‘The Kabaka in the uniform of a Captain in the Grenadier Guards


1.’Walking in formal procession in the Lubiri on his 27th birthday in November 1951, the Kabaka precedes the then Resident Buganda, Mr. J.P. Birch. The Kabaka, sheltered by his ceremonial umbrella, is about to walk past his Royal drummers and musicians.’


2.second left Daudi Chwa, second right Ham Mukasa?


3.’The Kabaka in the uniform of a Captain in the Grenadier Guards. He underwent military training during his stay in Britain, where he studied at Magdalene College, Cambridge.’
he inimitable Sir Edward, whose academic and military accomplishments made even the academically accomplished Milton Obote uncomfortable and, eventually, unwilling to share power with him. Yet Sir Edward made his mark on the world. At Magdalene College, he won the highest marks for shooting, winning the cup for the college. His book, Desecration of My Kingdom, is a notable contribution to Uganda’s history.


4.’The Nasolo, Princess Dorothy, with her mother, the Nabagereka, after their meeting at Entebbe Airport on the Nsolo’s return from London a few months ago. SHe had been undergoing treatment at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital for the after-effects of poliomyelitis.’.Yes indeed, she grew up to became a friend to many and held her family together


5. Ham Mukasa



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