CBS fans, advertisers apologise to (trapped) Museveni


A.  M7, in the horns of a dilemma on what to do with CBS, has fallen into a trap.

Like the hyena, which loves ghee so much such that when it swallowed a hot, round stone, smeared with ghee, could not decide whether to spit it so as to survive and then loose the delicacy OR to swallow the delicacy and die of scalds in the throat, he [M7] finds himself placed between the rock and the hard place. Eventually, he will have to do what the opposition and Mmengo has asked for all the time:

“If anything unlawful was committed, take the culprits, not the business, to task”.

B.  The other side of the riddle is: he will have to open the Station, however long it takes, in any case, before the next elections. The only way is to find the best way to save face. He must therefore, look for a scape-goat and this is where the “comedians” come in.

C.  Conditions: true, he will make sure that the investors stick to what they are saying now, “we do not control the content”. So,  who ever works there after the solution or ‘opening’ arrangement MUST be ready to face the music concerning the content of what goes on the air at CBS.

D. So, are the comedians [Sseguya {alias Kayibanda}, “Baba-Kavuyo”, Billy katumba Kasodde, etc] cowards or traitors as “Matek” asserts? The answer is “NO”. Are they ‘sacrificial lambs’ then? Yes and No. Their entry into the game serves the ends of the investors (Kaya Kavuma and group) as well as the power-centres (Army, NRM, M7, and etc. how?

1.  The responsibility for future behaviour will now rest on the shoulders of the workers (as it should maybe be). You say something wrong, you are in for it. Here, some will serve the interests of M7 and his cohorts and may be even air the cause but they will be on air. Self-censorship will now be the order of the day. They are going to campaign for him (at least some of them, after blackmailed through hunger (joblessness, unpaid Bank loans, etc) see today’s Bukedde, p.2:

a.   ”the president said that the leaders of CBS are taking things lightly. They talk with pride {boogez’amalala}. We advise them on how the radio has to be run but the rejected everything. ..I am responsible, a leader of the country, I ma responsible for every citizen, including the CBS workers (Hmmmm!!) ..Who come to me everyday saying they have nothing to eat and that their children and families are in a dire situation…”. There then is the bait and blackmail. He goes on:

Since the workers have been joined by the advertisers, I am going to take the matters to Cabinet [not  Gen. Tinyefuza  who set conditions for its re-opening and whose men carried away the machines].

2.  M7 will open the radio on his own conditions, having by-passed the investors (and therefore Mmengo) as he is fond of claiming. His party will now claim to have helped open the radio, without Mmengo’s input.

3.  Her stand the Investors and Mmengo? Here M7 is right, that they talk with what he calls arrogance and are not serious. The issue is, they were told to APOLOGISE and refused since they had never sent anybody to say what they said. They blame him for dis-advantaging them vis-à-vis the competitors and even threaten to go to the Courts of law.  In this, they have nothing to loose, should the radio be opened through the ‘face-saving’ mechanism  since they are now loosing 300m shillings every month. They may be ready to get it opened so long as their business, share-holding and are not interfered with and of curse, without giving M7 a rope which to hand them, in future that is, the apology.

4. Conclusion:

M7 is under immense political pressure to open Radio Buganda. He has to answer the question at every road-stop in Buganda. Internally, the NRM Baganda are restless, “how shall we face the people with CBS off air?”

So, the comedians are on a mission and not in comedy as such they are saving the faces of both sides and their jobs of course.

Christopher Muwanga,




About ekitibwakyabuganda

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  1. bambi am sorry 4 my president he better fires those advisors who tell him what he wants to hear and he employs people like owe kitiibwa muliika who teell him what is on ground

  2. It is a pity that M7 says

    ..I am responsible, a leader of the country, I am responsible for every citizen, including the CBS workers (Hmmmm!!) ..Who come to me everyday saying they have nothing to eat and that their children and families are in a dire situation…”.

    Why doesn’t he open CBS, so that the CBS workers stop going to him everyday, complaining that they have nothing to eat and that their children and families are in a dire situation?
    Great responsibility, really great.

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