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Bunyoro Criticises Former Buganda Katikiros and Nambooze


Dear Editors’

The other day ex-Buganda Katiikiro Joseph Mulwanyammuli said, “Kabaka RonaldMutebi is the only person in Uganda who is not allowed to visit his kingdom”

He was referring to the aborted Kabaka Mutebi visits to Buruuli, Bunyala and Ndaiga in Buyaga county of Kibaale District.

Its amazing to see that a person of one of the highest academic achievements like Mulwanyammuli, and of course the present Katiikiro J. B. Walusimbi and his deputy Emmanuel Sendawula,, and the MP Nambooze and now MP aspirant Segoona, etc. all of these have vowed to fight for the retention of Bunyoro’s lost counties as part of Buganda. Thus
emphasising the role and flag as colonialists.

The reasons why the Uganda Government stopped the Kabaka from entering those chiefdoms are very clear. Yet knowdlegeable people, the above people, who should know continue to act as if they do not know.

And June 11, 2010 at Hoima Palace at the Empango Celebrations, the cultural leaders of Buruuli, Kooki, and Bunyala clearly stated that they had retraced their origins. That their origins are Buyoro-Kitrara Kingdom. Isaabanyala was even Culturally crowned The Isaabanyala of Bunyala They cemented this by speaking in their original mother tongue, Runyoro

Since Uganda is entering a general election  next year, and the purported reasons why Mulwanyammuli, Muliika, etc. have joined the fray of politics, is to fight for Buganda to retain her colonies.

And poor Nambooze has been given the impossible task of going to Parliament and fight for federo which is based on retention of the lost counties and establishing Buganda as a special entity in Uganda.

It is possible that these people are genuinely uninformed.  Therefore, since we should never get tired of educating people I have felt it imperative to post material, historical background to inform and to educate these people.

These documents have been posted before, but it is obvious Nambooze, Mulwanyamuli, Muliika, Seggona, etc have not read them.  I am giving them one more chance to read them free of charge.

Hence I am postiging them. Now download and read them free of charge.

Henry Ford Miirima

Press Secretary of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara

A brief History of Buruuli/Bunyala

Nekyoni; Banyala demanded their independence at the 1961 London Conference.

Letter to Muliika from Bunyoro

Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries

CIVIL SUIT NO. 595 OF 2004-10-06