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If SDP quits IPC, it will be a big relief to IPC

It is inconsequential for IPC to collapse now. 60% of the objectives of setting up IPC have been achieved. The issue of IPC is not based on the parties but on the voters. Even with out IPC, the voters will automatically form their own IPC. I have observed and listened to voters here but they all agree that the issue is not parties but the desire to see Museveni out.
You will be surprised that one will vote against Museveni and then vote in an NRM MP. At the same time you will see one voting in KB  and a DP MP.

On Ssematimba, I believe his relationship with NRM stems back from his days with Cbs. Him and Mulindwa Muwonge left cbs with a disgruntled mind and were quickly used to fight Mengo by using Ssematimba’s super fm. I remember one time when museveni was pushing for the regional tier, his special press conference was attended by among others; Mulindwa Muwonge, Tamale Mirundi, Robert Ssebunya and Ofono Opondo. It seems therefore automatic that when time came for Ssematimba to join politics, he had to join his masters.

If SDP quits IPC, it will be a big relief to IPC. If anything, we dont want IPC to be associated with confused people like Mabike. If he quits, then Lukwago’s issue will be settled and he will automatically be the mayor. SDP alone is weaker than Bwanika’s PDP. It can however win some positions at local council levels such as councilors and LC 1 leadership.
By the way, doesn’t the IPC protocol provide for suspension from the co-operation? I think it would be wise to suspend SDP before they even think of quiting.
Jude Mayanja

Do all these People qualify to be Buganda’s Judas Iscariots?


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Shouldn’t people like Nsibambi be spared since they have never said anything bad against Buganda? What can Buganda do to make sure that most of these people don’t come abck as members of parliament? What is the best way to get candidates that can fight for Buganda’s interests in elections?

Over to you!

Re-opening CBS does not solve the Buganda question


Dear Ugandans,

Suddenly, CBS Radio was back on air after over a year since it was abruptly switched off the airwaves by a regime hell bent on suppressing people’s opinions.  I remind readers that I’m no Aisha Nankya or Edriss Kironde so my article will not be published in the New Vision or the daily Monitor.  Pro-Buganda writers don’t get such privileges.

37 people were killed, 150 left unemployed and hundreds of businesses crippled simply because General Museveni, General Tinyefuza and General Kayihura did not want that the decision blocking the Kabaka’s visit to Kayunga was reported on CBS Radio.  Was it all necessary?  NO is the big only answer.

But the military men did not end there.  To re-open the station they imposed tough conditions: That the station moves out of Bulange, that the station stops referring to itself as ‘Radio ya Ssabasajja’ and that certain journalists including Betty Nambooze be fired.  All conditions were unacceptable to Baganda and so the issue went to court.

But before our learned friends could have the final decision on the matter, I hear that government changed heart and decided to let CBS back on air without any conditions other than ensuring that broadcasts are in line with broadcasting standards.

Somewhere somehow something happened.  Suubi lya Buganda, a pressure group advocating for the rights of Baganda in the 2011 general elections was gaining momentum in Buganda and hurting the movement government in what was a movement strong region.  Will the re-opening of CBS Radio reverse the NRM rot in Buganda.

I hope not because for me CBS was never part of Ebyaffe.  If the government says that they close it again I’d say go ahead.  It’s not the radio station that hurt the government but the message that was being transmitted to the masses.  This message was the return of Ebyaffe.  These include ‘akenda’ the 9000sq miles that Uganda government confiscated from Buganda during the 1966 crisis.  The payment of rent arrears totaling sh 20 billion that the government has refused to pay to Buganda for use of her county properties and the refusal by the government to return the country to a federal system of government.

Also, it is this NRM government that made an attempt to remove Kabaka Mutebi from the throne claiming that he was not the real Kabaka of Buganda.  They refused to the Kabaka from visiting Bululi county in 2007 and Kayunga in 2010 citing security concerns.  Government has encouraged want away counties in Buganda and supported the Kaamuswaga to rebel against Mengo, legitimized Bunyoro’s illegitimate claims to Buganda counties in Singo, Bulemezi and Bululi.  At one time President Museveni was encouraging Basoga to claim Bugerere county.  In the background, the government was busy re-drawing the map of Uganda and eliminating the word ‘Buganda’ preferring to refer to Buganda as the central region.  Don’t forget the kidnappings of Buganda Kingdom officials Betty Nambooze and Peter Mayinga.

To finish off the kingdom, the Movement government has a proposed legislation in Parliament called the Kampala Bill.  The contents are the last nail in the coffin for Buganda as we know it because Buganda counties of Busiro, Kyadondo, Kyagwwe and Mawokota will be taken out of Buganda and placed under central government control.  In effect ending Buganda as a viable future ‘Federal’ entity.

At one time the President referred to ‘Akenda’ as “Public Land in Buganda” and went on a campaign to rally the whole country against Buganda.  All this was being done without provocation and despite the fact that President Museveni got 1.74 million votes from Buganda at the last general election.  Giving up Buganda, the Kabaka and identinty was the price Baganda had to pay for voting and standing by the NRM government for the last 25 years.

Unfortunately for President Museveni, these issues remained on people’s lips even when CBS has been closed.  Infact Baganda started to identify themselves as victims of a slow genocide and there’s a case at the United Nations.  Buganda Nationalism became stronger and the anthem ‘Ekitibwa kya’Buganda is now a must sing at every major Buganda function in the community.  For Museveni closing down CBS has been a sad failure and reversing it a humiliating retreat.   Should we welcome it?  No.  Because our focus is on ‘Ebyaffe’ and NOT CBS radio.

We should instead ensure that we do not have NRM MP’s anywhere in Buganda .  Museveni and his regime are hostile to Buganda and cannot be trusted with power and our destiny.  If you give them power again during the 2011 elections their actions in government could be worse.  Don’t rule out total enslavement of Baganda in the next 5 to 10 years.  Already they are creating districts around the kingdom for the purpose of being able to create sub-autonomous entities in Buganda.

Stay away from anyone from the movement if you love Buganda and Uganda.  It is in the interest of Uganda that the Buganda question is solved.

Michael Senyonjo

Will Kalundi Robert Sserumaga be back on air after court ruling


Dear editor,

I certain hope that Mr. Sserumaga will soon return on the air: the country badly needs his incisive analyses of,  and witty commentary on, Uganda’s politics.

Kalundi Serumaga

In the recent past, several cases brought by the Museveni regime against citizens of Uganda have been thrown out of court for one reason or another, e.g. Museveni Regime vs CBS, Museveni Regime vs ‘Kampala September Rioters’, Museveni Regime vs  Besigye and others on treason, Museveni Regime vs Kalundi Sserumaga, and many others.
In the case of Museveni Regime vs ‘Kampala September Rioters’, those charged were illegally detained in prison for a year, the Museveni regime failed to follow its own laws to produce those charged in court to face charges within the time period proscribed by the constitution and/or law — thereby violating their constitutional and human rights.
It is obvious that the Museveni Regime, like that of  Obote I & II, is illegally using the judicial system to harass, persecute and intimidate its opponents. In otherwords, it is abusing its power, by misusing and abusing the judiciary. This is a point that has been repeatedly pointed out by various international human rithgs organizations and foreign governments of donor nations. Therefore the abuse of power is a fundamental and basic characteristic of the Meseveni regime.
Recently the US Department of State specifically emphasized this very point in its annual report for 2009 (as it has done in several previous reports) by stating, in part:
“…Uganda … Serious human rights problems in the country included arbitrary and politically motivated killings; vigilante killings; politically motivated abductions; mob and ethnic violence; torture and abuse of suspects and detainees; harsh prison conditions; official impunity; arbitrary and politically motivated arrest and detention; incommunicado and lengthy pretrial detention; restrictions on the right to a fair trial and on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and religion; restrictions on opposition parties; electoral irregularities; official corruption; violence and discrimination against women and children, including female genital mutilation (FGM), sexual abuse of children, and the ritual killing of children; trafficking in persons; violence and discrimination against persons with disabilities and homosexuals; restrictions on labor rights; and forced labor, including child labor. …”
U.S. State Department, March 11, 2010. 2009 Human Rights Report: Uganda
A partial list of such damning reports written by international organization and some Western governments to concretely document the track record of the Museveni regime in the ares of democracy and governance may be found at:
It is also quite telling that a recent ranking of the 21 worst dictators in the world by Foreign Policy Magizine includes Museveni:,19



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CBS fans, advertisers apologise to (trapped) Museveni


A.  M7, in the horns of a dilemma on what to do with CBS, has fallen into a trap.

Like the hyena, which loves ghee so much such that when it swallowed a hot, round stone, smeared with ghee, could not decide whether to spit it so as to survive and then loose the delicacy OR to swallow the delicacy and die of scalds in the throat, he [M7] finds himself placed between the rock and the hard place. Eventually, he will have to do what the opposition and Mmengo has asked for all the time:

“If anything unlawful was committed, take the culprits, not the business, to task”.

B.  The other side of the riddle is: he will have to open the Station, however long it takes, in any case, before the next elections. The only way is to find the best way to save face. He must therefore, look for a scape-goat and this is where the “comedians” come in.

C.  Conditions: true, he will make sure that the investors stick to what they are saying now, “we do not control the content”. So,  who ever works there after the solution or ‘opening’ arrangement MUST be ready to face the music concerning the content of what goes on the air at CBS.

D. So, are the comedians [Sseguya {alias Kayibanda}, “Baba-Kavuyo”, Billy katumba Kasodde, etc] cowards or traitors as “Matek” asserts? The answer is “NO”. Are they ‘sacrificial lambs’ then? Yes and No. Their entry into the game serves the ends of the investors (Kaya Kavuma and group) as well as the power-centres (Army, NRM, M7, and etc. how?

1.  The responsibility for future behaviour will now rest on the shoulders of the workers (as it should maybe be). You say something wrong, you are in for it. Here, some will serve the interests of M7 and his cohorts and may be even air the cause but they will be on air. Self-censorship will now be the order of the day. They are going to campaign for him (at least some of them, after blackmailed through hunger (joblessness, unpaid Bank loans, etc) see today’s Bukedde, p.2:

a.   ”the president said that the leaders of CBS are taking things lightly. They talk with pride {boogez’amalala}. We advise them on how the radio has to be run but the rejected everything. ..I am responsible, a leader of the country, I ma responsible for every citizen, including the CBS workers (Hmmmm!!) ..Who come to me everyday saying they have nothing to eat and that their children and families are in a dire situation…”. There then is the bait and blackmail. He goes on:

Since the workers have been joined by the advertisers, I am going to take the matters to Cabinet [not  Gen. Tinyefuza  who set conditions for its re-opening and whose men carried away the machines].

2.  M7 will open the radio on his own conditions, having by-passed the investors (and therefore Mmengo) as he is fond of claiming. His party will now claim to have helped open the radio, without Mmengo’s input.

3.  Her stand the Investors and Mmengo? Here M7 is right, that they talk with what he calls arrogance and are not serious. The issue is, they were told to APOLOGISE and refused since they had never sent anybody to say what they said. They blame him for dis-advantaging them vis-à-vis the competitors and even threaten to go to the Courts of law.  In this, they have nothing to loose, should the radio be opened through the ‘face-saving’ mechanism  since they are now loosing 300m shillings every month. They may be ready to get it opened so long as their business, share-holding and are not interfered with and of curse, without giving M7 a rope which to hand them, in future that is, the apology.

4. Conclusion:

M7 is under immense political pressure to open Radio Buganda. He has to answer the question at every road-stop in Buganda. Internally, the NRM Baganda are restless, “how shall we face the people with CBS off air?”

So, the comedians are on a mission and not in comedy as such they are saving the faces of both sides and their jobs of course.

Christopher Muwanga,



Advise to Baganda from Kalundi Serumaga


Dear  Africans:

I am writing to thank you for all you are doing, and request you to avoid getting distracted

Always remember that you are arguing on a voluntary basis, to develop knowledge, against persons who are paid to maintain a flow of lies.

If you wish to conquer a people, you must first destroy their historical knowledge of themselves. This is the mission the British (and others) began with colonialism, but were compelled to leave before they were finished with the job.

The reason the Brits now love NRM so much is because they have been willing to take up and try and continue the task.

Peddling hate history is a key tactic in this strategy.

But for such Africans, the first thing they must destroy is their ability to love themselves as Africans. They become slavish “house negroes” , working as intellectual guard dogs for Europe’s continuing ambitions in Africa .

Yes, they hate you (in this case Baganda). But that hatred is small in comparision to the self-hatred and secret contempt they often feel for themselves. This is manifested in how they periodically “kwesiluwaza”  by resorting to schoolyard jeering and trying to make other “funny” noises in print. It is a recognition inability to maintain a sensible debate until they have been told what to say next. A dog cannot exceed the arguments of its master.

It is one of Africa ‘s modern tragedies.

Now, the challenge for you is to always stay on the point. Stick to the factual argument of substance, no matter how they try to provoke you into other ones.

The facts have been laid out in my last post.

But as I said, the real issue is: what can we learn from such history? Again, I have given my views on what lessons there are.

A increasingly relevant example here is this point I made:

” We see this again with those who used to be in NRM fleeing into exile from very system they have been part of, but also refusing to denounce it, and instead waiting to see how things may return to their favour. Their problem is not the illegitimate way in which the country is being governed, but rather the fact that it has “left them out” of the process.”

As some of you may know, Otto is actually the (partly UK-trained) UPDF officer Sabiiti Mutengesa who had to flee Uganda a few years back after seriously falling out with the then UPDF big man Gen James Kazini. The cause was the ghost soldiers/salaries issue. I don’t know the exact nature of their disagreement over this money.

Ask yourself why he has never returned, even after the death of his nemesis, to either explain his desertion, or resume his duties?

Ask yourself why he retains an unhealthy obsession with any negative thing he can find to say about  Buganda , but cannot write one word about what he personally knows about the faults of the UPDF/NRM administrative culture that made him leave the country he professes to love so much?

As a UPDF officer, he presumably would have greater chances of contributing to positive change in the force, than he ever will in Buganda , since he has no standing here. Yet he is silent where he could be effective, and very vocal where he can be of no help at all. What a waste.

Often, our obsessions with other peoples’ business is actually a mask for our deeper anxieties about our own problems. This is why it is good for us to keep our history alive. The more you know about your own ancestors, the less likely you are to become obsessed with other peoples’, as seems to happening with our friend.

The only “good thing” about this case is how Otto has managed to turn all this dysfunction into a paying career.

Once again, I urge you to stand firm, and keep on defending Africa and her cultures.

Sorry for the long post, but as you can see, the problem runs deep.


Kalundi Serumaga

The idea of a Buganda Army is a non-starter


Dear editor,

I have read some emails sent to me from Ugandans at heart forum. They have written articles about the possible creation of a Buganda Army or rumor thereof.
Personally, I do not seriously think Buganda’s creating her own army. From what I have read, my take on it was they are trying to create a well-trained security officers force just like that of The Nation of Islam (Loius Farrakhan) in America; a force that serves as body guards for his personal protection and the protection of his entourage wherever he goes but not an army, of course. I read the suggestion that these Buganda professional guards or security officers will be armed not with guns but with batons. This is what makes me believe it is not a fully fledged army or military force.
Before anyone in Buganda would think of creating an army, it is vital to first of all think and reflect on our history post independence to the present and where we today stand as a growing nation with different parties ready to strangle one another’s neck. I see four points to ponder:
1. Doing anything that may be used against Buganda to have more Baganda arrested or killed is not something everyone wants to happen. But setting up something like an independent army is reason enough for the soverign state of Uganda and her national government to attack once again, the Lubiri (palace) thinking that the Kabaka has hidden weapons with which to overthrow the Ugandan incumbent regime. This gives the Uganda Head of State ammunition and or reaons to attack Buganda and the Kabaka. This was exactly what happened in May of 1966 when Idi Amin was ordered by the then Prime-Minister of Uganda, Dr. Obote to go search the Palace for hidden arms and ammunition and to arrest the Kabaka. This particular story has been told and retold by many different people over the decades from many different angles and perspectives.
2. Creating an army by Buganda the way it is being now portrayed is an open controntation with the Ugandan government because Buganda has not seceded from Uganda and seceding is not a matter of mere words but a battle the result of which may see so many people dead. If Buganda succeeded in her secession arguments and battle, the dead might be recorded down as Heroes. But there is no way the Ugandan government will let Buganda secede without an open war and if Buganda is declaring the war to seced by creating her own army, this may be taken to mean that Buganda has declared the war to secede and believe me, once the Ugandan Head of State gets this message, his first response as Commander in Chief will be to respond. The response will be a militarily one. It will be decisive and irrevocable.
Is Buganda ready for such an eventuality? Are the people of Buganda ready to see their kingconfrontated if not arrested or killed in the exchange of fire by the UPDF at Lubiri? Or, is it some few people’s idea to publish such articles as a means to create confusion and incite the arrest of the Kabaka? Is declaring the creation of such an army the best course of action and is that the best way to do it? Or, is it the most opportune time for such a move?
3. Buganda is giving fertile ground to three scenarios: One: readiness to fight the war to secede from the rest of Uganda and become an independent country. Two: setting the last and final stand Buganda will ever make relative to such secession. Three: Buganda being obliterated from the Ugandan Map once and for all time until the dawn of the New Era when the Cosmic Gardeners of the Earth re-establish their cosmic foci around the planet.
4. My humble advice:  At a time when the forces of Nature and creation face off with the destinies of a people and nations, it becomes very difficult for any mortal man to intervene. The forces of destiny have to paly their roles and take their place in the course of time. Seeking the impeccable advice of some Living Mystics or Saints could go a long way to help change the impending disaster. I know of countries that were helped by Living Saints at the times of their founding. This included most of all, the United States.
I do not think that Yoweri Museveni perfers an impasse of bloodshed to an amicable solution with Buganda. I also know that the Kabaka of Buganda, His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II does not opt for or desire bloodshed in his kingdom. Not in the least. Their common ground is the peaceful resolution of these matters, I believe and hope. There is a way to resolving this in the best interests of both parties.
The only arbitrator with infallible wisdom and the most practicable solution is a contemporary Saint. The only African Saint I know who understands African culture and is therefore the best choice of an Arbitrator in matters such as these is The Perfect Born-Saint, His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba Baabuwee who lives in Northern Virginia, USA. The second best choice of such an Evolved Being is Rebazar Tsarz who lives somewhere in the Himalayan mountains and who is over 500 years old. These two Great Beings am sure know each other.
Now, that being said, I give no guarantee to no body that either one of these Living Saints will affirmatively accept an invitation to arbitrate in these matters. If the Saint foresees that the best course of action is to let the hand of destiny take its course the way Nature and Creation have demarcated it, the Saint may not interfere as he may be commanded by the Supreme Lord to not interfere. Under such a circumstance there can only be one force that can interefere: Divine Compassion.
 I would humbly urge the Ugandan governemnt and President in particular Yoweri K. Museveni and the Kabaka of Buganda or his Katikkiro, JB.Walusimbi to seek at least this one life-time consultation with a Living Saint of our time and see the results that wouold be written down in the history of Uganda and Africa, indeed the whole world, how imminent danger was averted in Uganda and how Buganda and Uganda attained permanent peace, progress and propserity for all.
Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro
Virginia, USA.

Baganda Radio has started satellite broadcasting LIVE in Uganda


Dear Ugandans,

Baganda Radio has started satellite broadcasting in Uganda.Baganda radio (ABABAKA.COM) is based in Los Angeles. Radio will be broadcasting its program “Wooli Nywera” live in Luganda to Eastern, Central and Southern Africa starting tomorrow on Saturday, March 27, 2010 , at 8:00pm East African time.

The frequency is 15410KHz in the 19 meter band. The phone number for the call in talk-show is 1-818-534-8273. Phone lines open at 10:00am (Pacific Standard Time), and each call will be limited to three (3) minutes.

For the rest of the world, the show will be broadcast live on the internet at
Please inform all of your relatives, friends and neighbors.
Support Ladiyo ya Baganda by donating at – click on the Donate button.

I think Besigye,Otunnu and others need to jump at this chance with two hands since they are not allowed to be hosted on stations in Uganda.

Ladiyo y’aBaganda at continue to give a voice to Buganda’s muzzled populace — every Saturday and Sunday starting at 10AM Pacific Time (9PM Uganda Time), broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, in the “Land of the Free”, i.e. the United States of America.

You can call in during the talkshow. The phone number is 1-818-534-8273, but please BE BRIEF (3 minutes max) so that others also get a chance to air their views.



Ladiyo ya Baganda enkya ku Lw’omukaaga nga March 27, 2010 lweetandika okuweereza obubaka mu Eastern, Central ne Southern Africa, nga ne Buganda mwogitwaalidde, ku shortwave. Awalala munsi yonna tujja kusigala ku yintaneeti,
Tujja kuba ku 15410KHz mu bandi eya 19 miita.
Tujja kutandika essawa ez’eYuganda bbiri ez’ekiro, okutuusa essawa nnya ez’ekiro (8:00pm – 10:00pm East African Standard Time), ezo ze ssawa ssatu ez’okumakya mu California.
Essimu ya ladiyo eri 1-818-534-8273, naye yakuggulwawo ku ssawa nnya ez’e Kalifoniya, era nga buli ssimu tejja kusukka dakiika ssatu (3) zokka.
Buli awulidde ategeeze munne, naddala abali e Yuganda.
Wagira Ladiyo ya Baganda: tusuuleyo e jjamba ku, nyiga akapeesa akaliko ekipande Donate.




Possible fundraising methods for Buganda Kingdom


submitted by William Kituuka


To those who are Baganda and those who sympathize with the Buganda Kingdom, You will all agree with me that there is a deliberate move to weaken the Buganda kingdom financially, lender it incapable of solving any social problems affecting the subjects, create room for the kingdom to be mocked by the likes of Mulindwa and hence create a dependence syndrome which will lead to the collapse of the Kingdom.

The leadership in Mengo has tried to raise funds, come up with ideas but in all cases the sources are blocked by Buganda’s enemies. The closure of cbs, the new land law, the burning of Kasubi tombs etc are all clear manifestation that the hopes to stabilize income for the kingdom are minimal.

By opening an account in the bank on which to deposit money, the Mengo leadership is trying to minimize funds mismanagement and to ensure that the accountability is easy. However, the method only considers those who can afford to go to the bank and eliminates those with small donations, those with no time to reach the bank and those who prefer quick processes.

In this modern  society, even fund raising should go modern so that we utilize the new technology to avoid the inconveniences of envious people who hate to see Buganda Kingdom developing.

The first step should be to raise funds by using an sms. It is a matter of negotiating with the mobile phone network providers and sign a partnership contract where each sms will deduct a certain amount of money and at the end of the day, the money shall be shared between the company and Buganda Kingdom. This system can work in such a way that all sms can be channeled to the Kingdom site for viewing and accountability. In this approach, people of all walks can fund raise starting with UGX 500.

The second idea is  to set up a Buganda kingdom fund raising day where on such a day, all Baganda and their friends should reflect seriously on their Kingdom and atleast prepare to donate to the kingdom. I believe that on that day alone, the kingdom would raise more than 1 billion shillings.

Finally, Buganda kingdom should use all kingdom functions to raise funds. For example the week of mourning for Kasubi tombs should be used to sell off special fund raising certificates etc

Jude Mayanja

Museveni Burned Tombs/ 7 points why he is the chief suspect

Given the history of m7 and how he operates in such suspiscious circumstances, m7 comes as number one suspect on my list, here are the reasons why
1. During Idi Amin’s regime it has been found out that it was m7 and his fronasa that killed/kidnapped innocent people in Uganda and the blame rested on Amin, example, investigate who sent weapons to Janan Luwum’s house, it is believed that it was fronasa headed by m7 and the person who wrote to Ben Kiwanuka thanking him of his support for the struggle, that later ousted Amin from power; knowing very well that State resaerch bureau boys were reading those letters.
2. During Obote’s regime, m7 was the leader group of those boys in the white Leyland bus, a.k.a mpawo atalikaaba, that terrorised people in Natete, Rubaga and Kampala suburbs at large and during those times Obote was blamed for the bus that killed people, guess who was the minister of Defence and those boys are alive and well in UPDF “professional army today”.
3.  When Luwero came around it is also believed that, the kadogos were woed into the war by circumstances that arose in the death of their loved ones, some known NRA bayekera, came and killed the head of the family and in few minutes after the tragedy, the NRA soldiers arrived on scene out of nowhere with deep sympathy & advice; it was a public secret that those areas were condoned off by m7’s army and no UNLF could pass.
Now where did the UNLF pass?, leave alone escape back to Kampala unheart? Guess what all the remaining young boys and girls automatically enrolled themselves in the guerilla war fight. What would you have done if it was you that lost your relative under such obvious circumstances? It was known that the NRA boys removed the UNLF uniforms and put on rags in just a few minutes and were so involved with the mourners and forces grew in numbers with this rotten foundation.
4. It was later found out by the kadogos who had long enrolled in the ranks of the guerilla warfare thinking it was UNLF soldiers who had killed their parents when they were sent on the same mission in those new UNLF uniforms that were supplied by insiders who are wel known in m7’s govt today, and with time some of them kadogos had a chance to see eye to eye the real culprits who did the real killings of their parents in the camps of nra, what a shame. Those who tried to confront the the killers among the kadogos many of them never saw the light of day shortly before Kampala fell to the now dictator. Ask about the Kakumbi ku mutwe squad during those days.
5. m7 has seen or masterminded the killings of many of his soldiers in his own govt after 1986 and before who he could have been ashamed not to harm, “A father preying on his own children” people like the late Nkwanga, Kayira, up to now no guinuine report of how he was killed is available to the public, his own like Noble Mayombo and Kazini have died thru dubious circumstances and so many that you may know that may be others dont know, on all those occasions m7 has not been welcomed to the say the last words as he is believed to know more that what others know of these deaths.
6.Given m7’s unstable IQ, I would bet you that they are so many orportunities on m7’s radar, that may have led him to okay the (Operation Burn Kasubi Tombs); to test waters, test the Kabaka, or gain an orportunity to restore the tombs while giving with one hand and taking away with another, he closed CBS radio denied the Kabaka to visit his subjects, it is now so wiered for him to cry crocodile tears when tombs of the Kabaka catch fire.
it is equated to a hyna mourning the cow/ paying homage to the calf when the mother cow dies on the village as if the hyena is not overjoyed- for it will be hiding in the nearby bush to eat of the remains of the cow. m7 had a lot to gain so he thought in the burning of the Kasubi tombs, as if he was waiting like a hunter in the nearby bushes having used the nooze of a banana fiber (Eyatega omutego ogw’ekyayi) that when he heard that the noose had caught something he rushed to the scene to capture the occasion before it slipped away as if it was on his schedule, as if he had no other things to do and appear where he was most un-welcome.
7. In all circumstances that m7 has been involved he will come back to try to make things right where he feels that his empty integrity has been jeopardized. And where he feels that his security is not compromised m7 will show up even if it means to kill and not be killed, M7 now employs Ben Kiwanuka’s son as a junior minister, Employs Amin’s son in ISO, Employs Tito Okello’s son, applying the predictable tricks of a criminal who returns to the scene of crime in a sophisticated way, these are acts of a sick man, m7 has given kitu kidogo to the kadogos whose parents died under the circumstances noted point number 3 as above.
And therefore there was no pressing need nor reason as to why m7 had to show up forcefully and so quickly as lightening at the Kasubi tombs despite Mengo’s advice for m7 not to come to the grieving site, there were already symptoms that people were going to be shot thats why, the tombs were surrounded and deployed with so many security operatives with pistols and plain clothe an act that was un-called for, the tombs simply burned as m7 himself wants the masses to believe and people were gathered to mourn the incident, no guns were needed to facilitate the mourning process.
And then why did m7 appear as if he was the saviour of the day?. People who were by default in the vicinity when the fire incident happened said the blue shirted boys were already deployed in the area, the question is what other tragedy was going to happen or happened above the Kasubi tombs if it was not the burning of the tombs itself and may be to secure the gate-away of the numberless pickup truck that was seen fleeing the scene soon after the fire gutted the tombs?
The Kabaka’s schedule had to be interfered by m7, yet the Kabaka was the main mouner, in BUGANDA IT WAS THE MOURNERS WHO WELCOME THE SYMPATHISERS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND, BUT THIS TIME, it was m7 who almost welcomed the chief mourner the Kabaka of Buganda, unless of course m7 had so  much to do with the burning of the tombs and had come back to the scene of crime as many profiled criminals do.
m7 has meddled into many people’s affairs; bribed many people’s families who he is widely believed to have been the cause of death; promised to take care of them to ease the tensions and may be others think that he had nothing to do with it; and people say m7 bought a house for the widow of the late Kayira in Boston USA, thats why she is saying nothing about it, m7 has promised to take care of Noble Mayombo and Kazini’s family, m7 is now the Godfather of the young King of Toro whose father may have been poisoned.
When he does that he has binocuolars all over you and has access to you whenever he wants since you come to him he can come to you in any way he chooses, if you fall in his trick you might as well join your fore fathers; in other words your days are numbered by him and his security dogs. Just watch m7 and see where he interferes with what happened.
The trend is he has something to do with it and now he forced his way to the Tombs promised to investigate like in Kayira’s case he brought the scotland yard and fingures pointed to him and since refused to release the report that most probably has his finger prints everywhere. He wants the Kabaka cornered, and binocuolars all over him as he pushes his way to secure all ways to compromise on the Kabaka’s strengh before things turn around and set him on the run..
What happened at Kasubi Tombs did not call for m7’s presence at all, it had nothing to do with him excpet to follow his norms of making things right where he knows that he is highly involved; m7 gave away his position as the the one who burned the tombs.

Buganda TV and Bulemezi radio licences cancelled by government

BugandaRadioEquipMr. Museveni’s NRM government has told Buganda officials who were in the final stages of preparing to open a Buganda TV station to forget it. The order was given by the chairman of Mr. Museveni’s broadcasting council, Godfrey Mutabaazi. According to the Baganda Eddoboozi newspaper, the Kabaka of Buganda first thought of opening a TV station, to develop his kingdom,  a few years ago. Buganda government officials formed a separate company called Diamond Communications Limited to implement the Kabaka’s plans. And on February 24, the NRM government’s broadcasting council  issued a licence to Diamond to open the TV station. Since then, Buganda officials have been working hard, including ordering equipment from overseas, to put everything in  place for the Buganda TV station to open.
In announcing the surprise cancellation of the TV licence, Godfrey Mutabaazi claimed that the licence had to be cancelled because Buganda has taken too long to open the station from the date they got it.  Mutabaazi claimed that it was against the laws and regulations governing broadcast licences to delay as much as Buganda did. The TV licence cancellation comes only one week after the NRM government similarly the licence for a new Buganda radio station. The radio licence had also been obtained by Diamond Communications in 2008 and was not related to the CBS FM radio stations, which the NRM government closed late in 2009.
When the NRM government cancelled the new Buganda radio and TV licences, it completed a total radio and TV information blackout on Kabaka Mutebi and his development programs from the citizens of Buganda.  In October and November 2009, the NRM government ordered all media houses in Uganda to stop reporting might promote the image of Kabaka Mutebi or his programs or Buganda identity. And that was after Buganda’s main station CBS FM Radio and its two channels were illegally closed.  The timing of the cancellations and closures seem to be aimed at bankrupting Kabaka Mutebi’s projects and forcing Buganda to apologize for resisting the NRM government’s plans for the kingdom.
Now, the only public channels in Uganda which the Kabaka can reliably use to guide his subjects in development are two Baganda owned newspapers, Eddoboozi and Ggwanga. However, the two publications are also operating on slippery ground. However, Buganda is far from down and out. Baganda in Europe and the USA have started a variety of media outlets and some of them are dedicated to Buganda national interests. For example, last week word spread like fire around Kampala surburbs that a Baganda radio called Ababaka (  was going to start broadcasting on Short Wave (SW) every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00PM – 10:00PM. Our reporters in Kampala have not yet been able to find people who have a SW radio and were able to tune into Ababaka Radio last weekend. However, the word continues to spread and Short Wave radios are selling very well.  The USA based Baganda radio does not need a licence from the NRM because it is supposed to use satellites to transmit but it is hard to know yet if the NRM  interfered with it at all. Ababaka Radio has been broadcasting for a long time and  is already very popular in the diaspora especially in the USA, UK and Germany.



1/6 Many keep wondering about what it is about the relationship between Bugerere/Buruli and Bunyoro; yet others rather amazingly, even amusingly keep taking for granted their being integral to Buganda.
2/6 The maps below show the reality of those territories in the evening of the 20th century.  Bunyala is what is currently (or for the time being) called Bugerere.  As we know, Buyaga and Bugangaizi are the only counties that have so far been restored to Bunyoro.
3/6 Note that the process that resulted in the allocation of 4227 Square Miles of land (the so -called Akenda) to the government of the country was the very same process that allotted Buganda all those territories in a process of sharing the Bunyoro spoils.  What Buganda has to understand from that historical fact is the reality that, undoing the government’s claim to the 4227 Sq miles of what was in 1900 called “Crown Land” cannot happen without Buganda’s loss of the territory that belongs to Bunyoro, unless Mmengo wants to have it and also eat it.  Those two processes were on the back of each other.
4/6 If you want the “Akenda” (4227 sq miles) back, then surrender everything else that was part of “mpa nkuwe” (scratch my back and I scratch yours) that was the essence of the 1900 agreement, i.e., cannibalisation of Bunyoro.
5/6 Because Mmengo fails to understand that reality, it will never comprehend why Entebbe matches the noises about “Akenda” with blocking the Kabaka from going to Bunyoro territories currently held by Buganda.  Problem: Mmengo wants to “Kusala ekikuubo”, as they say north of Lake Nalubaale.
6/6 To be noted also is that, the real content of the process that had given Buyaga and Bugangaizi to Buganda was the allocation of land in those two counties to Mmengo government and its subjects.  It is intriguing that Mmengo government could be evicted from those counties but its subjects were left there in charge of land that should have been automatically reverted to its Banyoro owners.  In other words, the 1964 referendum was “byoya byanswa.”  There is a stick therein that will in all certainty be used to flog an intransigent Mmengo one of these days.  The losers will be the Buganda Land lord class that somehow were left to hold on to Bunyoro land: their government departed Buyaga and Bugangaizi and they too should have followed it in 1964; and it is not too late.

Funny Pictures
Source: “Report of the Uganda Relationships Commission, 1961 (Munster Commission Report), map between pp 88 and 89.
The shaded part is the territory of Bunyoro constituting the 7 “Lost Counties” of which Bunyala (Bugerere) and Buruli are part.  After the 1964 referendum, only Buyanga and Bugangaizi were restored to Bunyoro.
Funny Pictures
Source: “Pilkington of Uganda”, p.116


Funny Pictures

Source: Richard Reid (2002), “Political Power in Precolonial Buganda” (London: James Currey), p. xi

Why Does The New Vision Root for Mob Justice Against CBS FM?


Why Does The New Vision Root for Mob Justice Against CBS FM?

submitted by william kituuka

In its editorial of February 9th, The New Vision joined the chorus of Government officials in condemning CBS FM for allegedly calling upon Baganda to take action against “people with long noses who threaten to take away their land” and the Government which “has a hidden agenda of killing Baganda”.  The paper also alleged that CBS told Baganda to “chase away people who they think betray Buganda” and “on the day of the riots “called upon Baganda to escort the Kabaka prepared to engage the enemy”. It asserted that  CBS FM’s actions are similar to those of Radio Mille Collines that flamed the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

In a nutshell the paper has declared its verdict, namely – that CBS FM is guilty of directing the public to commit genocide. This is absurd to say the least.

Doesn’t The New Vision recognise that CBS should not be condemned unheard? Is the paper not able to recognise a need for an independent, impartial inquiry into the causes of the riots and the legality of the government’s actions before, during and after the riots before it can pull the rope on CBS and its owners? Shouldn’t it know better than to participate in mob justice when administrative and judicial mechanisms exist but are sidelined? Does it believe that people should shut up and put up when their rights are being trampled upon? Does it support the rule of the jungle or the gun and not the rule of the law? Has it stopped to ponder the full facts and particularly the evidence on the use of excess force by the State security operatives where innocent people died? Does

What are we to think of a Government-owned paper that prints and propagates such sweeping allegations and makes hasty judgements? Doesn’t the paper realise that genocide is a very serious crime against humanity and that individuals accused of genocide or any other crime must be tried by competent courts and not summarily tried and executed by newspaper editors?

The matters in issue in the CBS saga are very serious and should not be taken lightly. Yet in several respects the CBS saga is only the tip of a huge iceberg of injustices suffered by the people of the Kingdom Buganda. The New Vision ought to know that our community has suffered many years at the hands of tyrants and treacherous politicians from the days of the British colonialists. And, perhaps more than others, it has born the main brunt of the wars aimed to liberate this country. Because of this reality, and in spite of the several adversities it faces, it has a right and duty to defend itself from acts that are illegal and undermine its core values and existence. This extends to the duty to defend itself from false accusations of genocide and to demand for justice.

For the record, the Kingdom of Buganda that I represent, has no agenda whatsoever against people from western or any other part of Uganda. Ours is a nation that comprises and embraces many nationalities with all shapes and sizes of noses – indeed it is a microcosm of Uganda in which all the native peoples of Uganda live in harmony, something that cannot be said about all parts of the country. The makeup of our Cabinet and Lukikko is reflective of this reality. It is paradoxical that, the more Buganda embraces and integrates other native communities, the more it is accused of being discriminative and ethnocentric! Genocide has no place in our constitution or thinking at all. But we fear that it may actually be is in the minds of those that constantly talk about it. Sadly, this thinking may be augmented by The New Vision editorial, whose role here may be more accurately analogous to the notorious Radio Mille Collines – the state-owned media outlet, which paved the way for the genocide of the Tutsi by demonising the Tutsi and convincing the Hutu that the Tutsi had a plan of genocide against them and that the Hutu, who wielded state power and armed militias, should move against them pre-emptively.

About the September riots, Buganda’s case needs to be properly understood. We strongly believe that it was illegal to stop the Kabaka from proceeding on lawful visits to Nakasongola and Kayunga. But for the unnecessary roadblocks in the Kabaka way, the riots would never have occurred and people would never have died the way they did. We also consider that it was illegal and wrong for the Government to remove CBS radio masts and cancel its licence unlawfully. Similarly, we find it wrong for the government to arm twist CBS to accept liability for the riots and to coerce it to withdraw its court case. In any case, we consider that it should not be condemned without a right to a full and fair trial. Thus before The New Vision pontificates on these matters it ought to be cautious and objective. We believe that The New Vision knows of the sub judice rule so, instead of writing inflammatory editorials, it needs to give the courts of law, or the statutory Broadcasting Council, a chance to interrogate the full facts and reach a law finding. Otherwise the paper’s rash statements may only serve to obstruct justice and obviate the public’s attention from the real questions to conjured-up charges of genocide and to individuals who seek justice in the matter.

Needless to say, CBS is entitled to a fair trial including: the right to summon witnesses; the right of cross-examination; the right not to incriminate oneself; the right not to be tried on secret evidence; the right to control one’s own defense the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained; irrelevant or inherently inadmissible; the right to exclude judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest; and the right of appeal.

The paper, and others, should know by now that we shall not relent or waiver in the search for the truth and in the defence of our values and heritage. We demand and are entitled for a full public and impartial inquiry in the events leading to the riots and the punishment of those that are found guilty. Similarly CBS FM deserves a fair trial. Mob justice or a kangaroo like court in a newsroom simply will not do.

Apollo N Makubuya


Blocking the Kabaka from visiting Kayunga was Illegal according to constitution


submitted by william kituuka


Protection of freedom of conscience, expression, movement, religion, assembly and association.

(1) Every person shall have the right to—
(a) freedom of speech and expression which shall include freedom of the press and other media;
(b) freedom of thought, conscience and belief which shall include academic freedom in institutions of learning;
(c) freedom to practise any religion and manifest such practice which shall include the right to belong to and participate in the practices of any religious body or organisation in a manner consistent with this Constitution;
(d) freedom to assemble and to demonstrate together with others peacefully and unarmed and to petition; and
(e) freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form and join associations or unions, including trade unions and political and other civic organisations.

(2) Every Ugandan shall have the right—
(a) to move freely throughout Uganda and to reside and settle in any part of Uganda;
(b) to enter, leave and return to, Uganda; and
(c) to a passport or other travel document.

OK! How do we reconcile these provisions, specifically, Article 29 (2)(a) with the recent blocking of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s visit to Kayunga?

And will Kayihuraa’s Police Force ever allow us to exercise the freedom in Article 29(1)(d) without invoking the infamous Police Act or some obscure municipal provision?

William Bogere

UAH forumist

Buganda must take Otafiire remarks seriously


All responsible Bangada and indeed Ugandans must consider comments by Trade and Industry Minister Mj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire as official government policy.
Not long ago, the controversial Minister warned Baganda that they have “betrayed Museveni” … who “would kill Mengo if he chose to do so”.  ……. Were Museveni to break Mengo’s legs, the legs would be so badly broken to ever be repaired by any other government. ………..  What other governments would do in that regard is to completely remove the legs”.    Would that not cost NRM votes in Buganda?  “…. Well that is democracy, but will that make the other person win?”
These are powerful statement made by no ordinary man.  Mj. General Kahinda Otafiire is a member of the Military command that was against the restoration of Buganda Kingdom.  A Muganda hater by character, Minister of Trade and Industry and a so called historical of the ruling National Resistance Movement.  He is also a Presidential Advisor on whatever affairs.  It would be therefore scandalous to dismiss his remarks.
In my opinion, the NRM regime is already pounding the legs of Mengo and will soon crack her legs in a manner similar to cracking a dry cockroach unless Baganda unite and start thinking and acting strategically.  The NRM knows that their actions would not cost votes because it is in Buganda that the NRM can rig votes more efficiently.  By declaring that the other party would not win, Otafiire meant that Buganda has no say in her own affairs.
Look at the way the state foiled the Kabaka’s visit to Nakasongola and Kayunga.  The creation of Ssabanyala, SSsabakooki, Sabarulli, Ssabamooli and God knows who will come up next.  The Land bill has passed through parliament, the regional tier bill is on the way and the Kampala bill will take huge chunks of land away from Buganda.  During the recent riots, the army killed 31 dissenting mainly Banganda, imprisoned 700 more and the crackdown is still continuing.  Buganda, the Kabaka and the people of Bugnada are firm “Captives” according to Beti Kamya the MP for Lubaga North.  President Museveni has already closed the Kingdom’s CBS radio station, banned the Buganda Anthem from radio stations and is curtailing the publicity of the image of the Kabaka. 

Last year, district government officials were instructed to stop using the name ‘Buganda’ and instead refer to the Kingdom as the ‘Central Region’.  Based on the above account, unless Otafiire and his NRMO anti-Buganda government are stopped, Buganda as we know it may not be there in the next 3 years.  According to one Buganda hater at Ugandans at Heat, a popular Ugandan internet chat room, “Buganda is Bugending!”.   Of what use is a Buganda that is being chopped away piece by piece and a Kabaka whose legs have been broken he cannot move freely within his kingdom?, asked another.
Considering the above events, the legs of Mengo are already being pounded and will soon be cut off.  What we should be doing is ensure that we can salvage something and maintain at least some movement, continue the physiotherapy and hope that with time we can recover.
To recover  we need a strategic thinking team in Mengo.  The current leadership at mengo is inept and incompetent when it comes to articulating and strategically advancing the interests of Buganda.  They are easily picked upon and wronged by Museveni’s political machine.  Sometimes Mengo Administrators shoot their own foot.
The Katikiiro is demobilizing Buganda nationalism and has a conflict of interest with state house.  He is telling Baganda not to die for their country.  Mengo was tricked into disowning Husain Kyanjo, a warrior of Buganda.  Jolly Lutaya called Baganda sons and daughters of Museveni . Mengo has been out maneuvered, outsmarted and outplayed by Yoweri Museveni’s clever and ruthless political machine.  Museveni has made them look incapable of even running the federal system we cherish. 

“If Mengo cannot respond to Kyanjo’s remarks in a manner that will not be quoted as disowning the brave MP, then how will they manage to convince NRM MP’s not to vote for the regional tier bill or Kampala Bill without making their party disown them?” asked John Bosco Musisi, a prominent Muganda from Australia. 

“We are not sons and daughters of Yoweri Museveni”, responded another Muganda to reckless comments by Jolly Lutaya at the funeral of the late Bishop Ddungu.  “We are offspring’s of Kintu and now sons and daughters of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II”
“How can a Katikiiro stand up at a party of Baganda workers paid for by the Kabaka of Buganda and tell his audience that ‘Woliggwa wendigwa is a wrong philosophy… how dare he insult Baganda to that extent?”,  asked Moses Mukiibi, a worker in Katwe a surburb of Kampala.  “How can people uttering such reckless statements be negotiating on our behalf? … no wonder they’re being outwitted by the government side”, Moses continued.
The Katikiiro has been wrong on the sh. 2 billion loan from the central government, wrong on negotiations with central government, wrong on his decision to hurl the Kabaka into a meeting with Museveni and now that the government has set tough conditions to re-open CBS, the Katikiiro was wrong to inform the public that the station would open by the end of December!! 

Clearly we have the wrong team, in the wrong place and serving the wrong purpose.  We need strategic thinkers in Mengo.  People who can compete on the political scene without looking political but advancing a political goal.  Surely with all their good intentions,  this job cannot be done by Katikiiro Walusimbi, Peter Mayega and Mulwanyamuli.   It is therefore imperative that Dan Muliika is returned as Katikiiro with a new administration in respect of the wishes of the people.  There isn’t any other person who can unit, rally and strategically position Buganda in this crucial period as we descent into the 2011 general elections.  It would be a disaster of hurricane Andrew proportions to leave the current leadership in control of affairs at Mengo.
We don’t advocate for war or a shouting match with the central government.  We just want to be sure that the people working on our behalf are genuine and competent advocates.
That mengo decided to bring about CBS radio as an issue  at the burial of Bishop Ddungu was disrespect to the deceased who was a strong Federal advocate.  CBSfm radio is not in anyway part of Ebyaffe and should never have been brought up.  Furthermore, the Central Civic Education Committee led by Betty Nambooze has not done any work since May of last year.  This can only happen because the leaders denied it funds.  No wonder the land bill passed.  

Buganda belongs to us, our children and grandchildren.  We must be prepared to die for it, to build it and hand it over to our future generations.  That is why I take Otafiire’s remarks SERIOUSLY and want fundamental changes in Mengo.
Michael Senyonjo
Political Strategist Analyst, London UK

My take on current Buganda issues

You are stereotyping. In saying that the Baganda ethnic group is the fraud and corruption is mostly in Buganda intimating that the Baganda are most frauduklent and corrupt in Uganda. The premise here is that if fraud and corruption is mostly in Buganda, it is obvious because tht is where the seat of government of Uganda is located.  If Uganda is rated amongst the most corrupt countries it is because the government regime is most corrupt and this is not because the regime operates within the boundaries of Buganda but because it is corrupt.
The Uganda President has himself said his government is corrupt and he has vowed that he will fight against it. It is on record that the Uganda Police and the judiciary are most corrupt organs of government in Uganda. The Uganda Land office is another corrupt organs.
The question is how many Baganda are in government positions if Uganda? If the government is corrupt- meaning in its security organs, in the judicial and in the various ministeries how many of those are Baganda? If we take the statistical data of people in Uganda, the demographics of the ethnic groups by percentage, what is the ration of the Baganda to the ratio of the different other ethnic groups for you to make such a blind statement?
If the corrupt Ugandan government operates in Buganda it is obvious Buganda is most corrupt because this is where the corrupt governemt is located. But I know you were referring to the Baganda as being most fraudulent and corrupt.
Please present us with statistical data and compare it with populations demographics so we may all compare and see because it is known that the Baganda are the most populaous in the country. Visit the prisons and obtain statistics of criminal records as well.
b) About CBS, and this is my personal opinion please: If CBS incited Ugandans against the NRM government the right course of action is litigation. Let the Governemt pursue a process of litigation at law and let the courts give their verdict. If found guilty, let CBS pay the price. If acquitted, let government pay costs and damages. Period.
It is my understasnding that the Ugandan incumbent leader, General Yoweri K. Musevni is the so far the only long serving president whose regim has brought relative peace and stability to Uganda post independence.
Dr. Obote’s first term was relative peaceful but for the Mengo crisis of 1966 and the Nakulabaye incident in which many innocent lives were massacred plus the St Mary’s College Kisubi students deaths at the hands of the miliraty in what appeared to be a road accident.
Museveni no doubt has brought some democratic incentives to Ugandans. This includes freedom of speech. But if CBS broadcasters were exercising their freedom of speech during the course of their job, neither you rgudoi nor army generals like Tenyefunza and others can decide the truth about it. It is the legal procedure that can establish this.
Of course 27 people died during the recent riots in Kampala and elsewhere after government prevented the Kabaka from visiting Kayunga which is part of his kingdom by the way. This was an unfortunate event that needed not be. Whether or not it happened because CBS incited people remains to be decided by the courts of law.
The question is were the Baganda as a people happy with government refusing their king to visit his people and territories in Kayunga or not? Was it natural for them to react to that refusal? Did they act responsibly in rioting? Is rioting legal in Uganda? Was the riot led by CBS personnel? etc.
c)  Is it true Ugandans hate the NRM governemnt? if it is, why is that so? Has the NRM delivered well its promises to the peoples of Uganda? Has it delivered well on its Ten Point Programme? Has it brough peace and stability to the people? Has its brought and respected the rule of law in the country? Has it brough democratic institutions and does it respect them? Why then are people hateful of the Incumbent government regime if this be true? If it is true, then there must be something that the government and only government can rectify.
Yoweri Museveni as I know him has the potential and foresight ability to right the wrongs. He is by nature an objective individuals who weighs matters before taking decisions. I hope he is not an impulsive leader judging from I read and have seen about him. Of course there have been incidents of which he is accused by some circles.
Cases in point: the people who died in a container in Teso which I am told was not his directive that they be locked up in a cantainer. But these people died during NRM’s time and so the people take it on him.  Some people even blame him for the LRA of Joseph Kony which I think is absurd and a fanatical assumption.
I have heard Betty Bigombe narrate and report on the Lord Resistance Army atrocities in the North of Uganda. I have een and heard children report on it in the media over the years.  Of course during the long period of LRA insurrection there are bound to have been isolated cases in the military operations where the military officers might have done wrong things. No one denies that. It happens.
Even United States soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have committed wrongs and are prosecuted by their government. But such cases are not singled out as being government policy or directives and therefore government cannot be held responsible only where or if it does not prosecute those soldiers.
d) You state that when a Muganda asks for one thing, he never stops but asks for more, like Olive Twist you asert. The logical question here is what is it that the Muganda is aksing for? Is he asking for favors or is he asking for what rightfully belongs to him? The truth of the matter dear Rugdoi is that the 9,000 square miles the Muganda is asking for is his native land taken away by a foreign force- the bristich colonial masters. What is wrong when a Muganda asks for what is rightfully his by nature? Is that asking too much?
Museveni and the NRM regime gracefully resstores the Kingdoms in Uganda including that of Buganda. This was because Museveni promised the Baganda that if he won the bush war against Obote he would restore the kingdom is they join him in the people’s protracted war.
That is what I hear. If it be true, then in restoring the kingdoms Museven only was delivering what he promised. The Baganda need to be grateful for that and I hope they are but one can argue that the in return, the Baganda shed their blood during the bush war more than any other tribe in country, for Museveni’s agenda, which was to remove dictatorship from Uganda.
e) For Buganda to seek self-governance or to secede from the rest of Uganda is a wild dream that I do not support. My reasons for this include among others the following:
i- It is backward looking.
ii- It is bound to cause too much bloodshed of innocent lives.
iii- It is unwise at a time when East Africans are working towards an East African Political Federation in which East Africa will be one Federal State with one President, one currecny, one passport and one national army. Where will Buganda be then?
iv- For Buganda to secede from Uganda is impractical because it is unacceptable to the majority of other Uganda and therefore it cannot happne through peaceful means without a divine miracle intervention. On the other hand it cannot happen by the power or the gun. Uganda army is professional and very powerful compared to Buganda who have no army and to resort to a bush war Buganda must solicit other tribes to join her forces against the incumbent regime. This is an impossible undertaking and it is obvious because most ethnic groups in Uganda  will not support Buganda’s desire to secede.
v- I think Buganda has the great potential and ability to develop beyond words and become even a greater economic anf financial engine for Uganda and East Africa if not Africa at large.
Why do I say this? Because the Baganda in the diaspora have connections worldwide. Connections and money with which they can invest for developmental projects- industries and service based firms or corporations; something they have not focussed upon decisively.
Many Baganda have prefered to live in foreign nations and appear to be satisfied with where they are. however, if they turn their massive capital and invest in Buganda, they can outwit their current cries of Museveni tatuwadde bugagga, agaggawazza bantu be. tayagala kabaka waffe etc. We can support our king by developing Buganda without looking at what others are doing. We can make our king proud and independent of the central government peanut handouts or allowances.
One biggestcancer among the Baganda is being envious and jealousy of one another. They wouldrather promote and financially empwer people of other ethnic grouos than empower those of Buganda. We still have not learned this lesson because those we have always empowered have went ahead to become rich and powerful and have in turn empowered more of their own peoples. History should teach us this lesson and we need to change. But our change should be even more generous to all Ugandans because it is our very nature to be generous to others and to stop that would be self-destructive. God gave it to us lavishly. What we need is only to weed out that cancer from our hearts. That is what is destrying Buganda. Not Museveni not Tinyefunza or the Banyankore.
These Baganda living abroad and those at hime can do a great deal in developing their kingdom. if they build industries and other projects the Kabaka will not need to look up to the Central government for anything.
The Baganda need to ask themselves what they have individually done for the development of Buganda rather than spend our precious time talking and beating drums of a civil war. For, while we do that, other ethnic grouo are busy working and developing- and it ironical that they are not only developing their home area but they are developing Buganda by buying Buganda land from the Baganda!
It is time for Ugandan tribes as Ugandans to refocus their attention to the development of their native areas and stop bickering at each other. Together we can build a prosperus Uganda and we have the potential to do so else we may perish in constant civil wars based on tribalism- the evil power and design of the Demon- divide and rule them. Ugandans and Africans must all loathe these divisions.
Bhuka Bijumiro-Jjumiro
Northern Virginia, USA.

CBS should not apologise


CBS should not apologise to Museveni government  because it is a trick. The idea is to trap CBS management into accepting liability for the damage caused during the riots.

Basically, such a signed apology would be handed to  government operatives masquerading as “city traders”, who would then sue Buganda’s government in a civil court for untold billions as “damages”, citing the apology as admission of “guilt”..

The hope would be to then bankrupt Buganda through this, as properties (read land titles) could then be attached, etc.

Those comparing it to the New Vision apology miss the point: there was no liability involved.

Those saying it is the end of CBS fall into two groups: anti-Native (actually self-hating) Africans who along with the government want to panic CBS management into falling for the trick.

2. People with no sense of history: When Governor Cohen deported Kabaka Mutesa in 1953, he made an official announcement assuring the Baganda that they “would never see their Kabaka again”. We know what happened next.

The UPC people made similar noises when renaming Bulange “Republic House”.Keep on moving.

there is a lot to suggest that many contributors here do not have positive motives behind their postings. This is evidenced even in the great sensitivity about their true identities.

There is another problem though: they are part of a scheme to spread was is known as “Hate History” about Buganda. The logic is that if you want to destroy a people, first make them look bad by creating negative myths about them through distorting history. There are many regional and global examples of where this has been done. It won’t succeed in our case as as long as we keep our eyes open.

All I am therefore trying to do is to make sure that the real facts, historical and contemporary, are on the table, so that nobody gets misled by these misbegotten children on Governor Cohen.

Here is some information about the real meaning of Mutesa II’s return. Just like Cohen had said it would “never happen”, many engage in the same mistaken thinking about Natives’ rights in Uganda and Africa today. Did Cohen succeed in his vow, as some of his children are now trying to wish?

This is a description of “His Excellency” Governer Cohen’s problems, on Wikipedia (black underlining is mine):

Governor of Uganda

In 1952 he was appointed Governor of Uganda, with the task of preparing that country for independence. He reorganized the Legislative Council to include African representatives elected from districts throughout Uganda, thus creating the basis for a representative parliament. He also introduced economic initiatives, including the establishment of the Uganda Development Corporation.

In 1953 the Lukiko (Parliament) of Buganda sought independence from Uganda. Edward Mutesa II, the kabaka (king) of Buganda demanded that Buganda be separated from the rest of the protectorate and transferred to Foreign Office jurisdiction. On the 30 November Cohen deposed the Kabaka and ordered his exile to London. His forced departure made the Kabaka an instant martyr in the eyes of the Baganda, whose latent separatism and anticolonial sentiments set off a storm of protest. Cohen’s action had backfired, and he could find no one among the Baganda prepared or able to mobilize support for his schemes. After two frustrating years of unrelenting Ganda hostility and obstruction, Cohen was forced to reinstate “Kabaka Freddie”. The Kabaka returned to Kampala on 17 October 1955.

The negotiations leading to the Kabaka’s return, although appearing to satisfy the British, were a resounding victory for the Baganda. Cohen secured the Kabaka’s agreement not to oppose independence within the larger Uganda framework. Not only was the Kabaka reinstated in return, but for the first time since 1889, the monarch was given the power to appoint and dismiss his chiefs (Buganda government officials) instead of acting as a mere figurehead while they conducted the affairs of government. The Kabaka’s new power was cloaked in the misleading claim that he would be only a “constitutional monarch,” while in fact he was a leading player in deciding how Uganda would be governed, and would become the country’s first president in 1962.

Kalundi Serumaga