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Nyakazaana was the wife of Zachary Kiwanuka Sensalire


1/7  What do some Baganda mean when they say that police spokesperson “Nabakooba is a partisan Muhima on a pro ‘Nyakazaana’ anti people mission” ?  You mean support for Nyakazaana is pro-Hima and probably anti-Ganda?

2/7  Bahima particularly Maama Nyakazaana, have given Buganda Kabakas and Chiefs.  The prominent Nyakazaana is of the Bahinda clan of the Royal family of Nkore (“Ankole”) and the earlier they got to know her, the better for their  effort to be in good stead with Buganda royalty.  Thusfar, things may not be good for you.
3/7  This is what I mean: Nyakazaana was the wife of Zachary Kiwanuka Sensalire, and together, they were the parents of Ham Mukasa Rwamujonjoza (1871-1956), one of the greatest sons of Buganda.  Ham Mukasa as you know was the Sekibobo of Buganda (i.e., the Chief of Kyaggwe), the longest serving chief in the history of Buganda.  Zakariya Kiwanuka Sensalire was himself a descendant of a long line of Sensalires, i.e. heads of the balalo clan of Njovu who are known to have gained prominence right from the days of Kabaka Kintu as the official balaalo.  Up to now, it remains the duty of the Njoveu clan to educate every new Kabaka on the art of bulaalo (herding).  Like other balaalo, Sensalire married from among his fellow Bahima, hence the Nyakazaana that you are now vilifying.

4/7  Nyakazaana, a Muhima, was the mother of Ham Mukasa as we have seen.  Ham Mukasa, with his first wife Anna Mawemuko, then went ahead to father  Victoria Sarah Nalwanga (b. 1910).  Nalwanga was the mother of the two Kisosonkoles, Sarah and Damali, the wives of Kabaka Edward Mutesa II.

5/7  Sarah Kisosonkole, (the great grand daughter of Nyakazana), was Kabaka Mutebi’s mother.  The Kiganda version of the Hima name, Nakazana has stuck around up to now.  Kabaka Mutebi’s first Namasole was known as Edith Nakazana.  She passed away recently in London, I think on 02 Sep 2008, and you may have even attended her funeral service!

The title of the Saza chief of Buddu is Pokino, Kyaggwe is Sekiboobo; Butambala, Katambala etc and Mawokota’s Saza chief is called Kaima.  Do they know the history of that culture of calling a very important Saza chief of the heartland of Buganda “Kaima”?

Mukasa was called Ham because of his Hamitic looks.  The  name itself is evidence of that background of Nyakazaana.  They could as well have called him Kaima/Kayima/ Muhima/Muyima Mukasa.

Note that Apollo Kagwa was a Muhima of the Nsenne clan, the migrants from Busongora….typical Musongora…angalia yeye!The name Ham comes from the bible.  We know of when the world faced liquidation and Noah floated some new company, one of whose board members was Ham, and the other one was Shem.  Ham is supposed to have spun off the Hamites who came over to Africa South of the Sahara and Shem is supposed to be responsible for the Semites of Middle East and Western (Mahgreb) Arabia…Misri, Libya etc.

Whoever give Mr Mukasa that Ham name must have been some missionary with that doctrine in mind, and with an idea about Mr Mukasa’s Hamitic parentage.  “Lujonjozi” was an innovative way of gandanising what is really a Kinyankore name

it is true that Ham Mukasa’s mother, i.e., my great grand mother, also Kabaka Mutebi’s great, great grand mother was a Munyankole by the name of Nyakazaana!!!”

If anyone wants to “dig dip” the history of Bahima and balaalo in Buganda, I will refer you to some readings that might give you some basic facts.  These might also be of some use for others that champion Buganda exclusionism and the anti-Hima and anti-Tutsi invective that abounds on this forum:

Reid, Richard J (2002), Political Power in Precolonial Buganda (Kampala: Fountain)…also available from James Currey and Ohio University Press.
Kaggwa, Apollo Sir (1934), The customs of Buganda  (New York: New York)
Ashe, RP (1889), Two Kings of Buganda (London).
Roscoe, J (1911), The Baganda: An Account of their Naive Customs and Beliefs (London).




Mutesa II family challenges Kabaka’s legality


Monitor Online

Mutesa II family challenges Kabaka’s legality

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By Lominda Afedraru
Apr 4, 2009 – 2:00:35 AM


The Family of Sir Edward Mutesa II has petitioned the Constitutional Court challenging the legality of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi as King of Buganda.

Ms Sarah Namasole Natolo who claims to be the mother of late Kabaka Mutesa II and Prince David Simbwa, the son of Kabaka Daudi Chwa claim when the government passed the 1967 Constitution, it tampered with the kingdom constitution that provided for the election of the Kabaka.

The petitioners claim Article 2 of the Buganda Kingdom Constitution states that “the Kabaka who is ruler of the Buganda Kingdom shall be elected by the Majority Votes of the Lukiiko”.

They argue that although any prince including the Kabaka is entitled to nominate or choose his own personal successor upon death, the Kabaka remains to be elected by majority votes of the Lukiiko.

According to the petitioners the past Kabaka’s of Buganda nominated their personal successors but the Lukiiko went ahead to elect other people.

late Irene Druscilla Namaganda (RIP) remarried


L_Cpl Otto:

We know that the late Irene Druscilla Namaganda (RIP) remarried. Do you at what age she was widowed? What is shameful about one’s mother re-marrying? Should Ugandans whose mothers have re-married be ashamed? What about fathers who re-marry? Credit should go to the late Kabaka  Mutessa II (RIP) for letting her mother re-marry. What if it had been the father widowed at an early age? Would he have stayed widower all her life?

But what has the re-marrying of the late Irene Druscilla Namaganda (RIP) got to do with the current wrangle?  Are you hoping that telling UAH members who may not have known that the current Kabaka’s jaaja re-married should make him ashamed? Of what?

The late Irene Druscilla Namaganda stood up for women’s rights in Buganda and Uganda. She fell in love with a religious man and re-married.  There is no shame in women or men re-marrying openly

I asked Ms Birigwa something about Lt Col. Muhoozi Kainerugaba whether he is a biological son of Ms Museveni or not? Why are they shamed to say the truth? Is he or is he not a biological son of Ms Janet Museveni? Are they ashamed about it?

You had told ‘UAH’ about the late Irene Druscilla Namaganda (RIP), now can you tell them about the biological mother of Lt Muhoozi Kainerugaba? I have broken my policy of sparing the children for a reason.


Irene Drusilla Namaganda wa the Namasole of Sir Edward Muteesa ll.


Irene Drusilla Namaganda wa the Namasole of Sir Edward Muteesa ll. Upon her death, she was succeeded by Sarah Nattoolo. We have namasoles for early Kabakas like Kintu, Chwa, Kimera etc… We have naalinnyaas for all Kabakas. For example Princess Srah Kagere, sister of Kabaka Ronnie Mutebi, is the nnaalinnya of Kabaka Kintu. Princess Kigga, another brother of Kabaka Mutebi, is the Nnaalinnya of Winyi at Kibulala Singo etc…. So Natoolo is the Namasole of Ssekabaka Muteesa ll. It is like the incumbent Ronald Mutebi ll. His Queen mother died in the seventies. But she was succeeded by another one who stands in for her. Natoolo is not the biological mother of Kabaka Muteesa, but the official Queen Mother.

Namasole has a valid point, but as we were moving towards coronation in 1993, the Ssaabataka proclaimed the Ssaabataka Supreme Council to become Olukiiko lwa Buganda and l think in the process it elected a Kabaka. The Mmengo Information Minister Charles Peter Mayiga , can be of good help on this.

Ahmed Katerega Mussazi



I am seeing vials of wrath being emptied on Sarah Namasole Natolo.  Some have dismissed her as “Butabika”, others like Mr Kyijomanyi have advised the pressmen that reported the intra-Mengo wrangles over land to go to Namirembe where Irene Druscilla Namaganda, Kabaka Mutesa II’s mother was burried.

The problem here seems to be mixing up the biological mother of the Kabaka with the office of the Namasole.  In fact, Irene Druscilla Namaganda was not the Namasole.  Was she?

1/4 In other words, you have corrected the wrong impression created by some forumists that “Namasole = Kabaka’s biological mother”. That fallacy is being thrown up by those that want to silence Sarah Namasole Natolo regarding her recent complaints on land.

2/4 For Irene Druscilla Namaganda, we need to remind ourselves of the events that followed 1939, the year when Kabaka Chua died.  The queen sought to remarry and that caused a serious storm in Mengo (equalled only by claims that Kabaka Chua had fathered a certain gentleman called Idi Amin, resulting in the breakdown of the marriage between Amin’s parents).

3/4 Irene Druscilla Namaganda as queen was not supposed to remarry because the Kabaka could not call another man (especially a mukopi) his father.  It was also deemed to be a taboo for the kabaka to have brothers who were not of the royal lineage which would tend to confuse future know the saying that “Kabaka taddwaako mukopi” – (Kabaka cannot have a commoner for a sibling).

4/4 Mutesa II was the first king to compromise on that custom.  He allowed his mother to remarry, and still there was considerable uproar in the kingdom. To quell this uproar, the official duties of the Namasole were transferred from Lady Namaganda to her older sister, Perepetwa Nnaabaweesi.  In other words, Lady Namaganda eventually lost the Namasoleship, and not because she died, but because she remarried.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Otto Patrick