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The idea of a Buganda Army is a non-starter


Dear editor,

I have read some emails sent to me from Ugandans at heart forum. They have written articles about the possible creation of a Buganda Army or rumor thereof.
Personally, I do not seriously think Buganda’s creating her own army. From what I have read, my take on it was they are trying to create a well-trained security officers force just like that of The Nation of Islam (Loius Farrakhan) in America; a force that serves as body guards for his personal protection and the protection of his entourage wherever he goes but not an army, of course. I read the suggestion that these Buganda professional guards or security officers will be armed not with guns but with batons. This is what makes me believe it is not a fully fledged army or military force.
Before anyone in Buganda would think of creating an army, it is vital to first of all think and reflect on our history post independence to the present and where we today stand as a growing nation with different parties ready to strangle one another’s neck. I see four points to ponder:
1. Doing anything that may be used against Buganda to have more Baganda arrested or killed is not something everyone wants to happen. But setting up something like an independent army is reason enough for the soverign state of Uganda and her national government to attack once again, the Lubiri (palace) thinking that the Kabaka has hidden weapons with which to overthrow the Ugandan incumbent regime. This gives the Uganda Head of State ammunition and or reaons to attack Buganda and the Kabaka. This was exactly what happened in May of 1966 when Idi Amin was ordered by the then Prime-Minister of Uganda, Dr. Obote to go search the Palace for hidden arms and ammunition and to arrest the Kabaka. This particular story has been told and retold by many different people over the decades from many different angles and perspectives.
2. Creating an army by Buganda the way it is being now portrayed is an open controntation with the Ugandan government because Buganda has not seceded from Uganda and seceding is not a matter of mere words but a battle the result of which may see so many people dead. If Buganda succeeded in her secession arguments and battle, the dead might be recorded down as Heroes. But there is no way the Ugandan government will let Buganda secede without an open war and if Buganda is declaring the war to seced by creating her own army, this may be taken to mean that Buganda has declared the war to secede and believe me, once the Ugandan Head of State gets this message, his first response as Commander in Chief will be to respond. The response will be a militarily one. It will be decisive and irrevocable.
Is Buganda ready for such an eventuality? Are the people of Buganda ready to see their kingconfrontated if not arrested or killed in the exchange of fire by the UPDF at Lubiri? Or, is it some few people’s idea to publish such articles as a means to create confusion and incite the arrest of the Kabaka? Is declaring the creation of such an army the best course of action and is that the best way to do it? Or, is it the most opportune time for such a move?
3. Buganda is giving fertile ground to three scenarios: One: readiness to fight the war to secede from the rest of Uganda and become an independent country. Two: setting the last and final stand Buganda will ever make relative to such secession. Three: Buganda being obliterated from the Ugandan Map once and for all time until the dawn of the New Era when the Cosmic Gardeners of the Earth re-establish their cosmic foci around the planet.
4. My humble advice:  At a time when the forces of Nature and creation face off with the destinies of a people and nations, it becomes very difficult for any mortal man to intervene. The forces of destiny have to paly their roles and take their place in the course of time. Seeking the impeccable advice of some Living Mystics or Saints could go a long way to help change the impending disaster. I know of countries that were helped by Living Saints at the times of their founding. This included most of all, the United States.
I do not think that Yoweri Museveni perfers an impasse of bloodshed to an amicable solution with Buganda. I also know that the Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II does not opt for or desire bloodshed in his kingdom. Not in the least. Their common ground is the peaceful resolution of these matters, I believe and hope. There is a way to resolving this in the best interests of both parties.
The only arbitrator with infallible wisdom and the most practicable solution is a contemporary Saint. The only African Saint I know who understands African culture and is therefore the best choice of an Arbitrator in matters such as these is The Perfect Born-Saint, His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba Baabuwee who lives in Northern Virginia, USA. The second best choice of such an Evolved Being is Rebazar Tsarz who lives somewhere in the Himalayan mountains and who is over 500 years old. These two Great Beings am sure know each other.
Now, that being said, I give no guarantee to no body that either one of these Living Saints will affirmatively accept an invitation to arbitrate in these matters. If the Saint foresees that the best course of action is to let the hand of destiny take its course the way Nature and Creation have demarcated it, the Saint may not interfere as he may be commanded by the Supreme Lord to not interfere. Under such a circumstance there can only be one force that can interefere: Divine Compassion.
 I would humbly urge the Ugandan governemnt and President in particular Yoweri K. Museveni and the Kabaka of Buganda or his Katikkiro, JB.Walusimbi to seek at least this one life-time consultation with a Living Saint of our time and see the results that wouold be written down in the history of Uganda and Africa, indeed the whole world, how imminent danger was averted in Uganda and how Buganda and Uganda attained permanent peace, progress and propserity for all.
Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro
Virginia, USA.