A Muganda officcer passes out Banyala insurgents

Some one should immediately correct me if am wrong.The Daly Monitor today has apicture of Dr.Makumbi  aHonorary Brigadier in the UPDF and also the Chief of Medical Services passing out agroup of Banyala youth.Whatever their role from now onwards will be is not my concern.
My concern is why of all other offices,serving and very active choose A Makumbi we rarely hear about. Makumbi unless someone dismisses this is a muganda from the mbogo(buffallo) clan. Why did’t Balyehuki or whoever is the RDC their atleat pass out these naive boys from the streets of Kayunga?
You can call it acoincidence but why on earth could the army subject this innocent man to hostility from Buganda kingdom.Any way we all know who takes decisions and whoever does it should be ashamed of himself. He is framing Baganda officers but we shall buy on their innocence not on what they are forced to do and orders they have no option but to obey.
The last time at Kasubi,it was the Chief of Land Forces,Gen.Katumba and Col.Nalweyiso at the battle field tussling it out with fellow Baganda. Forgive me for my tribal talk but someone has let this be by tribalising every issue on our land.
Ohhh,  2011,do not betray me like your formers brothers 2001,2006 have done….am tired of all this.please hear my cries…!
Allan Ssempebwa
Makerere University.(BMCO 1)

About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Allan
    This move raise eye blows, I don’t know whether this the same Dr. Makumbi that was ounce at Mulago and a minister during the early days of NRM Govt. He used to treat wounded NRA fighters at Mulago before en routing them to Nairobi. If he is doing this kind of move then you can automatically predict the next move.

  2. Makumbi is actually a Munyara from Kayunga. He is also set to contest for the Baale county seat (Kayunga) as MP.

  3. But Madada Sulaiman is wiser than him. A man who is trying to rise from the dead (politically), should be the last one to associate himself with failed or failing projects like the Kimeze-Ssabanyala one.

  4. Allan Ssempebwa, Makumbi, who was once an MP representing the area, is an aspiring candidate against the incumbent Sulaiman Madada who is also State Minister for Gender, Labor and Social Welfare. Madada defeated Makumbi in 2001 and 2006.

  5. thats the biggest infestation we have in uganda’s politics,we seen to go round in fears,like the old greedy men who can’t let go.What we have to remember in all this is (BA YUDDA TUYITA NABO) This so call doctor is not any more if he suports NRM. doctors care and NRM does not care for citizens welfare. Like some said they are for god and my stomach not for God and my country.
    I just wonder what happened to all the education they were tought. It feels like our grand fathers, heads of the family have dicided to sell us as slaves. Shame of you old boys.I wonder how proud they feel talking about families. VERY DANGEROUS BODIES OUT THERE>

  6. At the 18th coronation of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba-Iguru IV upon which he took full control over his Kingdom’s affairs, Mr. Museveni made a speech from which I quote the following words:

    “… Therefore, our minimum benchmark vis-à-vis the traditional institutions is that they should not impede this integration that is both desirable and a must for our survival… If there is a traditional leader who does not accept this minimum package, then we may have to engage in a principled disagreement. It will be unfortunate but necessary and unavoidable”

    Thus anybody who has keenly observed the unending controversies of Mr. Museveni for the past so many years before and after he assumed power in Uganda should as well be mindful of the fact that he oftentimes, albeit inadvertently, says out publically what he plans to do against anybody he perceives to be his enemy. Evidently, the speech Museveni gave in Fort Portal at the King Oyo’s coronation anniversary left no doubt in many people’s mind to which Ugandan traditional leader Museveni was directing it. Now, when we begin to read about the start of this horrific intarehamwenization of a handful of the Banyala [N.B: Not all the Banyala in Bugerere are in support of this ongoing madness surrounding Kimeze and his so-called chiefdom] against the Baganda and the King of Buganda, we should be ready to yet witness another round of the September 2009 political debacle and state-inspired mayhem in Uganda. Don’t even be surprised that one of these Banyala intarehamwe are set out to physically challenge the Kabaka at any function in the same way Bisaso did to Dr. Kizza Besigye. We are now living in very interesting times, you know. And anything bordering on extreme insanity such as passing out these Banyala intarehamwe in Uganda is now very possible!!

  7. That training is publicised because it was for the Banyala. However as far as i know, all traditional leaders in this country have benefited from such training. The Royal Guards in Buganda, in Bunyoro, Toro and Busoga were all trained by the UPDF to specifically provide security for their kings

  8. The military training started in Karamoja and you very well know what is there, now is the time to demystify the gun in Bugerere. Can I Have another beer and popcorn please !!!!!


  9. Kato,
    To be a chairperson or leader of a cultural association/trust such as the one headed by Mr. Kimeze-Mpagi in Bugerere does not transform one/him into a CULTURAL LEADER or even TRADITIONAL LEADER!! Mr. Kimeze Mpagi is merely a political-cum-cultural imposition on the people of Bugerere, which is constitutionally and/or otherwise part of Buganda! All what the NRM-0 is doing with that man called Kimeze in that part of Buganda is simply a waste of time and public resources because it can never stand the test of time! And the Baganda are watching all these developments with keen amusement!!!

  10. My friends,

    I have already pointed out to you the genesis of Musevni’s violence even in the early days of Fronasa when he murdered Raiti Omongin and made his body disappear in Tanzania and also when he murdered his very compatriot Black Mwesigwa in the bushes of Luwero when they were both fighting the UPC government and should have been on the same side. When I make these allegations, Corporal Otto says I am mad and I should see a psychiatrist. But he knows very well Museveni’s propensity to violence was nurtured at a very early age when his family had to flee Rwanda because of violence. Violence has been his only solution to personal as well as political problems. It is his modus operandi. And the more desperate he gets, the more dangerous he becomes. The other day, someone posted an article on Musveni and his family and girlfriends gorging on Shs 300 million per day. This is a larceny of such gross and humongous proportions, it just boggles the imagination. The nation should prepare for this monster getting more and more violent by the day. By militarising civilian society rather than resolving problems peacefully, which is what is required in Bugerere with the Banyala, he just reveals more and more of his true colours. He wants another blood-bath in Buganda. That is why I argue for a death sentence for Museveni should we one day apprehend him and put him on trial. That is the only sentence that would fit the crimes he has committed. As a member of Amnesty International, I normally do not support death sentences, but in the case of Museveni, I would be prepared to make an exception. From being a global terrorist, he is now openly a global kleptocrat and an open, avowed and brazen thief. It is sad for our country.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  11. Ugandans have had time and forewarning about the genocide being planned, otherwise how do you explain the military training of the reported 200 Banyala youths! Definately some one is planning a kind of mass murder in our God forsaken country.

    Ugandans however know those persons who gain pleasure and satisfaction from war and blood letting. Ugandans remember very well some one who once said that he enjoys war and that war is good, and that he would be happy if war was to start up soem where such that he could pick his gun and go to fight!

    The individual Banyalas being used now in an apparent preparation for an onslought to a nother people will have themselves to blame when they find out latter that they were just a pieace of “political condom” at the time of being discarded away like all used and disposable items are. No more use thereafter as long as they will have helped some individuals feel like they have achieved their goal. Those individual Banyalas however should know that what their users are persuing is a mirrage, they will never achieve it unless if they are to wipe out all people born of Buganda – including those in diaspora.

    Just wish the used Banyala’s a good ride on the back of a lion. They will definately be a nice dinner for their rider today.


  12. Owekitiinisa KI LUTS

    As an army officer, even if honrary, is subject to army code of
    obedience. Ia addition to that it is known every Cultural Leader is
    entitled to armed guards. In the case of Buganda and Bunyoro-Kitara,
    we have the Abambowa, you always see them protecting the Kabaka, in
    Hoima we have the Abarusuura.

    Now you, according to the article in the Monitor, such insitutions are
    free to ask for military training of their traditional guards. They do
    a commendable job. For example when some fanatic religious people
    invaded the Hoima Palace some years ago, it was the Abarusuura who
    protected the palace.

    Hence, instead of condmening Brig, James Makumbi for doiong his job,
    let Buganda use this opportunity to also ask for assistance to traine
    Baganda Abambowa.

    Also remember that struggles for justice always end up calling for
    muscular involvement. Mubende Banyoro Committee had to do that from
    1951 when a military man, Joseph Kazairwe became the leader.

    Buganda leadership had said, “Eby’amasaza eyo mboozi buboozi. Mujje
    tunywe kaachai kaffe.” Whereupon the Banyoro iontroduced muscle

    The Banyala have not secured any round-table peace talks to address
    their demand for their rights. So, what should they do to get their

    Henry Ford Miirima

  13. I thought Dr.Makumbi was a Munyala too or at least originated from those ends. Check.
    The only problem I see is that he could be part of Museveni’s plot to dismember Buganda and weaken it for his political survival. But they will fail, no doubt about it.

  14. OB Magandazi,

    Brig Dr James Makumbi is the very man you are talking about. He even won a decoration for his contribution to the 1981-86 liberation war.

    I think he has always been a loyal Munyala subject of the Kabaka until some loose tongues began to do terrifying head counts about Banyala as though to fumigate them! I am sure you have all this data on Makumbi and many others.

    There are many loyal subjects of the Kabaka who belong to these sub-tribes, but it only requires a loose and careless remark to drive them into the the least-desirable direction. Did you know for instance, that Air Force and bush war veteran, Col Livingstone Gyagenda Kalyesubula is a Muluuli?

    Joseph, you and a few others must make sure that you don’t drive these people away from you by permitting the above-mentioned careless loose tongues to represent you in senseless name-calling.

    One might say that President Museveni manipulates such situations; but think of the huge opportunities which the loose tongues offer him!

    Yesterday I hosted a leader of the Banyabwera/Bamoori on my TV show. He said they began associating with Buganda during the 1870s conflict between Junju and Semakokiro who fled and hid in Bwera. he re-orged, counter-attacked and became Kabaka, giving his Banyabwera allies land in Bulondogganyi-Bugerere as thanks.

    On territory, Mzee Emmanuel Yiga Baingana explained that they had no intention of seceding but wanted their minority leader (Omukama w’e Bwera) to be recognised by Sabasajja (as he does the Kamuswaga) and represented in Mengo Lukiiko. Unfortunately some very zealous contributiors ordered him to join one of the existing clans and shut his mouth!

    Incidentally, or by the way, or both, Brig James Mugira is a Munyabwera of the royal Bamoori clan and is a loyal subject of the Kabaka in Ssaza Mawogola. That will certainly remain the situation until the Loose Tongues take over and represent you….

    Beera bulungi OB!

    Tony Owana

  15. Michael,

    The next progression of their insanity will lead them to declaring some Buganda clans as being “not of Buganda”. Blame it all onto the answer given to that famous question of 1986, viz “What is Africa’s problem?” by the almighty visionary ruler????

  16. Mwami Zaake Buganga

    I love what you write and that is to be honest, I have a lady here that worships your postings, and claims I can never delete your posting before she reads it, and that is how she loves Buganda. But I will ask you a question I always ask her, don’t you think by the time we achieve your expectations the country will be a territory of Somalia? And no not to the Rwandese for some of us as you were praising the rein station of the Kingdom, studied the Rwandese and we started to put a stop on their annexation of Uganda. But we fear the next Uganda aggressor that is replacing the Rwandese who will be Sheik Hussein something and a clan leader of a strong Somalia cult. And that is if he wins the Senegalese for when I was in Uganda those scared me half to death too, they are holding many positions and Ugandans continue to wallow so low in hunt of where Ssabassajja has passed to prostrate.

    Again I am just asking the questions I cannot ask in my own God damn house.


  17. Haaaaa… EM,

    This time you have really caught me off guard , particularly with regard to that [Muganda] lady in your house who would rather remain expectant of my postings than loath them. My sincere admiration and kindest salutations to her!!

    Edward, before the current dictatorship assumed power on January 25, 1986 [please not January 26, 1986!!!], many Ugandans across board, who had been fed up to the brim with the erstwhile dictatorships, killings and buffoonery of the Obote I, Amin, Muwanga-Museveni-Binaisa, Obote II and the Okellos, Ugandans were hoodwinked to believe that the man who had actively participated in the most cruel “crushing” of the “Twagala- Lule- Oba- Tuffa- tuffe” Baganda masses could be trusted to bring about the fundamental change from the past he solemnly promised at the footsteps of the Uganda Parliament. How wrong and naïve must we have been to believe him!!!!

    Now fast forward to the somalization of the Ugandan populace: EM, it’s now no longer a closet secret that Uganda is one of those African countries that belongs to the group of failed states characteristic of police states with quasi-civilian-quasi -militarized governance and a brutalized populace. With the latest passing out of hundreds – if not thousands- of a militia of sub-ethnic group of the Baganda in Bugerere, with an apparent intention of quashing the “renegade” Ssabasajja and Buganda Kingdom , together with the ongoing military training and passing out of numerous batches of different groups of people in the different parts of the country, the slippery road to the Somalia scenario is not far away from us. It is indeed certain and real!! And sometimes many of us wonder whether those running this project did learn any pre-Rwanda genocide lessons or even wonder how Somalia came to the state it is in today in the first place?? Perhaps history will again be the unfortunate judge!!

    EM, if you or anybody else is dead scared of the jihadist Somalis invading Uganda any time soon as is now the regime’s dishonest verbal currency to continue disguising their sponging of the country’s national resources as well as keep on loading it over Ugandans, you will be extremely disappointed. The real danger for the somalization of Uganda is just right at the door steps of the rulers of Uganda who have syetematically brewed and bred a grand scheme of genocide within Uganda itself. Remember that they claim that uganda began in 1986 and, therefore, must end with them??? There you go!!! The time-bomb is ticking away and it’s simply a question of time. God forbid!!

  18. Owana
    Thank you for educating me a bout loose tongues but what I fail to understand from your posting is whether I said or stated lies a bout him.
    Every sensible person is in position to read between the lines that this pass out parade to be conducted at the time when M7 denied Kabaka to vist Bugerere isn’t a co incident! Owana you know what your boss M7 has done and continues to do funding and fueling conflicts in Uganda and neighbouring countries!!
    When I read your posting I interpret it as a threat to my person, “be careful of your loose tongue,”
    Yes let it be so if it’s to a awaken the sleeping people like you when the country is being steered to urnachy!
    Owana I don’t intend to challange you beyond this you know what I know and don’t pretend a bout it.
    God bless you.

  19. Members
    Dr J.G.S.Makumbi is a man of my qualities.While working at Mulago he may have treated the likes of Maj-General
    Elly-Tumwine,he was however more useful to the NRA struggle by diverting all the medical supplies meant for Mulago
    into the hands of Dr Besigye.
    He became above suspicion by also doubling as the personal physician to the late Kalule(RIP) father-in-law to then
    President Obote.
    Personally I would be very wary of his means and methods.Remember how his brother Professor Kayanja was sacrificed
    by being imprisoned for the mismanagement of funds in a Ministry that was at the time headed by Victoria Ssekitoleko
    simply because he had been a PS?
    So know that these guys are used to these high-stakes poker game.
    The issue of the Itongwa abduction and the subsequent appearance from nowhere with the then former wife of his colleague
    is one of the legends Ugandans will never exactly understand.
    So that is it in the world of the Dr Makumbis of this world.

  20. Mawe, amahanu gagwiire! The Uganda Democratic Federation will sort out this mess in due course.

  21. In an interview with “Eddoboozi” newspaper, Dr. Brig. (Honorary) James Makumbi said those men whom he passed out were recruits who were going for the Iraq guard duties, and that they were not royal guards to “His Fictitious Majesty the Ssabanyala” Capt. Baker Kimeze of Galiraya, Bugerere located in Buganda Kingdom.

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