Minute 4.00:


1st Paragraph

Mr. Elly Rwakakoko interjected the chairman’s speech by giving direction to members on the real discussion by introducing a new chapter of how the H.E. could be succeeded after his term of office.

This one was just worried as to how they can keep power forever!

2nd Paragraph


On this point Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh begged members to ensure that after H.E., the next president must come from the Basiita clan. She said that H.E. had done a lot for the Basiita clan and taken a lot of risks for the last 20 years and therefore it was important that the Basiita take charge of the resources of the country if other Bahima are to benefit.

It is very telling that Joviah Saleh a Musiita said, the next President must come from the Basiita clan.  Joviah is married to Museveni’s step brother; she knows her husband’s family very well.  This was another confirmation that Museveni is not a Musiita or Muhima but a Tutsi, that is the clarification Joviah wanted to make; to have their own Musiita as the next president.

So Joviah was referring to some of these risks Museveni had taken over the 20 years or so apparently for Basiita and not Ugandans?  In reality she was just cajoling his ego; she knows most of the risks were taken by others.  She wanted it to appear that she and the Basiita could be grateful for these risks. BUT in the cold light of day he was an alien and the only way to redress this national anomaly of an alien again ruling Uganda she wanted this matter cleared up within this “large” gathering of 77 members which on record may prevent Uganda being forever headed by aliens.

Joviah pointed out Museveni had done a lot for the Basiita and taken a lot of risks for 20 years.  What risks was she referring to? Twenty years back from 1992 when the meeting took place, takes you to the early 1970s.   What did Museveni do in the early seventy?  He was involved in a lot of political treachery but I will mention just two:

  1. Although then a student at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, he was heavily involved in the Tutsi Dynasty plan.  He was at the forefront trying to weaken the confidence of Obote in Amin.  As a former NASA employee he had Tutsi colleagues still in the Agency. In collusion with NASA’s Tutsi contacts, Museveni planned and assassinated Brigadier Pierino Yere Okoya and his wife Anna Okello Okoya at Layibi near Gulu.
  2. Again in the early seventies Museveni made an assassination attempt on Big Daddy. As Amin was driving from the passing out parade of commissioned officers in Nsambya Police barracks; Museveni personally threw the grenades towards Amins’ Jeep.  Museveni being a coward he is – he fears direct confrontations, did not time the grenades well such that he missed his target.

3rd Paragraph


On this point of order the chairman wanted to know whether Mrs. Jovia Salim Saleh was in order to single out the Basiita clan and yet the meeting was for the whole Bahima of Ankole and parts of the country. The members resolved that she was not in order.

It is interesting that it was the chairman, who said Jovia was out of order to single out Basiita.  Museveni personally interjected as if to stamp out the notion or the threat to his power which he knew he had acquired using the most under handed method. He realised Joviah was trying to pull the rug out from under him. As a Musiita, Joviah was being sincere; she knows her husband Salim Saleh is a Somali and the chairperson, Museveni a Tutsi.  She just wanted to make sure the next President is a genuine Musiita.  But Museveni felt threatened by that statement because Basiita cannot be leaders of Uganda, but condoms (like all other Ugandans) to be used by the Tutsis in fulfilment of their objectives.   To insist that the next President be a Musiita would be eliminating Museveni and he would not stand for that.  It is obvious the Basiita are just being used.

To cover his track the chairman changed his tune, turning away from Basiita, now saying the meeting is for all Bahima.  Yet when he started the meeting he welcomed Basiita clan to his home and to the meeting, telling them this is the only opportunity they have when he is still around as President, etc.  Who is using who?

Minute 5.00:

Mzee Ephraim Rusimira suggested that the next president should be the brother of the president if the master plan is to succeed. He warned that if the Beiru and other non-Bahima clans get to know about the action plan, it would fail to tale off.

Mzee Rusimira is a Tutsi, and he interjected to salvage Museveni from the Basiita who wanted to have the next President be one of their own.  He proposed the next President be the President’s brother. This proposal did not get much traction, an indication perhaps of what Basiita think of Salim Saleh. Rusimira is a typical Tutsi with a rabid dislike of Hutus, Bairu, et al.  He wanted to ensure they never get to know about the master plan.  Well, we got to know about it, so deal with it because right minded Ugandans including some Basiita will not allow it to succeed.

Minute 6.00:


1st Paragraph

Mzee Rutamwebwa suggested that Salim Saleh should go back to school if the objectives of the action are to be achieved. He suggested that Salim Saleh has to get ‘O’ Certificate and ‘A’ Level ertificate. This was unanimously agreed.

Mzee Rutamwebwa another staunch Tutsi wants to make sure they do not lose power, so he suggests Salim Saleh needs to complete his education. Surely enough Salim Saleh went back to school.  But as indicated earlier education cannot be forced, you have to need it and have the smarts and the drive to excel.  It is debatable if the education Saleh received was of any benefit to him or the Ugandan tax payers.

It certainly could not qualify him to become a president of a nation.  He realised his limits early when he failed to get his A-level.

2nd Paragraph

He also suggested that some close clansman, possibly the son of his H.E. should be groomed to take over the reins from Salim Saleh. This too was agreed on and the group begged H.E. to look around for a boy who would be groomed.

Rutamwebwa did not want to give up so easily, now suggesting that if Saleh does not work out, perhaps any other Tutsi would be better as President than the Basiita or anyone other group. Its public knowledge that attempts have been made to groom Museveni’s public son – Muhoozi, but without the smarts, the drive or the desire you get zilch!  This appears to be the case.  They asked Museveni to look around for another boy to be groomed, but he keeps facing the same problem.  You see, the apples do not fall far from the tree!  As well, knowing the state of health of Salim Saleh, it was not surprising that they were preparing to continue searching elsewhere.  All the anti-retroviral drugs will not keep him or Museveni for that matter alive forever!

3rd Paragraph

The group also brainstormed about how to destroy those who would gang up to take over power from the clan. Death was suggested for the potential.

This is not surprising; they have been killing and maiming their opponents since day one.  But for every opponent they kill off, four new opponents’ spring up.  They will soon get tired of killing, they are the minority the opponents are the majority.  What will they do when their opponents decide to use coercive means as well to bring an end to this Tutsi Dynasty scheme?  Where will they run to, would they take Basiita with them?  Will they go back to Rwanda, where they came from in 1959?  What goes around comes around and doomsday will be a bad day for the Tutsi and Basiita if they fail to wake up now!



Now my fellow indigenous countrymen and women, it could not have been divine powers that could have made it possible that a Master plan that neither Museveni nor his FRONASA marauders knew about 19 years ago, just happened like some unexpected April Showers to fall for all of 25 years, and in that time those showers  did so exclusively on the little plots of land belonging to THIS FULL LIST OF ATTENDEES AND THEIR CHILDREN, BUT SOMEHOW those showers FAILED TO REACH THE MISERABLE ALLOTMENTS OF THE REST OF OUR POPULATION of Uganda.

Yet Museveni calls others BANDITS and now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others TRIBALISTS and now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others SECTARIAN, now you know why.
Yet Museveni calls others LIARS now you know why.

For today, ask yourself as a genuine indigenous Ugandan, is this why you achieved Independence in 1962? Of course not! But some ALIENS had other plans for Uganda; although their names appear in this list as though they were Ugandans, they were not and they looked for a tribe they could attach themselves to; then they used their guiles as accomplished liars to promise them a future of riches beyond their wildest dreams because, they knew that whatever good, whatever precious, whatever beautiful was going to be within their reach BECAUSE THEY KNEW EXACTLY HOW THEY WERE GOING TO KILL TO GET IT ALL. And even this was as you have seen.

In my research/investigation on this Tutsi Dynasty, I have been able to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Tutsi master plan has been around for some time.  But the fact that these minutes were smuggled out is an indication that not all Tutsi’s/Basiita are in favour of the Conspiracy; some are eager to talk because they know the dire consequences of such a sinister plot.

This Grand Conspiracy was started years ago, but the political upheavals in the country had scuttled it. In my analysis I have been able to show you that they have been able to implement much of what they wanted to, but their biggest enemy is time and our being aware of their sinister plans.   What we have to realise as indigenous Ugandans is that what the Tutsi have done and continue to do in Uganda is exactly what they used to do in Rwanda against the Hutus.  The brutality of the Tutsi against the Hutus knew no limits.  For example a Tutsi had a right to kill a Hutu for any reason, no questions asked.  That is the kind of Dynasty they want to create in the Great Lakes region!

The Tutsi Covenant

One time during a year 1959 some Tutsi youths killed a Hutu sub-chief which set off a chain reaction of Hutu uprising.  Unlike previous uprisings this one was sustained all through the year 1959 and 1960 leading the Tutsi to run for their lives, thus starting the exodus out of Rwanda into all the neighbouring countries.  This explains why Tutsi wherever they are, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, etc always like to resort to the use of brute force to suppress any dissension.  They have a rabid fear of uprisings, out of guilt, they know uprisings always results in them having to run and find new places to settle.

Tutsis’ ran scared out of Rwanda for no apparent reason, other than guilt of their brutal reign against the majority Hutu; and fear of losing in the elections.  The Tutsi realised that their world had indeed become smaller.  They started planning on how they can survive in the long term. In 1962, the Tutsi leaders drafted what they called “Covenants of the Tutsi Dynasty”.  These are the same covenants that have been used by Museveni and his Basiita sidekicks to dominate and disenfranchise Ugandans.  Reading these covenants will help you to wake up to the reality that befell our motherland.   As you read the covenants, wherever you see or read the word Hutu, I want you dear reader to substitute it with the word Ugandans because these same covenants were designed to be applied in any country they ran to.

Covenants of the Tutsi Dynasty

August 6, 1962

“Although we are a minority in the Kivu region, we have been able to successfully retain power during the 1960 elections by availing ourselves of the Bantu naivety. However, since our cleverness was later discovered by the Congolese, every Tutsi from any region must implement the following plan, and participate in its diffusion to all other Tutsis, especially those, from the Volcano district.”


  1. Every Tutsi must know that Hutus are related to the Congolese and that our colonisation plan must be applied to the two groups.
  2. Every Tutsi must thoroughly apply to the Congolese, and other ethnic groups surrounding them, the methods used successfully to conquer Rwanda. You must proceed methodically, gradually and refrain from any precipitation, which might awaken the spectre of the great conqueror Rwabugiri, our national hero.
  3. Every Tutsi intellectual must adopt as his first goal the control of additional districts, as everybody is aware of the importance of controlling local seats of authority in order to spread political ideas into uneducated population.
  4. Every Tutsi intellectual must make friends within the Congolese administration and get acquainted with the bureaucratic process and thus prepare him/herself for the eventual take-over in which he/she will be expected to take the place and eventually head the whole department.
  5. Since we cannot replace Hutu representatives just elected and put our own people in their place, let’s make them our friends. We must conquer them by offering them gifts, especially alcohol beverages that will allow us to win secrets out of them. Offer them our girls, and if necessary, do not hesitate to arrange marriages with them. They will not resist our daughters’ angelic beauty.
  6. When the control of all-important positions is achieved, we must remove all our Bantu enemies, especially Bahutu.
  7. With regard to conquering the Hutu, you must use the “Blood exchange pact” in which they foolishly believe.  Haven’t we desecrated it several times with impunity?
  8. Avail yourselves of the credulity of the Hutu elites and use them to promote our interests and to look credible in electoral drives. As soon as the electoral drives are over, bilk them to show their inefficiency.
  9. Every Tutsi civil servant must use terror in order to get respect and authority from the uneducated Hutu population.
  10. Using the civil service we must ridicule the uneducated BANTU and call them pretentious; many in the HUTU elites will help us destroy fellow Hutus’, because Hutu don’t care about each other’s fate.
  11. Whenever we discover that Hutus’ care of each others’ fate, we must destroy that spirit by dividing its promoters: WE MUST DIVIDE IN ORDER TO RULE.
  12. We must master completely all the members of the other ethnic groups whom we manage to control, especially HUTU fawners and make them promote our interests.
  13. Every TUTSI must know that every HUTU has been created to be a SERVANT and that no HUTU must ever become a leader. HUTU must not be aware of this principle until it is too late for them. You must control progressively all the key positions in the administration and finally have in every district a Director who protects our interests.
  14. Every Tutsi must use every means possible to lead all HUTU Civil servants to an inferiority complex.
  15. Any HUTU caring about his/her fellow Hutus’ fate must be kept off and denied any access to the population.
  16. We remind all the Tutsi youth that they must join the AJIR because, if we do not succeed by our cleverness, we must use violence. The Tutsi youth must support the Tutsi civil servants, use terror and exploit the intelligence provided by our spies and informants.
  17. During the difficult times, we must convince the HUTU to support the Jean Mirubo’s cabinet in which we have two Ministers, because the collapse of that cabinet means our own failure. Don’t you know that we own Mirubo?
  18. We must fight the WANDANDE and HUTU who oppose our Jean Mirubo by using naive HUTUS’. Avail yourselves of the HUTU’s greed. Offer them alcoholic beverages and money. Don’t care about how much you spend because we have enough money. Don’t you recall that we still have 65 million francs which we were supposed to pay to the Catholic teachers”!

It is obvious that the Tutsi/Hima Oligarchy in Uganda has been abiding by and implemented these covenants to the letter.  And I shall analyse in depth the very methods these Tutsi/Basiita thugs have applied against us as well as the incidents which confirm how badly Ugandans have been abused… almost gang raped by these Tutsis’.

It’s obvious that the intent and purpose of this sinister Tutsi/Basiita Dynasty master plan does not augur well for indigenous Ugandans.  The issues discussed at the 1992 meeting Museveni hosted at his home in Rwakitura were offensive and treasonable.

Today in 2010, Its election time in Uganda and Museveni is going around giving brown envelopes to some, others just receive a blanket or a bar of soap to vote Museveni…. is that all that our peoples’ life is worth … a bar of soap?  Is that what our life is worth as a citizen of Uganda?

Unless we reclaim our country as indigenous Ugandans, everything we have struggled to achieve, to build, belongs to these insidious men and women for it was decreed by the COVENANT of their FORBEARERS!

Uganda(ns), our nation is at a crossroad.  This is the tipping point in our national political culture and life.  What we do now to liberate ourselves from these Tutsis’ will not benefit us alone as a nation but the entire Great Lakes Region once and for all!

“Let those who have ears hear and those with eyes see”!

Yours, in the struggle.

Mukasa Baanabakintu

Basiita-Tutsi Clan Meeting 1992


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