Both the British and Baganda Highly Respected Sir Edward Muteesa II


Sir Edward was not only a British trained military officer, but was an instructor himself in the Grenadier Guards. As you might guess, British Army is not some *taka taka* African army where some officer might be made an instructor simply because of some top connections. Sir Edward was worthy his pips and medals and so, had to make the right decision at the right time after weighing a situation that deserves a split of a second action.

Sir Edward though still a minor, had the advantage of receiving lectures from his father; the late Sir Daudi Ccwa II. It was not just by chance that he was made the 35th Kabaka of Buganda.  Sir Daudi Ccwa II, himself was also a trained British Officer.

The Cohen Plan “B” was to be executed in the beginning of November 1939 (Note the coincidence of the month of November) by the then Governor, Sir Philip Mitchell, but due to the failing health of the Ssabasajja, the British thought it unwise in Military Strategic terms, to appear to be antagonising a sickly man (equivalent of shooting a defenceless man in the back). They instead banked on ‘terrorizing’ the next of kin. Unfortunately for them, the next of kin was even more tough a nut to crack than Sir Daudi Ccwa II. Sir Edward’s resistance to the British gave a booster shot in the arm of the Mau Mau.

Sir Edward Muteesa II touched not only the social life of the Baganda and Ugandans, but also the British. For your information, this was evident on 15th October 1955 when he organised a party to bid farewell to his colleagues after the blunder of Sir Andrew Cohen on 30th Nov 1953. To the surprise of many Britons who thought that Sir Edward by now  would harbour ill-feelings towards them, the Knight of the British Empire  invited even the Lords, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts et al of the British  Empire, the very one that had tried to humiliate them.
The point here is that despite that reported lavishness, the Brits loved and  respected him (Sir Edward) for bringing them together, as you know  the  Brits are inward people (we call it *Ggume* in Luganda) and rarely make  get-together parties, so they always enjoyed being brought together by this Royal from the Pearl of Africa, King Freddie.
So, whoever is attacking Sir Edward should know that he/she is not only  attacking Buganda, but also the descendants of the Lords, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, Grenadier Guards Comrades-in-Arms Association and the Royal family of England, who held Sir Edward in high esteem thereafter.

Awangaale Ssabasajja

Robert Nviiri


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  1. Thank you for this and may God bless you!!

    King Freddie is by far the best President for Uganda and Buganda…. a real patriot.

    We miss such people in todays Uganda.

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