Sir Harry Johnston signed the 1900 Buganda agreement’


1.’Harry Johnston signed the 1900 Buganda agreement’. An exceptional man! He was, among other things, astonished by the reaction of Africans to the technology of the day, such as a Gramophone. His writing is a very important contribution to our understanding of our past and helps us not to take things for granted. No man loved Uganda more!

2.On the back of this photograph there is a stamp of Amin Administration, a pencil caption that is hard to read and a caption written in pen saying ‘Allocation of businesses by Mr. Justus Byagagaire’. When googling him you find a confirmation that he was a minister under Amin and also that he was shot by soldiers, May 1977 in Mbarara.Justus Byagagaire was one of Uganda’s most precious human capital. He became an agricultural expert before Uganda was an independent country and a formidable Permanent Secretary before Amin came to power. His work under Idi Amin was just sheer abuse of the heart and mind of a good man who could not have hurt a soul.





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