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Ssabanyala and Ssabaruli are just Politcal Titles that can be taken away any time


Dear Ugandans,

UNDER 1962 INDEPENDENCE CONSTITUION, THE HEAD OF STATE OF UGANDA WAS THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND WHO WOULD BE REPRESENTED BY A GOVERNOLR GENERAL. The First Constitutional Amendment 1963, created a position of President and Vice President to be elected by parliament. Candidates were to be traditional rulers. In non kingdom areas, a position of constitutional head was created like the Rutakirwea of Kigezi. These are now catered for under a regional Government arrangement as entrenched in 1995 constitution as amended in 2005 constitution.

These rulers can’t be presidents and vice presidents again like it was the case in 1963 because they are barred from partisan politics. But they can titular heads of regional governments. Unfortunately some opportunists at mmengo rejected such a wonderful deal, which was agreed upon by the President, the Kabaka, the Katikkiro, Mulwanyammuli then, John Katende, Charles Peter Mayigha, Apolllo makubuya, Grace Ndugwa, among others. Traditional/ cultural leaders are only barred from partisan politics but not politics for man is a political animal.

l am a journalist and my area of specialization is politics. l covered and followed well Government Mmengo talks. The formal ones were with Katikkiro and his team and Mbabazi-Rugunda team. Occasionally the President and the Kabaka could intervene. Later the Kabaka was personally represented by Prince David Kintu Wassajja. Another informal team of Haji Abdu Nadduli, omutaka Nadduli Kibaale, Prince Kitayimbwa Mumiransanafu the late Bishop Yokana Mukasa, also intervened. Museveni had a three day meeting with Haji Nadduli in Karamoja in 2004, as there was no head way between Mulwanyammuli and Mbabazi-Rugunda.

The final deal was endorsed by Lukiiko. But when Mulwanyammuli was forced to resign, the Lukiiko undid what it had done. Among those in the talks and are still at Mmengo include Apolo Makubuya and Charles Peter Mayiga. Joseph Mulwanyammuli may be seen as a hypocrite, but am sympathetic to him for he was betrayed by both Mmengo and the centre.

The traditional leader of Bugerere was Namuyonjo, who was also deposed by Kabaleega in his wars. But later Sir Edward Muteesa ll restored him and gave him a Mailo Estate at Galiraaya in present Baale County. But the political/administrative leader was a saza chief.

The problem however is that ever since kingdoms were restored in 1993, Mmengo has not installed a Nang’oma or a Namuyonjo. Neither has it allowed the Kabaka’s subjects in Buluuli and Bugerere, to elect their won representatives to Buganda Lukiiko. Then name calling of who is more muganda than another started by frustrated politicians, and the climax was the last September riots.

Take an example of my home Mawogola County or Ssembabule District. The traditional leader was Chief Muntu Njovu, the last signatory on Buganda Agreement of 1900. He got two Mailo land estates at Bulera, which is his official estate, and Kyebando, which is private. His relatives and subjects, including grandfather of CMI Brig. James Mugira, also got Mailo estates. But the political/administrative leader was a saza chief.

The Bamooli, the Muntu’s ruling clan and Bannabwera, his subjects seek restoration of that cultural autonomy, but mmengo is adamant.

Most Baluuli and Banyara are Baganda with an exception of a few political agitators. One of Buganda’s famous Prime ministers, Nsibirwa (in whose name is now a hall at Makerere University), was a Munyala. In Buluuli, immigrants including Baganda,  Banyankore and Banyarwanda when team up with moderate Baluuli, hardliners like Hon. Muluuli Mukasa,, former security minister, become a minority. In Bugerere, Banyala though natives, are less than 10 percent, and the majority are Baganda.

The provision which was in the First Amendment of 1962 Independence Constitution (1963) applied for non kingdom areas and the kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro and the Territory of Busoga were exceptional. It was smuggled out of the bill according to the president and cabinet.

Ahmed Katerega

UAH forumist


A Muganda officcer passes out Banyala insurgents

Some one should immediately correct me if am wrong.The Daly Monitor today has apicture of Dr.Makumbi  aHonorary Brigadier in the UPDF and also the Chief of Medical Services passing out agroup of Banyala youth.Whatever their role from now onwards will be is not my concern.
My concern is why of all other offices,serving and very active choose A Makumbi we rarely hear about. Makumbi unless someone dismisses this is a muganda from the mbogo(buffallo) clan. Why did’t Balyehuki or whoever is the RDC their atleat pass out these naive boys from the streets of Kayunga?
You can call it acoincidence but why on earth could the army subject this innocent man to hostility from Buganda kingdom.Any way we all know who takes decisions and whoever does it should be ashamed of himself. He is framing Baganda officers but we shall buy on their innocence not on what they are forced to do and orders they have no option but to obey.
The last time at Kasubi,it was the Chief of Land Forces,Gen.Katumba and Col.Nalweyiso at the battle field tussling it out with fellow Baganda. Forgive me for my tribal talk but someone has let this be by tribalising every issue on our land.
Ohhh,  2011,do not betray me like your formers brothers 2001,2006 have done….am tired of all this.please hear my cries…!
Allan Ssempebwa
Makerere University.(BMCO 1)

The idea of a Buganda Army is a non-starter


Dear editor,

I have read some emails sent to me from Ugandans at heart forum. They have written articles about the possible creation of a Buganda Army or rumor thereof.
Personally, I do not seriously think Buganda’s creating her own army. From what I have read, my take on it was they are trying to create a well-trained security officers force just like that of The Nation of Islam (Loius Farrakhan) in America; a force that serves as body guards for his personal protection and the protection of his entourage wherever he goes but not an army, of course. I read the suggestion that these Buganda professional guards or security officers will be armed not with guns but with batons. This is what makes me believe it is not a fully fledged army or military force.
Before anyone in Buganda would think of creating an army, it is vital to first of all think and reflect on our history post independence to the present and where we today stand as a growing nation with different parties ready to strangle one another’s neck. I see four points to ponder:
1. Doing anything that may be used against Buganda to have more Baganda arrested or killed is not something everyone wants to happen. But setting up something like an independent army is reason enough for the soverign state of Uganda and her national government to attack once again, the Lubiri (palace) thinking that the Kabaka has hidden weapons with which to overthrow the Ugandan incumbent regime. This gives the Uganda Head of State ammunition and or reaons to attack Buganda and the Kabaka. This was exactly what happened in May of 1966 when Idi Amin was ordered by the then Prime-Minister of Uganda, Dr. Obote to go search the Palace for hidden arms and ammunition and to arrest the Kabaka. This particular story has been told and retold by many different people over the decades from many different angles and perspectives.
2. Creating an army by Buganda the way it is being now portrayed is an open controntation with the Ugandan government because Buganda has not seceded from Uganda and seceding is not a matter of mere words but a battle the result of which may see so many people dead. If Buganda succeeded in her secession arguments and battle, the dead might be recorded down as Heroes. But there is no way the Ugandan government will let Buganda secede without an open war and if Buganda is declaring the war to seced by creating her own army, this may be taken to mean that Buganda has declared the war to secede and believe me, once the Ugandan Head of State gets this message, his first response as Commander in Chief will be to respond. The response will be a militarily one. It will be decisive and irrevocable.
Is Buganda ready for such an eventuality? Are the people of Buganda ready to see their kingconfrontated if not arrested or killed in the exchange of fire by the UPDF at Lubiri? Or, is it some few people’s idea to publish such articles as a means to create confusion and incite the arrest of the Kabaka? Is declaring the creation of such an army the best course of action and is that the best way to do it? Or, is it the most opportune time for such a move?
3. Buganda is giving fertile ground to three scenarios: One: readiness to fight the war to secede from the rest of Uganda and become an independent country. Two: setting the last and final stand Buganda will ever make relative to such secession. Three: Buganda being obliterated from the Ugandan Map once and for all time until the dawn of the New Era when the Cosmic Gardeners of the Earth re-establish their cosmic foci around the planet.
4. My humble advice:  At a time when the forces of Nature and creation face off with the destinies of a people and nations, it becomes very difficult for any mortal man to intervene. The forces of destiny have to paly their roles and take their place in the course of time. Seeking the impeccable advice of some Living Mystics or Saints could go a long way to help change the impending disaster. I know of countries that were helped by Living Saints at the times of their founding. This included most of all, the United States.
I do not think that Yoweri Museveni perfers an impasse of bloodshed to an amicable solution with Buganda. I also know that the Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II does not opt for or desire bloodshed in his kingdom. Not in the least. Their common ground is the peaceful resolution of these matters, I believe and hope. There is a way to resolving this in the best interests of both parties.
The only arbitrator with infallible wisdom and the most practicable solution is a contemporary Saint. The only African Saint I know who understands African culture and is therefore the best choice of an Arbitrator in matters such as these is The Perfect Born-Saint, His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba Baabuwee who lives in Northern Virginia, USA. The second best choice of such an Evolved Being is Rebazar Tsarz who lives somewhere in the Himalayan mountains and who is over 500 years old. These two Great Beings am sure know each other.
Now, that being said, I give no guarantee to no body that either one of these Living Saints will affirmatively accept an invitation to arbitrate in these matters. If the Saint foresees that the best course of action is to let the hand of destiny take its course the way Nature and Creation have demarcated it, the Saint may not interfere as he may be commanded by the Supreme Lord to not interfere. Under such a circumstance there can only be one force that can interefere: Divine Compassion.
 I would humbly urge the Ugandan governemnt and President in particular Yoweri K. Museveni and the Kabaka of Buganda or his Katikkiro, JB.Walusimbi to seek at least this one life-time consultation with a Living Saint of our time and see the results that wouold be written down in the history of Uganda and Africa, indeed the whole world, how imminent danger was averted in Uganda and how Buganda and Uganda attained permanent peace, progress and propserity for all.
Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro
Virginia, USA.

Museveni Burned Tombs/ 7 points why he is the chief suspect

Given the history of m7 and how he operates in such suspiscious circumstances, m7 comes as number one suspect on my list, here are the reasons why
1. During Idi Amin’s regime it has been found out that it was m7 and his fronasa that killed/kidnapped innocent people in Uganda and the blame rested on Amin, example, investigate who sent weapons to Janan Luwum’s house, it is believed that it was fronasa headed by m7 and the person who wrote to Ben Kiwanuka thanking him of his support for the struggle, that later ousted Amin from power; knowing very well that State resaerch bureau boys were reading those letters.
2. During Obote’s regime, m7 was the leader group of those boys in the white Leyland bus, a.k.a mpawo atalikaaba, that terrorised people in Natete, Rubaga and Kampala suburbs at large and during those times Obote was blamed for the bus that killed people, guess who was the minister of Defence and those boys are alive and well in UPDF “professional army today”.
3.  When Luwero came around it is also believed that, the kadogos were woed into the war by circumstances that arose in the death of their loved ones, some known NRA bayekera, came and killed the head of the family and in few minutes after the tragedy, the NRA soldiers arrived on scene out of nowhere with deep sympathy & advice; it was a public secret that those areas were condoned off by m7’s army and no UNLF could pass.
Now where did the UNLF pass?, leave alone escape back to Kampala unheart? Guess what all the remaining young boys and girls automatically enrolled themselves in the guerilla war fight. What would you have done if it was you that lost your relative under such obvious circumstances? It was known that the NRA boys removed the UNLF uniforms and put on rags in just a few minutes and were so involved with the mourners and forces grew in numbers with this rotten foundation.
4. It was later found out by the kadogos who had long enrolled in the ranks of the guerilla warfare thinking it was UNLF soldiers who had killed their parents when they were sent on the same mission in those new UNLF uniforms that were supplied by insiders who are wel known in m7’s govt today, and with time some of them kadogos had a chance to see eye to eye the real culprits who did the real killings of their parents in the camps of nra, what a shame. Those who tried to confront the the killers among the kadogos many of them never saw the light of day shortly before Kampala fell to the now dictator. Ask about the Kakumbi ku mutwe squad during those days.
5. m7 has seen or masterminded the killings of many of his soldiers in his own govt after 1986 and before who he could have been ashamed not to harm, “A father preying on his own children” people like the late Nkwanga, Kayira, up to now no guinuine report of how he was killed is available to the public, his own like Noble Mayombo and Kazini have died thru dubious circumstances and so many that you may know that may be others dont know, on all those occasions m7 has not been welcomed to the say the last words as he is believed to know more that what others know of these deaths.
6.Given m7’s unstable IQ, I would bet you that they are so many orportunities on m7’s radar, that may have led him to okay the (Operation Burn Kasubi Tombs); to test waters, test the Kabaka, or gain an orportunity to restore the tombs while giving with one hand and taking away with another, he closed CBS radio denied the Kabaka to visit his subjects, it is now so wiered for him to cry crocodile tears when tombs of the Kabaka catch fire.
it is equated to a hyna mourning the cow/ paying homage to the calf when the mother cow dies on the village as if the hyena is not overjoyed- for it will be hiding in the nearby bush to eat of the remains of the cow. m7 had a lot to gain so he thought in the burning of the Kasubi tombs, as if he was waiting like a hunter in the nearby bushes having used the nooze of a banana fiber (Eyatega omutego ogw’ekyayi) that when he heard that the noose had caught something he rushed to the scene to capture the occasion before it slipped away as if it was on his schedule, as if he had no other things to do and appear where he was most un-welcome.
7. In all circumstances that m7 has been involved he will come back to try to make things right where he feels that his empty integrity has been jeopardized. And where he feels that his security is not compromised m7 will show up even if it means to kill and not be killed, M7 now employs Ben Kiwanuka’s son as a junior minister, Employs Amin’s son in ISO, Employs Tito Okello’s son, applying the predictable tricks of a criminal who returns to the scene of crime in a sophisticated way, these are acts of a sick man, m7 has given kitu kidogo to the kadogos whose parents died under the circumstances noted point number 3 as above.
And therefore there was no pressing need nor reason as to why m7 had to show up forcefully and so quickly as lightening at the Kasubi tombs despite Mengo’s advice for m7 not to come to the grieving site, there were already symptoms that people were going to be shot thats why, the tombs were surrounded and deployed with so many security operatives with pistols and plain clothe an act that was un-called for, the tombs simply burned as m7 himself wants the masses to believe and people were gathered to mourn the incident, no guns were needed to facilitate the mourning process.
And then why did m7 appear as if he was the saviour of the day?. People who were by default in the vicinity when the fire incident happened said the blue shirted boys were already deployed in the area, the question is what other tragedy was going to happen or happened above the Kasubi tombs if it was not the burning of the tombs itself and may be to secure the gate-away of the numberless pickup truck that was seen fleeing the scene soon after the fire gutted the tombs?
The Kabaka’s schedule had to be interfered by m7, yet the Kabaka was the main mouner, in BUGANDA IT WAS THE MOURNERS WHO WELCOME THE SYMPATHISERS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, BUT THIS TIME, it was m7 who almost welcomed the chief mourner the Kabaka of Buganda, unless of course m7 had so  much to do with the burning of the tombs and had come back to the scene of crime as many profiled criminals do.
m7 has meddled into many people’s affairs; bribed many people’s families who he is widely believed to have been the cause of death; promised to take care of them to ease the tensions and may be others think that he had nothing to do with it; and people say m7 bought a house for the widow of the late Kayira in Boston USA, thats why she is saying nothing about it, m7 has promised to take care of Noble Mayombo and Kazini’s family, m7 is now the Godfather of the young King of Toro whose father may have been poisoned.
When he does that he has binocuolars all over you and has access to you whenever he wants since you come to him he can come to you in any way he chooses, if you fall in his trick you might as well join your fore fathers; in other words your days are numbered by him and his security dogs. Just watch m7 and see where he interferes with what happened.
The trend is he has something to do with it and now he forced his way to the Tombs promised to investigate like in Kayira’s case he brought the scotland yard and fingures pointed to him and since refused to release the report that most probably has his finger prints everywhere. He wants the Kabaka cornered, and binocuolars all over him as he pushes his way to secure all ways to compromise on the Kabaka’s strengh before things turn around and set him on the run..
What happened at Kasubi Tombs did not call for m7’s presence at all, it had nothing to do with him excpet to follow his norms of making things right where he knows that he is highly involved; m7 gave away his position as the the one who burned the tombs.


One UAH Member,Lord Buhanga, asked me to tell him the time lines that Bunyoro considers in reclaiming lost territory; the framework for determining what they would claim and not claim, etc.
I have enclose for you below a document with a self explanatory title.  The document is very clear on Bunyoro’s grievances which have nothing to do with this common talk of claiming Angola and Zambia which many of you make.
This document was based on the events that followed the 1893 invasion of Bunyoro by a force of British and a large contingent deployed by Mmengo.  There is a book on Compatriotto that gives a full account of that military operation, authored by the commander of the operation, Col. Henry Colville (Korwiiru).  This is the link:
The memo below answers all your questions, and puts to rest that tired argument by many that Bunyoro will lay claim to Rwanda, as though Rwanda was ever part of the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom….hence my reference to the fallacy of reductio ad absurdum.

Refer also to the map that I furnished earlier on.  It very clearly does not include your Rwanda, Toro and all that…

Please also take time to read some of the basic books on Uganda’s political history.  Now that you have at least picked interest in reading up critical thinking, the next thing you have is to study what you must think about critically, lest you spend the rest of your life just talking about this and the other fallacy, without demonstrating concretely why the arguments that you dismiss as fallacies are actually fallacious.  Just saying red herring this, smoke screen that, ad hominem the other, is simply not enough, however much it is an improvement on your past style and the general style on the forum.  But so far I am happy anyway!

Meanwhile, let me wait to hear from you once you have read that document below:

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick


1/6 Many keep wondering about what it is about the relationship between Bugerere/Buruli and Bunyoro; yet others rather amazingly, even amusingly keep taking for granted their being integral to Buganda.
2/6 The maps below show the reality of those territories in the evening of the 20th century.  Bunyala is what is currently (or for the time being) called Bugerere.  As we know, Buyaga and Bugangaizi are the only counties that have so far been restored to Bunyoro.
3/6 Note that the process that resulted in the allocation of 4227 Square Miles of land (the so -called Akenda) to the government of the country was the very same process that allotted Buganda all those territories in a process of sharing the Bunyoro spoils.  What Buganda has to understand from that historical fact is the reality that, undoing the government’s claim to the 4227 Sq miles of what was in 1900 called “Crown Land” cannot happen without Buganda’s loss of the territory that belongs to Bunyoro, unless Mmengo wants to have it and also eat it.  Those two processes were on the back of each other.
4/6 If you want the “Akenda” (4227 sq miles) back, then surrender everything else that was part of “mpa nkuwe” (scratch my back and I scratch yours) that was the essence of the 1900 agreement, i.e., cannibalisation of Bunyoro.
5/6 Because Mmengo fails to understand that reality, it will never comprehend why Entebbe matches the noises about “Akenda” with blocking the Kabaka from going to Bunyoro territories currently held by Buganda.  Problem: Mmengo wants to “Kusala ekikuubo”, as they say north of Lake Nalubaale.
6/6 To be noted also is that, the real content of the process that had given Buyaga and Bugangaizi to Buganda was the allocation of land in those two counties to Mmengo government and its subjects.  It is intriguing that Mmengo government could be evicted from those counties but its subjects were left there in charge of land that should have been automatically reverted to its Banyoro owners.  In other words, the 1964 referendum was “byoya byanswa.”  There is a stick therein that will in all certainty be used to flog an intransigent Mmengo one of these days.  The losers will be the Buganda Land lord class that somehow were left to hold on to Bunyoro land: their government departed Buyaga and Bugangaizi and they too should have followed it in 1964; and it is not too late.

Funny Pictures
Source: “Report of the Uganda Relationships Commission, 1961 (Munster Commission Report), map between pp 88 and 89.
The shaded part is the territory of Bunyoro constituting the 7 “Lost Counties” of which Bunyala (Bugerere) and Buruli are part.  After the 1964 referendum, only Buyanga and Bugangaizi were restored to Bunyoro.
Funny Pictures
Source: “Pilkington of Uganda”, p.116


Funny Pictures

Source: Richard Reid (2002), “Political Power in Precolonial Buganda” (London: James Currey), p. xi

Why Does The New Vision Root for Mob Justice Against CBS FM?


Why Does The New Vision Root for Mob Justice Against CBS FM?

submitted by william kituuka

In its editorial of February 9th, The New Vision joined the chorus of Government officials in condemning CBS FM for allegedly calling upon Baganda to take action against “people with long noses who threaten to take away their land” and the Government which “has a hidden agenda of killing Baganda”.  The paper also alleged that CBS told Baganda to “chase away people who they think betray Buganda” and “on the day of the riots “called upon Baganda to escort the Kabaka prepared to engage the enemy”. It asserted that  CBS FM’s actions are similar to those of Radio Mille Collines that flamed the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

In a nutshell the paper has declared its verdict, namely – that CBS FM is guilty of directing the public to commit genocide. This is absurd to say the least.

Doesn’t The New Vision recognise that CBS should not be condemned unheard? Is the paper not able to recognise a need for an independent, impartial inquiry into the causes of the riots and the legality of the government’s actions before, during and after the riots before it can pull the rope on CBS and its owners? Shouldn’t it know better than to participate in mob justice when administrative and judicial mechanisms exist but are sidelined? Does it believe that people should shut up and put up when their rights are being trampled upon? Does it support the rule of the jungle or the gun and not the rule of the law? Has it stopped to ponder the full facts and particularly the evidence on the use of excess force by the State security operatives where innocent people died? Does

What are we to think of a Government-owned paper that prints and propagates such sweeping allegations and makes hasty judgements? Doesn’t the paper realise that genocide is a very serious crime against humanity and that individuals accused of genocide or any other crime must be tried by competent courts and not summarily tried and executed by newspaper editors?

The matters in issue in the CBS saga are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Yet in several respects the CBS saga is only the tip of a huge iceberg of injustices suffered by the people of the Kingdom Buganda. The New Vision ought to know that our community has suffered many years at the hands of tyrants and treacherous politicians from the days of the British colonialists. And, perhaps more than others, it has born the main brunt of the wars aimed to liberate this country. Because of this reality, and in spite of the several adversities it faces, it has a right and duty to defend itself from acts that are illegal and undermine its core values and existence. This extends to the duty to defend itself from false accusations of genocide and to demand for justice.

For the record, the Kingdom of Buganda that I represent, has no agenda whatsoever against people from western or any other part of Uganda. Ours is a nation that comprises and embraces many nationalities with all shapes and sizes of noses – indeed it is a microcosm of Uganda in which all the native peoples of Uganda live in harmony, something that cannot be said about all parts of the country. The makeup of our Cabinet and Lukikko is reflective of this reality. It is paradoxical that, the more Buganda embraces and integrates other native communities, the more it is accused of being discriminative and ethnocentric! Genocide has no place in our constitution or thinking at all. But we fear that it may actually be is in the minds of those that constantly talk about it. Sadly, this thinking may be augmented by The New Vision editorial, whose role here may be more accurately analogous to the notorious Radio Mille Collines – the state-owned media outlet, which paved the way for the genocide of the Tutsi by demonising the Tutsi and convincing the Hutu that the Tutsi had a plan of genocide against them and that the Hutu, who wielded state power and armed militias, should move against them pre-emptively.

About the September riots, Buganda’s case needs to be properly understood. We strongly believe that it was illegal to stop the Kabaka from proceeding on lawful visits to Nakasongola and Kayunga. But for the unnecessary roadblocks in the Kabaka way, the riots would never have occurred and people would never have died the way they did. We also consider that it was illegal and wrong for the Government to remove CBS radio masts and cancel its licence unlawfully. Similarly, we find it wrong for the government to arm twist CBS to accept liability for the riots and to coerce it to withdraw its court case. In any case, we consider that it should not be condemned without a right to a full and fair trial. Thus before The New Vision pontificates on these matters it ought to be cautious and objective. We believe that The New Vision knows of the sub judice rule so, instead of writing inflammatory editorials, it needs to give the courts of law, or the statutory Broadcasting Council, a chance to interrogate the full facts and reach a law finding. Otherwise the paper’s rash statements may only serve to obstruct justice and obviate the public’s attention from the real questions to conjured-up charges of genocide and to individuals who seek justice in the matter.

Needless to say, CBS is entitled to a fair trial including: the right to summon witnesses; the right of cross-examination; the right not to incriminate oneself; the right not to be tried on secret evidence; the right to control one’s own defense the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained; irrelevant or inherently inadmissible; the right to exclude judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest; and the right of appeal.

The paper, and others, should know by now that we shall not relent or waiver in the search for the truth and in the defence of our values and heritage. We demand and are entitled for a full public and impartial inquiry in the events leading to the riots and the punishment of those that are found guilty. Similarly CBS FM deserves a fair trial. Mob justice or a kangaroo like court in a newsroom simply will not do.

Apollo N Makubuya


Blocking the Kabaka from visiting Kayunga was Illegal according to constitution


submitted by william kituuka


Protection of freedom of conscience, expression, movement, religion, assembly and association.

(1) Every person shall have the right to—
(a) freedom of speech and expression which shall include freedom of the press and other media;
(b) freedom of thought, conscience and belief which shall include academic freedom in institutions of learning;
(c) freedom to practise any religion and manifest such practice which shall include the right to belong to and participate in the practices of any religious body or organisation in a manner consistent with this Constitution;
(d) freedom to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peacefully and unarmed and to petition; and
(e) freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form and join associations or unions, including trade unions and political and other civic organisations.

(2) Every Ugandan shall have the right—
(a) to move freely throughout Uganda and to reside and settle in any part of Uganda;
(b) to enter, leave and return to, Uganda; and
(c) to a passport or other travel document.

OK! How do we reconcile these provisions, specifically, Article 29 (2)(a) with the recent blocking of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s visit to Kayunga?

And will Kayihuraa’s Police Force ever allow us to exercise the freedom in Article 29(1)(d) without invoking the infamous Police Act or some obscure municipal provision?

William Bogere

UAH forumist




Friday, 05th February

“Kayunga is part of Buganda”- President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has clarified that Kayunga is part and parcel of the Central Region of Buganda.

Mr. Museveni made the clarification at a public rally that was held yesterday at Kayunga hospital grounds in Ntenjeru County on the first day of his 2-day popularization and sensitization tour of the district to evaluate the performance of the Government’s Prosperity For All (PFA) programme as implemented by the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in the campaign to rid households of poverty.

The President told the rally that the indigenous people of Kayunga districts have a constitutional right to practice their culture unhindered.

Addressing himself to local issues that affect the area in particular and the country as a whole, Mr. Museveni discouraged the practice of rural – urban migration in a quest for greener pastures when the real development treasures in the form of fertile land that would be utilized to eradicate household poverty, is left idle in the rural settings.

He criticized the current tendency of selling off property in rural areas, especially among the youth, and flock to Kampala to open up small businesses, engage in bodaboda riding, among others. He attributed this behavior to ignorance of the potential and ability of rural areas in transforming society through modernized agriculture which has for long been recognised as Uganda’s backbone to development and eradication of poverty.

The President, therefore, advised residents of Kayunga district in particular and Uganda in general, to be take steps and be part of the government’s funded Savings and Credit Co-operatives Organisations (SACCOs) in order to access low interest loans that will go a long way in facilitating them to grapple with the much needed resources to fight against household poverty.

However, residents reported to the President that the conditions set for accessing such loans are so high for them to meet. Mr. Gonza Asuman, the Manager of Kangulumira SACCO group noted that some residents front properties that are not theirs as security to access NAADS’ fund, such as plantations, which when discovered leads them to forfeit access to the loans. He informed them that access to the NAADS funds is very much hinged on one’s behavior.

At a stop-over that the President made at Kangulumira Sub-County headquarters, residents complained to him the practice of over pricing the inputs of from NAADS when loans are not interest free. They observed that the practice defeats the overall objective of household poverty eradication. Complaints from children of school going age also confessed to the President that they do not access UPE benefits as provided for by government.

While in the area, President Museveni visited Mr. Geoffrey Kizito’s farm on which he grows pineapples. He also visited high quality farmers’ association wine processing factory that is owned by the area’s farmers. The President promised to help the group with modern machinery for their products to meet the required quality.

In Busaana parish, the President visited Mr. Joseph Kizito’s pineapple and banana plantations. He also toured Mr. Ssonko’s fish farm and Mr. Vincent Ssonko’s pineapple farm in Bumaali who earns Shs. 35 million per year.

E  N  D  S.

Buganda must take Otafiire remarks seriously


All responsible Bangada and indeed Ugandans must consider comments by Trade and Industry Minister Mj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire as official government policy.
Not long ago, the controversial Minister warned Baganda that they have “betrayed Museveni” … who “would kill Mengo if he chose to do so”.  ……. Were Museveni to break Mengo’s legs, the legs would be so badly broken to ever be repaired by any other government. ………..  What other governments would do in that regard is to completely remove the legs”.    Would that not cost NRM votes in Buganda?  “…. Well that is democracy, but will that make the other person win?”
These are powerful statement made by no ordinary man.  Mj. General Kahinda Otafiire is a member of the Military command that was against the restoration of Buganda Kingdom.  A Muganda hater by character, Minister of Trade and Industry and a so called historical of the ruling National Resistance Movement.  He is also a Presidential Advisor on whatever affairs.  It would be therefore scandalous to dismiss his remarks.
In my opinion, the NRM regime is already pounding the legs of Mengo and will soon crack her legs in a manner similar to cracking a dry cockroach unless Baganda unite and start thinking and acting strategically.  The NRM knows that their actions would not cost votes because it is in Buganda that the NRM can rig votes more efficiently.  By declaring that the other party would not win, Otafiire meant that Buganda has no say in her own affairs.
Look at the way the state foiled the Kabaka’s visit to Nakasongola and Kayunga.  The creation of Ssabanyala, SSsabakooki, Sabarulli, Ssabamooli and God knows who will come up next.  The Land bill has passed through parliament, the regional tier bill is on the way and the Kampala bill will take huge chunks of land away from Buganda.  During the recent riots, the army killed 31 dissenting mainly Banganda, imprisoned 700 more and the crackdown is still continuing.  Buganda, the Kabaka and the people of Bugnada are firm “Captives” according to Beti Kamya the MP for Lubaga North.  President Museveni has already closed the Kingdom’s CBS radio station, banned the Buganda Anthem from radio stations and is curtailing the publicity of the image of the Kabaka. 

Last year, district government officials were instructed to stop using the name ‘Buganda’ and instead refer to the Kingdom as the ‘Central Region’.  Based on the above account, unless Otafiire and his NRMO anti-Buganda government are stopped, Buganda as we know it may not be there in the next 3 years.  According to one Buganda hater at Ugandans at Heat, a popular Ugandan internet chat room, “Buganda is Bugending!”.   Of what use is a Buganda that is being chopped away piece by piece and a Kabaka whose legs have been broken he cannot move freely within his kingdom?, asked another.
Considering the above events, the legs of Mengo are already being pounded and will soon be cut off.  What we should be doing is ensure that we can salvage something and maintain at least some movement, continue the physiotherapy and hope that with time we can recover.
To recover  we need a strategic thinking team in Mengo.  The current leadership at mengo is inept and incompetent when it comes to articulating and strategically advancing the interests of Buganda.  They are easily picked upon and wronged by Museveni’s political machine.  Sometimes Mengo Administrators shoot their own foot.
The Katikiiro is demobilizing Buganda nationalism and has a conflict of interest with state house.  He is telling Baganda not to die for their country.  Mengo was tricked into disowning Husain Kyanjo, a warrior of Buganda.  Jolly Lutaya called Baganda sons and daughters of Museveni . Mengo has been out maneuvered, outsmarted and outplayed by Yoweri Museveni’s clever and ruthless political machine.  Museveni has made them look incapable of even running the federal system we cherish. 

“If Mengo cannot respond to Kyanjo’s remarks in a manner that will not be quoted as disowning the brave MP, then how will they manage to convince NRM MP’s not to vote for the regional tier bill or Kampala Bill without making their party disown them?” asked John Bosco Musisi, a prominent Muganda from Australia. 

“We are not sons and daughters of Yoweri Museveni”, responded another Muganda to reckless comments by Jolly Lutaya at the funeral of the late Bishop Ddungu.  “We are offspring’s of Kintu and now sons and daughters of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II”
“How can a Katikiiro stand up at a party of Baganda workers paid for by the Kabaka of Buganda and tell his audience that ‘Woliggwa wendigwa is a wrong philosophy… how dare he insult Baganda to that extent?”,  asked Moses Mukiibi, a worker in Katwe a surburb of Kampala.  “How can people uttering such reckless statements be negotiating on our behalf? … no wonder they’re being outwitted by the government side”, Moses continued.
The Katikiiro has been wrong on the sh. 2 billion loan from the central government, wrong on negotiations with central government, wrong on his decision to hurl the Kabaka into a meeting with Museveni and now that the government has set tough conditions to re-open CBS, the Katikiiro was wrong to inform the public that the station would open by the end of December!! 

Clearly we have the wrong team, in the wrong place and serving the wrong purpose.  We need strategic thinkers in Mengo.  People who can compete on the political scene without looking political but advancing a political goal.  Surely with all their good intentions,  this job cannot be done by Katikiiro Walusimbi, Peter Mayega and Mulwanyamuli.   It is therefore imperative that Dan Muliika is returned as Katikiiro with a new administration in respect of the wishes of the people.  There isn’t any other person who can unit, rally and strategically position Buganda in this crucial period as we descent into the 2011 general elections.  It would be a disaster of hurricane Andrew proportions to leave the current leadership in control of affairs at Mengo.
We don’t advocate for war or a shouting match with the central government.  We just want to be sure that the people working on our behalf are genuine and competent advocates.
That mengo decided to bring about CBS radio as an issue  at the burial of Bishop Ddungu was disrespect to the deceased who was a strong Federal advocate.  CBSfm radio is not in anyway part of Ebyaffe and should never have been brought up.  Furthermore, the Central Civic Education Committee led by Betty Nambooze has not done any work since May of last year.  This can only happen because the leaders denied it funds.  No wonder the land bill passed.  

Buganda belongs to us, our children and grandchildren.  We must be prepared to die for it, to build it and hand it over to our future generations.  That is why I take Otafiire’s remarks SERIOUSLY and want fundamental changes in Mengo.
Michael Senyonjo
Political Strategist Analyst, London UK

Yes,Kabaka shouldn’t meet Museveni


Buganda parliament(Posted by Abbey.K.Semuwemba)

I agree with Michael Senyonjo that Kabaka should not meet Kaguta. Our Kabaka was blindly convinced to join the war in Luwero which NRA was loosing. Kabaka mobilized the rest of Baganda to increase their support for that war efforts. Had support drifted to any other fighting group, say UFM, again victory would have gone to that other group – not NRA.

However, since NRM came to power, how many prominent Baganda have been killed in mysterious circumstances? Did the restoration of the Kingdom came on a silver plate? Even to allow playing “Bika” football tournament was a tug of war!

Whoever wanted to set up FM radio stations did it easily but was it easy for Buganda? Schools have been burnt with no proper investigations being carried out to compensate the loss of lives and properties.

It is only Buganda in the whole of Uganda which is begging for its future existence. The Government is increasingly embarked on clandestine sinister plans to destroy Buganda. Which other region is threatened like Buganda?  Which other areas are threatened by “ssabamoris”?

For 23years Buganda is engaged in negotiations with the Govt. but what has it achieved? All the time is only harvesting hatred and isolation from the rest of the country. It is always seen as an opportunistic region which craves for a special status. It is only now that Buganda is extracting itself from the isolation that the Govt. wants to negotiation with the Kabaka badly!

The list of suspicions for Buganda goes on endlessly under the current NRM regime. The more the Kabaka negotiate with Museveni the more Buganda endures the suffering and sets the failures to achieve its goals to benefit Buganda and Uganda in general. I believe it will be unwise for our Kabaka to enter into such negotiations with Museveni without negotiators from other regions accompanying him.

Obote isolated Buganda by rigging DP votes outside Buganda and succeeded!! Museveni has done it in different ways for 23 years! Baganda are living in constant suspicion of NRM’s sinister plans against them. Every prominent Muganda is being keenly watched through that strategy. They are all being kept in a careful check.

If such a meeting is to take place with Museveni, other regions must be incorporated. Our Kabaka should stay away from that meeting.   Museveni is the one fomenting the creation of such a funny special status for Buganda. We should avoid to be accorded such a status.

Should such a meeting take place; people should anticipate a catastrophe to befall on Buganda. Buganda must stand with other regions if we are to a achieve sanity.


Baganda say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.


Baganda say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

As committed Baganda we say ‘NO’ to Kabaka and Museveni meeting.  This is the wrong time, the wrong place and under the wrong circumstances for the 2 men to meet.

If this meeting goes ahead, then it will be a major victory for the forces oppression in Uganda and occupation in Buganda.  A meeting of this magnitude at this time will only strengthen the State, confirm the occupation of Buganda and look like a slap in the face for those who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of Buganda.  Funerals of Baganda shot dead by the occupying forces are still taking place in Buganda.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

Since the crisis began over 2 weeks ago, 21 unarmed Baganda have been gunned down by government security forces, hundreds are still in prison and the crackdown in Buganda is still continuing with thousands being abducted at night and taken to secret jails.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

Many of the arrested are being charged with politically motivated terrorism charges.  Kampala area MP Erias Lukwago has been arrested and is facing terrorism charges.  Betty Nambozze, the DP Spokesperson and Chairperson of Buganda’s Central Civic Education Committee are facing arrest.  The Kingdoms’s Spokesman Medard Lubega has been arrested and is facing terrorism charges.  And the President is not done yet; he has promised a “merciless” police response of more killings of people fighting for their rights.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

The Kabaka himself might be lucky to get to Entebbe before another King, with the support of the President, announces their presence somewhere in Buganda and seeks independence from Mengo.  This scheme of creating fiefdoms within Bugnada is a master plan to destroy Buganda by the President.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

Buganda is owed sh.10 billion from rent arrears owed for government use of her properties.  Government has refused to publish the list of people occupying Buganda’s 9000 sq. Miles (Akenda) and is not showing any intention to give back this land to Buganda Land Board.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

The President has made it clear that he will not discuss Federalism as a system of government for Bugnada and Uganda.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

The Land and Kampala Bills which will take away land from Baganda are before parliament with the President promising more legislation to curb the authority of the Kabaka.

With rumours of a ‘witchcraft plot to transfer power from the Kabaka to Museveni, this meeting could be a trap and the setting for the end of Buganda as we know. Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

We are determined to ensure that there will never be a meeting between the President and the Kabaka as long as there’s no good intention from the President and as long as our demands have not been made.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

Besides, such a meeting will be disappointing to a majority of NONE Baganda who want the hugely populated Buganda to stand up to the Ugandan President.  Buganda needs allies but this meeting, given the prevailing circumstances will not create any.  In fact it will create many more enemies from the rest of Uganda.  Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

To secure this meeting, the president does need to first meet the Kabaka, he simply has to put right what he has failed to do over the last 23 years.  The ghosts of Luwero also Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

The Kabaka should not be forced into meetings that are not in the interest of the ordinary people of Buganda.  We are the ordinary people of Buganda and we are saying:  ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting – Until all our demands are met including our return of our land.

Please forward this message to your friends and text this message below:

Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting until all Buganda’s demands are met”.

We must stand by our demands even if CBS remains closed indefinitely, the Kingdom is fully conquered and the Kabaka forced into exile.

Please add your comments as reply to this email in time so this petition is forwarded to the Kabaka by 6pm Uganda time on Tues.  29th Sept, 2009.  We want 100 pages of your views.

Thank you and: “Say ‘NO’ to Kabaka / Museveni meeting.

LOUD, LOUDER  NO, NO, No, No, No, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Ffe Abaganda.

Anti baabo: Ssaabamori avuddeyo

People, Dear Countrymen,

Executive Summary: This post has 10 ‘bullets’ on 4XA4 page equivalents inline after the ‘summary’.

(a). I must admit that since some of my ‘macabre predictions’ made a few years back came to pass [e.g. future closure of CBS] and after the actualisation of “state terrorism” in the wake of the Bugerere debacle, I imposed a 40-day mourning period and a ‘network’ embargo on my self but when it comes to another ‘mushroom’ coming up on Buganda soil, I have broken the self-imposed ban to shed light on the ‘chief-advocate’ of the so-called “Abamoori” movement, who now claim the “cattle corridor {savanna grassland}” from Northern Burundi via Karagwe in northern Tanzania/Mutala plains in northen Rwanda, to Nyabushozi in Ankole, Sembabule in Buganda to Bululi in Buganda/Bunyoro to Kyoga in Apach, on to Kaberamaido then to north Teso and Southern Karamoja –  hoping  they won’t claim Masai-Mara in Tanzania or other grazing plains in E. Africa. Masisi area in Eastern Zaire is already theirs.

(b) This post, besides shedding light on who Mr. Baingana Emmanuel is/could be and while he may actually be a man with the “master’s voice”, should/will provoke the mind of the ‘forumist’ into realizing what, in his mind, Mr. Museveni is actually up-to. It helps people understand that M7 is not just a “nostalgist” [a term Pro. Mazrui uses in his Monitor of Saturday 26th] but in fact a man with a grand plan to resurrect and spread what he believes [wrongly, in my view] to be a ‘dynasty’ threading from the Pharaoh’s of Egypt to the Chwezi…to “Kaguta lineage” just established. The Kagame’s and the Banyamulenge are just links in a long chain. Ugandans may justifiably be awed. Uganda today may just be a ‘fertile womb’ that “God put in place” to fulfill a certain agenda, at least a la Museveni, in which case, Buganda is a nuisance on this long ‘missionary-journey’, a nuisance that must either conform or disappear.

(c) Emmanuel Baingana could not have talked thus, unless, like Kimeze of Bunyala in north Bugerere, he was given a nod. So, who is this Baingana that has become a ‘pawn’ in this grand design? Why does he address his claims to Mmengo, not to Hoima?

1. Emmanuel Baingana first appears as a ‘noisy’ student in the early 1960’s at St. Andrew’s SSS Bukuumi [in Kakumiro town], at the south-eastern edge of current Kibaale district, near the border with Mubende district. He school is of the “Brothers of Christian Instruction” foundation and management, like SMACK (St. Mary’s College, Kisubi) St. Henry’s, Kitovu in Masaka, St. Paul’s SSS Mutolere in Kisoro, etc]

2. Though he was good at history and was good at English debate, he did not make the grade(s) for an HSC scholarship as was the norm then.

3. After engagements here and there, he gravitated to “trade unionism” and was a self-declared socialist, like the activists of his age in the late 60’s/early 70’s. He really hated kingdoms and any semblance of “order/governance”.

4. Since he was not in formal employment and could therefore not be unionized [belong to a union], he ended up being appointed the “Education Secretary” of the then POSTAL Union [That catered for the workers of the then East African Posts and telecommunications Corporation in Uganda  Region] (This, together with the Railway union, were once Uganda’s most feared workers bodies. During the Obote-Lutwa transition in 1985, Mr. Baingana is among those union leaders that were incase rated for disrupting vital communication, during the ‘Nairobi peace’ talks).

5. And mobelise, he could man. He wrote many articles and published magazines for now so called “Communication Union” and soon became the “god father” during Worker-MP elections [he is, up to now, no a union member per say, since he has never ‘worked’ and so cannot become a Workers’ MP]. He got labour education from, at first, Trade Union/labour centres in Eastern Europe before the collapse of European communism] and later, up to today, from the Scandinavia labour centres. He never misses any ILO [International labour Organization – in Geneva] seminar in Uganda and in the region. He is a formidable mobeliser, therefore.

6. Effect of privatization: With the disentanglement of the powerful post and telecom industry and the collapse of communism, the labour/Union movement in Uganda, like else where has either been weakened nr is non-existent. However, there is a catch here too. The Communication Workers union and NOTU [at national level] have lost membership but have in fact never been wound down legally. So, the secretariat that Mr. Baingana mans is still in existence and still enjoys the benefits of securing contributions from Social-democratic unions and parties from Europe, is able to benefit from ILO allocations for ‘worker education, etc, and most important, remains a “king maker” in Ugandan labour matters. Of late, he has been the vanguard of the “anti-Lyomoki” crusade [for those who may not be updated, NOTU, founded in the 1960’s under UPTC has been active mainly in the semi-skilled and ‘hard labour’ groups in the Tea/sugar industry, building industries, road works, etc]. With the opening of Unionism t the ‘educated classes [University lecturers, and teachers, doctors, engineers, etc], and with the possibility of one becoming an MP plus possibility of sitting ob the boards of bodies like the NSSF, some saw the NOTU leadership and ‘backward’ and formed their own trade-union centre, CFTU-The confederation of Free Trade Unions [which, by cold-war standards would be western-leaning].It is this liberalisation of the Workers movement in Uganda that has made Baingana, a sort of ‘socialist-turned-conservative” in these matters, very prominent, especially when he took an openly NRM stand, even when the workers’ interest became compromised.

7. Where this reduction in the levels of worker’s membership in the Communications union and therefore in NOTU [described above in (6), leave the union leaders of moribund/pseudo-labour organizations [call them paper unions) leaves the likes of Baingana. VERY interesting indeed but the following is obvious:

a. These unions have no members and therefore have reduced or no members contributions to depend on. The leaders therefore depend of ‘foreign solidarity’ donations.

b. Since membership is down this means these leaders have no one to give accountability to, as there are no elections held. They are now personal/elitist organizations.

c. That they have no members means that the PROPERTIES OF THESE [former] WORKERS’ BODIES are now possibly in the leaders’ own names. The Postal union is said to have lost its training complex in Mbarara and another building in Mbale. The cooperative wing lost property in Mityana. The title-deeds of their office blocks/houses in old Kampala’s “Delhi Gardens”, where Baingana sits cannot be traced.

d. Un-Employed? Finally, the weathering away of the UNION activities, at least in the case of Mr. Emmanuel Baingana, leads them to gravitate to other areas of activity, to earn a leaving OR, MAY BE, the ship has sank and these ‘activists’ are abandoning ship. [Watch this page – should the Ministry of labour interest itself in the audits if these unions].

8. FINALLY: Is Baingana domiciled in Buganda? Baingana, like any citizen of Uganda with activities in Kampala lives in Kampala. But, does he have a right to lodge claims for throne-recognition with Mmengo?  Well, the answer is NO and the reason is given bellow.

a. While is not known as to where Mr. Baingana originates from, the fact is that he is domiciled in the KIGUMBA area of Masindi District, Bunyoro Kitara kingdom is an established fact. That is where he and his family have been known to live for the last 40-50 or so years. He has a home there and his herds are there.  So, any claims for recognition this man has [as an individual] should really be addressed to the KAUZIIKA, at Hoima, not to the TWEKOBE a Mmengo.

b. May be, one should not personalize Baingana’s claims since he claims to represent the “cattle corridor “ people. Since this corridor meanders all over east and central Africa and they claim it is theirs’ [on whatever basis?], the claims for recognition should not only be lodged with Mmengo but also with the “Omukama” (King) of Bunyoro,  with Papa Osuban {Emumur} of Teso, the Ankole District councils /Principality,  (of John Barigye), with Kaberamaido district council and even, with Amulatar and Apach district councils.

9. Buganda target: unless the above [in 8(b) above happens], the thought on the back of the minds of many that this new creation is another tool in the anti-Gganda crusade will not go away. You heard the “master’s voice clearly the other day in Parliament, “..Those promoting chauvinism..Will be dealt with..” or something near that. So, fight against chauvinism should start with Capt. Kimeze and Emmanuel Baingana [plus his boss, the quite Museveni Muntu, mbu {one hears}].

10. CONCLUSION: instead of the country’s efforts and resources being wasted on ‘revanchism and nostalgic machinations’, only based on hunger for revenge and revisionism, let everyone engage in what may propel the so called ‘nation’ forward for even he exploiter, needs a stable environment to secure his loot, unless this is already in Geneva. And, Baingana will not be the last. Yesterday it was Butamanya in Bululi, then Capt. Kimeze, today it is Baingana all the way from Kigumba, tomorrow it may be a ‘pure Muganda’, may be a Bukenya, wanting to tear Buganda apart because, as Mirundi put it on BEAT Fm radio on 17th Sept. 09, “what matters/will matter in Buganda.. money”. And M7 and his tools are not short of this.

Christopher Muwanga,

Nakasero, Kampala.

The cultural institutions of Buruuli and Bunyalaget their cultural powers from Ababiito royals

Dear UAH,
The cultural institutions of Buruuli and Bunyala  get their cultural powers from the cultural leader of all Ababiito royals in Uganda, the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, who today is Solomon Gafaabusa Iguru.
I have in the past given you documents showing how the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara has the cultural responsibility, from God, of appointing these people. I even sent you a document the Omukama issued on October 1, 2008 when the Isaabaruuli and Isaabanyala went to Hoima Palace to declare their discovery of their ancestral origins and to get cultural blessings from the only source of culture in Uganda kings, the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Briefly, the cultural posts of Buruuli bwa Nyangoma, now Isaabaruuli and Isaabanyala, are not hereditary. They are either created or maintained at the will of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Get this very clearly, no person can become cultural leader in Buruuli and Bunyala unless he/she has got the cultural blessings from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara. Hence, Mwogezi Butamanya Isaabarongo Mubwijwa, and Capt Becka Kimeze Byarufu, transported their entire cultural leadership in October 2008,and went to Bunyoro-Kitara to get these cultural blessings. And they were blessed in front of the Uganda press. I will give a vedeo recording of this ceremony if you desire it.
The Nyamuyono you are talking about, is supposed to be the heir to Omubiito Nyamuyonjo who in 1894 rebelled against Omukama Kabaleega and was stripped of his office.  Hence the present heir you are talking about does not have cultural authority from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Indeed, in 2002 I introduced the topic of forgiving Nyamuyonjo by the Omukama. He kept quiet and later told me the royals were still considering my request. Unfortunately the then Nyamuyonjo, Fenekansi, died of old age two years ago before the Omukama lifted the ban on him. So Fenekansi’s heir cannot today claim cultural powers you are trying to givehim
You want to be recognized as an authority on Bunyoro-Buganda culture. You will never achieve that feat as long as you do not adhere to true culture.Some of You suggest that the cultural powers to appoint Buruuli bwa Nyangoma, and powers of Nyamuyonjo, recognition of Buruuli and Bunyala cutural leaders, have shifted from Bunyoro to Buganda.  No, that cannot happen. Because these things are inherited from the days of the Abacwezi up to today. The line has not been broken as you it to be .
That is why a prince of Buganda can never become kabaka until he has gone, physically, to his ancestors in Bunyoro-Kitara to get those blessings from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.I can see some of you trying to ask me whether Kabaka Ronld Muwenda Mutebi went to Hoima before he was crowned Kabaka of Buganda. I advise you to ask Ssabsajja himself.  He will give you an answer.
That is why Princess Nsungwa now residing  in Kawempe, when she wanted to be Buruuli bwa Nyangoma in 2002, she asked me to  introduce her to the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara. I did my part and brought up the topic to the Omukama. But he delined to appoint her because she had earlier on aligned herself with Buganda royals who, abusively, claimed they taken away Omukama’s powers.
When the Baruuli learned that the Omukama had refused to annoint Nsungwa, they also refused to recognse her. Hence the adoption of a new type of cultural leadership, that of Isaabaruuli, which the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara recognised. This recognition was confirmed when the Isaabauruuli and Isaabanyala went to Hoima in 2008 to receive these cultural powers.
Some of You are now ignorantly accusing the Omukama of interefering into the internaal affairs of Buganda.  No. These cultural affairs are not transferred just like that.Mwogezi Butamanya and Capt. Becka Kimeze Byarufu, know better than you Baganda that the source of cultural power is in Hoima and thats why they went there to get it.
However, the Kabaka as Ssabataka in Buganda had powers to change the Nnaku culture when it was announced that the Nnaku young girl will never see another man in her life. FIDA stepped in, made representation to him, and he changed that ritual. Now that girl can see another man after Kabaka Mutebi adjusted the ritual
Herry Ford Miirima

Press Secretary of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara

UAH forumist

Who are the cultural leaders of Bugerere and Buluuri


The cultural leader of Bugerere is Omutaka Namuyonjo. A son of Omukama Wunyi l from Kibulala in Singo. Pricess Nang’oma , the cultural leader of Buluuli, is a daughter of Omukama Wunyi l of Kibulala in Singo. Those are the cultural leaders worth their names. But this alliws of yours Mr. Mirima are bakopi ( commoners) not royals (Babiito or Balangira). If Kimeze and Mwogezi Butamanya, want leadership, let them stand for elective political offices, or let them become clerics, or let them become very rich, or let they become grow too old, or let they be elected Katikkiros of Nangg’oma and Namuyonjo.

The offices of Princess Nang’oma or Nyangoma and Namuyonjo or Nyamuyonjo, are hereditary, and the Omukama does not have powers to sack incumbents or abolish them.

Secondly, the office of Nang’oma is no longer under Omukama of Bunyoro but under the Kabaka of Buganda after Buluuli (Southern Buluulu) fell from Bunyoro to Buganda in the second half of the 19th century. However Omukama may install a Nyangoma of North Buluuli now in Masindi District. As for Namuyonjo, the office is under Kabaka of Buganda after North Bugerere fell to Buganda and even in recent years, the late Sir Edward Muteesa ll have one sq.maile Mailo Estate to the family at Galiraaya. Both discendents of Namuyonjo and Nang’oma gather annually at Kibulala in Singo, for the annual gathering of all decedents of Winyi. Many come from Buddu, other parts of Singo, Busujju, Butambala, Bugerere, even Bulemeezi. They are led by a ssaababiito b’e Kibulala, who is answerable to Ssaabalangira of Buganda and Kabaka of Buganda. They are different from Babiito of Kooki who also have their own Ssaababiito. There are also Ababiito b’e Sanje, one branch in Kiziba, Tanzania, where Princess Maria Lubega Mutagamba belongs. There are also Abamooli of Bwera now Mawogola who are affiliated to Ngabo clan. The Bunyoro Babiito (even Kooki Babiito) have Ngabi as their totems.

So while Bunyoro-Kitara  is the cradle of centralized states in the Great lakes Region , other powerful kingdoms like Buganda emerged and cut that umbilical code. However we should all be proud of the Great Lakes region’s linkages. But Omukama should not interfere in buganda affairs so is vice versa.

Ahmed Katerega

Demonstrations at UN headquaters



WHEN: Wednesday September 23, 2009
TIME: 11.00am-3.00pm
WHERE: 1st Avenue and 47th Street
ASSEMBLE: Corner of 3rd Avenue and 47th Street at 11.00am, from there we will proceed to 1st Avenue under police escort – Be on time
If late approach 1st Avenue by walking along the NORTH sidewalk of 47th street from 3rd Av. to 1st Avenue towards GM position
BUSES: To park between 47th and 51st Street along 3rd Avenue  –  Drivers to stay with buses at all times
MARKINGS: Buses to have GGWANGA MUJJE PLACARDS OR MARKINGS IN order to park on 3rd Av.
NOT ALLOWED BY POLICE: Powered Loudspeakers, Sticks for posters (all posters to be worn)
DRESS CODE: Preferably Traditional garb preferred, i.e. Busuuti, Kanzu, Lubugo ~ bimyu, hats, etc
WHAT TO BRING: Placards & banners with huge writings
1. Water
2. Flags of USA, Buganda & Uganda (a few Buganda hand flags will be available for sale on 1st come 1st served basis). USA flags avaialable at Home Depot, etc
3. Drums, ndege, whistles (your local sports store), bullhorns (available at most equipment rental places), any noise makers
4. Donation to contribute to fund of mabugo/mataaba for the dead, and for the injured, etc
5. Buganda national anthem — download at
You may contact Buganda Kingdom directly via her official website:









Both came to power by the gun
Both rule by the gun
Both preside over military dictatorship
Both changed their constitution in order to stay in power
Both have been in power for over 23 years
Both are land grabbers
Both are very, very, very, very……. Nepotic
Both are the most corrupt regimes in Africa
Britain was stupid enough to grant both CHOGM


Buganda Crisis: Demonstration in Los Angeles


Dear Community Members, fellow Baganda, friends of Buganda and Uganda,

Buganda kingdom is in Crisis. Many of us lost our loved ones killed by the NRM government during last week’s riots, and many others are still languishing in pain in Hospitals.

Members of Parliament from opposition, Buganda Kingdom officials and Journalists are getting arrested and detained in ungazetted detentions.
In support of Ssabasajja Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II ANd the Buganda Kingdom at this crisis moment, we the Baganda in California have organized a peaceful demonstration in Los Angeles to protest the killing of people in Buganda by President Museveni’ s NRM government.

The demonstration is scheduled to take place on September 19, 2009, at 10:00 am in city of Westwood, Los Angeles.

We will all assemble at 11600 Wilshire Blvd at Federal, where the demonstration will be flaged off marching eastwards along Wilshire Blvd to the Federal Building Lawns where we will be addressed by elders, community leaders, State and Federal leaders.

The event will be covered by all major media houses; ABC7, CNN, BBC, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, NPR, and many more.

We are all requested to honor our King and the kingdom by wearing traditionally: Men in Kanzu and Ladies in Busuuti.

More details will be communicated to you.

Thank you,

Ssabassajja Kabaka awangaale.

Damiano Kigoye
Ndi Muzukulu wa Nakigoye e Kyasa, mu Buddu.
Member, Organing Committee.

Let us all research about the lost counties issue and write Buganda’s history


Dear all,

There are details about the lost counties in some history books such as S. R. Karugire’s book (see attachments) – seemingly biased towards UPC and grossly anti-Buganda and anti-Kabaka. My first impression is that the bias did Karugire’s academic credentials some injustice. For example, on page 117, Karugire claims that the Kabaka was autocratic! Yet, people rioted when Muteesa II was forced into exile by the British.

My understanding is that Bunyoro is seeking boundaries as they stood before the 1900 agreement. However, Bunyoro does not provide a map to show its boundaries during that period (of Kabarega and Mwanga), bearing in mind that the British bafuruki found Muteesa I and Mwanga at war against Bunyoro already. I.e., the war between Buganda and Bunyoro was not started by Wazungu – Wazungu could have helped Buganda though, but probably not to a great extent as exaggrated, seeing that Mwanga started to chase Wazungu from Buganda, which led to his deportation together with his erstwhile archenemy, Kabarega. Furthermore, at that time, Buganda had her own internal squabbles, some of which were inter-religious. No where is it factually established that the British donated counties to Buganda for collaboration, although there are heresay statements in Karugire’s book; many are quotations of the colonialists’ opinions. Instead, it seems, the British stopped the expansion of Buganda by Mwanga, and forced Buganda into a state with the neighbouring territories. The British wanted even to form an East African protectorate if Buganda had not refused.

Nonetheless, firstly, Bunyoro’s claims for Bugerere and other counties are pressed by Banyoro only. By independence in 1962, the agreement was to hold a referendum for Buyaga and Bugangazzi, and not any other counties. Bunyoro indeed repossessed Buyaga and Bugangazzi.
Furthermore, it appears, from article 2 of the 1900 agreement that Buganda forfeited some territory outside today’s boundaries, besides Buyaga and Bugangazzi. In the Uganda Agreement of 1900, article 2 states: “The Kabaka and chiefs of Uganda hereby agree henceforth to renounce in favour of Her Majesty the Queen any claims to tribute they may have had on the adjoining provinces of the Uganda Protectorate”.
My hypothesis is additionally supported in Karugire, pages 220 -221. The Banyoro petitioned Buganda and the British for the return of the ‘lost counties’ (Karugire, page 220). In response, Kabaka’s communiqué to the British Governor dated the 18th June 1960, .Item 3 states:  “If it were decided, largely on historical grounds, to alter boundaries which have remained unchanged for more than 60 years, it would be inequitable that revision should be confined to the Territories referred in the Petition. My government might well decide to put forward claims to any or all of the lands which formed part of the ancient Kingdom of Buganda” (Karugire, page 221).
The short of it is that it is difficult to know who, between Bunyoro and Buganda, controlled which areasprecisely before 1900, as the two protagonists were at war winning and losing some. Wazungu came after Bunyoro had lost much of its territory partly due to mismanagement and over-expansion. Indeed other history references indicate that some territories seceded from Bunyoro (I think Koki is one example). Kabarega was notably ruthless for some of his territories.
The fact that Banyoro are interested in the lost counties, only in Buganda, is an indication of ulterior forces driving their demand. Toro, as an example, was part of Bunyoro – they should reclaim Toro and Kigezi. Taking Bugerere to Bunyoro will dictate that Buganda also asks for its own lost counties she controlled before 1900. Also note that the British bafuruki used the agreement of 1900 to stop Buganda from seceding and to from forming an independent state. It is as if revoking the 1900 agreement allows Buganda (as well as other regions) to renegotiate her status. If the 1900 agreement is invalid, current Uganda, Buganda, Bunyoro, etc boundaries are also invalid. This implies that Uganda has to be re-constituted. I.e., another constitution has to be written.  It would seem that Bunyoro is trying to resurrect old wars, at least considering statements made by Isabanyala.
Finally, Buganda has to write her own view of history.

Dr.Johnie Muwanga-Zake

UAH forumist

Bugerere is one of Bunyoro-Kitara’s lost counties, donated to Buganda by Capt Colville in 1894


The best, and most honest source of information on, Bugerere, and the seven lost counties,Buyaga, Bugangaizi, Buheekura, Rugonjo (Singo), Bulemeezi, Buruuli, Bugerere(Bunyala) are the official British Archives availlble to the public in London, free of charge..

The then British military commanders, Cpt. Henry Coville, Fredrick Lugard, Maj. Gerald Portal, Ternin, Thruston, Macknon, etc. were all, by order from London, to record and dispatch their daily military records of the invasion of Bunyoro-Kitaraby the Anglo-Ganda army.

Their records , in writing, are meticulously preserved. Bunyoro-Kitara sent the Principal Private Secretary of the Omukama, Mr. Yolaamu Nsamba to London and he spent six months there recording and photocpying these records.

Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom, has over five volumes of these records.  I personally went to London in June-July, this year, and verified what Yolaamu Nsamba recorded.

Indeed, Cpt. Henry Coville wrote a book where he reproduced his military records.

Cpt Coville clearly states that in 1894 he addressed the Buganda Lukiiko and donated all the Bunyoro lands south of River Kafo to Buganda as a reward for Buganda’s assistance to fight Omukama Kabaleega’s Abarusuura army.

This act was snot officially communicated to the London Home Office at that time. Because he knew it was illegal.. Hence it was not divulged until 1899 in London and by that time the Home office said it was too late to reverse. Hence the then Governor who concluded the 1900 Anglo-Ganda Agreement had no alternative but to legalise the annexation of those seven lost counties to Buganda. Remember the agreement was signed by British colonialists and  Baganda alone. No other Ugandas participated. Hence it was imposed on Ugandans. That is why we say it is a kicupuli agreement. We might as well call for its revision where all Ugandans will participate.

The Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, Kaarukara Kiteehibwa protested so strongly that in 1903 he abdicated the throne in protest over the illegal annexation of the lost counties to Buganda. In protest also were two  British administration officials by the names Foster and Pulteny.

The indigenous Banyoro in the lost counties formed THE MUBENDE BANYORO COMMITTEE by representatives from the seven lost counties.
From 1951 when the leadership of Mubende Banyoro Committee was taken over by my father,the late  Joseph Mujoobe Kazairwe, he frequently toured those seven lost counties on his bicycle. I was a young man at that time and I used to accompany him to meet the late Fenekansi, the heir to the Nyamuyonjo who died two years ago.

I can give you more historical background material if you ask for it.

Henry Ford Miirima

Press Secretary of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitasra