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  1. Nvanungi- Princess of Hearts or ‘Kiwanyi’?

    I am writing in response to a publication about Sheila Nvanungi a.k.a Cinderella who has appeared as an undercover Princess on BBC three programmes in the UK.

    Honestly speaking this is one of the most interesting programmes to watch for us Ugandans or indeed Africans living in the UK, where most programmes reflect the UK society. Cinderella with two other colleagues; Xenia of Saxony Germany and Aaliya Balasinor of India are undercover princesses who came to Britain to find love as they claim they failed to find true love in their native countries due to their status and fame.

    In response Elizabeth Mpologoma who claims to be the true Princess of Buganda and brother to the ruling Kabaka(King) of Buganda Kingdom, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has written a letter to the BBC expressing her anger and dismay over Cinderella’s authenticity as a true Princess of Buganda.

    Abange temukika nsingo, muwagire Princess Cindy (Guys do not be angry with Princes Cinderella). Rather than throwing stones at her for her actions, give her the support she deserves. So what if she got it wrong. She at least has tried, was brave enough to appear on UK national TV but most important of all she will not be broke much longer.

    I understand Princes Cindy is a singer in Uganda. I hope she releases a new single that sales volumes to add to her riches. As a new found fun, I will not hesitate to buy it should it come out or even attend her performances.

    Not surprisingly Gal friend is being paid big time by the BBC to appear on such a popular programme. For those who us who have seen the programme so far, Cinderella is truly the most entertaining out of the three in such away that Britain and the rest of the world are now talking and writing about the programme. This has not only made her more famous, possibly beyond Buganda Kingdom itself and its true royals.

    Let us face it how many British, Germans, Indians, Caribbeans and the world over in this current generation knew about Buganda Kingdom’s existence until now? More still how many Ugandans know about Michael Owen, Theo Walcott Arsenal Footballer, Sean Connery, and Hugh Grant (of Essex) and would go on to make comments that they are her ideal men on national TV

    So what if she is not a true Princess? How many of us are true to our origins/tribes like Baganda, Banyarwanda or Sudanese as it were? I was once told that my paternal grand father migrated from Rwanda and my maternal grand mother who I knew as ‘Daada Salima’ was not only Muslim but half Arab yet I claim to be a true MuSoga.

    Muleke ‘gal friend ‘yekolere emaali abogerera mwogere’ (Let the big mouths shut up, Gal friend is only trying to make money) ‘Yekorela nsimbi abogera mwogere’.

    Cindy may be kiwanyi (fake, false or replica) but she is good entertainment. She has good taste and with the likes of the most desirable men in showbiz, Cindy’s standards are set very high and she is set to do whatever it takes to obtain her high standard. I mean how many Ugandans adore Angelina Jolie an American film actor and partner to Brat Pitt, as one of the sexiest women in the whole world; know about Peter Andre an Australian-Greek Singer who recently divorced from Katie Price a.k.a Jordan: Britain’s ex-glamour girls and now British Millionaireness.

    Cindy has worn the hearts and minds of many in spite of her somehow acidic tongue. She is indeed the Princess of Hearts, though she does not mince her words and could not help but make open comments about some suitors as being ‘too pink’ or ‘too fat’. Not even David Beckham was spared from Cindy sharp tongue as she commented she does not find him attractive. In a world where people are good at faking their feelings about black people even when they hate their guts, Cindy makes very little effort to disguise her facial expressions, feelings and disappointments about some suitors. Being Cindy she is not bothered about calling bowling a childish game in another English suitor’s face!

    Cindy oozes with confidence and intellect beyond one’s imagination. She is knowledgeable and seeing how entertaining she is cracks me up. Nange ndi Princess Nak. Ani ampakanya? Mwaliyo? (I am Princess ‘Nak’ who dares question that? Who was there when I was being conceived? Only DNA will confirm my Princess in the making. May be the Kabaka or other royals fired elsewhere and never told all the ‘Watoto’ (children) he had.

    My advices stay calm. If Cindy is ‘Kiwanyi’ she has just borrowed the title for a few weeks and will return it soon. Due to Cindy’s actions, Uganda is at par with Germany and India if not ahead in the dating game. She put Africa and indeed Uganda on the map and most important she has got us talking. Cindy pulled big time whilst in a night club. She was magnet to English men as noted by her colleagues; with her sexy curvaceous and tight ‘butt,’ similar to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez plus her cleaverage that left no imagination Cindy pulled the blokes by their balls; yet none of them met her taste.

    What happens next? Is Cindy going to be interrogated by ISO/ESO or Crime Watch UK or will she like Makosi, a Zimbabwean nurse who appeared on Big Brother House UK and like Geatano had sex on live TV resulting in her work visa being revoked by British authorities; and she ending up seeking asylum in the UK for fear of reprisal if she had been sent back to Zimbabwe. Makosi’s action of having sex in a swimming pool with a British house mate while on camera made her an over night celebrity as she covered UK magazines for a while.

    While Cindy may be seen as disgrace by some Buganda, we should also remember to be grateful and embrace the many tourists that will flock into (B) Uganda as result of the publicity she has created for the Kingdom. To end the fairy tale to its true and happy ending nature, Cindy was able to find her Prince, known as Paul, a famous, handsome basket ball player and hank from Tobago in the Caribbean

    Muleke Cindy asibe ekiwanyi kye, anti ayiya. Ndaba Kampala yatusobera dda buli omu asiba kiwanyi (Leave Cindy alone she is trying to survive, after all this is what most people in Kampala do)

    Thanks to Cindy. ‘Obuganda Buladde’ (The Land of Buganda is at peace) and more popular than ever

    Let the fun continue. Like many others, I can not wait to see the next programme which is being aired twice a week on BBC three at 9.00pm for four or so many weeks.

    Flavia Nakumugonza is a Ugandan UK resident

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