Observer report concocted Museveni comments to incite tribal divisions


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Observer report concocted Museveni   comments to incite tribal divisions

June 15th, 2010

Please refer to The Observer Report of Monday June 14th, 2010 under the headline “Museveni to Mengo: I’ll cut off your head,” by Edward Ssekika and the subsequent use of the photograph of the President and the Kabaka of Buganda.

The report claimed that the President accused the Kabaka of Buganda of attempting to divide Ugandans along ethnic lines and that he said that if the Kingdom crosses its boundaries and interferes with his roles, he will chop off his head with no case to answer.

There was nowhere in the President’s address to the people of Bunyoro did he mention Mengo, or the Kabaka of Buganda or anything to do with the Kingdom of Buganda. The complete recording of the President’s address is available to the public, for those who are interested in the truth.

The paper obviously wanted to ride on tensions between the Central government and Buganda so as to turn a colourful and respectable ceremony of the Banyoro into a platform for inciting tribal divisions. The paper also chose to totally ignore the focus of the celebrations in Hoima, where hundreds of thousands of people had gathered to mark the 16th anniversary (Empango) coronation of Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru to dwell on issues to do with Buganda, something that is totally insulting to the people of Bunyoro. Of all the media institutions that were represented in Bunyoro on this day, it is only The Observer that had a completely different version of reports.

It has been a deliberate policy and practice for The Observer newspaper to always malign the person of the President using concocted reports. While the paper has a right to support whatever political or cultural interests it feels like, it is fair journalism practice to declare its interests to the public and to give the President a fair hearing by being impartial in its reports about him and the institution of State House if it chooses to make such reports.

The President has been a strong advocate of cultural institutions and worked tirelessly for their return. His argument then and now has been that if the traditional leaders focused on their roles and responsibilities without interfering into politics, they can easily co-exist and offer alternative leadership roles to develop the country. The President has always said cultural institutions can work well with modern governments if handled well and if each played their roles according to the constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

In Hoima, the President likened this role to several people each having his lubimbi (garden) to cultivate alongside each other – Cultural leaders, religious leaders, politicians etc. He said if suddenly one of these abandoned his lubimbi and crossed into another’s, they can easily have their heads cut off and become casualities with no case to answer. He also likened this to religious leaders who have a specific role in the society, saying there are many people who are religious but not all of them are allowed to perform baptism roles. He emphasized the importance of unity and urged the traditional leaders to support government’s Prosperity for All programme to help their people fight poverty from their homes.

Whatever the intensions and purposes of The Observer report, it is unacceptable for them to whip up tribal divisions at a time when our country needs unity and prosperity.


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  1. Dear All,

    The Observer which is run by the supposedly retired Ibrahim Ssemuju – an FDC firebrand – has given itself the duty of twisting the president’s messages in order to deliberately create a backlash and negative sentiments against the president, the NRM and the government in general. It is just a (de)campaign gimmick which unfortunately the simple minded buy into unquestioningly.

    The president spoke in public and the ceremony was aired on TV and radio stations. Most of the mainstream media covered the event including the FDC mouthpiece the Monitor. How then can it be possible that the Monitor failed to pickup the president’s threat of cutting of Buganda’s head? The Monitor I kown – would have as usual, made a kill out of that story much more than the obscure Observer!

    If the Observer wants the Kabaka’s head to be cut off’ let it stake it. But the media outfit must desist from trying to create confrontations between the president and the Kabaka and or any other group(s) in the country. It is not good for all concerned.

    Please be careful lest what you wish for comes true! It is the duty of everyone from the presidents of Uganda, the Kings to the LCIs to safeguard their heads by behaving responsible and within the confines of the constituion.

    Uganda has many cultural leaders including the one in whose ceremony the president spoke. Why then does the Observer rush to mislead the gullible that the message that was passed over by the president only targeted Kabaka Mutebi and Mmengo – unless of course the paper is showing disdain to the other cultural leaders of Uganda!

    Let the truth be told the way the Observer seem to wish: If any cultural leader becomes a threat to the exisitence and/or survival of Uganda, he or she will risk his or her head from being cut off. This by the way does not have to be done by Museveni – it can even be done by Besigye or Mao or Bukenya or me – if you are fortunate enough to have me in the helm!! This is a truism which you can take or leave!!!!!

    Peter Okello Maber

  2. 1/ 4. Does one need an interpreter to know what the Ssabagabe [king of kings, emperor] and now self-acclaimed “Ssa-batem..” says, without mincing words. That he thinks he is emperor is prove on how he dwelled so much on “kings’ and on how he has power over them, etc.

    2/4. Mwenda [before he changed] once wrote that M7 is a man of violence and ENJOYS violence. Is there better proof than that? Why was he talking from the rival kingdom of Bunyoro?

    3/4. The denials now coming from the lion’s liar cannot change what happened. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If that was not said, what were Captain Kimeze and Butamanya [State-created rebels in Buganda] doing, sharing the dias with the C-in-C?

    4/4. Come off it, deniers. “The truth passes through fire”.



  3. Museveni’s antiques can only arouse contempt for him from Ugandans. UDFed should strike sooner rather than later. The man has become a loose cannon on the deck!

  4. If you looked again at what’s called the “Statehouse release” regarding the Observer’s report on Mr. Museveni’s death threats to His Majesty the Kabaka, you will no doubt observe that the “release” was not only miserably lackadaisical both in form and content but also simply a confirmatory statement of what the Observer actually reported. Certainly, any serious denial of the matter involving the extra-judicial killing of any Ugandan or individual by a head of state, more so when it involves the person of the caliber of none other than the Kabaka of Buganda who is by no means an ordinary citizen of UGANDA, couldn’t have been treated the way that so-called press release did.

    Secondly, even when you read the NV- which is the official print mouth piece of the NRM government- on the same subject, you will be astounded, though not out rightly disappointed, to discover that the so-called death denial appears inside on the 4th page of the paper and in such a similar lackadaisical manner. To me and any other serious-minded person who would be gravely concerned of the catastrophic consequences that would arise and befall this country out of the political death of the Kabaka, whether through an assassin’s bullet the way the late Andrew Kayira was gunned down or through an arranged accident the way Archbishop Janan Luwum was killed by Idi Amin’s goons or even through any other means that would not reflect an obvious natural death, I take both “denials” to be extremely unworthy of the papers they are written on.

    Finally, many of us out here are now meant to understand that the Observer’s report regarding the negative statements that were made against Buganda Kingdom and the person of the Kabaka of Buganda was heavily edited and, therefore, is just half the story. It is, therefore, unlikely that just as much as the government has not bothered to address this issue with all the seriousness and utmost civility the matter ought to otherwise have deserved, it will take the Observer to court! If it actually did, and I highly doubt it will, the case would turn out to take the similar Amarula business-like course of the Andrew Muwenda’s case of libel against the person of the president of Uganda.

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