Shameless Self Sustaining – “Diplomatic Drug Baron’s” Economy


Shameless Self Sustaining – “Diplomatic Drug Baron’s” Economy

What Exactly have african political leaders done apart from running their nations down?!!– Did the British system build the infrastructure or underdeveloped Uganda?

How can a nation develop without her human resource involved in designing, building and running basic infrastructure?

a.       How many roads and bridges are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga

b.      How many buildings the type of Crest Towers, Bank of Uganda, Sheraton are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga

c.       How many sports stadiums i.e. Mandela Stadiums are designed and later constructed by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga

d.      African Armies are designed and run by African leaders!

e.       How many food processing factories are design and run by Banyankole, Karamojong, Acoli, Baganda, Bakiga

f.        How many research facilities are designed and run independently by Africans

g.       Bullet factories are designed by North Koreans and run down by nrm.

Just imagine you’re in Gulu or Jinja and urgently want to post a letter or a parcel to Adjumani or Nabumali on a Sunday. Where can you buy a postage stamp?

nowhere, not even in kampala!

1. Uganda Posts and Telecommunications was sub-divided into two or three arms: the Uganda Posts, Uganda (Libyan) Telecom Limited and ______Uganda Communications Commission.

Just visit any public hospital, health care facility or dispensary, public school (secondary, primary or university) or prisons, police station, local administrative office at your local district or village council – is uganda (libyan) telecom limited offering any services in those locations- and if not why? How on earth can a public entity have no telephones in this age?!! Do hospitals in Libya lack public phones for medical works?

2. Uganda Electricity Board operated until 1999, was sub-divided into three entities: Uganda Electricity Distribution Limited (UEDCL), Uganda Electricity Generating Company Limited (UEGCL) and Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL). On top of that we have got Electricity Regulatory Agency ERA.

The above agencies plus umeme and its agencies have a customer base of about 400’000 out of the 33’000’000 people, the majority located in Kampala area! It is a percentage of 0.0121 implying the people down here are still in the darkest continent 40 years since the English who built the first dam left!

Interestingly if you get data about micro power dams majority are in Western Uganda!

A.     Between Arua and Koboko there about nine bridges implying there are 9 major river streams pouring in River Nile – Buganda must secede.

B.     There are two major river streams from Karamoja pouring in Lake Kyoga wetlands- NRM is digging valley dams!

3. There was Uganda Transporters Cooperative Union (transporting farmers produce and merchandise), Uganda Railways (RVR) reached Kasese, Pakwach bringing with it on a daily basis;

a.      Angara from Pakwach to Tororo and onwards to Mbale, Given the flatness between the Pakwach and Arua this line today will be in Arua and beyond.

b.      Sweet potatoes, maize, millet, Kasese waragi, and goats you name it they offloaded at Nalukolongo near Natete.

Uganda Transport Corporation operating a fleet of buses until 1979 in Kampala areas and its arm the Jinja Transport Corporation, collapsed under nrm revolution!

How do farmers, traders, school children, the elderly, the disable, mothers move around without over spending? The environmental cost and damage on trunk roads by heavy load lorries is enormous. This is what the National Road Authority is saying but There Is No Alternative (TINA formation).

5. There were Uganda Cooperative Unions and Alliance all over the place- Mbale coffee growers cooperative union, Banyankole Kweteerena, West Buganda coffee growers- nrm has invented the best models saccos, naads, pma rubbish without any agricultural basis

NRM why is vanilla in kyagwe has no value addition??????

This country had government ranches in Pakwach, Ankole and Buganda. The Uganda Diary Cooperation run by Lugbara, Baganda, Bakiga, NOT (seemer ) functioning under the ranch  system. Just imagine – in 27 years of cattle herders milk from Ankole is still not processed and we are make to believe the Brutish system who taught you about hygiene are colonialist.

Nakasongola, Ngoma, Karamoja, even Teso have no single milk coolant, but there are numerous almost in each village in Ankole.

All coffee and cotton processing plants were destroyed under a Maoist War and Political Ideology of killing Obote’s economy!!!

6. Jinja, Soroti, Mbale, Lira, Masaka , Mbarara, Kasese, Entebbe, Fort Portal were all planned towns, distinctively to make them beautiful and add on by the Brutish system (Uganda Gifted by Nature rubbish!!!). nrm in 27 years has encouraged the development of slums all over the place.

7. Ever since (Libyan) National Housing Construction and Corporation was stared it remains in name. It has no construction arm of her own and has never constructed a single house for

a.       Police men/women (they sleep in grass huts, Luwero district administration),

b.      Health workers,

c.       Teachers

d.      Construction of hospitals

e.       Construction of schools

f.        Construction of government building we beg from Chinese

g.       Sports Stadiums had out by Chinese!

h.       Local government administrative blocks

libyans aren’t stupid as black Africans: every Libyan has a house and rightly so must get one as a basic right.

8. Koreans are building water supply facilities in Arua- while the most talked about National Water and Sewerage Corporation that has also invested as far as Ghana can’t provide water in Arua!

9. Kenya Commercial Bank is making wind fall gain in East and central Africa- NRM marionettes first sold Uganda Commercial Bank to themselves and later just disposed off what they could not manage. What exactly was NRM doing with a bank when there are monitoring agencies i.e. Bank of Uganda, Management Board?

10. Uganda hotels – also went and now what one can see is chain of poorly managed uganda investment authority – investment promotion strategy, by crude Asians employing themselves in both managerial and ownership positions.

Why on earth should our be burdened with NRM regime in power?????????????? All the above entities collapsed not under obote or idi amin the buffoon but under NRM the anti- colonist, Pan- Africanists.

For now Uganda has upgraded to narcotics drug trade – traders fully equipped with diplomatic passports and UN diplomatic bags!!

Buganda secede

Bwanika Nakyesawa



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