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Kingdoms, Chiefdoms can reduce misery of subjects


Dear people,

The government develops a lot! Well markets, investment and money can’t develop Nimule and Oraba or Koboko outlets for home made goods to Southern Sudan? In Kampala just one company with so many names, was hired by Kampala City Council (kcc) to collect market dues from Nakasero, Owino, and City traders’ licence! Yet both, the City Markets and Rental shops remained in such deplorable conditions, only fit for pigs (swine). NRM political educated class, couldn’t see or hear anything from their gangsters’ paradises! Since 1986 to date, Luwero police officers are working from and sleeping in grass huts! A buffoon Idi Amin and other political idiots must be laughing uncontrollably.

The Kingdoms and Chiefdoms of Toro, Acoli, Bunyoro, Ankole, Buganda, Alur, Itesot, Busoga, etc., should rectify the situation nrm has forced onto the people, before its too late. Which Kingdoms and Chiefdoms can fail to set up a construction company to serve the above purpose cooperatively or as a joint venture?

Afrikaners can for once understand, Africans since time immemorial have lived in communities and not slums, a mind-boggling perception gap. Kingdoms and Chiefdoms should start regional housing construction companies and lease out communally owned land. Travel to the Kingdom of Denmark, Sweden and Norway and be taught something new.

Just imagine

  1. Each Kingdom or Chiefdom utilised ever year, just only 800 acres of land.
  2. Each acreage could have three housing blocks, with 18 three-four roomed flats, self contained with proper toilets and cooking place. Even though Africans are perpetually dirty to deserve sucha Public Hygiene Act 1964.
  3. 600 acres would be utilised to build 11 such flats each year and in different locations as need arises.
  4. 11 flats will have a reasonable 198 (11 blocks x 18 three-four roomed flats) residential facilities.
  5. 100 acres will be reserved for community villas sold to senior citizens or the cream of that particular society i.e. Professors, Medical Workers, District Directors, etc.
  6. The rest 200 acres could contain playing fields, (i.e. tennis courts, volleyball, football) some forested areas, fishing areas, simple gardens, simple shopping centres, and prayer places, community schools, kindergarten, parking and access roads.

Implying the working rank and file in Teso, Akole, Kigezi or Arua and Banyankole will be able to have a place of abode without too much concern, about Land Speculation. “A-B” above offers a choice to even the nrm gangsters, to lease a flat or buy a villa in the same community.

Land speculation is dangerously eroding and devastating the ecological and moral imbalance in all communities.  Jinja, Mbarara, Kabale, Arua, Mbale have jumped on Kampala madness. In Lira Town Council, well-planned playgrounds are demarcated and sold to local administrators!  Schools and hospitals likewise so! In Jinja what was designed as resting Green Park was given away to a developer! Yes developers indeed. Once land on which Stanbic Mbarara sits, was almost grabbed splitting the building housing the bank into two plots!!!

It is a form of hooligandom nrm modernisation stance into!

Just imagine the slumasation going on everywhere – and some typical Africa Estate Developers lying claim to be developing. Building estates with pit latrines! Then nrm goes on, all the way to claim, “yes build the more, we will provide you roads, and water points plus Umeme transformers on the election day” .

Land speculation, burst into flames of endless corruption that has engulfed all societies, young as well as old, women and men. Why is it that there was no land speculation during the Brutish colonial era – yes because nrm clerks had houses to live in.

Bwanika, Luwero Nakyesawa


Lady Damalie: & M7’s 50 million in death – what for?


Summary: Lady Damalie, Mutesa II Queen was laid to rest today. Ironically, instead of the GoU having paying her during her 25 year illness (she had one side parlayed); they offered 50M to manage her burial. Did they wish her just ‘quick speed’?

Read on, about the woman that faced the British in her humbleness, not because of just love but because of her conviction on Freedom.

1/7. Mutesa II’s Queen, now late lady Damalie was laid to rest at the Southern Cemetery of St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe, the same place her mother-in-law, the late Queen Mother Drucila Namaganda lies. RIP.

2/7. But wait, politicians never cease to amaze. During the funeral service at the same St. Paul’s, The PM of Uganda, Prof. Apollo, announced the donation of Sh. 50,000,000/= from his BOSS, His Excellency The Fountain of Mercy of Uganda.

3/7. Mercy indeed because this indomitable lady freedom fighter lay in bed with stroke, embittered, at Namirembe Hill, for a quarter of a century and the GoU refused to heed messages to pay her, her late husband’s Ex-Presidential benefits [the law providing for such has been passed, may be with a view to the future, as than to the past, and we wait to see if Hanna Lule {wife of Ex-president Lule} will benefit].

The question still arises, was the 50M for the late Queen or for show or PR and electioneering purposes???

4/7. Back to the Question: Lady Damalie, was always controversial especially when she led an-anti colonial demonstration in 1953 after her King was deported and as some Baganda went to Court to contest the deportation (which case they won). She and her fellow women threatened to bear their chests and a scandal was only avoided when the white Police officers [unlike our Turyagumanawes of today] ‘feared’ chaos and let the demo proceed [the Kiganira anti-deportation crowds at Mutundwe hill were not so lucky, the Police officers acted like ours of today, but managed to dislodge Kiganira only after some days].

5/7. On the return of her King, lady Damalie beat British Intelligence at their game: The protocol was that Governor Chen would shale the hands of the returning King first. The Queen was to be number three in the welcoming queue. To everybody’s surprise, lady Damalie became the first person to shake the hands of the King by the aeroplane. Cohen, as usual, laughed it off, good PR he was good at.

6/7. One cannot forget that what made Lady Damalie lie embittered, for 25 years, went beyond government negligence but that is another story that can only be told/explained by the Royal Court and by Namirembe.

7/7. One concludes, with regret that, her passing marks the threshold of an area. An era that would have marked too, the time mutes II would probably be coming of age too. The era that has seen the contemporaries like H.H. Muloki pass on. Meaning too, that Mutesa’s other contemporaries at Budo Junior, like Binaisa, Ssempebwa, etc, may be in the evening of their lives.

RIP Lady Damalie, freedom fighter and a real proof of what Love should be: till death.

Christopher Muwanga,



Shameless Self Sustaining – “Diplomatic Drug Baron’s” Economy


Dear Ugandans,
 What Exactly have african political leaders done apart from running their nations down?!!– Did the British system build the infrastructure or underdeveloped Uganda?
How can a nation develop without her human resource involved in designing, building and running basic infrastructure?
a.       How many roads and bridges are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga
b.      How many buildings the type of Crest Towers, Bank of Uganda, Sheraton are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga
c.       How many sports stadiums i.e. Mandela Stadiums are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga
d.      African Armies are designed and run by African leaders!
e.       How many food processing factories are design and run by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga
f.        How many research facilities are designed and run independently by Africans
g.       Bullet factories are designed by North Koreans and run down by nrm.
Just imagine you’re in Gulu or Jinja and urgently want to post a letter or a parcel to Adjumani or Nabumali on a Sunday. Where can you buy a postage stamp? nowhere, not even in kampala!
1. Uganda Posts and Telecommunications was sub-divided into two or three arms: the Uganda Posts, Uganda (Libyan) Telecom Limited and  ______Uganda Communications Commission.
Just visit any public hospital, health care facility or dispensary, public school (secondary, primary or university) or prisons, police station, local administrative office at your local district or village council – is uganda (libyan) telecom limited offering any services in those locations- and if not why? How on earth can a public entity have no telephones in this age?!! Do hospitals in Libya lack public phones for medical works?
2. Uganda Electricity Board operated until 1999, was sub-divided into three entities: Uganda Electricity Distribution Limited (UEDCL), Uganda Electricity Generating Company Limited (UEGCL) and Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL). On top of that we have got Electricity Regulatory Agency ERA.
The above agencies plus umeme and its agencies have  a customer base of about 400’000 out of the 33’000’000 people, the majority located in Kampala area! It is a percentage of 0.0121 implying the people down here are still in the darkest continent 40 years since the English who built the first dam left!
Interestingly if you get data about micro power dams majority are in Western Uganda!
A.     Between Arua and Koboko there about nine bridges implying there are 9 major river streams pouring in River Nile – Buganda must secede.
B.     There are two major river streams from Karamoja pouring in Lake Kyoga wetlands- NRM is digging valley dams!
3. There was Uganda Transporters Cooperative Union (transporting farmers produce and merchandise), Uganda Railways (RVR) reached Kasese, Pakwach bringing with it on a daily basis;
a.      Angara from Pakwach to Tororo and onwards to Mbale, Given the flatness between the Pakwach and Arua this line today will be in Arua and beyond.
b.      Sweet potatoes, maize, millet, Kasese waragi, and goats you name it they offloaded at Nalukolongo near Natete.
Uganda Transport Corporation operating a fleet of buses until 1979 in Kampala areas and its arm the Jinja Transport Corporation, collapsed under nrm revolution!
How do farmers, traders, school children, the elderly, the disable, mothers move around without over spending? The environmental cost and damage on trunk roads by heavy load lorries is enormous. This is what the National Road Authority is saying but There Is No Alternative (TINA formation).
5. There were Uganda Cooperative Unions and Alliance all over the place- Mbale coffee growers cooperative union, Banyankole Kweteerena, West Buganda coffee growers- nrm has invented the best models saccos, naads, pma rubbish without any agricultural basis
NRM why is vanilla in kyagwe has no value addition??????
This country had government ranches in Pakwach, Ankole and Buganda. The Uganda Diary Cooperation run by Lugbara, Baganda, Bakiga, NOT (seemer ) functioning under the ranch  system. Just imagine – in 27 years of cattle herders milk from Ankole is still not processed and we are make to believe the Brutish system who taught you about hygiene are colonialist.
Nakasongola, Ngoma, Karamoja, even Teso have no single milk coolant, but there are numerous almost in each village in Ankole.
All coffee and cotton processing plants were destroyed under a Maoist War and Political Ideology of killing Obote’s economy!!!
6. Jinja, Soroti, Mbale, Lira, Masaka , Mbarara, Kasese, Entebbe, Fort Portal were all planned towns, distinctively to make them beautiful and add on by the Brutish system (Uganda Gifted by Nature rubbish!!!). nrm in 27 years has encouraged the development of slums all over the place. 
7. Ever since (Libyan) National Housing Construction and Corporation was stared it remains in name. It has no construction arm of her own and has never constructed a single house for               
a.       Police men/women (they sleep in grass huts, Luwero district administration),
b.      Health workers,
c.       Teachers
d.      Construction of hospitals
e.       Construction of schools
f.        Construction of government building we beg from Chinese
g.       Sports Stadiums had out by Chinese!
h.       Local government administrative blocks
libyans aren’t stupid as black Africans: every Libyan has a house and rightly so must get one as a basic right.
8. Koreans are building water supply facilities in Arua- while the most talked about National Water and Sewerage Corporation that has also invested as far as Ghana can’t provide water in Arua!
9. Kenya Commercial Bank is making wind fall gain in East and central Africa- NRM marionettes first sold Uganda Commercial Bank to themselves and later just disposed off what they could not manage. What exactly was NRM doing with a bank when there are monitoring agencies i.e. Bank of Uganda, Management Board?
10. Uganda hotels – also went and now what one can see is chain of poorly managed uganda investment authority – investment promotion strategy, by crude Asians employing themselves in both managerial and ownership positions.
Why on earth should our be burdened with NRM regime in power?????????????? All the above entities collapsed not under obote or idi amin the buffoon but under NRM the anti- colonist, Pan- Africanists.
For now Uganda has upgraded to narcotics drug trade – traders fully equipped with diplomatic passports and UN diplomatic bags!!
Buganda secede
Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero




Remigius Kintu

July 16, 2010

July 11, 2010 will be remembered by all Ugandans as the day when terrorists penetrated the security of Uganda, and killed over 70 innocent people in Kampala who were watching the World Cup football broadcast from South Africa. The most important responsibility of any national leader is to protect and defend the lives of the people. Any leader who makes policies and/or carries out programs which compromise the lives and security of the people is a bad leader who should exit the leadership. The recent loss of innocent lives in Kampala has further clearly displayed President Museveni’s abdication of his primary responsibility whereby his so-called security forces are solely used to sustain him in power while subjugating and terrorizing Ugandans for 25 years.

Evidence is accumulating which proves how dangerous Museveni is to the people of Uganda and why he must no longer be allowed to remain in power. Uganda is one of handful African countries which agreed to contribute troops to Somalia on behalf of foreign interests – a war that is of absolutely no concern to the nation of Uganda.  Somalia did not invade Uganda nor did they do anything that could be construed as a provocation against us. For Museveni to commit Ugandan troops in a proxy war of another country is a display of a fundamental absence of sound judgment on his part. After having seen a disastrous outcome of his bad decision to serving foreign masters in Somalia, he reconfirmed his commitment to keep troops in Somalia and sheepishly promised to retaliate for this punitive terrorist attack that killed innocent people. The question is: how, when and where will he retaliate? In all honesty, can he? Unfortunately, those terrorists and their extensive collaborators will not stop at that action of July 11th alone. More such attacks are most likely to follow and Museveni cannot stop them. Hence more innocent Ugandans will die as a result of Museveni’s inanity.

Museveni’s dangerousness goes beyond making unwarranted and plainly disastrous decisions which sacrifice Ugandan lives. We saw emergency workers handling the victims of this attack. According to sources on the ground, most of those people were volunteers from the street because the government has very few professional emergency medical employees. They were using bare hands without even gloves nor wrappings or sanitary bandages for the bleeding victims. There were no ambulances in the whole of Kampala to handle the magnitude of the disaster.  Mulago, a government hospital which, for years has been deprived of the basic medical facilities (water, beds, sanitary equipments and drugs) to treat simple illnesses such as malaria  obviously could not  handle a disaster such as this. Victims of this terrorist attack were dropped on concrete floors and in corridors as if they were taken ton a cattle carrel. In fact this is the main reason why the death toll increased significantly from 50 because the wounded that could have been treated were sent to a dilapidated hospital to die!

Yet Museveni’s ministers and military officers each have ill-gotten luxury vehicles averaging ten. In particular, officials in the Ministry of Health were sited by BBC broadcast last year as having embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars which were donated to rebuild the health services in the country. After 25 years of a corrupt and trigger-happy regime of Yoweri Museveni, this is what Uganda is faced with.

Several months ago, the Somali people issued a warning to Uganda and other African countries which succumbed to this slavish submission to foreign machinations and sent their soldiers into Somalia. They vowed to punish those countries and they have done it on July 11, 2010.  We are now learning that a Somali group may have carried out this attack because of President Museveni’s unwarranted participation in the American invasion of their country.

Troubling information which is trickling in is implicating other enemies of Museveni as having aided those terrorists. Complicated as it may be for the average person, those terrorists could not have successfully carried out this deadly operation without inside supporters who know Kampala very well. Such people could also have recommended the target areas. Supporters of terrorists are equally as much enemies of President Museveni and in the process inflict death to innocent Ugandans. Who might those supporters be? The first suspect is the Kagame regime in Rwanda which is on record for giving assistance to groups which are fighting to dislodge Museveni from power. For example, it is known that Kagame received the late LRA Secretary General, Dominic Wanyama in Kigali offering him assistance. Rebels in the Rwenzori Mountains who attacked the Nyaleke military camp last month in Congo, near the Uganda border, receive arms and ammunitions from Kagame, according to a U.N. disclosure. At one time Museveni declared that the Kagame regime is not friendly to his regime for their support of Dr. Kiiza Besigye. It was recently reported that Kagame was amassing troops along the Rwanda/Uganda border because UPDF sent a support message to Nyamwasa in South Africa when Kagame tried to assassinate him. The Rwanda Army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Rutaremara stated that, “Uganda is their enemy because UPDF sent e message to their enemy in South Africa”.

Any of these two camps (Rwanda and Somalia) first have an ethnic reason and a common enemy to be together. Second, they possess the technical and financial capability to carry out this operation. Third, they have conducted similar terrorist activities in the past. Who can forget that Kagame is responsible for the shooting down the airplane that was carrying President Habyarimana on April 6, 1994? Numerous terrorist activities have been carried out by Kagame’s men in Nairobi where they killed Sengasonga. Kagame and Museveni’s men have slaughtered over 6 million Congolese people and plundered that country while the world is silent. The most recent attempt to assassinate General Nyamwasa in South Africa by Kagame is one more proof of his cold-blooded killing mind.

Museveni is not different from his enemies.  His reign of terror is all too well known for his murderous activities in Luwero and northern Uganda. UPDF is a personal army which has killed millions of people in Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and northern Uganda. He has established the notorious Kibooko Squads and a special security force commanded by his son, Muhoozi. These two groups are dreaded for  brutalizing and killing innocent people in Bugerere, Kasubi tombs, Kisekka markets and numerous other locations.

The recent escape of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa from Rwanda via Uganda to Tanzania was noted. While in Tanzania a   special jet was sent to pick him and took him to South Africa.  That voyage has Museveni’s fingerprints on it. Whatever the reasons for their fall outs may be, Museveni, Kagame, Nyamwasa and many others have a lot of innocent blood on their hands to answer for.

Prior to Museveni’s ascendance into power, Uganda was at peace with all of her neighbors: Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. That is not the case today. Many Somali people have lived and worked in Uganda for generations. In fact one of them fathered a son (Salim Salley) with Museveni’s joy-seeking mother. Many Somali people moved in and out of Ugandan doing their businesses without any problem or fear of causing trouble to anybody. That is the African spirit of brotherhood and good neighborliness we know and cherish.  Museveni provoked them and he is squarely responsible for their reactions.

In my view, this terrorist act could very well be the beginning of a new era of blood-letting events in the region. The Great Lakes Region is on fire. The U.S.A. and U.K governments are particularly responsible for propping up these murderous regimes of Kagame and Museveni in exchange for using them to loot the riches of Congo and try to defend a regime in Somalia which is unacceptable by the people. Kampala is not too far from Mogadishu or Eastern Congo where a lot of armed groups are increasingly frustrated by the silence of western powers Museveni’s and Kagame,s forces in the name of serving western economic exploitive schemes in the region and propping up an unwanted regime in Somalia.

People know very well that it was the U.S. which built up Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as they are now doing with Kagame and Museveni. History has a tendency of repeating itself.


Remigius Kintu

Chairman, UDFU Inc.

P.O. Box 8174

Langley Park, MD 20787



Abataka to Chief Secretary, Government of Uganda, 1921


May 1921.


Abataka to Chief Secretary, Government of Uganda

We have humbly addressed to you this letter while emploring you to kindly consider that is embodied therein and which have made us ap proach His Excellency the Governor, and which runs thus:

We have eventually realized that a considerable length of time has been taken in our country of Buganda Kingdom, since the Abataka brought up their complaints for the re-acquisition of their Butaka lands: notwithstanding the fact that they have put up their rightful claims to the auth ority of our Buganda Government which should do justice, nothing is yet done for them because of the reason that those who are expected to arbitrate are the ones who unlawfully acquired their fellowmen’s butaka lands by reason of the 1900 agreement: which provided that each one should survey his own estates which he held in possession. Having realized our rights as the lineage sons of the Bataka in Buganda ; who pre served our country from long ago on the system of butaka land tenure, have to be recognized as well as our ancestors.

We, some of the Abataka, having discovered that a serious mistake was made in this matter, and are of the opinion that unless we try to put it to an end, it will ruin our kingdom, therefore humbly pray you to grant what we are asking you in this petition – which is that, ‘We have formed an association with the aim of preserving our Butaka estates in Buganda and is known as Ekibiina ky’ Abaganda Abataka’ (The Association of Baganda Ancestors or Bataka); and the following are the chief aims of its formation:

1. To start the reorganization of Butaka estates that existed before the advent to this country of His Majesty’s Government of England ;

2. To give ,back all butaka estate’s to the original proprietors in accordance with our native customs;

3. To preserve and to see that each one gets his original butaka estate and the British Government ratifies and preserve same;

4. To recognize all’clan institutions that existed in the country and their relative duties to our Kabaka and for each clan to have a repre sentative who airs her interests in the central legislature as we used to do in the olden times.

This association declares to be loyal to all good laws and to serve George V and all his successors as all other countries are directed to do in the Empire of His Majesty George V.

We humbly pray to the British Government to sympathetically con sider the petition of the Abataka of Buganda , because of the grave error committed in our nation of Buganda and referred to above. We further humbly state that we realize that it will be difficult for our country to progress as is planned and promised by Government (unless the above error is remedied).

We have come to realize that the foundation of our country based on 1900 (agreement) tends to develop a smaller section of the country where as the larger section is on the contrary discontented and petitioning about the “preservation of the good customs of Buganda: we visualize the difficulty in the way of progress by Government without the support of the Abataka who form the nation of Buganda. Without the Bataka, there is not Buganda . We assume and hope, Sir, that you will agree to grant what we ask you in this letter and to receive and entertain whatever we shall submit to you for consideration and to sympathize with our case, as without such assistance, we feel we shall not endure and win what we are aiming at; we have formed this association not because of planning a rapid progress, .hut solely to have a pr6per foundation laid upon which progress, may be based. The agreement to send up this petition has been reached at the time when the chief signatories to the 1900 agreement are still alive because after their departure, it will be most difficult for the younger generation to come to settlement of such historical affairs now in dispute.

We earnestly pray soliciting your sympathy for any of our petitions and for your excused in having appended our signatories on matters of such an important nature as these.

We are, Sir, Your humble servants:

Daudi Basudde

Yuda Musoke Kasa

The Secretaries of the Association of Bataka of Buganda .