1. Edith Nakazaana seated =daughter Ham Mukasa, middle is Princess Irene Ndagire Kabaka Mutebi’s aunt and & Jessie Kitamirike


2.the late Mr. Mackay Kalula MUKASA (brother to the late Mrs Rebecca Allen Namugenze MULIRA)


3. Ssekabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II.Perhaps the most dashingly handsome King of Buganda Kingdom;who ever lived;he was light years ahead of his time,few folks both from within the Kingdom and outside;quite understood his love and vision and the direction;he passionately wanted his nation to take.Modern and well educated and well decorated army officer trained by the British;he read through the glaring hypocrises of the Imperial England,he was humiliated by deportations in 1953 to England for being part and parcel of Independence agitators as his people led the nation in calling for independence and self rule.I hope history will be compassionate towards him.



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