It’s Time to develop Kabaka’s Lake

Please,  read the letter below which appeared in the Weekly Observer 5th september 2010,  and come up with practical ideas of turning this vision into reality. The first idea I have is to open up a web-page for signitures in support of the vision. Then, the concept will be refined by the stakeholders for submition to the Katikiro for review and so on and so forth.

Time to develop Kabaka’s lake

One good piece of writing, music or drama can shape an individual, and that individual can shape the world. It may also create an environment which could permit people to make maximum participation in the design and implementation of developmental activities.

So, the recent decision to start an annual award in recognition of those who contribute to Buganda’s cause is a good step; but it is work-in-progress.

This leads me to another issue, I think establishing an elegant Social Cultural Centre on the shores of Kabaka’s Lake at Ndeeba would be a tremendous idea.

Buganda Kingdom should appreciate the benefits of such a venture both in the short and long run. The centre would be a focal youth socialising venue; with indoor and outdoor games facilities.

It would run youth competitions on themes of culture and development, teach tools of peace-making and self-reliance, etc; plus community centre facilities coupled with strategic affordable commercial accommodation for tourists.

The Kisakaate headquarters would be housed here too. The centre would provide a strong bond between Kabaka and the grassroot communities. Furthermore, the centre could be used by government, religious institutions, NGOs, and other agencies to sensitise, mobilise and disseminate information to enhance the process of learning (formally and informally); and promote social integration so that children, adolescents and adults are carried along in the same stream for participatory development.

I humbly appeal to the Katikkiro of Buganda to think about the feasibility of this project for the kingdom.

M. Kabanda, 5th September  2010 weekly


About ekitibwakyabuganda

Ba Ssebo ne ba Nyabo, Twebaza Abaganda bonna abulumulirwa Obuganda . Era twebaza ne mikwano gya Buganda gyonna wonna wegiri munsi yonna. Omukutu guno gwatandikibwawo nga e’kigendererwa kwe kuyigiriza abantu ebintu ebikwatagana no’Buganda era nokuwanyisiganya ebilowozo nebanaffe abatali Baganda. Abaganda ne mikwano gya Buganda mukozese omukisa guno muwereze ebirowozo byamwe no’bubaka bwona obunaagasa Abaganda na’baana Buganda berizala mu maaso eyo. Obumu ku bubaka obuwerezebwa ku mukutu guno bugyibwa mukuwanyisiganya ebirowozo okubera kumukutu gwa Ugandan’s at Heart (UAH) Forum ogwatandikibwawo Mwami Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba. Era twebaza muzukulu wa Kintu ne Nnambi ono olw’omulimu gwakoledde bana Uganda bonna abali e’bunayira mungeri yo kubagatta mu byempuliziganya no’kutumbula okukolaganira awamu.

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  1. it was supposed to be built up to Nalubaale lake according to Kabaka mwanga’s wishes but due to religious wars it wasn’t proceeded. we must make history by finishing the unfinished business.
    Also the Kabaka’s lake as the name goes, its for Kabaka so it should be with in lubili walls.( even if it stretches up to the lake it should be for kabaka). we the commoners we have the whole lake why should we high jack kabaka’s property if we can’t fight to keep our own, why encroach on kabaka’s land including lubili. in buganda we have allot of unused land why use the precious kabaka’s palace land for our galas and festivals, we must stop being lazy and start developing the land kabaka gave us but is now bushy and foreigners think its free land because we let them think so after all nothing shows on ground that its habited not even a forest to be a mark on the land if at all we can’t plant food on it. shame on all us!!!!..ayi wangaala SSABASAJJA Kabaka.

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