Former Katikkiros leading Mengo back to 1966 crisis


Former Katikkiros leading Mengo back to 1966 crisis

By Aisha Nankya  (email the author)

Posted Friday, June 11 2010 at 00:00

The news of the two former Buganda Katikkiros (premiers) Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere and Dan Muliika declaring their support for the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC), a loose grouping of some opposition parties planning to field a single presidential candidate next year, leaves a lot to be desired.

The move justifies the saying that history does not repeat itself but it’s the [people] that repeat history. Mengo has a habit of always coming in the way of the Democratic Party (DP), make alliances based on selfishness and impulse and later crying foul. Yet it is the DP that has aways stood with Mengo during the hard times.
It was Mengo, for instance, who played a big role in blocking Ben Kiwanuka, a Muganda, from becoming Uganda’s Prime Minister simply because he was a Catholic. Today, they are standing in the way of Nobert Mao simply because he is a non-Muganda. What criteria did they use to choose the IPC to champion Buganda’s interests?

The two former Katikkiros who will obviously be representing Mengo interests in this move, admitted to being novices in politics. Secondly, they are offering blanket support on behalf of Buganda without even setting up principles or fully understanding the objectives of the individual political parties that comprise IPC. This is evidenced by Muliika’s appeal to the IPC to publish its manifesto, so they can know what they stand for. Can you imagine? This shows that they offered blanket support without even knowing what they are supporting. To quote DP president Nobert Mao, how can one enter a taxi without knowing its destination?

Mengo’s interests are permanent but how can one peg them on the removal of President Museveni? How can you put all your eggs in one basket? It is also surprising that the duo are both retired but have now come up to determine our destiny. Will they, for instance, appropriately accommodate the interest of the youth? Have they widely consulted and have they been endorsed to represented us? Can they tell us the difference between FDC’s Kizza Besigye, who has a high chance of becoming IPC flag bearer and President Museveni? How can you put Mengo and the Kabakaship on the line? Did they think of the other Kabaka’s subjects in the DP, NRM and other political parties? How can you alienate them? Where will Mengo run to if Besigye, whom the electorate has rejected twice, loses the third time?

Not long ago, Mulwanyamuli negotiated the Regional Tier that was to create an office of Katikkiro, by-passing Mengo. This was rejected by the Lukiiko of course but it is still on the table, waiting to be implemented. Muliika was later sacked as well for openly using the post of Katikkiro to campaign for FDC, among others. The two extremes coming together is suspect.

UPC’s Olara Otunnu is part of this cooperation but they strategically keep him away whenever they make appearances in Buganda. In effect the two former Katikkiro’s have not only allied with Besigye who has no political base in his home town Rukungiri and the entire western Uganda but with UPC as well, a party that abolished the kingdom and masterminded the killings in Luweero. How different is this move from the infamous UPC/KY alliance of 1966?

Mengo should strongly and clearly distance itself from the duo because they are putting all Baganda interests at stake. You can always ignore advice but cannot stop the consequences.
Ms Nankya is a social worker in London, United Kingdom


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  1. Owek. Dan Muliika could not have joined IPC because membership to IPC is so far parties not individuals. But he clearly stated that he supports what IPC is doing and will gladly work with it to cause the much needed change.

    Honourables Betty Nambooze and Erias Lukwago and now the Dr. Lulume group
    have all said they will work with IPC if their Party DP refuses to join the Cooperation.

  2. gUYS,
    it is new vision that printed that for a reason.It does not matter whether he joined or not but he said he is going to support Ipc.Even if he did not joine,definately he is not about to join Nrm.Him and NRm do not see eye to eye.there is no posiibility that he will vote for them.So,I DEVEN DO NOT KNOW WHY NEW VISION try to make it a big issuewhen they know owek.Muliika and NRM HAVE NEVER BEEN BED FELLOWS.HE SAID WHAT HE SAID.

  3. this is a disgruntled woman trying to sell MAO.mao is busy selling the party to can a party with 9 MPS ALL IN bUGANDA THINK OF CAPTURING POWER? He should join IPC otherwise voters are not stupid.He will be surprised just like our party here,the liberal Democrats.You may hpe to make a break through only to get hurt.DP a party at this moment cannot win power.her supporters are everywhere so,It is wishful thinking to think they can win the elections with election riggers around.It is very normal to build alliances in politics and i see no problem.Nankya says of 1966,but MAYANJA NKAGI was also a katikiro is now in NRM.HAS 1966 ressurected.Guys,you should overcome your fears if you wanna make a change.Otherwise madam,stick here in lOndon and let the not so faint herated liberate ugandans.

  4. Thank all your responses so far regarding my article in Daily Monitor but you all fell short of discussing the issues raised. Yet I thought I used basic English language to reach out to all. Could it be that there’s no body who can comprehend and engage in an intellectual debate on the issues raised instead of wishing me/them away like the proverbial ostrich?
    Can this forum fail to have such a person? Mr. Wafula being the FDC spokesperson, can you help out or any one else who is able.


  5. If Mao or his suppoters are interested in the former Kattikiro’s support he knows where to find them; let him meet them in IPC and prevent the 1966 crisis which his supporter like Aisha is so worried about than the Kattikiros.

  6. Gentlemen,
    Has anybody actually tried to respond to what Ms . Naknya is raising in her article? All I’m getting are just shootings in all directions totally different from what Nankya raised.

    Mr. Waf, why would you downplay Owek. Muliika’s support because IPC is joined by parties and not individual yet at the same time you try to emphasize Hon Lukwago, Hon Bayiga and Hon Nambooze’s individual support of IPC? Could it be that by the time you wrote your article here, Owek. Muliika had disowned what was written that he had joined IPC?

    I wish there were issues to respond to from the other writers after Mr. Wafula but unfortunately I’m not finding any to respond to.

    The impact on the ground though, especially among the young Baganda that some of us have had an opportunity to talk to is totally different from what the few schemers had anticipated.

    Paul Njoki

  7. Njoki you are right. I have also been surprised by the reactions of many people who are by the way, staunchly opposition Baganda. They argue that Ssemwogerere, since he was a Katikiro will always be so. That he should have stayed behind and maintained that respect. I have also understood, from surveys that the average Muganda other than those in the opposition does not want a direct confrontation between Mengo and the central government. However, these Baganda now fear that the move by the former Katikiro will most certainly make things worse.

  8. I think Madam Nankya has missed some issues from what she has written. First of all, although both of the former Katikiros are baganda and may have been in Kabaka’s service until recently, none of them is sent by Buganda or Mengo to represent hte establishment. They have done this out of their won will and choice.

    Secondary, Aisha asks whether the two can represent the youths’ interests and having come from retirement whether they have consulted and have been endorsed by Ugandans. I doubt that there is time for this, and at what kind of forum – especially where the government functionaries are dispassing Ugandans whereever they assemble to listen to the opposition. To me what is at stake now is getting the coutnry back to the right track and any person that joins the struggle should be welcome. Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere is a well known person in the country and he has always stood out of the mob as respectable gentleman.

    Thirdly, Aisha promotes the lie that Dr. Besigye has been rejected by Ugandans twice. This is not true since all well informed Ugandans know that in both instances, there were vote rigging let alone disenfranchising voters. Twice the High Court ruled that the Electoral Commission failed to organise a fair and free elections. Aisha also knows that the only reason why the High Court did not call for a repeat of the elections was for saving thir necks. Do you remember what the Chief Justice said when the press pressed him? Do some research about it.

    Laslty, the only way forwad for this country is to get people united on a common and agreed grounds and minimum expectations. Of course there is need to scrutinise the individual participant’s objectives, but the existance of moles within the alliance (cooperation) should not stop those who love and aspire for a change of things in the country to push on.


  9. Frank,

    You answered the disgruntled lady.Odoki said about nullifying the elections.Do you want us to die?They feared to be killed but new that under normal circumstances they would have nullified the,this government was legitimised by court not elected! It is the fear problem people have not overcome which OO KEEPS TELLING PEOPLE TO OVERCOME.
    Another problem with our people is being uninformed on so many issues,yet they want to debate but dont read widely to get information.For Nankya may she doe not know that Mayanja nkagi was also a katikiro and that Robert sebunya was aminister at Mengo!
    1966 has been used so many times to intimidate people so was Luweero skulls,but there comes a time when they no sell to people.we have got to move on,we cannot afford to get stuck in the past.

  10. Joshua,

    Buganda needs all her strength to fight the ocupation and the radical approach of the NRM. Being soft on M7 and his NRM thugs only encourages them to further humiliate the Kingdom. All able bodied men in Buganda have to stand up and be counted. We must present a radical, non-compromising and resolute stand against Museveni even if it means exile for the Kabaka. Buganda and Baganda will always be there because they cannot go away. It is M7 who will go so why capitulate to the despot.

    I remember 2 years ago when former Katikiiro Mulwanyamuli came to London Katikiiro Walusimbi. We confronted them at that time and told them that their soft ‘nkolagane enungamya ne govt’ will not work. They dismissed us as confused people in the diasporas. Can they say that now? Only a hardline stand with Museveni will work because the man himself is a hardline radical.

    If anyone in Buganda wants to join active politics all they have to do is resign their positions in Mengo and head to Nakasero. Boy, we need them now.

  11. Aisha,

    you raised nothing new and that’s why people responded the way they did. People have no time for such rant from known haters. There was no issues to discuss.

  12. Njoki,
    I am not downplaying anything.Muliika’s support is treasurable. I am only stating the facts as provided in the IPC Protocol. Unless the protocol is revised, there will be no individaul person members.

    But support does not require one to be a member. I did not say Betty, Erias and Lulume had joined IPC but that they wanted to work with IPC. You know that they have now indeed announced that.

  13. Mr.Wagula Ogutu, if that is so, then there is some opportunisim and these Baganda leaders may be used as stepping stones as others like Beti Kamya have been used, for all the years.

  14. Ahmed,

    Wait and see IPC manifesto. It is there that you find out whether IPC wants to use Buganda. I am sure you know that IPC has so far got five member Parties where Buganda is well represented perhaps more than any other region.
    Nobody used Beti. And nobody sent away Beti from FDC. She was simply confused by Museveni agents.

  15. Wafula, let me remain a doubting Thomas. As for Beti Kamya, her problem was personal wioth the doctor, Kiezza Besigye and they still have a chance of sorting it out.

  16. Ahmed,

    Forget that trash of personal problem. There was no and there is no personal problem between KB and Beti. It is all diversionary lies created for safe exit which never was.

    You media people also played a role in destroying Beti. You over played her in the media raised her importance in FDC particularly in Buganda and her personal ego beyond her capcity to control herself.

    You reminded me of what the media of our time did to Michael Kaggwa. Built him towering up there, then brought him down tumbling like Sadam’s statue, never to rise again.

    You had started to do that to Mao after Mbale. But somehow you ran out of gas too quickly.
    Uganda lacks real heroes and the media is always trying to find or even create some.
    Good day.

  17. Mw Wafula,

    you couldn’t have said it better on the media glorifying and marginalizing the rift between Beti and KB; but militarism in FDC played right in their hands; for, how many times did we implore, that he as party leader, exemplify self and rise above egoistical politics in a bid to be more supportive of his party members like Beti who had become MPs and thus needed their party backing at all times?

    Keeping opposition numbers in the house is challenge enough but most time been spent devotedly to fighting the poor woman and tarnishing her name at the hands of the people she has given a lot for. How many times was Mkyl Turomwe Kamya on that pulpit in parliament and in the press defending herself against castigated claims at the hands of her FDC party that she was state sponsored?

    Have you seen how her constituents even took it upon ourselves to print and wear T-shirts in support of her work and projects? Ask me about this, I live therein! Oh yes….

    Was she not losing her voice at the hands of fellow bullying party members? How many times was she ‘summoned’ to Najjanankumbi to defend self only to be met by fire branding members like Salaam and Alupo? Mukyl Kamya mukazi mubulirire bulungi… could she match their fire especially when it comes to insults, shouting matches and near raining of blows? Nooooooooo

    A party leader promotes and thrives on representation in the house, however minimal! FDC has been leading the opposition in the house; KB should have prided in having the likes of Otto, Onzima and Kamya as flag bearers for represent all they did; but inter party fights ruined their whims! To wine, dine and meet them regularly on respectable terms would make his weekly press conferences; They kept the party going even as he was in self imposed exile; stood by him as he was jailed, in court. She as then spokesperson of UWA made Reform Agenda/ FDC the party that KB met upon return.

    Yes, hard to swallow but the mercenary-like kind of running business at FDC headquarters make media sales and capitulate on that they have; KB should not lead the IPC; there are better leaders than he from the oppostion and this I say respectfully!

    Otherwise, bwotova ku mulungi, ofa owoza!

  18. Dear readers,

    I think Aisha Nankya’s article is clearly a desperate PR exercise for the DP presidential candidate,Mao Norbert, more than anything else, because it is full of historical explanations that do not fit in the current circumstances.

    Aisha writes:’ Mengo has a habit of always coming in the way of the Democratic Party (DP), make alliances based on selfishness and impulse and later crying foul’’. I thought something becomes a habit when it has been done several times not just once. Yes, in the 1961 elections, Mengo through Kabaka Yeka(KY) allied with UPC to stop DP’s Ben Kiwanuka from becoming the Prime minister of Uganda, for religious reasons, but this is not the case anymore.Catholism and protestantism is nolonger an issue in Mengo when it comes to supporting political candidates. For instance,I can even confess that I don’t know Museveni’s religion right now but he was supported by Mengo in his strugggle to remove UPC from power after the 1980 elections.In the 1960s, president Musveni mentions in his book that he was a Mulokole but he later pulled the plug on them,so i dont know his religion now. In any case, it is justifiable to say that it is DP that have the habit of being on the wrong side of issues such as this. They have engaged in tribalism by initializing a discussion about tribalism where it’s not relevant because the two leading contenders in the IPC, Dr.Besigye and Dr.Otunu, are as non-Baganda as DP’s Mao.

    Secondly, both former Katikilos explained that they were not in IPC to stand for any political office but just to render their support ,because they are not politicians. This does not make them novices in politics but it was just a matter of choice. But then again,evenif Mulika and Ssemogerere were novices in politics, does that mean that they cannot make good politicians? For instance, the former British PM,Gordon Brown, called the then Conservative leader,David Cameron, a novice, in one of the Labour conferences, but the later ended up having the last laugh in this years elections.The current US president, Obama, was also called charismatic, ideologically ambiguous and relative novice to national politics but he ended up having a leg over his opponents in the end. In the Buganda case, though, both the Katikiros are not political novices who like fairy tales and take them as the real thing because they have seen it all. So people could not mistaken Mulika’s appeal for the IPC manifesto as anything else other than encouraging and strengthening the spirit of cooperation among the opposition in Uganda.

    Mengo has clarified that they not pegging their interests on the removal of president Museveni from power but they are supporting anyone who is ready to protect or fight for their interests. In any case, there is no guarantee that with Mengo support, that will be the end of president Museveni in Uganda. Ask anyone who invests in the politics,a cardinal rule is do not put all your eggs in one basket,if you do your’re going to get hurt, but at the same time, Mengo is cleverly looking at the stronger candidate among the opposition who also happens to be a member of the IPC, i.e, Dr.Kiiiza Besigye. The other stronger presidential candidate than Besigye happens to be not interested anymore in what Mengo wants, and he is the president of Uganda. So logically, it just makes sense to join forces with everybody to change what has gone wrong in the country.

    Katikiro Ssemogererealso clarified in the series run in the Observer newspaper last year that he asked the Kabaka to let him retire from his position as the Katikilo of Buganda after the failure to negotiate ‘federo’ for the kingdom. This is not the same as ‘’sacking’’ someone. In football, for instance, a manager who is sacked gets paid a lot of money depending on the duration of his remaining contract, but a manager who voluntarily resigns from their position normally get ‘a thank you very much’ package and that’s it. Sometimes people make poor decisions and this sort of thing results in a mental catastrophe, which I think was the case with Ssemogerere, after tabling the regional tier to the Lukiiko and it was rejected. But he has now got a chance to redeem himself by supporting Buganda concerns.

    Both Mulika and Ssemogere,therefore, recognize that even a successful campaign in Buganda may not end Museveni’s influence there. But a significant increase in the number of pro-Mengo MPs in the region would give the Buganda government the political latitude needed to broaden its political base.

    Finally, the myth that Dr.Besigye is a political neophyte with no political base is also wrong as it has been proved time and time again that the votes in the western Uganda are normally rigged in favour of the incumbent. It is also a fact that westerners have tremendously benefited from Museveni’s regime but Besigye and FDC have been reducing the NRM support in the west, as exemplified by the by elections in Rukingiri this year.

    So, if I could give sister Aisha Nankya and his friends any advice, it would be to support the IPC, like the former Katikilos have done, because the consequences of not doing so are very destructive to our country in future.

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

  19. Aisha although i have never agreed with the Forum For Disgruntled
    Comrades(FDC), i fault you for attacking Besigye’s political scheme.
    The way u debate, looks you have something personal with KB. Let me
    extrapolate the question you posted on why Baganda and northerners
    share the burden of saving his political life when his kins have
    rejected him, i bet to ask the same question to MAO and M7.

    U fail to understand that politics is about bases/ acll them
    alliances. For all Besigye’s weaknesses, is there a problem for him to
    seek alliances among these regions. What is good for the goose is also
    good for the gander.
    U ask about KB’s entandikwa, yes, he has twice been rejected, but i
    think if he manipulated this well he can have an edge over others.

    And to all people boring us with an old and tried statement that ‘let
    the debate be put higher’ politics is not rocket science it is the
    ability to pay attention to the small details.
    Dossing VP Bukenya in contrast with an ever wide eyed Amama.

  20. Summary: During the Biafran War [Nigeria, 1967-70], the Ibo slogan was, “We are better dead than living without a shadow”. In Buganda one would say, “tukooy’ ejoogo” – like, “we are fed up with being minimized”. It is not just a negotiating strategy {black mail}, as some wish to think.

    1/3. Now look at Buganda: The Kabaka’s Kingdom is being torn apart contrary to the constitution, He cannot travel in his Kingdom, not even as a private citizen, Buganda is under a State of emergency that the GoU is not even brave enough to declare, at least like Obote dared to in 1966/67. Kingdom land is being grabbed left, right and centre, etc, etc

    2/3. So, what do you expect the Ex-Katikiros to do? Sit down and enjoy, like in the proverbial case of un-avoidable ‘rape’? The move is the only signal the even defenseless as they are, the Baganda leaders are not afraid of showing what they think, other than those who pretend. That is a manifestation of “intellectual honesty’

    3/3. Me thinks that joining the opposition is the minimum they can do, to show displeasure, short of armed self-defense, which they are not capable of. There is no longer anything to salvage. Today’s “1966” occurred in September 2009. Nothing can be worse.

    Christopher Muwanga,



  21. Paul Njoki
    Please don’t panic, its not a matter of life and death. Which Baganda youth did you talk to? Publish your results in detail with all refferences and we will believe. I don’t know why you are trying very hard to convince people that this has no impact because if it’s so it will be self evident. I hope that it has not destabilised you so much? However much you down play things, facts don’t change. Why call individuals schemers, hope you are not the very schemers (Ow’akazze ke y’akeyogerera). Thank God Besigye is closing in on you.
    Now for Aisha, don’t worry about us the Baganda youth beacause we are fine in regard to your fears . We are brighter and more critical than we were in 1966 with all the sources of information available, despite the closure of CBS. As for the similarity between Besigye and Museveni, that’s a very well known propaganda just like the one that Otunnu is going to bring back Obote ideologies. Please don’t insult people’s inteligence.

  22. 1/3. The “Katikiro’s move’ “may be a ‘gambit’ or will result into a gambit un-intentionally for any of the 3 parties: the IPC, Mmengo and the PM’s. Why?

    Because M7 and his cohort are used to having things go their way. They, being a ‘spoilt’ or spoilt children, will feel offended and GIVE everything. The NRM cannot let the move go unchallenged.

    2/3. So way forward, form NRM may evolve thus:

    1. CBS back on air, via the “comedians”

    2. Some mid-way meet between Mmengo and Kyadondo on federo.

    3. More posts on National cabinet.

    4. Freeze on ‘tearing Buganda apart’ till elections are over.

    5. Promise on the 9000 Sq. miles.

    6. Enhanced general bribery of the poor in the villages and anti-Mmengo propaganda in Buganda and in Uganda (already under-way)

    7. Personal attacks on and denigration of the person of the Kabaka, etc

    8. etc.

    3/3. But, after the elections and threats of taking M7 and his generals to the ICC subside, the ‘leopard will rediscover her spots’ and M7 will be M7 again, till he dies in office, like his mentor Iosef Stalin did in 1953.

    CM in K’la.

  23. history may not repeat itself but it does not change.History is there to be remembered.It is being argued that Regional tier can never work with an elected Katikiiro.history has it that way back katikiiros were being elected but here comes a time when because of selfishness ,the Big shorts in Buganda do not want the person who will represent them in the kingdom chosen by the people.probably the who would be appointed were the former katikiros and this explains why they decided to fight the government that was supporting electing the katikiro.However the freedom we have in Uganda gives them a go ahead to support any party just as any other Ugandan.i think it has nothing to do with 1966 crisis.Big ups to M7 for the democracy and freedom he has given to Ugandans.U can only appreciate him if u visit the neighboring countries.

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