Amin’s first Cabinet of Feb 1971 had few Muslims but he later corrected this


Muslims continue to be marginalised in Museveni’s cabinet as has been the case for the last 10 years. Most of the big cabinet positions, apart from probably finance where Saida Bumba has been for a while, the rest have been occupied by people of other faith. I don’t know the merit the president bases on to chose his ministers which most Muslims cannot fulfil. Obote 2 did not have a single Muslims in his cabinet. It is like Muslims are somehow the forgotten species in the cabinets of Uganda.The powerful positions next to presidency in govt are: VP, PM, speaker, minister of Defence or security, and minister of finance

In USA, for instance, members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission dominate key positions in America’s government, military, industries, media outlets and educational foundations and institutions. CFR was founded in 1921 to make Americans more aware of their international responsibilities. It is a much large network of people with power and they are almost everywhere and help each other into juicy positions in both public and private sectors. So the question is: who helps president Museveni to nominate certain people in juicy positions where Muslims end up always on the peripheral of things. I dont think it’s the NRM caucas as the media has made us believe recently.

Amin’s original cabinet did not have enough Muslims too but he later sorted this out. Having a Muslim in a cabinet is mainly meant to have some sort of role models for the younger generation. It also encourages the young people to involve themselves in politics other than just business.

During Iddil Amin,Uganda was admited as an islamic country at a conference in Lahore, pakistan in 1974 and Amin tried a lot to help Muslims during his reign. He united different factions and he gave us a lot of land around Kampala including Old Kampala where Gadafi mosque stands.

According to the 1958 consensus, i think muslims were not more than 5%. Because we are a minority, we have always needed catholics and protestants at our side to break into elective politics.This means that a muslim president or Vice president can act as a bridge between different religions in Uganda if given a chance to lead, and does not need to turn Uganda into an Islamic state which was somehow the dream of Iddil Amin. Non-Muslims can vote for a Muslim president looking at him as a bridge to unite everybody despite whatever happened under Iddil Amin, and it is our job as Muslims to make them think that way.

Muslims in general do not discriminate people based on religions despite some religious domains that encourage us to look at non-Muslims as our ”enemies”. In Senegal, there was a catholic president called Leopold Senghol but the majority of the population that voted for him were Muslims.In Tanzania, Julius Nyerere was a catholic but muslims loved him in big numbers. Museveni1(1986-1998) was also loved and supported by majority of Muslims before he came to power though he is forgotten about us. The closure of Greenland Bank was not a good gesture at all. It was a stab in the back side.

Unlike Muslims, protestants have produced national and traditional leaders that have helped them to unite them. For instance, Most of the Kabakas have been protestants including the current one. Obote was a protestant and presided over cabinets dominated by protestants in Obote  and Obote 2. Catholics have also continued to be atleast well representated because they are the majority in Uganda.Muslims were also united when Amin was in power but it was short lived because since then we have not been having strong national characters to unite us. We have been divided under Museveni than any other time in history and he has not done much to sort it out, apart from taking sides which is not a good sign of a good leader.

That’s why, atleast, it would have benefited us if we had a strong Muslim Vice president or prime minister but Museveni has always given the strong posts in his cabinet to people of other faith. The strong posts in the govt are: VP, PM, Minister of defence, chief Justice, Speaker, Minister of security, Minister of finance( Bumba had this one but she is out now to Gender ministry).

Basically, TWAVILIDEMU AWO some NRM supporters are gonna tell you otherwise.Below is the list of those who were in Amin’s 1ST CABINET for those who wanna see their faces. Wassalamu

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

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