Will Kalundi Robert Sserumaga be back on air after court ruling


Dear editor,

I certain hope that Mr. Sserumaga will soon return on the air: the country badly needs his incisive analyses of,  and witty commentary on, Uganda’s politics.

Kalundi Serumaga

In the recent past, several cases brought by the Museveni regime against citizens of Uganda have been thrown out of court for one reason or another, e.g. Museveni Regime vs CBS, Museveni Regime vs ‘Kampala September Rioters’, Museveni Regime vs  Besigye and others on treason, Museveni Regime vs Kalundi Sserumaga, and many others.
In the case of Museveni Regime vs ‘Kampala September Rioters’, those charged were illegally detained in prison for a year, the Museveni regime failed to follow its own laws to produce those charged in court to face charges within the time period proscribed by the constitution and/or law — thereby violating their constitutional and human rights.
It is obvious that the Museveni Regime, like that of  Obote I & II, is illegally using the judicial system to harass, persecute and intimidate its opponents. In otherwords, it is abusing its power, by misusing and abusing the judiciary. This is a point that has been repeatedly pointed out by various international human rithgs organizations and foreign governments of donor nations. Therefore the abuse of power is a fundamental and basic characteristic of the Meseveni regime.
Recently the US Department of State specifically emphasized this very point in its annual report for 2009 (as it has done in several previous reports) by stating, in part:
“…Uganda … Serious human rights problems in the country included arbitrary and politically motivated killings; vigilante killings; politically motivated abductions; mob and ethnic violence; torture and abuse of suspects and detainees; harsh prison conditions; official impunity; arbitrary and politically motivated arrest and detention; incommunicado and lengthy pretrial detention; restrictions on the right to a fair trial and on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion; restrictions on opposition parties; electoral irregularities; official corruption; violence and discrimination against women and children, including female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual abuse of children, and the ritual killing of children; trafficking in persons; violence and discrimination against persons with disabilities and homosexuals; restrictions on labor rights; and forced labor, including child labor. …”
U.S. State Department, March 11, 2010. 2009 Human Rights Report: Uganda
A partial list of such damning reports written by international organization and some Western governments to concretely document the track record of the Museveni regime in the ares of democracy and governance may be found at:

It is also quite telling that a recent ranking of the 21 worst dictators in the world by Foreign Policy Magizine includes Museveni:



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