Can M7 cut off Buganda’s head as he has threatened when he never created it


Can one destroy what one never made or has never created? One may pretennd to but only for purposes of self-satisfaction.   Read more views on the “Cutting off” bellow:

Summary: That M7 threatens to “cut” off Buganda or to cut it to size is a slogan anti-Buganda politicians have voiced all along, from the 50’s. This is done mainly to mebelise ant-ganda feelings from the rest of Uganda. But, most of those who have done so gave come, found Buganda and left her in place. You cannot remove Buganda from Uganda and she remains Uganda. That is like removing the cog from the wheel.

1/7. The main aim M7 threatens Buganda and especially Mmengo is because he wants to look democratic and yet, fears the mobelisation capabilities of Mmengo hence his threats (himself and via Karooro w/o Stanslas Okurut): “We shall reach Buganda without Mmengo”. If my means “abolishing” the Kabakaship, one can call these the tantrums of a spoilt child.

M7 cannot abolish kingdoms from the peoples’ hearts. What he can do, like AMO before him, is constrain them in space and time, as M7 is already doing.

2/7. Cut ‘off” Buganda would mean “taking the cog from the wheel. Want an example? Look at the former USSR: Article 5 of the Soviet Constitution allowed Republics to “leave the Union”, if they so wished.

3/7. The thought of the framers of the constitution, back in 1921, were of course thinking of the poor peripheral republics in Central Asia, the Caucasus, etc.

4/7. But check what one mad man Yeltsin, a Russian tribalist (sorry, Bazungu cannot be tribalists, so we say “nationalist”) decides to take away ‘Mother Russia’  from the Union, invoking article 15 of the constitution. The rest is history.

5/7. In other words, Buganda can only be destroyed from inside and that is the method M7 is going to try, by electing a Katikiro, for example, not answerable to the Kabaka but to him {via the Regional Tier) and by bribing many Baganda with ‘office’.

6/7. Cutting off Buganda: What M7 really means is not that he will wipe Buganda from the project that is Uganda. He only wants to become Kabaka (in charge of Baganda) and this, he can do on the surface but not in people’s hearts.

7/7. Conclusion: Mt believes that by giving every sib-clan a district, he will have managed to destroy Uganda (and therefore Buganda) but he can not, especially in the case of the later, as the Kabakaship is a hurdle. In other words, M7 does not have Yelstsin’s luck on his side. He is only drunk with power and may soon behave like King Canute [of England], who thought he could control natural phenomena like the flow of tides. M7 too thinks he can control the thinking of people. No way.

Christopher Muwanga,




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  1. Think about: there is nothing to show that YKM or other opposition contenders care about the future or how best to secure a stable Uganda where they could retire pecaefuly and enjoy their ill-gotten wealth where their children, grand children and great children would walk with their heads tall.

    The issue facing Uganda is how best to secure a stable Uganda where all Ugandans feel that they have a stake. Today very few Ugandans are stakeholders in their motherland. Granted their placentas may be buried there, but they feel that that they have no stake in their country. Of cousre many in UAH will respond that the best way to secure Uganda’s future is to defaet YKM in 2011!

    My view is that Uganda’s problems are structural (emphasis added) not so much individual. Look at the people who have occupied the presidency. There is very little difference between the educated and semi-illiterate. What does that tell you>

    Bottom line, until , Ugandans get the structural arrangement right, the problems will continue. And that means no longer term investment to create jobs. Why should a long term investor risk and invest in a country where YKM is talking abolishing this or cutting off that head. What did abolishing kingdoms in 1966 achieve? Did it achieve long terms stability in Uganda? Did it unite Ugandans since YKM claims Mmengo is dividing Ugandans? Has YKM united Ugandan beyond ethnicity, religion or region?

    Why is it that Uganda under YKM is no different in substantial terms from the Uganda under his predecessors? That is the question, but sadly there is timidity all over the country pretending when shit is staring them in their face.


  2. Members,

    The fountain of honor has made it official once again as he usually does with his nemeses:

    1. To Dr Obote (RIP), he promised to shoot at sight.
    2. To Kabaka Mutebi, he will just cut his throat like butcherers do to animals.

    So, those of you who remember the bad days of 1966 till God knows when will want to polish your passports and embrace the times of refugee camps scattered in the world. Else, train for your bush survival techniques. It is better to take threats seriously than to take them lying down.

    Kindest Regards, M. Kibuka

  3. the president is entitled to his view. We should also think circumstances under which he said so if at all he is quoted correctly. Most writers have put blame on government of the day under Milton Obote. Such writers include Grace Ibingira, president Museveni himself in Sowing the mustard Seed as he wanted to launch a bush war if not discouraged by the then Ankole Prime Minister , Kahigiriza, etc…But both parties share the blame for the crisis because it started in Lancaster Conference when they were plotting to edge out Ben Kiwanuka.
    l don’t want to say that both, the kingdom of Buganda and the Republic of Uganda have learnt nothing from the crisis. But as Baganda say, “akusinga akukubya gw’oli nagwo,” Baganda of today should be forward looking like the Apollo Kaggwa, and collaborate with the government of the day, so long as it fulfils some conditions including retaining the kingdom and its territory.

    both Obote and Muteesa share the blame. But to me Obote shares more blame. Why did he abolish kingdoms of Bunyoro, Tooro and territory of Busoga. Why did he abolish Kamuswaga of Kooki? Why did he abolish constitutional heads in the rest of 10 districts? He wanted to be a god of the country, the party, the army, religious institutions, cultural institutions etc…

    Museveni has no power to abolish kingdoms. Kingdoms can only be abolished by their subjects.

  4. When did Kabaka divide people? Isnt it you – Museveni and your hangers
    on like Kimeze who are dividing people.

    You can use all the threats in the world or even carry them out but
    you will see Gods wrath!

    I am not Joking!

    We welcomed you in Buganda now you are insulting us. Do you think God,
    angels or our ancestors are blind!

    You try and cutoff anybody’s head, Buganda will never rest. Back to
    square one -1966 which we read about.

    Check this at the Icc in future

    ” The defendant went to kasubi. The owners prevented him trespassing.”
    “his fellow tresspassers on his orders then shot the owners of kasubi
    which resulted in death”.

    Kasubi is private property.

    “The defendent was always using uncivilsed & war mongering language.”

    How does the defendant plead?

  5. So Ahmed
    You want King Mutebi to corroborate with the corrupt government and fleece Uganda of all that belongs to the poor population?

    Corroborate and torture people in safe-houses, shoot demonstrators with live ammunition?

    Corroborate and charge people with trumped up charges?

    Listen , if M7 cuts of King Ronald Mutebi’s head, you will see the exodus of Banyankore suffering in Uganda. You see Uganda being divided in the smallest pieces and blood will be shed for sometime before order is restored.

    Look M7 is not a critical thinker. He does not think before opening his mouth. Tomorrow, he is gonna say that he was misquoted or misunderstood. To be precise, M7 is an idiot. This is because there are things that leaders do not say.

    Even if he wants to kill King Ronald Mutebi, he should not have said it in open.

  6. To colleagues on de forum,

    1. to say Museveni isnt a critical thinker but has managed to rule Uganda for over twenty years, is rather Pedestrian!

    2. Ahmed, i hv high respect for your sense of histrory but collaborate for how long? U know why Kabalega is immortalised bse he saw earlier that collaboration isnt always the way to go.

    3. Ndugu a confrontational Mengo has gained more than the old Mengo diplomatic times

    4. Buganda’s needs will be delivered by not words but something else

  7. Folks:

    YKM like all Ugandan politicians only cares about the present. YKM does not give damn about the future. And if he does has anyone EVER heard him make a speech that for the sake of our grandchildren or great grandchildren let us do this or that? No. He is only thinking 2001 and what happens to Uganda after he is dead and died he will does not bother him. Ask YKM whether he cares what Uganda should look like in 30 years from now and he does not give a damn.

    The same thinking inflicts the opposition. Many are only looking at 2011. They do not think deep enough of the long term consequence sof their choices.decisions or even utterances. What is important is what counts for today or 2011. Again YKM like his opposition sidekicks do not ever ponder the opportunity cost of their utterances. What is it Uganda is foregoing by their utterances/choices or their threats? Let it be known that YKM does not dive damn about the long term stability of Uganda. He really does not care what future generations will say or treat his grand and great grand children.

    There is a lot of truth to the claim that YKM and other opposition politicians think at the very basic level of intelligence. Neither is a deep thinker period.


  8. Comrades,
    M7 is a true politician. One celebrated political thinker said, a good politician does not wear same colour always”. M7 throughout has been saying Obote was reponsible for the Buganda crisis, an act he has always used as a tool to decampaign UPC in Buganda. This makes me to think that M7 seems to be a good student of Niclo Machiavelli, who believes that one should do all what is possible to keep power when he/she attains it. Why waste tax payers money in cosmetic democratic processes? M7 is not ready to leave political power, his twist on the Buganda crisis should be a signal to ugandans, particularly the Baganda that he can also attack Buganda, if they interfere in political affairs. I always hear the Baganda saying mbu “gwowonya egere yalikusambya”. The fact that the Baganda were instrumental in the M7’s bush war, he seem to be turning against them.

  9. Kateregga,
    Around January this year, Kahinda Otafire gave an interview in one of your papers and said that M7 would break Mengo’s legs. Two months thereafter, the Kasubi Royal Tombs were put on fire and subsequently four Baganda were shot dead by M7’s guards at the same scene. When some people began whispering that M7 had a hand in this Kasubi inferno, he threatened them with dire consequences. Now this time around, M7 himself is publicly talking about murdering the Kabaka while in Bunyoro in the company of “cultural” RDCs in Buganda ala Kimeze-Mpagi and Mwogeza Butamanya, i.e. through cutting off his head. Assuming the Kabaka takes an assassin’s bullet (s) after the president has uttered these careless and unstatesmanly statements agaisnt the person of the Kabaka, and which words he has not yet denied, what would prevent Ugandans and the rest of the world from confirming M7’s murderous threats against the Kabaka as having come true?? How about the devasting consequences that would arise out of the Kabaka assassination?? Is Mr. Museveni and his henchmenb ready to take full responsibility for this???

  10. I must tell you with utmost truthfulness. The problems of Uganda began when Obote tampered with the Kingdom of Buganda. Ever since that incident in 1966, Uganda has been suffering and peace only returned when King Ronald Mutebi came back to his ancestral land.

    Look, there are things which are untouchable. I spent sometime with certain rebels and I can tell you that many Baganda boys joined the rebel ranks and sacrificed their own lives because of that very kingdom called Buganda. Many of them had been born when the Kingdom had been abolished but despite the fact that they had never seen any Muganda king, to them, their lives were unfullfilled. They chose to shed blood to fight for that thing which they held so dear.

    If you did sociology, you would know about a term called camaraderie. Camaraderie means absolute loyalty and warm, friendly feeling among members of the society. It is also a conviction of comradeship.

    However, if people’s feelings of loyalty, warmth and friendliness is tampered with, they always react with panache which is a flamboyant manner and reckless courage that may at certain times result into chaos.

    This implies that in certain societies, there are things that people can’t live without. These are things that hold people together.

    These are things that bring a meaning to those very people. So for those people to be together, that precious thing has to be there and once you touch it, you will be causing disaster.

    Here in England, people join the army and go to die in Iraq or Afghanistan not because of Britain but for the Queen. People do not care which party is ruling the country. All they care about is that the entire government gives allegiance to the Queen. It might sound silly but the British people do hold their Kingdom so dear that they would all rather die defending their Kingdom than to live without it.

    In Buganda, their Kingdom and language are two precious things that they hold so dear. And once you tamper with their King and their language ,the entire country will be plunged into chaos and suffering.

    I saw it and I can tell you that the Baganda of today are more chauvinistic than those of 1983. Many youngsters do have a deep rooted love for their Kingdom and King so you wouldn’t take a risk of taking the country 100 years backwards. Would you?

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