Lady Damalie: & M7’s 50 million in death – what for?


Summary: Lady Damalie, Mutesa II Queen was laid to rest today. Ironically, instead of the GoU having paying her during her 25 year illness (she had one side parlayed); they offered 50M to manage her burial. Did they wish her just ‘quick speed’?

Read on, about the woman that faced the British in her humbleness, not because of just love but because of her conviction on Freedom.

1/7. Mutesa II’s Queen, now late lady Damalie was laid to rest at the Southern Cemetery of St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe, the same place her mother-in-law, the late Queen Mother Drucila Namaganda lies. RIP.

2/7. But wait, politicians never cease to amaze. During the funeral service at the same St. Paul’s, The PM of Uganda, Prof. Apollo, announced the donation of Sh. 50,000,000/= from his BOSS, His Excellency The Fountain of Mercy of Uganda.

3/7. Mercy indeed because this indomitable lady freedom fighter lay in bed with stroke, embittered, at Namirembe Hill, for a quarter of a century and the GoU refused to heed messages to pay her, her late husband’s Ex-Presidential benefits [the law providing for such has been passed, may be with a view to the future, as than to the past, and we wait to see if Hanna Lule {wife of Ex-president Lule} will benefit].

The question still arises, was the 50M for the late Queen or for show or PR and electioneering purposes???

4/7. Back to the Question: Lady Damalie, was always controversial especially when she led an-anti colonial demonstration in 1953 after her King was deported and as some Baganda went to Court to contest the deportation (which case they won). She and her fellow women threatened to bear their chests and a scandal was only avoided when the white Police officers [unlike our Turyagumanawes of today] ‘feared’ chaos and let the demo proceed [the Kiganira anti-deportation crowds at Mutundwe hill were not so lucky, the Police officers acted like ours of today, but managed to dislodge Kiganira only after some days].

5/7. On the return of her King, lady Damalie beat British Intelligence at their game: The protocol was that Governor Chen would shale the hands of the returning King first. The Queen was to be number three in the welcoming queue. To everybody’s surprise, lady Damalie became the first person to shake the hands of the King by the aeroplane. Cohen, as usual, laughed it off, good PR he was good at.

6/7. One cannot forget that what made Lady Damalie lie embittered, for 25 years, went beyond government negligence but that is another story that can only be told/explained by the Royal Court and by Namirembe.

7/7. One concludes, with regret that, her passing marks the threshold of an area. An era that would have marked too, the time mutes II would probably be coming of age too. The era that has seen the contemporaries like H.H. Muloki pass on. Meaning too, that Mutesa’s other contemporaries at Budo Junior, like Binaisa, Ssempebwa, etc, may be in the evening of their lives.

RIP Lady Damalie, freedom fighter and a real proof of what Love should be: till death.

Christopher Muwanga,




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  1. Mr Muwanga,

    You should have read Bukedde’s story on why Lady Damalie died with an aggrieved. The wise say, charity begins at home… and before the state (which has a duty) neglected this beloved lady, HER OWN had long neglected her. Which is more sad. If you are interested in knowing more, ask Mr Dan Muliika…

  2. Dear Mike,

    Dear Countrymen in Grief.

    Summary: The story of Lady Damalie is long and painful. Details are available of course but she has fought the good fight and accomplished victory so, we better leave her to RIP as she cannot put up a defense now.

    In other words, please know that, whatever the content of Bukedde’s stories; it remains a Government propaganda organ, at the taxpayer’s expense. All the rest is camouflage. As always, the aim is to attempt to isolate Mmengo from the people, while attracting and retaining a sizable readership at the same time. The rubric on p.5 Mike seems draw my attention to, is not even based on the content of the complaint by Lady Damalie’s kojja – maternal uncle, Kasedde. He was blaming GoU, not including Mmengo, as the Bukedde rubric seemed to insinuate. See the content analysed bellow. ==read on==

    1/4. Lady Damalie is gone and we cannot, in contention, discuss maters/words attributed to her as she cannot defend herself now. However, one may discuss matters pertaining to actions/inactions by those living and those that may have caused the late Lady Damalie’s suffering, which is a subject matter that one may still elude to or to the actors. As for whom to blame for her suffering and reported ‘self-imposed’ seclusion plus reported decision NEVER to low anybody from the other ‘hill’ so even console her in sickness are alluded to in bullet no. 6/7 of my post you have reacted to. So, Bukedde’s input cannot be a basis for questioning my putting the GoU to task concerning the late First Lady’s missing of her benefits/entitlements as provided for under the Law, in the hour of need.

    What did I mean?

    2/4. I will throw more light for those that have not read the original sources like Mutesa II’s “The Desecration of My Kingdom”. Many people had a role/roles to play in her bitterness, save herself.

    For example:

    (i) Culture and Tradition: She married the King because the ‘elders’ insisted that Mutesa could not marry the younger sister [Sarah] when the elder [Damalie] was still in her dad’s courtyard (Mutesa had met the two at Budo Jnr and become infatuated by the two from the time they empathised with him when he fell off his bicycle). As they outgrew adolescence, love later pulled towards the younger one till and after the Royal Wedding of 1948, to Damalie, where the younger sister Sarah was matron to Damalie. As they say, the rest is history

    (iii) That Mutesa II could marry the two sisters [one in Church and another in culture] was fine with tradition and there was no contradiction. {The Kabaka is ‘Husband’ of all Baganda – he is the “Bba Fe”} – Meaning “Custodian”, “Caretaker”, “Protector”, etc, as some choose to swear, in expression of their loyalty.

    (iv) The Namirembe dilemma: Many think though, that, being a human being, the wedded wife may not have been happy [her own opinion cannot be quoted because Lady Damalie never complained to anybody openly – “ebyo sibyogera ko” was her usual reply]. What is known in that the Bishop of Namirembe became involved in mediation attempts to restore harmony in the marriage, seeing that the young Queen was not happy. But, this could also have been an approach from the powerful “Mothers’ Union” at St. Paul’s, Namirembe, crusading on behalf of their own. There are no ‘open’ or published details. Should Namirembe have intervened to have Prince Kalemera as heir? Did she blame them for recognising another Prince?

    The other side of the problem with Namirembe, on her part, was that when the husband died, her son, Prince Kalemera was not to be heir to his dad (see above). This was not Mutesa’s fault who, by writing a will and naming Prince Mutebi as heir, followed modernity rather than tradition (in Buganda, a new King was traditionally chosen by the College of Provincial Governors [The Saza Chiefs] together with the Great Lukiiko and the first born Prince, the Kiweewa, could not normally succeed his dad – to avoid them possible rivaling their dad’s(?)). Still, in the view of many, no taboo here. It looks like Lady Damalie wanted modernity to be followed to the full: The son of the wedded wife [omukyala ow’ empeta] should have succeeded his dad. BUT: Only the Kabaka can change tradition or a practice!!

    (v) On Mmengo not helping Lady Damalie: In the Bukedde of June 20th July, 2010 (p.5), Joseph Mutebi and Lillian Nalubega report that the Kisosonkole lineage and in-laws [Lady Damalie’s side] complained that the GoU abandoned the former First Lady in her hour of need. They wondered as to why the Constitutional provisions providing for benefits of the dependants of a former Head of State were not implemented in the case of their daughter, asking Mmengo PM, J.B. Walusimbi and GoU PM, Apollo Nsibambi to give account. But the Bukedde headline wrote instead, “…Afudde Gavt ne Mmengo tebamuyamba….” meaning she has died neglected by the GoU and by Mmengo, which does not match the content of the story.

    3/4. In any case, does the perceived/headlined neglect by Mmengo have any grounds? This is a mixed bag because, even if they wanted to neglect her, the Mmengo officials would not have managed to. There are two reasons to this:

    (a) Mmengo could not have been able to do so from 1966 till some of the properties were won back. Idi Amin returned the Geggede Tea Estates [Mutesa Tea Estates, Kyampisi sub-county, right turn before reaching Kisowera C.O.U (Clinton’s) school, in Mukono-before Mpoma Satellite Station on Bugerere road], but who managed the finances was never clear. It was a time of chaos.

    (b) Later in life, after Lady Damalie got her side immobelised, many Mmengo people visited her at her Namirembe Hill home. The visitors include the King Himself plus Princess Ssangalyambogo as late as last Christmas 2009 – [the visitor’s record is available]. It looks like some people mis-interpreted her inability to move from her bedroom as a sign of rejection. This is a sign disrespect and lack of empathy, to say the least, if one can put it thus, for those who claim this. Surely, can a person visited not by a King’s emissary but by the King himself not be looked after by the King’s men?

    4/4. Conclusion: The Bukedde rubric is using its subtle methods to insinuate that Mmengo neglected Mutesa II’s Queen for the usual purposes of undermining Mmengo, in a clever way. Indeed people on the streets are asking, today: “Abantu abo nebatayamba Nabagereka wa Mutesa?” meaning, “..and these People {Mmengo, i.e.} fail to help Mutesa’s Queen…???” When, this morning, I rang the Bukedde editorial about the inconsistency of the heading with its story and I was told by the duty-editor: ” This is how the writer of the story saw it..”. But, a newspaper rubric or headline is usually not the writers’ responsibility but that of the editor/sub-editor. Clever and subtle propaganda indeed, by the Bukedde. Tabloid stories with half-clad girls and muscled youngmen partaking in kiganda wresting at some saza headquarters plus a competitive price, will attract readership and subscription. But go to politics, etc, nothing except where there is a hidden message to point out a perceived mistake by Mmengo (e.g. chasing people from Kabaka’s land, partisan politics at Mmengo, etc). So, Bukedde please, leave the last Lady in Uganda lie and sleep in eternal peace.

    Christopher Muwanga,


    Kampala. Mourning our BOMB dead and Mutesa II’s Nabagerereka at the same time.

  3. @ Thanks alot Mw. Muwanga for your imprompt input . Indeed in Buganda we don’t discuss such matters in mass media.
    Indeed Bukedde as always is out to bash and subdue Buganda and our cultural heritage as its hidden agenda .
    Bukedde was started financed and groomed by a foreign spy agency M16 to target Buganda and our aspirations as a Kingdom. The present day British Governor in Entebbe state house is busy 24/7 behind all this machinations and inuendos spinning out of Bukedde and New vision to distort facts about Buganda Kingdom. As always they are going to fail miserably including their pay masters to decimate Buganda.

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