Why doesn’t NRM implement the public health act? !!!!! BUGANDA KINGDOM



  1. Why doesn’t NRM implement the public health act?!!!!!!!!!
  1. There is increased malnutrition in Buganda, poverty, and unsustainable destructive exploitation of forests, bushes, soils and waters. Uncontrolled trade in substandard products, fish etc., is exposing Baganda to a demographic threat. Too many youth in urban centres are turning drugs for relief. Kampala has no drainage system. The growing Pentecost church, women battering, guns in hands paramilitary groups, child sacrifice and degradation of the health care system in the Kingdom. The question to be asked is this political ecological war on Buganda?
  1. Institutional failure in a colonial state is deliberately instigated by all political actors, in that if institutions were to work in the context of concrete democratic framework, the ‘elite (?)’ the real power holders and from whom Buganda and Kampala problems originate will loose it big time. They will simply be voted out and indeed some will face criminal prosecution now or at later date from demographic and environmental crimes, intended or unintended to murder city population.
  1. Land tenure hypothesis is a ploy used by the above people and their dependents to grab land in Kampala’s Buganda. The urban planning laws state clearly and demarcates what a planning area is. Thus a planning area i.e. in Kampala the dwellers must conform to the urban laws. It implies that the state can use the above laws, to implement planning schemes in planning areas. The above laws is augmented with the environmental laws, right of way i.e. Roads, sewer, telephone, internet and power lines can be located on any land and the owner will give right of way to infrastructure development. Land tenure systems whether mailo land cannot stop urban development and physical planning. In fact it will be cheaper for Kampala City Council, and the colonial government to plan by compelling landowners to implement the law, to the letter and at their own cost. That is in regard i.e. to a. organised building construction, b. drainage system, c. service provisions, etc. in which case failure to do so might result in civil or criminal prosecution. ref: Country and Urban Planning act 2000, 1964,1955 and the Public Health Act 1964. For instance no one can set up a building anywhere in the colonial state, without approval by the district planning office! However where you see disorganised planning, district planners, to fleece money from ignorant citizens, therefore use the Public and health Act Law.
  1. Who stopped Buganda Kingdom to use the Barclays Bank supported upgrading of Kibuye market! Who stopped the Germany supported power generation from urban waste in Kampala. Why is the World Bank financed garbage recycling plant has not taken off in Kampala as it is in Mbale and Mbarara? Who stopped the Baganda commercial farming project where tractors were secured for that purpose?
  1. There is a real threat for the largest Baganda majority urban dwellers. That the price of land and estate in Kampala has escalated is fantastic and illogical. Which estate is there to worthy a mention? Majority Poor people in Kampala that make up 95% of the city population do not speculate in land and indeed have no money resources to invest in estate products. They indeed live in a ring of slums
  1. There is a strong correlation between corruption, anti-Baganda sentiments, land speculation (grabbing) and the creation of a metropolitan authority.
  1. Otherwise Kampala small as it is (1000 sq km) could be well and easily be planned as per the existing structure plans. In my own estimation it will take less than three years and if planning implemented will generate millions of shillings and thousands of jobs.
  1. Perverted proof suggests that the above has not been done, due to lack of money. Let us look at given examples; (a). For an entity like UTODA it generates today in a range of 3 billion shillings monthly. (b). Tax revenues from city traders the majority being Baganda are in an excess of over 50 billion monthly. (c). Money collected from city markets i.e. tolls, monthly rents and other dues are in billions of shillings. An organised and pro-peoples regime will tap into these funds to plan the city something, which will further generate more money in hundreds of billions of shillings from the construction industry and increase sellers from decreased wastage.
  1. If there is no money in KCC, let government scrutinise the estates and properties acquired by the Kampala City Council Mayors, City Engineers and Town Clerks and their assistants in all divisions from the day they attained their office positions and compare property ownership with the properties they had before the time they reached those propositions.
  1. All prime land and open spaces have either been shared between DP and/or NRM politicians. Who carved out of the Golf course Garden City, Nakumat and Golf Course hotel, placed almost on a sewer line, Bugologi Forest, Kampala wetlands?? Who allowed encroachment on land used for power lines, road reserves and building on sewer lines? Who wanted to give the constitutional square to Bassajabalaba? Such acts sparked off contempt of institutions and why doesn’t nrm use the existing laws to stop the destruction of Buganda environment?
  1. Interestingly many non-elite very rich people are all linked either to the government officials, army generals or the opposition parties. You hardly find a rich person without government connections. It is very clear from unplanned development, that normally the government officials use non-elite and low educated people to grab land, for low educated people who hardly understand what is at stake! This can be understood from faulting a. building regulation, b. building in road reserves and c. wetlands. The elite or uneducated business people do all investments of that nature either with support from the government official since they can therefore fight the law otherwise, why are these people not prosecuted! It will be interesting to understand the process by which former Drapers building now Crane Bank on Kampala road got the right to add floors on a building with strengthening the foundation! Was that within the law or not?
  1. Decentralisation programme has its foundation in Baganda social organisation structures of Kyalo (village) Muluka (low cell or parish), gombolola (middle cell, county) and Ssaza (upper cell -province). Why is it dysfunctional on a state level – the failure are largely anthropological i.e. that a state does not depend on royalty as opposed to kingdoms but rather on concrete structure i.e. corruptable institutions.

Bwanika Nakyesawa Luweero


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  1. you just have a hidden hatred for nrm but you have nothing worth reading about.
    do some homework, ask/pray for forgiveness, repent and you will see the light

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