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The cultural institutions of Buruuli and Bunyalaget their cultural powers from Ababiito royals

Dear UAH,
The cultural institutions of Buruuli and Bunyala  get their cultural powers from the cultural leader of all Ababiito royals in Uganda, the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara, who today is Solomon Gafaabusa Iguru.
I have in the past given you documents showing how the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara has the cultural responsibility, from God, of appointing these people. I even sent you a document the Omukama issued on October 1, 2008 when the Isaabaruuli and Isaabanyala went to Hoima Palace to declare their discovery of their ancestral origins and to get cultural blessings from the only source of culture in Uganda kings, the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Briefly, the cultural posts of Buruuli bwa Nyangoma, now Isaabaruuli and Isaabanyala, are not hereditary. They are either created or maintained at the will of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Get this very clearly, no person can become cultural leader in Buruuli and Bunyala unless he/she has got the cultural blessings from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara. Hence, Mwogezi Butamanya Isaabarongo Mubwijwa, and Capt Becka Kimeze Byarufu, transported their entire cultural leadership in October 2008,and went to Bunyoro-Kitara to get these cultural blessings. And they were blessed in front of the Uganda press. I will give a vedeo recording of this ceremony if you desire it.
The Nyamuyono you are talking about, is supposed to be the heir to Omubiito Nyamuyonjo who in 1894 rebelled against Omukama Kabaleega and was stripped of his office.  Hence the present heir you are talking about does not have cultural authority from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.
Indeed, in 2002 I introduced the topic of forgiving Nyamuyonjo by the Omukama. He kept quiet and later told me the royals were still considering my request. Unfortunately the then Nyamuyonjo, Fenekansi, died of old age two years ago before the Omukama lifted the ban on him. So Fenekansi’s heir cannot today claim cultural powers you are trying to givehim
You want to be recognized as an authority on Bunyoro-Buganda culture. You will never achieve that feat as long as you do not adhere to true culture.Some of You suggest that the cultural powers to appoint Buruuli bwa Nyangoma, and powers of Nyamuyonjo, recognition of Buruuli and Bunyala cutural leaders, have shifted from Bunyoro to Buganda.  No, that cannot happen. Because these things are inherited from the days of the Abacwezi up to today. The line has not been broken as you it to be .
That is why a prince of Buganda can never become kabaka until he has gone, physically, to his ancestors in Bunyoro-Kitara to get those blessings from the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara.I can see some of you trying to ask me whether Kabaka Ronld Muwenda Mutebi went to Hoima before he was crowned Kabaka of Buganda. I advise you to ask Ssabsajja himself.  He will give you an answer.
That is why Princess Nsungwa now residing  in Kawempe, when she wanted to be Buruuli bwa Nyangoma in 2002, she asked me to  introduce her to the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara. I did my part and brought up the topic to the Omukama. But he delined to appoint her because she had earlier on aligned herself with Buganda royals who, abusively, claimed they taken away Omukama’s powers.
When the Baruuli learned that the Omukama had refused to annoint Nsungwa, they also refused to recognse her. Hence the adoption of a new type of cultural leadership, that of Isaabaruuli, which the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara recognised. This recognition was confirmed when the Isaabauruuli and Isaabanyala went to Hoima in 2008 to receive these cultural powers.
Some of You are now ignorantly accusing the Omukama of interefering into the internaal affairs of Buganda.  No. These cultural affairs are not transferred just like that.Mwogezi Butamanya and Capt. Becka Kimeze Byarufu, know better than you Baganda that the source of cultural power is in Hoima and thats why they went there to get it.
However, the Kabaka as Ssabataka in Buganda had powers to change the Nnaku culture when it was announced that the Nnaku young girl will never see another man in her life. FIDA stepped in, made representation to him, and he changed that ritual. Now that girl can see another man after Kabaka Mutebi adjusted the ritual
Herry Ford Miirima

Press Secretary of the Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara

UAH forumist



Abeebitiinisa Ssemuwemba n others opposed to JB Walusimbi;
After reviewing the comments and reasons why a group of Baganda Sitakange and ultra-patriotic Baganda, I, as an investigative journalist, and a person who grew up and was  educated in Buganda, and I even have children from Baganda women, I know the spirit of Buganda.
The Baganda who are opposed to JB Walusimbi as Katikkiro are the ultra-patriotic Baganda doing it honestly but ignorant of the trend of modern developments. These Baganda are still living in the last century. They have not woken up to realise that the world is moving very fast and that  it will not wait for those who are stuck in the last century.
I hate to repeat that my one-month holiday in the UK has re-enforced my belief that the world has moved out of the old order or politics. The former colonial/imperial  powers are today laughing at what their grandfathers did to commit sins againsit humanity, that is TO COLONISE AND SUBJUGATE OTHER COUNTRIES, TO  PUT HUMAN BEINGS UNDER SLAVERY BY CARRYING OUT SLAVE TRADE, TO  CARRY OUT THE INQUISITION, ETC.
When I visited Buckingham Palace, The House of Commons, the Catholic and Anglican Westminister Cathedrals, Covent Gardens where English street entertainers perform all sorts of plays and the audience and THE players are drawn from all nationalities and the atmosphere is friendly and love of each other, at the beaches where every activitiy is cosmopolitan, indeed by talking to the ordinary Englishmen on the streets, I wished these Baganda ultra-patriots should be given a chance to see that the Buganda special position they are clamouring for is an outdated, archaic, colonial mentality activity.
They should review their history. They will find that if JB Walusimbi sticks to his guns and goes ahead with modernising Buganda their childlren will hold Walusimbi in honour because he will have done to Buganda what Bismark and Garibald did to Germany and italy.
Germany and Italy before 1867 were  collections of different independent kingdoms. But using an iron hand in difiance of ultra-patriotic Prussians, etc, Bismark forced the unity of Germany which eventually became so strong that today Germany  is one of the great powers.  Italy was also the same. She was  a collection of small independent kingdoms but foward looking Italians, Garibald included, literally forced the unity of those small kingdodms, and did away with earthly powers of the Pope. Hence, let Walusimbi stick to his guns and push through with modernisation of Buganda. Those who are opposed to him today will in future praise him.
The issue of Walusimbi’s Catholic religion cannot be ruled out from those pushing for his removal. Colonial mentality amongst Anglican Baganda is still alive and kicking.  They aspire to the maintenance of Anglican/Protestant hegemony. Their eyes cannot believe that  even a Catholic can lead very efficiently.  They should learn what the whites majority in the USA  are leerning today that even a black man can lead mighty USA
As for the Catholics who are opposing fellow Catholic Walusimbi, they have a hidden agenda. Namabooze has openly stated that she wants to make history by becoming the first woman Katikkiro of Buganda. She does not realise that her utterances have misled peasant Baganda.
As for Emmanuel Sendaula, he feels terribly bad that he was not confirmed as the katikkiro. He feels Walusimbi usurped his post. So, he understandably wants Walusimbi to be booted.
I know my brother Kalundi Serumaga is going to accuse me of meddling into Buganda affairs. But, he forgets that when Buganda catches a cold, every Ugandan sneezes.  Reality is: Buganda is central in Uganda’s politics. Therefore, if Buganda chooses to remain in the last century, she will be dragging the rest of Uganda behind. Therefore, me, Henry Ford Miirima, will not fold my hands as a journalist and let Buganda drag Uganda behind just like that.
Therefore, Buganda elites listen, wake up. Do not fear the noise-makers (abawowoganyi)at Mmengo. You follow the example of Tamale Mirundi who tells Baganda that a spade is not a big  spoon.
Mulikenga ikookere.

Henry Ford Miirima