Beti Kamya Has Disappointed A lot of Baganda and Ugandans


Dear readers,

The story in the Eddobozi newspaper about Beti Kamya refusing the Buganda National Anthem to be sang at her party’s delegates Conference has sent shock waves to all Baganda in Uganda and in Diaspora, but Who tells you that Betty Kamya was a believer in federalism in the first place? If she can claim to be a federalist but miserably fails the test of understanding the fact that the federal concept contains a critical element of ‘unity in diversity’ which must be consciously promoted by her and her supporters, then you just have to confirm that she has all along been a masquarader. And like ‘Seya’ (Ssebaggala) has just ditched his ‘party’ supporters by crossing over to NRM, now just wait to read who’s next in line to join up where Seya has crossed over to!  Sadly, that’s how low Uganda politics has sunk! Kitalo nnyo!!

On account of the fact that a big number of our people, whether educated or not, are gullible and therefore don’t bother to scratch their brains deeper than the mere surface of their head skins, they believe every garbage our greedy and ego-centric politicians blurt out while politicking.  While some people had already warned Ugandans of Ssebagagla’s liability to the general political opposition on account of his political monkey business he started on immediately after he had been sworn in as the new Kampala mayor (2006-2010), and more recently when he dished out lots of money with questionable sources to DP members in Mbale, the gullible ones went ahead to join ship with his so-called Liberal Democratic Party. Where are they now after Seeya’s “giving his behind??(his own words!)” to the NRM? Certainly in the political cold!

Similarly, some people had already warned Ugandans of Betty’s acrimonious exit from FDC citing tribalism, blah, blah after which she jumped on the federalism card to form what she initially called a “pressure group” but which is now a political party! She went further to attack the FDC, IPC, KB as being no better than NRM or even Museveni, and how they are ostensibly wasting time campaigning against NRM.  But even more preposterous thanthis, she went ahead to claim that she’s responsible for having made the federal cause popular to all Ugandans as if her UFA had already been formed when more than 95% of Baganda and 67% of the rest of Ugandans had already expressed themselves in favor of federalism in the Odoki Commission and subsequently the Ssempebwa Constitutional Review Commission!

But now that the pretences and lies can no longer hold for what Betty’s true political intentions are, I am so glad that she’s finally blown up her “federal” cover. Betty can go right ahead to get all the “votes” she can have from the rest of Uganda but let her also rest assured that she has completely politically ditched her would-be votes in Buganda with those careless remarks she made regarding the singing of “Ekitiibwa Kya Buganda”.  Those who have the eyes to clearly see  the 5th columnism in the likes of Seeya, Betty and the rest of IPC & SUUBI bashers  now know who are the next two or three “party” personalities are about to jump in the pecuniary bed with NRM!

God save Uganda and Ugandans of all the greedy and ego-centic politicians!!

Benjamin Zaake Buganga


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. Hi Benjamin.

    A lot of us, especially Baganda see Betty’s refusal to sing the Buganda Anthem as an insult – to the Baganda, and not to Uganda – and a lot of us will be quick to judge her, some have already judged her. Before we do that, I would rather that we try to read and understand what Uganda Federal Alliance stands for – objective. UFA was formed to promote federalism in Uganda, not Buganda. Uganda is a nation of so many other tribes, not just the Baganda. Teh delegates conference at Namboole was a national delegates conference from the northern border to the southern border, and from the western to the eastern border of Uganda (read all corners of Uganda). Remeber, this was even aired out during the very recent Buganda conference by Prof. Mamdani that if Buganda wants otehr regions to support her and buy in the idea of federal system of governance, Buganda should stop and desist from making federal a Buganda issue. It should be all embracing for all the tribes of Uganda.

    If I read Betty’s mind right, she refused the Anthem, which I know for sure she cherishes very much, just like you and me, to be sung, because the conference was not about Buganda, but the whole Uganda. If she had allowed it to be sung, then every other tribe would want theirs to be sung, and you can imagine the chaos, confusion, time wasting, inconvenience for those tribes that don’t have such Anthems, etc. I think a very objective leader would do exactly that.

    UFA is promoting federalism for the whole of Uganda, not Buganda and so Betty was rightly so to refuse the Anthem to be sung. I feel and think that we should analyse these thing objectively. We should try not to reason such things emotionally.

    For God and my Country!

  2. She has proved like all the rest tyhat she wants attention maybe from Nrm.She is atraitor but to no one coz we never paid attention to her anyway.
    Forming the FAP as she claims was wrong coz if she fails to win any majority votes will mean that pple are not interested in FEDERO which is wrong.She is turnishing the goodwill of buganda & other societies tht want this system.She is as fake & a fluke like SEYA.Let her join NRM, Tumukoye.

  3. Nicholas,

    Thank you so much for your rejoinding notes on Betty Kamya’s new-found albeit bizarrely hostilities towards the singing of EKB in her UFA activities!

    Suffice to note, however, that while all the principle opposition political parties in Uganda, of course with the exception of the well-known democracy & federo-hating NRM-O, have the “federalism” item as one of their political objectives in their manifestos for 2011 and beyond, Betty Kamya did not join hands with any of them but rather strangely went ahead to form her own “political party” in the name of UGANDA FEDERAL ALLIANCE.

    For the record, Betty’s gospel of her ‘federal’ political party has been grounded in two thematic zones, viz.
    1) Equal sharing of Uganda’s natural and other resources between the regions and the centre;
    2) Mutual tolerance and respect between and/or amongst all the peoples of Uganda through the evident celebrations of the diversities of our richly respective socio-cultural-socio-political backgrounds.

    Having said that, however, we may need to retrospectively reflect on two fundamental documents that have archived an impeccable record on the unequivocal historic (al) position of the long-held wishes for the majority of Ugandans to have in place a federal form of governance in Uganda, viz.
    1) the Uganda Constitutional Commission, otherwise better known as the Odoki Commission (1989), and
    2) the Ssempebwa Constitutional Review Commission (2004).

    While it’s evident to all and sundry that the findings of both documents reflected the majority wishes of Ugandans to adopt a federal form of government for the whole of Uganda, the Uganda president typically took discretionary powers before the 2006 general elections to maintain the pron-dictatorial unitary form of governance through the back door of “Decentralization”.

    In a nutshell, therefore, the popularity of the FEDERO question amongst all Ugandans across the wider spectrum did not begin with Betty’s founding of her UFA nor can it stop with the president’s refusal to implement it as per the majority wishes of all the people of Uganda!

    Now fast forward: Just a couple of months ago after Betty Kamya had existed herself out of FDC for the reasons best known to her and later founded a “Pressure Group-cum- Political Party” in the names of UFA, and certainly before she made her latest political blunders that she may ever live to regret in her entire political career, Betty astounded many Ugandans by making some of the following disoriented, if only bizarely, statements, viz.
    1) A Coalition of the IPC type was bad and dangerous to Uganda politics because, according to her, it was similar to the UPC – KY alliance which “caused political problems to Uganda (??)”,
    2) I am tired of the politics of “agende/ajagenda…!!!” and instead want to come up with something fresh to Ugandans (i.e. of ‘branding’ FEDERO MPs);
    3) M7 is not Uganda’s problem vis-à-vis democracy, federo, pluralism, etc.;
    4) Federo can still be achieved under the M7 regime(??);
    5) KB is a worse dictator than M7!
    6) I am responsible for “popularizing” the FEDERO debate amongst Ugandans and within Uganda!!!!

    To many a discerning reader and/or listener of her variously confused statements, therefore, Betty certainly comes off as someone not only a little confused with what she’s talking about but also riding the FEDERO Trojan horse only to obviously achieve her ego-centric objectives. But like the old wisdom in the Luganda proverb “Elyoka nga n’etonya…” says, Betty’s recent remarks as reported verbatim et literatim certainly couldn’t have come any earlier than they did! Her true intentions are now exposed to those Baganda in particular and other Ugandans in general.

    Now, whenever I re-read the following quotes herewith below as reportedly carried from Betty’s own lips and thoughts vis-à-vis her ostensible ‘Federo’ crusade within the wider context of the Ugandan politics, there are enumerable questions that come up many a readers’ mind regarding the true intentions of Betty’s Trojan Horse aka UFA., e.g: What’s UFA’s political causa sine qua non [= an indispensable condition] as conceived and/or perceived and pursued by Betty? Where’s the place of fighting for democacy in Betty’s UFA? In Uganda’s struggle for democarcy against incessant dictatorial regimes, what must be the sine qua non in the eventual establishment of a true democratic dispensation: FEDERO or DEMOCARY?? As per Betty’s modus operandi in UFA, are FEDERO and DEMOCRACY mutually exclusive? Why is Betty spending much of her time bashing the FDC, IPC, KB and not the incumbent regime that sturbbonly refused to implement the findings of both the Odoko Commission and Ssempebwa Cosntitutional Review Commission on FEDERO?? Is it not a fundamental contradiction for someone claiming to be “popularizing” and/or fighting for a federal form of government to be informing the country and the whole world that it’s aborminable to have mutual respect and love for one another’s socio-cultural and socio-political values?? Why is “I” rather than “We” so much evident in all Betty’s refence and/or correspondence to all issues regarding UFA??

    In the “Ebya Buganda binzitira obululu -Betty Kamya” as appeared in of this week, we find the following Luganda statements against which some English rendering has been made, viz.

    1) Betty Kamya: “Mutuggyeeko akajanja n’ebya Buganda. Abantu baddemu ku magezi. Baŋŋambireko (You people, we are so tired of your irritating love for Buganda issues . Let people [read Baganda] regain their senses. Kindly ask them [read those Baganda over there] not to[sing EKB]!”
    2) Betty Kamya: “Nategese ekintu kyange nga nina ekigendererwa. Mumanyi ekintu kyange gye nkiggye? Bwe mubeera e Butambala oba mu lubiri, muyimbe Ekitiibwa kya Buganda naye guno omukolo tegwabadde gwa Buganda. Okugaana Ekitiibwa kya Buganda nakikoze kwagazisa ba bitundu birala Federo.(I organized my thing with a specific objective. Do you people know how far I have come along with this thing? When you [Baganda] people are in Butambala or the Lubiri palace, sing your EKB but not right here. This was not a Buganda occasion. For me to have refused the singing of the EKB was on grounds of the fact that I intended to popularize (??) the FEDERO debate ”

    2) Betty Kamya: “Abantu ababadde balemerako okuyimba Ekitiibwa kya Buganda balabe ababadde baagala okutabangula ekintu kyange. Abantu balina okumanya nti bw’oba otegeka okwanjula togenda nga weewaana nga bw’olina abakazi abangi. Omukazi gw’oyanjula olina kumubembeekereza okumusikiriza.(Those [Baganda] people who were insisting on singing the EKB are my enemies who want to spoil my thing (!!). People need to understand that when you are preparing for your introductions as a suitor, you do not go bragging about the fact that you have many women partners (!). Rather, you need to carefully entice your bridesgroom-to-be)”

    3) Betty Kamya: “Bannange mbeegayiridde temuddamu kuyimba kitiibwa kya Buganda. Mukiveeko kubanga kigenda kunfiiriza obululu, bannammwe ab’ebitundu ebirala tebakyagala. (Please don’t sing the EKB again! Just forget it because it will spoil my votes since your fellow Ugandans do not want to hear anything about it!!) ”

    4) The Non- Baganda UFA Members: “Temutuyisaamu maaso bwemuti, bwe muba temusobola kwesonyiwa kitiibwa kya Buganda tugenda kubaviira tuddeyo ewaffe (People [read Baganda] don’t despise us to that extent. If you cannot forsake the singinging of the EKB, we will abandon you here and return home).”.

    5) Nkoba Zambogo: “Ekibatta tekiriimu kubanga ffenna tuli ba wamu nammwe. Muyimbe ekitiibwa ky’ewammwe ekyo nakyo kiggwe okusinga lwe tudda mu kuneneŋŋana. (You people [read non-Baganda] should stop fussing here [over the singing of the EKB] because we are [all members of] one [family]”. You also go right ahead sing your equivalents of the EKB and then that will be rather than spend our otherwise valuable time in zerosome quarrels)”

    6) Nkomba Za Mbogo: “Bulijjo otumalira budde era ky’okoze kitulaze nti n’ebya Federo by’otinkiza nabyo si by’oliko. Federo tesobola kubeera watali kitiibwa kya Buganda. Twandikiyimbye kubanga abatakyagala ffe tubakyazizza n’olwekyo bwe tuligenda ewaabwe nga tuyimba ennyimba z’ewaabwe kubanga ekyo Federo ky’etegeeza. You [read Betty Kamya] have all along been wasting our time [and deceieving us about your true intentions]; what you have just done now has only proven to all and sundry that you are just using the FEDERO card [and us] as your Trojan horse. ” You cannot [be talking about] FEDERO [in Buganda] where there’s no [singing of] EKB. We should have sung the EKB because we [read Baganda] are the hosts to those who do not want to sing it and when it’s their turn to host us [in their own regions], we’ll sing their regional anthems as well because that’s essentially what FEDERO is all about[i.e. mutual respect and recognition])”

    7) Peter Mayiga: “Kamya tubadde tumumanyi ng’omu ku bantu abafaayo ennyo ku nsonga za Buganda naye bw’aba ng’atandise okwekkiriranya, atuswazizza nnyo. (All along, we knew Kamya as one of those Baganda who are so ardent about Buganda issues. But if she has turned out to strangely behave opportunistically, then it’s a big shame) ”

    8) Peter Mayiga “Namboole ali mu Buganda era omukolo gwonna ogutegekebwa mu Buganda, Ekitiibwa kya Buganda kirina okuyimbibwa era nga n’abantu bonna ababa bavudde ebweru wa Buganda balina okukigumira (Namboole [stadium] is in Buganda and the EKB ought to be sung on any [coomunal] occasion organized within the Buganda [Kingdom territory] and whereupon all Buganda visitors ought to respect this) ”.

    Therefore, with all the above my dear brother Katumba, there’s no way Betty can and will convince the Baganda that their fellow Ugandans will only “accept” them as “equal” partners in the FEDERO crusade only when they (i.e. Baganda) can forget all about what uniquely makes them Baganda. That’s an old and tired self-hate song that has all been sung by such choir masters as Bidandi Ssali and other unitary apologists! Betty can’t have it any better either!

    For God, my King, Kingdom and Country!

  4. Benjamin,

    Thank you for that elaborate post. One main thing I will say, especially on the Luganda quotes in-there-above that it is all about emotional and no objectivity in any of such, even the interpretations are so emotional-filled.

    As concerning the reporting my Eddoboozi, I am sure both you and me know how Ugandan reports and their newspapers behave especially when they want to make more sales, for them it’s about how many copies they can sell. I am not saying that what they reported was wrong, but still I can’t put my hand on the table that what they reported is true.

    If Betty uses a lot of “I” instead of “We”, of course it’s unfortunate, especially when it comes to me, a person who believes and cherishes teamwork/team play, but hey, we are all not perfect when it comes out to communicating out our opinions, and in this case I consider the intent/content of the message than the way it is said out. We can always help her communicate better.

    Specifically trying to respond to some of these below:
    1) A Coalition of the IPC type was bad and dangerous to Uganda politics because, according to her, it was similar to the UPC – KY alliance which “caused political problems to Uganda (??)”,

    I feel she is true because the IPC came together – in my understanding and interpretation of the happenings in there – on selfish grounds. This explains why the old parties like UPC and DP pulled out. They are bringing together their selfishness to fight Museveni, if they manage to win him, they will then scramble for resources, posts, etc, each party in there making sure they take the most influential positions…I am very sure about this that it will happen. so they can’t be trusted.

    2) I am tired of the politics of “agende/ajagenda…!!!” and instead want to come up with something fresh to Ugandans (i.e. of ‘branding’ FEDERO MPs);

    Very very true. All these other opposition players are more inclined on taking Museveni and his NRM out of power, basically changing the people. We have to realize that it’s not entirely Museveni and his people that have let down this country. We have had several presidents and several regimes since independence ruling us under the same unitary system of governance, and things have always gone from bad to worse. Therefore, this fight should not be focused to putting Museveni out of power, but changing the system of governance, even if Museveni and some of his people remain, as long as we are under the federal system of governance, things will get better and right. Therefore, we need MPs who will advocate and champion the federal system in parliament.

    3) M7 is not Uganda’s problem vis-à-vis democracy, federo, pluralism, etc.;

    I would say he is not solely Uganda’s problem, although he is part of it, since he denied Ugandans their desire for a federal system of government. We are also to blame because for long we have thought that it’s Museveni to give us federalism. We have been wrong all this time. Instead, it’s the parliament to give us federalism. Museveni is part of the problem because he has continuously bribed our legislators to push forward his wishes, so he is part of the problem, but also our unprincipled legislators are part of the problem. Hence we should throw out all those and vote in MPs who will push for a federal system of governance.

    4) Federo can still be achieved under the M7 regime(??);

    Yes this is very true if we can vote in MPs that are pro-federalism, be it NRM MPs, FDC MPs, DP MPs, IPC MPs. That why it’s call an alliance. It’s an alliance of federalists, no matter what political party they subscribe to.

    5) KB is a worse dictator than M7!

    Personally, I have never believed that KB is different from M7. They have and carry the same ideology. You can see how they have manipulated the IPC in much their favour! They are the same, so KB will not make the right president for Uganda as well. As concerns whether he is worse than M7, well she has worked with them and she knows them better, I can’t dispute her on that.

    6) I am responsible for “popularizing” the FEDERO debate amongst Ugandans and within Uganda!!!!

    Of course we know the desires of Ugandans as indicated in both the Odoki and Ssempebwa Commissions. but I will give UFA credit as well. Federal had been perceived as a Bugand thing by the non-Baganda, these sentiments are all over. UFA has done a good job to change this perception. By the way, I don’t know (if you know you can let me know) how many people were considered in those percentages highlighted in the Odoki Commission. But I know that over 1,500 UFA delegates where in Namboole having come from all corners of Uganda, this is a very small number of course comparing the 30 million Ugandans, but it’s a representative number all the same. So I feel that UFA should take some credit.

    Quoting still from you…”Suffice to note, however, that while all the principle opposition political parties in Uganda, of course with the exception of the well-known democracy & federo-hating NRM-O, have the “federalism” item as one of their political objectives in their manifestos for 2011 and beyond, Betty Kamya did not join hands with any of them but rather strangely went ahead to form her own “political party” in the name of UGANDA FEDERAL ALLIANCE.”

    It’s true they have the federalism item in their manifestos, but one question I will ask is: How strongly are they coming out on it? And how sure are that they are not just using that to win the Buganda vote? And if they win the Buganda vote, but eventually other parts of Uganda have not bought into federalism, will they offer the federal state to only Buganda? How will that be possible? I see it leading to a constitutional crisis and chaos and the NRM-O will be laughing at us all the way.

    You also commented about whether federal and democracy are different or something like that. I you can read and understand the definition and real meaning of a federal system of governance, then you will understand that it actually leads to true democracy. It advocates for people’s participation, freely. They decide their destiny. There is no single central power source that will influence their decisions. They will vote for candidates who truly represent their wishes. What better democracy can you be looking for. Let’s forget about the definition of democracy that says the majority take it all. What if the majority are compromised like it is today with the thieving NRM regime? Democracy should be redefined in fact to represent proper and effective solutions to people’s problems…infrastructure, roads, water , health facilities, education, energy, environment, equitable distribution of resources. For these are the value people look for and care for when we are electing leaders into offices. I deologies don’t always solve problems. We need practical solutions, localized solutions and that’s what federalism is all for.

    for god And My Country!

  5. Nicholas,

    Your rejoinder to my previous one pretty much provides interesting reading.

    On the one hand, it assumes that all Baganda are a bunch of dimwits with such an incredible ineptitude to understand and/or even to have understood those most regrettable Luganda statements as quoted verbatim in this week’s Eddoboozi of Betty Kamya regarding her unprecedented disparaging remarks and actions on the singing of Ekitiibwa kya Buganda and towards all things dear therein pertaining to the hearts and minds of the majority of the Baganda.

    On the other hand, however, it proposes not only a horrendously hilarious notion to the effect that the Baganda are such a politically gullible lot to the extent that they [must] follow blindly any Muganda who shouts loudest “FEDERO!” at the highest rooftop, such as what Betty Kamya is doing now, but also pretty much confirms that Betty Kamya is as completely ignorant of the “objectives” of her “party” as she’s opportunistically using the “FEDERO” tag to her “ekintu kyange[= my thing = my party]” to the extent of evidently now settling some personal vendetta with some of her former colleagues in FDC, the more reason she takes every opportunity available to her to attack some particular personalities in the FDC rather than concentrate on “popularizing” what she clearly calls her “ekintu kyange”.

    Whilst apparently that’s Betty’s and your assumption, however, there should not be shadow of doubt whatsoever that whether the Baganda self-haters, naturally obeying the psychology of “self-fulfilling philosophy”, or the non-Baganda haters like it or not, the Baganda are neither stupid nor gullible! As a matter of fact, the annals of history pretty much show that the Baganda have been, still are and will do continue to be the smartest folks in Uganda upon whom the country’s politics and otherwise will continue to rotate.

    Your other responses to my earlier observations, including but not limited your failure to provide the reasons why Betty Kamya all the time albeit strangely attacks IPC & SUUBI other than the regime in power that has continued to load it over majority Ugandans for more than two decades, and which regime she interestingly claims to be politically opposed to, obviously do not merit even my slightest rebuttal, I am afraid!

    Suffice it to mention though that Betty’s recent political debacle regarding her gaffes on Ekitiibwa Kya Buganda and the incredible innuendos on all what Buganda holds so dear to her heart and soul as a nation, kingdom and the central region of Uganda is evidently an unequivocal reflection of her beating a dead horse with her UFA “party”.

    Nicholas, I need not be a prophet of doom to ask Betty Kamya to now to begin writing her political obituary. Evidently, without the critical support of her Buganda base that she’s now so ashamed of and fundamentally disparages publically, Betty Kamya is undoubtedly politically kaputt, finished, finito!

    Finally, Jesus’s words could be instructive to Betty and those Baganda who think like her vis-a-vis Buganda and what the majority of her people cherish , “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 10.33)! Need we then be reminded of what befell Ben Kiwanuka (R.I.P), Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa (R.I.P), Bethwel Mulondo, Jaberi Badandi Ssali, when they denied of themselves of Buganda before the Baganda??

    Awaangaale nnyo ayi Ssaabasajja Kabaka!!!

  6. i advise every one to promote the language Luganda than Fedral.
    Luganda is for us all Fedral is not
    u wil realise that there r mo thieves in Mengo than even in the central Gvt, these guys hv ring fenced the Kabaka that he cant see their dirty deals, they dont allow even the ministers to meet the kabaka,
    time is up now we better see reality and fight this racket.
    i beg of you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  7. Our toomuch love for the kingdom has failed us to see realities, on ground,
    a few pple r spending carelesly the little contributions we give the kingdom/King.
    the same thing you see in government, is worse in the Mengo Kingdom. some work there as volunteers at the expense of otheres who heavily pay them selves heavily plus a lot of looting.some offices where there is money are full of relatives and friends.
    one Big man has done a good work in recruiting almost all his side dishes.
    we know many people who came to bulange as beggers but now in 4 years have investments worth over a billion ugx.
    people wake up we have been blindfolded by the love for our Kingdom and let a few people go away with it. they have sold off all kabakas land in Luweero. nakasongola, masaka name it.
    dont say i neva blew the whistle

    the king and Prince Junju have been held hostage by these people. i wont say but u go and look at the cars they drive, the busines they run, the homes they hav built just in 3 to 4 years and they say no money in Mengo.
    even the kabakas ministes cant acces him apart from this ring of 7 Men

    waake up Baganda

  8. Frank,

    Are you sure you ain’t barking up the wrong tree? To the best of my realization, the subject matter under discussion is in respect of Betty Kamya’s recent gaffes at her Namboole’s UFA meeting whereupon she refused her “delegates” to sing the EKB. And rather than contributing to this very subject, you are now here peddling around wolokoso on Mengo officials? How do the two subjects relate??? Why should it even bother you anyway that more than 97% of the Baganda love their King so much??? Could we please for now stick on to the subject??


  9. You can imagine after spitting so much fire above, Beti Kamya is dinning with the katikiro of Buganda J.B Walusimbi and he tells her to go spread the federal gospel, so when such things happen , the haters are there to make one look so bad whether they understood the issue at hand or not…thats called WOLOKOSO here

  10. Who of the other candidates and how many times have they sang “Ekitiibwa”? When it comes to women in key leadership positions, many Baganda men and women don’t get it! All they see is a woman as an object! Attacking or demeaning is their order of the day! Welcome to the new Millenium. women are rising up with or without you. Joel 2:26-28

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