion based on my own feelings and what I would wish to happen especially pertaining the rebuilding of the Masiro.

    You seem to have a more direct hotline to Mengo than I do, but then you also seem to have a different understand of the term Nnakyewa (Voluntarism) with which your sources claim Kasubi would be rebuilt. True a lot of people have voiced their disagreement with the notion of a government-led initiative to restore the Masiro, here on UAH, in the local Media and some individual voices from the seat of the Buganda voices, but I am yet to discern any offical communication to the effect from my public sources of information.

    Your question would have been better addressed to the representative of Ssabasajja in Canada and North America, or the the Ggwanga Mujje Chapter in your own country if any exists. The Ugandans abroad soliciting for funds and raising almost a million bucks for the same are doing exactly that… living the true spirit of Nnakyewa. As usual, I will ask you to get to know more about the culture of Bulungi bwa Nsi and Obwannakyewa, before making a total fraud of yourself.

    Village Boy

    Peace & Tranquility 2 the World

  10. Mwami Mulindwa,

    Finally you have given me a very brilliant submission. In fact the best submission so far on Buganda issues (According to me). In your submission I have hypothetically concluded the following.

    1. As Mulindwa a Muganda you love Buganda so much and you would like to see it developing into a prosperous region.
    2. Your efforts to help in the development of Buganda were frustrated by Mengo officials.
    3. You believe that Kabaka Mutebi has so much lived in the past and over maintained the status quo.
    4. You belive that the Mengo leaders have not done enough to see the kingdom develop.

    Mulindwa I partly agree with you on some of the issues you raised but ideally I differ with you on others and on approach.

    Not to be so subjective, I would submit that you chose a wrong side after getting frustrated. If you really love Buganda, you wouldn’t have chosen a “hate” notion over everything called Buganda and Mengo. If you happen to be an administrator, you will agree with me that human beings are not as easy to mange as the case could be with animals. With human beings, patience is paramount and use of different approaches can finally make you win.

    Kabaka has so much involved the youth contrary to the claims in your submission. In fact the closest people to Kabaka today are people of moderate age. What I currently take to be the problem is that the kingdom is divided between politics and development. And that is the very reason why you are so much required is to help Mengo separate politics from Devt with out losing on either fronts.

    I contend that whereas we are still agitating for Federo and defending our selves from the political aggressors, we should use the available human and material resource to ensure development for the kingdom and its people. Mulindwa, I bet you dont have to keep on insulting Mengo in order for you to push for such an idea.

    The truth is that Mengo has the development plan but only lack the entrepreneur ability to implement the plan. A lot of distraction has always come in the way to such development and unfortunately on several occasions Mengo has fallen prey to the same tricks. If you go to Mengo you will see the 10 year development plan, the Mumuli development plan, the Mengo Lubiri development plan etc. All these are very good plans but the leaders are not given time to concentrate on that due to the politics at play. Take for example Eng Walusimbi’s reign. He came purposely to push for development but he has been caught up in the middle of politics of Museveni.

    Mulindwa you must also acknowledge that there are some outstanding direct anti- Buganda devt elements and majority of them are politicians and a few business men. On top of that there are also some self seekers who use Mengo for personal political gains and economical excellence.

    On a serious note, I will request you kindly to do the following.

    1. Stop the rebellious approach and come back to the group that wish to see Buganda developing.
    2. Avoid looking at Mengo as a failed seat since you very well know that there are no permanent members there. Tomorrow you may be the Katikiro and how will you lead a seat you have looked at as useless.
    3. Join the rest of us on this forum to stand with Buganda at all time ( Good or Bad)
    4. Be proud to be a Muganda and always cherish and respect your culture.
    5. Never celebrate any blow to Buganda thinking that Buganda is Kabaka Mutebi or Mengo. Finally the person who suffers is you and me and our relatives in our native villages here.
    6. The next time you come to Kampala meet me and we go to Mengo to unveil your development plan for Buganda which I promise will thoroughly be discussed by all concerned institutions in Buganda.
    7. Promise all the members in this forum that you will cease to portray yourself as an enemy of Buganda
    8. If you still don’t agree with the above, I kindly request you to ignore responding to Buganda issues in this forum. “ASIRIKA TEYEJUSA”

    Jude m

  11. 1. Get to request Telecommunications Companies to initiate sms messages for example: Masiro; have that message sent and each time this is done; say shs 500 could be remitted to the Masiro fund;
    2. Have people of Good will open standing orders on their salary and have the amount remitted to the Masiro account;
    3. Request each of the districts in Buganda to have their council pass an amount for Masiro construction;
    4. Have all FM Radios with Buganda at heart incorporate say shs 1,000 additional to the official charges and have this remitted to the Masiro account;
    5. Make house to house fundraising almost similar to how the Mengo Certificates are sold;
    6. Go to schools around the country and appeal to students to make some contribution;
    7. Collect money after each Church service/mass and send the money to the account;
    8. Make fund raising dinners of different categories around the country;
    9. Request our musicians to organize and have a percentage of the collection to the Masiro account;
    10. Have our missions make appeals internationally;
    11. Request land lords who can to part with some fraction of rents earned to the cause;
    12. Request all manufacturers in Uganda who have a feeling for Buganda to deduct a small percentage from their sales price for Masiro fund

  12. Mulindwa,

    I am appalled and shocked by your reasoning. You think Tefe failed because it used Luganda? what is wrong with using Luganda. In your understanding can a bank fail because of the use of a local language? how many banks are doing well in non-English speaking countries. No wonder the people in Mmengo did not listen to your simple minded advise. You need to get your facts right… Teefe dod not fail because of the use of Luganda
    Also when you say that the Kabaka is surrounded by old people and this is failing him, who are these? What age group do you consider old? Oyagala akolagane nabakava kumabeere. Buganda kingdom has a mixture of age groups which is a healthy thing. Finally, bwoba obulireza kubikwata kumengo speak to the legislators not the security personel who come up with such crazy ideas that the tombs are going to be relocated. Try to speak to the right people and those that have the facts not speculators and rumourmongers. Don’t take this personal but I am appalled by your reasoning. It is so naïve, I am sorry.

  13. Dear Children and Grandchildren of Buganda, friends of Buganda and all well-wishers of Buganda,

    On behalf of the Kasubi Tombs Restoration Fund Committee, we would like to express our shock for the great loss of the Kasubi Royal Tombs(Amasiro) gutted by a great fire last week in Uganda.

    Our condolences go to Ssabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda and members of the Royal family, The Katikiro of Buganda and the Mengo government, children and grandchildren of the Buganda Kingdom. We extend our prayers to the families that lost their loved ones and those who suffered injuries during the incident.

    Following the incident, an emergency Baganda meeting was called in Los Angeles, California on March 18, 2010. Members who attended the meeting, in collaboration with Mengo government and the Baganda in Diaspora resolved and pledged to restore the Kasubi Royal Tombs by mobilizing and contributing the necessary financial resources for this cause.

    As such, The Kasubi Tombs Restoration Fund was established. I am happy to inform you that the Fund has been fully registered with the state authorities, and a Bank Account has been opened with CHASE Bank.

    We request that all financial contributions be deposited in any CHASE Bank branch on the following:

    Routing Number: 322271627
    Account Number: 865179295

    An Interim Organizing Committee was put in place consisting of the following members to spearhead the project, KTRF;

    Chairman: Lt. Frank Musisi
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Damiano Kigoye
    Secretary: Mr. Fredrick Mwanje
    Treasurer: Ms. Prossy Musoke
    Publicity Secretary and mobilization: Mr. Dennis Nnyondo
    Assistant publicity Secretary/ Mobilization: Mr. Arthur Ssembusi

    Interim Committee Advisors:
    Mr. Dennis Kavuma, Buganda Tourism ZSAR in the U.SA.
    Mr. William Ssenkumba, Buganda Tourism Commissioner
    Mr. Moses Male, Buganda Tourism Commissioner
    Mr. Siraje Mugambe- President of the Ugandan Community Organization in California (UCOC).

    Thank you for your continued support in the restoration of our heritage.

    Very truly yours,

    Damiano Kigoye
    Kasubi Tombs Restoration Fund

  14. I argue to all Baganda the children of kintu not to contribute money as fundaraising to kasubi to any individual abroad. This is not right and i think fraud stars are using this chance as there windfall. We have not established how the Toms got burned yet. We have strong posts in the gov’t like ministers who have not even a wisper of why this happened instead ready to hold the treasurely.
    You have to remember that the gov’t has used fellow baganda in most areas of the mission to be complete. Example like LAND AND BUILDINGS in the city. the 2billion issue,federal demands for 20 plus years. Anyway if we look into history i dont think by tradition kasubi was built by fundraising and i dont think that,our grand parents who rest in it will be happy at all hearing about this.
    we have our tradition ways like clans and there responsility, and lucky that we still have guardians to see us through this.
    And you the persons talking about fundraising, please stop because your making the point to the fire starter.He or she is laughing and degrading us, just because of you trying to gain a status with your un thought through idears. This is history if we have to do it let be the way it was done in the first place.Lets look at security first,and then we can renovate.I also dont support moving our grand parents from were they are. thats is there home Building some were else will mean we have to move them like as if that was not home yet. Our father sabasajja kabaka should be asked,or consulted with his team before we start anything and thats were respect starts from. AWangale Ayi sabasajja kabaka.

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