Kabaka Mutebi Should Chose Between 92.72 Acres OF Makerere And 570.813 Acres Of Kibale

Dear Baganda,
1/7 We know that the question of Makerere land by petulant, tantrum throwing Mmengo is diversionary.  RM Mutebi is facing bigger difficulties sitting comfortably on the throne and together with his retainers, he will do anything to attempt to distract attention from those problems.  You know the challenges that he is facing from the extra-Mutesa Chwa line.
2/7 Beisdes that, you may have to be a bit economical with some of your assertions on what Mmengo can reasonably lay claim in respect of what is Buganda, and of Buganda.  I see some people state: Makerere is in Buganda. It was built in the Buganda Kingdom autonomy times on land that belonged to the Kingdom, to the Kabaka then.  If we get more people out there making assertions like those, things will turn very interesting even for RM Mutebi himself, personally.
3/7 Example:  Is Buyaga or Bugangaizi in Buganda?  Why should Mmengo royals own tracts of land there?  What do I mean?  According to records in the land department, plot 1 block 42 with 1,433 hectares in Buyaga belongs to Kabaka Mutesa II while Ronald Mutebi himself owns plot 3, block 90, measuring 231 hectares (570.833) in Bugangaizi.  That is a total of 4,111.833 acres between those two good gentlemen.  The government is aware of that fact, and the people of Kibale, in Bunyoro Kingdom also know that fact, so do their supporters.
4/7 In the map below, those red bits are the tracts of land in Bunyoro Kingdom that are owned by Buganda Royals.  All of the purple is owned by Baganda absentee landlords.
5/7 And some people were quoted on the UAH forum then say: If a visitor came to your home, assuming that you are married, and you slept in the children’s bedroom in honour of your visitor. Then the days when he should leave come to pass but he is still there and does not even mention of leaving at any time, starts to order everyone around like he is the Nyampara or you.”
6/7 Visitor?  Do you know that the people of Kibale, whose headquarters is on land fully owned by a Muganda were actually not just visited, but were savagely invaded, roasted in caves and literally enslaved? Do you know that up to now, when an old Munyoro man really wants to insult you he wil belch: “Kanyagwe Abaganda”, depicting the visit by the Nyamparas?
7/7 Why don’t Kabaka Mutebi supporters play the role of  a uniter instead of championing a hidebound line of reasoning?

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


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  1. Do you need a rocket scientist to tell you this? Makerere is in Buganda. It was built in the Buganda Kingdom autonomy times on land that belonged to the Kingdom, to the Kabaka then. It still belongs to Buganda Kingdom and Kabaka is our Trustee. Get your history facts straight.
    I am not going to go back and forth over this issue.
    The Govt. should either negotiate a new lease that is at market value, pay Buganda for all its arrears or move out the University and locate it where you come from since there is no mailo land there. Your region will be very proud to host a national university I guess.
    All govts since 1966 are just confusing Wanainchi who are not knowledgeable or are gullible to swallow whatever they are told. These politicians rule well when they divide the people instead of uniting them. Control of the masses is their main weapon by confusing them and pitting them against one another. For they are not secure. Why? They don’t have the mandate of the people.

    If a visitor came to your home, assuming that you are married, and you slept in the children’s bedroom in honour of your visitor. Then the days when he should leave come to pass but he is still there and does not even mention of leaving at any time, starts to order everyone around like he is the Nyampara or you. Tells them what they should cook, when they should cook, go to bed, rise in the morning, what crops they should grow and when. Starts conducting business with your neighbours and tells them that you are of no use. Even goes to church and takes the usual seat with your family. All the while keeping you in the children’s bedroom, reaps your produce and pockets the money, then decides what you should wear and when. In all, he takes over your duties and responsibilities like you are not there. Starts telling your children not to listen to you for he thinks you are stupid, very traditional, not modern, buys them meat and other goodies with your own money and tells them that you have nothing since he is in charge now. He tells you all that he has come to modernise you and your family. Later on he starts to sell some of your land or leases it for years without even telling you. All you are left to do is simply look. You are not even allowed to question the strangers you see on your property and home. As a man, you would want to chase him away, but he came with a spear that does not leave his hands. Not only that, he is always practising with that spear on your children showing you how much havoc he can cause. On top of that he uses abusive language in front of your family and belittles you at every moment he gets. Days grow into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. The children who are born into your family and by your neighbours will have a blurred picture of who is actually the owner of your home. The lines will be so confused and crooked for people to know the difference, the truth. People who come to your home who did not know you before will question your authority. Next he will begin naming your children with names you are not familiar with and have no identity in you family. All the time, he is telling you that this is modernity, development and African socialism since you were confused by your traditions.
    This is what is happening to Buganda right now.
    Read “The Rape of Shavi” by Buki Emecheta.
    No academic argument will explain that situation for you may tear it apart.

    The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
    because the LORD has anointed me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners, (Isaiah 61:1)

    Rev. Jessica

  2. Why is it that whenever Buganda invokes any demand for what is rightfully theirs they are deemed anti Uganda! Why would Buganda be anti Uganda, when Uganda is a child member of Buganda.

    I want to ask Mr. Oryem to distinguish hate for Buganda from facts and I hope you do not pass misinformation for wisdom. Any need for a history lesson on Uganda’s inception?

    There is a need to apologise to Buganda for all the looting and destruction of property that has been inflicted on the masses of Buganda, from Obote to Museveni, let the culprits not act as if they are the victims.

    Anyone who finds Buganda annoying should park up their belongings and leave, I do not anticipate a lot of tears from Baganda for anyone’s departure.

    Buganda land belongs to Buganda, and the kabaka is the custodian, he is not claiming land from Kapuchorwa.

    Haji Moses Ali Sebunya

  3. Kibuli, Namirembe and Rubaga recognise this ownership and keep acknowledging it by paying hommage to the Kabaka. Institutions like Makerere need to have their memory jogged to remember to clean up their act. They must acknowledge and demonstrate their cognisance of the Kabaka in their existance.

    Village Boy

  4. Village boy,

    Between themselves, Edward Mutesa and Ronald Mutebi own (!) 4,111.833 acres of land in Kiblae District of Bunyoro Kingdom. How often do they have to pay homage to the Omukama of Bunyoro in order to secure their strange ownership over that land? The people of Kibale district even know that the land on which their city(Karuguza) sits, is wholly owned by the descendants of a collaborator chief, a Muganda, one Augustino Birimumaso. Do some of those realities matter for some of you ladies and gentlemen?

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  5. Buganda ‘s ethnic parochialism spell tragedy for our nation. Baganda ‘s egoistic and chauvinistic nature makes them look superb in the eyes of tribalism sadists but they are national vallians. and triators of our next generation.
    if some body supports the demand of the Kabaka to reposses the Makerere university land. it is just a sign of unpatriotic leaders uganda is proud of . how can some body make a demand to evict the university to reposse the land because of the expiry of the leases.Doesn’t this university benefit even us the Baganda? i know Buganda’s desire is monetary but then if Mkarere doesn’t submit to the demands of the Kabaka, will it be exicted? if such a great blunder is done to the ivory tower, then will ugandans, Baganda and africans be happy for such a treasonable act? Threats of evicting the center of intellectuals is a flown for our mighty king.
    It is a sad moment for the learned Buganda to loose thier intellectual reasoning in sympathising and supporting such a demand. it is really a threat to our nation, we should rember thast the actions of today are building the foundation of futre tomorrow. if to day a public university land can not be spared it means time will come for none Baganda also to be evicted by the kingdom commanders .
    it is a pity that our kabaka is advised by the learned Baganda that way.
    it is my humble advice to the state under museveni to nationalize some chuunks of land for public benefit. if the university is demanded, then the next will be mulago hospital, Our parliament and other public utlities centers.
    Fellow Buganda money should not make us too crazy to that extent. our nation first, then our regional grouping next.
    to longsighted people, Uganda first then Buganda next.Missing a point her will make the people of the next generation turn against their lion the king and his cronies.


  6. Sad when one asks for a return of what is rightly his is called all kinds of names. The Indians who are not even natives of Uganda got their property back, WHY NOT the KABAKA? What M7 has achieved is to rally Buganda haters from all the little thinking Ugandans turning the debate into a Buganda vs other tribes for supremacy. What all these people forget to realize is that this will not change the demands of Buganda.

  7. Rev Nakawombe:
    Rocket scientists do not have time to waste on discussing hyper boles based on
    preferential memories.
    That said,can you request the Kabaka to demand his land from Mengo and Rubaga
    Cathedrals,and also from Kibuli,and Old Kampala mosques?
    If you cannot expect him to do that,then you know the anemic justice you claim
    you are promoting.
    Incidentally as a person of the cloth,where were you when the Ocans were being
    camped,the Mangenis were being beheaded,the Nyakairus were being raped,the Awinos
    were sick and in those death traps that were once upon a time health centres?
    If you never cared for what befell the least of one of these brothers and sisters,you know
    you are living a very deceptive life and following the gospel that is steeped in hypocrisy
    and a misguided feeling of superiority complexes.
    So,expecting Rocket scientists to tell you or me anything about this is an exercise in futility.
    I have already stated here that the Gandas really need to build bridges of trust with other
    nationalities in Uganda if ever they are to realize their own aspirations otherwise we shall
    always remain talking in tongues.

  8. Mr Kipenji,

    Mmengo seems to have a long standing failing of employing competent lawyers that can effectively articulate its whimpers. This problem antedates RM Mutebi’s tenure. We see it right from the evening of the colonial days in EW Mutesa’s wrangling with AB Cohen, the age of incessant litigations that were always abortive.

    But in this age, why can’t someone help Mmengo to dust up it its own institutional memory? How about the fact that most of the claims that Mmengo is currently making in respect of rent wrongly assume that Uganda is run under a federal constitution that allows for the existence of such outfits as Buganda Land Board? Is Mmengo justified to claim rent from public institutions housed on anything other than the 350 sq Miles that were covered by the 1993 Act of restitution of properties of cultural leaders?

    Even when all those questions have been answered, how about the independence arrangements, especially the Buganda Agreement 1961? Article 19 of that agreement stated that,

    (1) The freehold of Crown Land in Buganda occupied by the Uganda Government for its own purposes shall be vested in a commission for public land (hereinafter called “the Uganda Land Commission”), which shall hold the land on behalf of the Uganda Government for the benefit of all people of Uganda (including the people of Buganda).

    (2) The freehold of Crown Land in Buganda occupied by the authorities specified in the Eighth Schedule to this agreement for their own respective purposes shall be vested in those authorities….(see the schedule below)

    …….Even if Makerere land was on leasehold (which it is not, because it is freehold), and even if the 1962 federal constitution that allowed for the existence of Buganda Land Board was still in operation( which it is not thus making BLB an illegal outfit), the following section of Article 19 would apply, and it would clearly leave RM Mutebi still in problems of being counselled by incompetent lawyers:

    (5) The Buganda Land Board shall grant leases of all public land vested in it in pursuance of this article that is situated within the Municiplaity of Kampala or the towns of Masaka, Entebbe, Mubende and Njeru to the Municipality or town Board, as the case may be, for terms of one hundred and ninety-nine years at a rent of one shilling per annum without restrictions as to its use.

    I do not think that it would already be 199 years from 1962…

    Even when such leases expire, Art 19 (7) was very clear on what was to happen: automatic renewal as long as the terms of the licence to lease have been properly upheld.

    1. All departments of the East African Common Services Organisation which hold land or on whose behalf the Governor holds land.
    2. The Uganda Electricity Board.
    3. The University of East Africa (Makerere)
    4. The Kampala &District Water Board.
    5. The Empire Cotton Growing Association.

    For the rest of the 1961 Agreement, go to Compatriotto documents at this link:http://www.scribd.com/doc/15262981/Buganda-Agreement-1961

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  9. “Even when such leases expire, Art 19 (7) was very clear on what was to happen: automatic renewal as long as the terms of the licence to lease have been properly upheld”

    Lance Corporal,

    You make a valid point when you state that 199yrs have no lapsed, however, have you paused and asked yourself if the lessee has breached any terms of contract. If so,is the lessor legally entitled to revoke it at any time before the end of leasehold if the terms were breached?

  10. Am just fine with Jessica’s writing.The people should realise that everybody in the world has where he belongs.That’s why we see Isrealites at war.For the truth shall be spoken.This is our land which Museveni whom we helped has used all tactics to grab.He has the guns and the people to use them to grab land,kill our people and indirectly attack our… See more king.

    We the children of Buganda and our grandchildren shall DEFEND our Kingdom and our king Ssabasajja,Landlord,Musota from the intruders who have invaded us and want to leave us with nothing.

    Let this government not be decieved about Buganda because we are determined to get what back our property.

    However i once again echo this to you all,EVERY BODY WILL BE WHERE HE BELONGS ONE DAY LIKE OBOTE.

  11. My friends,

    I do not know the facts regarding the legal ownership of the land on which Makerere University is sited. I have a feeling it actually belongs to the Uganda government. But even if it did not, I would urge parliament to pass a bill compulsorily purchasing it for the public and putting the land into a trust to be used for purposes of furthering education of Ugandan children. Mr Mutebi is putting himself in a very bad light by trying to grab this land. He should show and demonstrate foresight, sagacity and wisdom and not get carried away by a rapacious instinct.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  12. Okello,

    Yes I agree with you that the govt must purchase the land as long as the owner is willing to sell. otherwise a long term lease can work out. One thing you have to know is that the colonial guys made a mistake of wanting to establish the capital of Uganda in Buganda where land ownership is on a mailo land tenure system. In other areas, land ownership is communal or public and this would give govt a chance to occupy the land freely.

    When the Kampala metropolitan city lease expires, we only expect you to renew it for another 199 years but not to argue that Buganda is not entitled to what is rightly hers.

    You must desist from promoting the theory that what belongs to Buganda is for Uganda and what belong to other tribes is for those tribes. We can only co-exist in harmony but not with the injustices you are trying to promote.

    Jude m

  13. mR.Okello,
    Again as a lawyer you are showing bias here.you use words like grabing.Kabaka is not grabing,iAM YOU KNW VERY WELL WHAT GRABBING MEANS BUT CHOSE TO use it anyway.Putting it in government especially this one is not guarantee that it will be used for that purpose.For example,Shimon land was donated by pRINCE kANKUGULU to educate ugandans and that is why educational instituions were built there for civil servants who were working within that area of town.What happened after?This government thought schools should move out side the city that hotels make more sense.Even Makerere,how sire are you that one dat,they will not build hotels and build a new university somewhere like Lwera? Nsambya barracks is going,makerere halls are almost privitised,so dont put so much in government trust especially this one.For the ownership.let us follow the law,simple,no emotions.The kabaka you are attacking,does everything for the people of buganda and all titles are in the name of kabaka,not mr.mutebi.So,it could another kabaka after,it will still be buganda.so, personal atacks on the person of mr.Muteebi is un wated and a waste of time.

  14. My friend Kluts,

    I am not attacking the Kabaka personally. I am talking about the value of education for all of the generations of Ugandans to come, that is why Makerere University is so important. The University should not even be burdened with this issue of land-ownership. Most of the modern Universities in the world own their own land, through charitable and non-profit trusts. I don’t know the exact ownership of the land on which Makerere University is sited, but if it belongs to the Kabaka, I would urge him to relinquish that ownership and set up a charitable trust to own and manage the land in perpetuity. The purpose of the trust would be for the education and propagation of the mental and spiritual well-being of Ugandan children and youngsters of all tribes and creed and of all religions and beliefs. This would be magnanimous on his part and would live a lasting legacy.
    I agree we can not trust the Museveni government as a public trustee but we can surely get other reputable trustees from the churches ( I am very sceptical about the mosques seeing the scandals they have been involved in) and retired lawyers and businessmen.

    Mr Museveni wasted the Shimoni space and destroyed a very good school, some of my nieces went there. But if we have a good trust deed, Makerere can continue to live where it is and even expand outside beyond Kampala and even have branches in other parts of Uganda.

    It is selfish and un-educated people like Museveni who have destroyed this venerable institution that we its graduates so love. Just because he is un-educated, it did not mean Museveni had to destroy Makerere University, and especially its presitigous medical school at Mulago.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  15. My friend George Okello,

    You see the people you are dealing with. All along I told you these people have their own tribal agenda for Uganda and you thought I was just doing Museveni’s bidding!

    Now I can see you pleading with your allies to spare Makerere University land. They have a-not-so hidden plan to torment Ugandans constantly. Now they have also trained their sights on Kampala – the national capital – as theirs as well. These allies of yours can only be satisfied when they trample on the collective aspirations of Ugandans.

    Now, if Kabaka Mutebi’s uneducated forefathers saw it fit to give land for educational and development purposes of the country, how can a ‘modern and educated’ king say that he is now taking back that land and the university should be removed? If this is not intended just to provoke, then the motive could even be more sinister.

    If indeed the Makerere lease has expired, it would endeared Kabaka Mutebi to all Ugandans if he renewed the lease without undue hassle and tussle.

    Otherwise the only other way to resolve such a conflict would be a radical land reform!

    Peter Okello Maber

  16. Rev. Jessica.
    I have loved your SECOND PARAGRAPH so much that If you were near me, I would shake your hand.Thank you. What you describe is what the Banyankole faced/suffered at the hands of Bahima. Our people became slaves( hard labour, beatings , improverishment, denied ownership of vital property /possession -wealth or beatiful wives, cows etc ) under those people who are closely related to the president of Uganda. We suffered and we shall never accept to be ruled by Bahima kings again(although we are indirectly being ruled by them through Museveni). Let Buganda share a little bit of what Banyankole faced for centuries! As for the Makerere University Issue, I totally disagree with you because Baganda have been the most beneficiaries of that University.We have more Baganda who have gone through that University than any other people in the nation. The Makerere University Medical School at Mulago hospital alone tells you how much Makerere has developed and benefitted Baganda.The gov.of Ug. should not owe Buganda when many people including me studied on government scholarships in institutions that were built by colonialists on Buganda land.
    And what if the rest of Uganda charges the kabaka for the attrocities the Baganda -colonial agents committed against the rest of Uganda. In collusion with the Arab/British slave traders/colonialists , the kings of Buganda sent their trusted men to the east, west , North, to carry out slave activities in form of leadership on behalf of slave traders/colonialist. Those of Semei Kakunguru in the East, the Family of Gordon Wavamuno in Ankole, the Bassajja Balabas in Ankole , Bunyoro etc, those were agents of the enemy who were being paid big. GO to Itendero in Bushenyi,you will see the Kiganda community that came to execute the missions of the Kabakas of long ago.e Bu
    As you agitate for certain things belonging to Buganda , remember that Kampala will have to be made into the DC of Uganda because every nationality has contributed to the development of the area. If you want to claim it for real, a civil war may break out.
    Will go to sleep.

  17. Mr. Otto you are so misguided that it is not funny, as long as it is your opinion, you are entitled to it. My opinion is that you need to go help people in your home area. Baganda need no advise from you for their welfare. Buganda land belongs to Kabaka and his subjects. There are laws that govern tenancy and landlords that is what people should be debating instead of attacking Baganda. I hope you stop insulting us we are who we are and you are who you are, that was pre determined at birth sorry we can’t help you guys.


  18. Customs: The Ganda culture continues to thrive in the villages. There is great respect for the male head of household, and members of the home must kneel as they speak to him. All children may share work equally while young. As they mature, the men take on responsibility outside the home while the women focus on the garden and domestic responsibilities.
    They have a strong belief in the spirit world and frequently consult traditional healers, diviners or witch doctors for solutions to the problems of their lives. The village economic system is dominated by the Kabaka (King) and his chiefs through land allocation. With the re-installation of their Kabaka as their cultural leader, they have revived their traditional holidays and celebrate the great events of their people’s history

  19. Readers,

    Many of us it seems don’t want to face the facts. The British were not stupid to pass thru all those jungles looking for a civilized community living on the shores of a big lake. That civilization was Buganda. What is in Ankore of Historical value that was not built or brought by the Baganda? Even St. James Cathederal in Ruharo was built by Baganda missioneries!! Kigezi High was built by Baganda missioneries remember. Bunyoro which resisted so hard has nothing up to today.

    Forumists, lets face the facts. Where did the ‘U’ in Uganda come from? My answerer is ‘Uniion’ with Buganda made up Uganda. A civilized Buganda.

    You should also not forget that the British didn’t go everywhere, but they made an impact wherever they went and at one time controled 40% of the world’s territories. They did not colonise where there was a functioning civilization.

    Forumists, don’t forget history that quickly. It is because of the foresight of the Semei Kakungulu’s that ‘Union with Buganda’ or Uganda was never a colony. We were a protectorate thanks to the 1900 Buganda Agreement – the same status as China and India. This is why unlike Kenya, Zimbabwe N and S. Rhodesia and S. Africa Uganda got no white settlers and never fought for independence. We all know what happened in the wars for independence against colonialism and apartheid.

    Awangale Ssabassajja Kabaka.

    Michael Senyonjo

  20. In fact for the first time in debates on the UAH, I find myself in agreement with my good friend Corporal Otto. Like someone else mentioned, some of the Baganda elites have no clue about building bridges with the rest of Uganda. To raise this issue of evicting Makerere University from its campus has been a massive own goal, as you can see from the reaction, because it was bound to make many Ugandans so annoyed and furious.

    Mr Mutebi is a wise man, and as a Kabaka, he should not allow himself to be manipulated into fighting wars at all fronts, because on the issue of Makerere University campus and Mulago hospital or even Kampala City, he is going to loose and will be humiliated in the process.

    The Mengo establishment should reach out to other Ugandans. To begin to ask that Makerere University should be relocated elsewhere, to Acholi or Teso, as someone here on this forum demanded, is just tantamount to pushing many Ugandans into the hands of Museveni. Mengo has to wake up for once. It has made a lot of mistakes in the past. It should not do so again, otherwise we are going to be lumbered with Museveni for ever. By demanding Makerere, Mulago and Kampala City, Mengo is effectively if not symbolically stating that it is seceding from Uganda or becoming a de facto independent state. If this is what Mengo wants, then they should make this clear rather than hide it under the dubious clamour for Federo,

    On the question of land, my own view is very clear, that the land in Buganda or Kibaale in Bunyoro should be given to to tillers and the mailo system of absentee landlords abolished completely. The Kabaka should only have land necessary for his needs but he should not have legal or residual property rights to all land in Buganda, neither should he be a custodian of peasant land-rights since historically he has failed to protect the rights of peasants and he is not going to do so now, if truth be told Some people people may conveniently hide under the fig leaf of Buganda Kingdom, but the reality is that the Baganda peasants will never benefit in any way under this Kingdom, just as they have never benefited in all of the previous dispensations. The Baganda peasants have to remove the cotton wool plastered on their eyes however painful and even if they bleed and are blinded for a while. They have to fight for their rights not that of feudal land-lords and I will personally support them in this struggle. They have to remove the yoke the mailo landlords have tied on their necks for centuries.

    The Kabaka as the protector of Baganda peasants is a joke and a massive fraud and I will be proven right in future.This is my personal opinion.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  21. Senjongo
    You are a crossbreed of Muhima/Munyarwanda and Muganda. Both naturally arrogant people, hence your hyper arrogance in your writing.So when you were still in Mbarara, did you find Banyankole or Bahima less intelligent than your adoptive Baganda. If you are a true Muganda, why do you have Bahima or Banyankole roots? Don’t you think slavery and colonialism arrested our development in Africa. You ,fully converted slave of the west, why did we have the pyramids built in Egypt or have a centralized govt.in Buganda or were able to make bark cloth, fire, silver and gold wares before your Kabaka sold his balls to the Bazungu and Arabs?The same ignorant kabakas could sel our people or exchange them for the handkerchiefs and mirrors he was tricked with by Bazungu.How can a wise person exchange a full human being for a hand mirror. The same traits are still being traced among the baganda,because even the kiboko squad I saw on the internet was Ganda, etc. Trachery—

  22. Mw. Senyonjo,

    When Uganda became independent in 1962, all these so-called agreements Buganda had with the Queen became null and void. The Kabaka of Buganda as a dignified personality in Uganda, should be ashamed to make such a demand on an institution that once brought pride not only on Uganda, but the entire East African region as it was a place of learning for most of East Africa’s pre-independence leaders such as Nyerere and Obote himself though he did not stay there long enough. It is even more shameful when people like cheers when the Kabaka makes such unreasonable demand…..

    Is it suprising, all of a sudden that Museveni now admits after lying for nearly three decades, that Buganda was responsible for the 1966 crisis. He had used the Buganda crisis effectively as caused by Obote, in order to win Baganda’s support for his continued stay in power….He is finally fed up with this untrustworthy alliance with Buganda. If of all people, even Museveni gives up on Buganda, who else will Baganda work with?

    You talk of federalism and yet you do the opposite of federalism. Does federalism mean evicting national institutions such as Makerere from their places if they happen to be in Buganda? It would be wise to spend some time in a classroom that offers courses in federalism so that you can get a clear understanding of what federalism means in political terms and the distribution of national assets and who is in fact in charge and how regional governments work with the central government to share resources and responsibilities…..

  23. Senyongo,you see banyankole find it hard to say some kiganda words. It is easier for me to call you ngo than njo.You are not Muganda so lessen your Kabaka noise.One of your parents sold off his kigandaness, because he or she did not like it.You are Munyankole or muhima. No muganda built any structure in Ankole,such as our Ruharo C.O.U cathedral The Baganda came to beat up people as rulers in collaboration with the bahima kings. Stop your delusional thinking.If anything the marvelous cathedrals at Rubaga and Namirembe had alot of our people’s man power on it as most adult men used to trek to Buganda to look for work( where muzungu was received after our local currency had been devalued).

  24. Mr Senkindu,

    1/4 You are raising a new question that was not part of the issues raised by the gentlemen in Mmengo. Their primary argument was that the lease has expired. Have you heard them saying that some halls of residence etc have been turned into brothels or barracks so hand back the land? Anyway, the fact is that leases for public land between Buganda and Uganda will have their initial expiry in 2161. This year is not 2161 so Mmengo should look for something better over which to speculate.

    2/4 But even then, the scrapping of the 1962 put all matters to do with Buganda leasing land to Uganda out of the question. Such arrangements were only incidental to the continued operation of the 1962 pseudo-federal constitution. Once it was scrapped, kwisha: that was the end of any possibility of Mmengo talking about being a land lord etc. You say: “lessor legally entitled to revoke it at any time before the end of leasehold if the terms were breached?” Are you basing that assertion on any article of the 1961 Agreement that spelt out all such issues? Cite the article. After you have cited it, I shall inform you that, it carries no water anyway: 1966 ended all that.

    3/4 I have already inquired whether that Makerere land is part of the 350 sq miles “returned” to the Kabaka. If it is, then there is case to argue, albeit an anaemic one.

    4/4 Bottom line, the claims that Mmengo is making can only make sense if the country reverts to being run under a federal constitution. What we are seeing now is that RM Mutebi is being hoodwinked by his legal counsels into putting the horse before the cart; and in sad parody of his forebears, putting the quart before the hearse too!

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

  25. Robert Ssekindu,

    What is even interesting is that Makerere University officials confirm that some of the leases have expired, they also confirm that the land belongs to someone other than govt.

    What is interesting is our attitude here questioning whether Buganda actually owns the land, how the lease could not have expired.

    The people directly concerned have given us a hint and we are not bitting but instead we are chasing our own high intellectual nothingness?

    Who is then being diversionary?


  26. Mwami Otto, whatever rank you maybe having not even the visitor you are praising says illwords about the landlord. I bet you are so young to know the history of Uganda and Buganda. consult more befoe making any further posts. Reverand akusomese

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