Youth employment – African Politicains have birth in Local hospital


If Commercial Banks, Airlines, National water and Umeme have network facilities – one can draw money, book a ticket, pay bills from Kisoro and Arua branches of the same unite and debited at source why is it that Schools, Health Care facilities, Universities, courts of law,  facilities ?! They talk of youth unemployment – now read and see.

The cardinal point in solving the African nemesis, (Afrikaner Politicians lay claim to developing) is to set new rules and systematically remodel all populated centres, communities within a period of 10 months.

The project will go hand in hand, with massive training of the youth in related skill-based fields. Politicians claim to solve youth unemployment by donating money, as if wealthy creation is solely a by product of money!  (Read: The phenomenology of Money)

The level of ignorance is simply amazing!

  1. For a start, every homestead as a rule must on a daily basis, clean a radius of 10 meters within homestead surrounding area, of:

    1. Polyethylene bags, plastic bottles and scrap metal.
    2. Rotten material i.e. cadaver, biodegradable material and garbage
    3. Clear all natural water sources of pollutants
    4. Plant at least 15 tropical trees, on land which is ¼ of an acre and above

(Arua town dwellers clean their town everyday starting 4-5.00 a.m.)

  1. All public and private Universities: Uganda (Libyan) Telecoms: Uganda Communication Commission (?!) should be compelled to setup a centralised Internet Based Academic enrolment/ Registry/ Examination database.
  1. All Public Service Entities must be given a period of only 6 months to set up the required infrastructure necessary for Public Service Entities operations. That is, in Kampala, Jinja, Mbarara, Mbale, Koboko, Arua, Kabale, Gulu, Entebbe etc. It takes a maximum of only 3 months in all Kingdoms/Chiefdom municipalities/urban councils to set up necessary infrastructure named below. The infrastructures are as follows:
    1. Umeme, Uganda Electricity Distribution/Transmission Company Limited (UED/TCL) must be compelled to deliver electricity either through micro dams/ or National Grid to all Healthy Care Facilities, Education Institutions, Public Markets, Local Administrative Centres, Local Town/Municipal Councils plus:  demarcating power lines corridors, taking power lines underground and setting up distribution points.
    1. National Water and Sewerage Corporation must be compelled to set up infrastructure to all Healthy Care Facilities, Education Institutions, Public Markets, Local Administrative Centres, Local Town/Municipal Councils plus (Sewer lines, Drainage channels, Water filtration dams and Piped Water infrastructure)
    1. Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, (public service) (WBS, NTV, NBS, Record TV) should be forced to record and deliver all Education Material, Public Health material; Consumer Protection material (National Bureau of Standards), Environmental Protection material, on a weekly basis to the public, through (digital network synchronising with broadband network) children who don’t want ton go to school, people who don’t want to go to health care centre, consumers must have this type of information in their home. It implies every permanent structure must have a telephone jack socket, electricity and radio jack socket.
    1. MTN, U(Libyan)TL, Zain, Warid, Orange must be compelled to provide the above services to every; homestead, commercial business, local public entities; school, healthy care facilities, police stations, courts of law, (landline network, nodal points, fibre optical and mast network in private and public academic institution, hospitals, healthcare centres, police)
    1. Uganda National Road Authority should construct the infrastructure to deliver the above facilities and provisions (marking and demarcation of  all road reserves, covering drainage )
    1. Uganda (mis) Communication Commission (?!) (synchronising copper wire network and fibre optical infrastructure)
    1. Uganda Revenue Authority (communication network)
    1. Courts of Law (creating databases infrastructures, internet based communication infrastructure)
    1. Local Police forces (radio, mobile communication infrastructure)
    1. Ministry of (diseases) Health together with U(Libyan)TL, umeme, UCC , NWSC must set up infrastructure, communications (landlines, internet) infrastructure in all public and private Health Care centres
    1. Ministry of Education as rule must together with UTL, all Universities, Primary, Vocational, Secondary Schools,  umeme, UCC set up communication infrastructure (landlines, internet, databases) and power generation networks in all public and private education institutions.
  1. All Bulk & Merchandise Wholesalers (industrial products, building material, furniture, carpentry and welding workshops) should be moved to the industrial areas: Nalukolongo, Kyambogo and Kampala Industrial area, and Mukono industrial area. The same should apply to other populated areas.
  1. Motor Garages (petro-chemical and scrap metal pollutants) should be moved at least seven kilometres, out of the city centres, placed within a 2 kilometres of each other. All such facilities must have (petro-chemical and scrap metal pollutants) treatment facilities.
  1. All Motor vehicles and Machine importers, Computer Machine importers, Medical drug importers, Plastics manufactures, Agro Chemical producers,  must be have a capability to re-export or recycle: toxic scrap metal, plastics, chemicals to sources of origin.
  1. All Gas or Petroleum stations should be placed in a distance of 2.5 kilometres of each other and in a radius of 500 metres of residential / commercial facilities.
  1. Gas or petroleum storage facilities should be moved out of heavily populated areas, to isolated areas i.e. Nakasongola. For example Banda Mogas Petrochemical storage facilities.
  1. Taxi, Buses stations should move out of the city, town centres as per KCC plans and relocated to the cit peripheries.

The police force is wasting time with all they are current doing to alleviate traffic congestion. Likewise Kampala City Council programmes are non-starters without the above programmes. The same applies to the Ministry of Healthy stupid Malaria strategies since people with better residential facilities hardly die of malaria and other contractible, contagious diseases. Why doesn’t nhcc build houses for the people? How can the so-called Nation Drug Authority monitor drugs in healthy care facilities without power and telephone lines?

Now imagine Ministry of Education muted reasoning that city schools do better. Will rural schools do better without libraries, teachers, power and access to books? Books and teachers, with power can be accessed online.

Bwanika , Nakyesawa Luwero


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