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  1. sibyothyanno sebbo, Iam a formar ugandan who left the country in 1972 during idi amin times we lived across the road from bulange building my father was a very known man and bugandans used to call him mwani nana. who was a freind of the kabaka mutesa and his father sir dauda chwa of mmengo. I went to namirembe infants and old kampala primary. Iam sad to hear such auxtrocity commited at kasubi and the pictures brought memories of amin times in my head. this should never happen in uganda and places of history and religious grounds. God bless all ugandans the bagandas. long live sir Muttebi and may he rule for ever. In god we trust. Yours sincerly Prabhudas Suchak.

  2. Who ever did this horrible action should be paid in the same currency. This is terrorism against the people of Buganda. We have lost what we can never gain!!!! We need God’s intervention to identify the suspect. There has never been any commisssion of inquiry in Uganda’s history that has ever yielded any thing. Uganda’s government uses such commissions to shield off shame from the public, therefore do not expect much from any kind of inquiry appointed by the government of Uganda.

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