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  1. am tired with museveni’s lies let us try to vote some body this time who will at list give respect to our Kabaka

  2. museveni is a lier .besigye denied us federo in when he was still representing army in parliament.Abed bwanika can be easily conviced.Betty Kamya is double faced.The rest i don’t trust then at any point.

  3. if i was another chance to vote i would take Nobert mao. for now i dont have Museveni is my hero

  4. u see i have lost trust in people so i cant vote for any one tulabye nnyo we no longer have patriotists naye lets support buganda

  5. Am tired of Museveni’s same lies in every compaign,that he’s going to fight corruption this time,you can imagin for 24 years you have kept quiet,and when compaign he says that,even a fool can’t agree with his manifesto. And why did he open CBS exactly at compaign time? I can’t thank him for that,I can’t be fooled by his evil tricks. When you vote in Museveni,you are bringing back corruption,bse all those corrupt Ministers will be back and finish when they had started. We need term limits and change of guard.That old bloom sweeps better,he gets it wrong! how can old bloom sweep better when it is worn out? better a new bloom still intact. For God and my country. Amen.

  6. I respect Mr. Museveni but I respect President Mao twice as much. Mr. Museveni should retire and President Mao should continue with his examplerary leadership.

  7. No body would like to ware the shame cloth for 26yrs especially cheap cloth. Nrm is like that now and rapping made it worse. It was taking a piss out all ugandans rapping about enkoni/kibooko and a worning if we elect him again, he will advance to embukuuli .

  8. Sam Lubega stands for the Baganda rights -iam tired for others who want use Baganda and at the end of day we still have thé same querries.AWANGAALLE MAGULU NYONDO

  9. we would not mind unsatisfying presedint like it is the case today and before. what puts me down is the very minimal gradient of development. people are becoming more worse with hard work, people are becoming more ignorant with better and many schools and universities, etc. There is a disease that is eating up ugandans’ bodies and minds. Freedom which is assumed in the contry yet people’s demand are equally neglected/ignored is as good as nothing. If we knew wat the president is thinking of any elections result, we would not bather voting. otherwise, I would love voting for may be Mao.

  10. Dont you think that Mr President knows that he is not wanted by logical/reasonable ugandans??????

    I am sure those voting for him opposes so much of their inner men/ conscience or may be by necessity.

  11. All the president nominees have at one time served in the previous government,I think all are manipulators, Before none was taking about Federal system,now each party is singing federal system as their main aim,let us vote IPC becuse we have signed a agreement with buganda pressure group suubi, and we will hold them for that. the rest of the party’s are jokers. DP is not like before they have internal problems which make’s it weak, I wouldn’t Vote for a party with problem before it comes to power,

  12. For the good of our country i call all fellow ugandans not to vote anyone b’se we no longer need to vote, let me ask; VOTE FOR WHAT? am sorry. But i think we know what we need and what to do, but i don’t know who is going to do it and when. thank you.

  13. people let us get back to the drawing board and may be try to understand things by the way they really are than thinking that solving the problems between Museveni and Kabaka is the solution to every uganda’s problem . one thing we really need to put deep into our minds is that uganda as a country is not in buganda ( a kingdom ) but its buganda in uganda i believe that way we shall soon find a solution to all these strives .

  14. Godfrey,
    KY and UPC signed an agreement in 1962. Did that stop Obote from chasing the Kabaka in 1966. The IPC leader Dr. Besigye opposed the restoration of Buganda kingdom at the army council in 1992. I’m a bit surprised that he today seems to be the one with the loudest voice about Buganda and federal. If there is any manipulator, he is the one.

  15. If after 24 years in power he is fronting construction of toilets in Kampala as one of the major issues he intends to tackle, I don’t think he can perform better even if he is given another 100 years.

  16. Am happy becuase most of the comments are from across section of youths, it is their first time to vote those aged between 1986 to date, these are mostly in the gae brackets of 25 years, and according to the UBOS, and statistics from the EC, it is indicated that youths make up to 75% of the total number of voters.

    Recently Gen.Museveni has unanimously shared one or two common interests with the youths, look, besides his latest canny hit ‘I give you a nother rap’, which has made him identify with the young generation, he has also gotten a vote boost from the musicians who have all showed support to him for a collective campaign.

    President Museveni will thgus win this coming vote, but what us the youth whose generation we were born, have requested him to empower the young turks to take up from his great leadership, we are making sure under our umbrella network, MUHOOZI GENERATION NETWORK, have rallied all youths to take up political positions across the country, and many have been inspired to pave way for Col.Muhoozi Keinerugaba, or his age mate in NRM to lead a transformative youthful Uganda, 2016.

    This we are saying goes with awakening the entire youth movement which has died completely in our country, we can only have a few youths in IPC who only converge to demonstrate when they have assured them of 2000Uganda Shillings from the ring leaders, you can see how youths have instead become stepping stones for the old gaourds, this must change, and with the Muhoozi Generation Network, all this empowerment is what we are pushing for.

    In Jinja, a number of youths are getting nominated for LCV, LC3, nad lower pots, like wise in Buganda, especially in Masaka. With all this, Museveni will win with 76%, and Dr.Besigye might become the 3rd following Mao, who will be the 2nd.

  17. the country needs a humble , young and intelligent president and that is MAO.He is a leader with clean hands and since Uganda dearly needs reconciliation,he is the only one for it.Museveni has become too tired and vision less that is why he has resorted to ‘RAPS’ .LET HIM RETIRE AND FOR BESIGYE,HE IS ANOTHER M7.I CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE REST BECAUSE THEY ARE LOUSY LOTS.


  19. of all the presidential aspirants M7’s ability is unrivald. for IPC i dont see any thing good that can come out of the coperation in other word i rather be ruled by one LION that 1000 rats(voltaire)

    What does Tugumizemu mean? Forgive my curiosity but I have this nagging feeling that it has a relationship with the stuff you have written.

    Now back to the youth. It is a pity that the youth as you put it have become a stepping stone. Question is, what has NRM been up to for the last 24 years that has led to that situation. You seem to be agreeing with many of us that the NRM has not cared for the youth but only pretends to care during the time of elections. 24 years and the youth are still a stepping stone!!! I wouldn’t keep a government that has led to this in power.

    Yes, many in Uganda (it may not be 75%, you may have to check your facts again) are in the MUHOOZI GENERATION. Question is how many of them are enjoying that GENERATION the way MUHOOZI does. There are many who are the same age as MUHOOZI’s sister but while for her she is flown to go and deliver in Germany, for them they die in the non-existing health centres during delivery. These are the youth that are now angry and have decided to throw out the people who have caused that the kind of suffering they are experiencing. To them it does not matter if the MIGHTY MUHOOZI is to be among those to be shown the exit.

    Good Day

  21. UPC founders Wegulo, Mayega cross to NRM, urge support for Museveni

    By Vernon Tugumizemu

    Museveni’s campaigns have began with a new wave of hope for the party’s victory in 2011, while meeting party leaders at the Serena conference centre in Kampala, President Museveni was more happy when a bunch of UPC founders crossed to the ruling party-NRM.

    Former UPC presidential candidates Henry Mayega, Hajji Badru Wegulo, and Bisiime Bwego declared to rally for Museveni’s support within and outside the Uganda Poeple’s Congress.
    “Mr.President I have not come alone but with all UPC district leaders in Buganda, especially Kampala” said Mayega before inviting close to 40 UPC chairpersons to the podium.

    Wegulo also said he had seen the light after his founder member had devided UPC, ” I was once a defancto UPC president, but my friends like Rwanyarare have quit Politics, why can I remain a lone in UPC, also Cecilia Ogwal left…..” Wegulo, later praised Museveni shortly after a reuniting handshake, that “if Uganda still needs peace, security, harmony and prosperity, we ought to give Museveni a forth term”

    Museveni also described Wegulo as a ‘big fish’, which though left many wondering what Wegulo is destined for in NRM, ” he may be given and posted as an ambassador” gossip spread in the Serena hall.

    However, this wave of defections may have been interpreted as a strategic one to earn big from the president’s pocket, “Mr.President handle well my poeple we shall bring you more” Henry Mayega openly said, implying some monetary rewards.

    Before reitarating, “It’s hurting to strive for power and you dont get it, look, if you look at the registra of companies, my name is number two, on UPC, following Rwanyarare, Wegulo, and Cecilia Ogwal, among whom we registred UPC, when Dr.Obote was in exile, and all of these are no longer in UPC” “truely, it’s surd, but UPC, is winding up” Mayega said, to chants of East, West, Home is best, also as Museveni’s hit, ‘you want a nother rap’ thrilled the supporters in the background, “ye sevo” they would rythmically shout.

    Also Hon.Amama Mbabazi, NRM secretary General welcomed Kampala Mayor, Alhajji Nasser Ntege Sebagala, whom he reffered as a man of NRM, Sebagala, a.k.a Seya, is the president of Liberal Democratic Party-LDT, which has signed a coalition-deal with NRM.

    He has in the past rallied for Museveni’s victory among the low income weraners and mostly from the informal sector especially down town Kampala where he is a darling.
    Thousands of NRM cadres thronged Serena from all parts of Uganda to witness NRM manifesto launch.


  22. I vote for Museveni for another term of office because of the stability, unity and transformation of this society Uganda.

    I believe he is still the best person Ugandans need at this moment because has has made this county peaceful

  23. Ugandans please let us remember where Museveni brought this country from, and vote for him again so that he can correct the worry s of this country

    Thank you

  24. Museveni is like Mr.Camereon,he looks good today,tomorrow he is a gainst you,be careful with him.
    For 24 years,he never new that Kampala had no toilets,he knew it at time of compaign,what a fallancious logic and reason it is.It is ashame to talk about Toilets,when it is the responsibility of KCC, to care for that. Now look,the same birds are together a gain,Sebagala,oppurtunists,that he gone support Museveni,when he failed KCC totally,they want to unite and finish the whole Uganda,greedy men,birds of the same feathers. Seya as he is called He wants that house of clerk,that is why he is befriending Museveni to be rewarded at the end. PPle defend our property, hynas want to grap them. Heartless men,mind of their own stomachs.

  25. Twaha,
    Mandela did a lot for South Africa. Even if he chose to stand today, he will still go through. In fact if he stood for world presidency, he would win. However that was not reason for him to cling on to power. I’m wondering if Museveni carried the peace and stability that you are talking about in a basket on his head and delivered it to us. He definitely was working with other people who if after 24 years can not trust there there is an element of greed which is not good for a leader. If after 24 years he still thinks that there is no one else with a vision apart from him, then he has simply been mean. That also is not good in a leader. Uganda NOW needs a leader who is not mean or greedy.

  26. Yes we will! The time has come now. We need a need leader who will not stand for self interest, but interesting bring “A PEOPLE” of our beautiful Uganda together. Need to create citizenship equally to all parts of Uganda. No one is a second citizen in his own Country as Museveni has done today.

    Mao is the Man with that vision of bringing together at all corners. Lets support him. Besigye already have ongoing War with Museveni for their self interests. If he/Kiiza is to be elected, we stand a chance of being at a disadvantaged side than Museveni himself; because he is to avenged the trouble museveni caused him all this long.

  27. am voting him,not bcoz i would but bcoz when i look around silabayo ayina potential.besigye mukambwe muzibu,mao,simulootangako,etc.nomuntu atava kubukulembeze naye atama singa yoweri awerezaayo omulala

  28. I believe in women, a woman 2 stand out in those heavy weight men she needs an applause, & my Vote plus your 2, u all came frm women u knw wat they can do, & with her federalism manifesto, together with her we can real make it

  29. Brendah, Beti Kamya may promise federalism. And thats what many people want. But she does not have a capacity to deliver. The president has no powers to grant any region a federal status. Its parliament that does so. And somebody should be voted into office because they are capable not because of their sex. President Mao has a record of good leadership. Once is power, the country will be organised well enough for any issue to be debated in parliament fairly without having to give any MP five (5) million shillings so that they can take your side. Mao Oyeee.

  30. I used to look up to M7 but I am one of those very disappointed in his rule. Corruption, nepotism … and most importantly are his policies that are only aimed at letting other areas like the West and Central fluorish while the East especially BuSoga are wallowing in abject poverty.

    About 2 years ago I met Sam Kutesa and put my concerns about BoSoga lagging behind in developemnt and all I got were dismissing aurgemnts. I am glad the jigger problem has now exposed the the NRM government and its policies. Now is the the time for BaSoga to go to the votes and register a protest vote agains NRM.

    BuSoga is very crucial because their votes can determine who wins out of the 8. I would say Mao is a better candidate and stands a good chance, even if he does not win he can register a good number of votes which would make him a strong opposition.

  31. Technically in this race we have three categories
    1 M7sim
    2 Mao
    3 Bwanika
    M7 fought the gollira war with Besigye and Besigye was one of the master mind of some of what M7 did so these are colleagues, we might not see change when we go for him.
    Bindandi in 2001 he said olina kewekoredde orina onwama… and things like that and he his also a mastermind of some of the things M7 did.
    Betty Kamya after falling off in NRM she was the one who gloomed Besigye when he was in South Africa and in 2006 she even took Besigye’s
    picture at Namboole, which they used for his nomination so she is more less Besigye & M7.

    Otutu after working with Obote and betraying him, he has no presidential material.

    The one remaining is Mao educated, has been member of parliament, LC5, Makerere guild president etc.

    Bwanika I am not sure of his past responsibilities members can help me in that.


    –>—Betty Kamya
    —– M7–>-
    | |
    Oboote —> —>-Bindandi Saali
    So we have to choose between Mao and Bwanika others are opportunities

  32. Never will i ever put my trust in the opportunist like these current people thinking about being the small gods of the nation. If God put up kingdoms with a king as the leader well quoted in the bible how dare u come and say u have authority over the kabaka mbu u restored the kingdom hahahahhahaaa where r people like Saddam,Idi Amin,obote,Bokasa,Mubutu, hitler and so on. fever no one who kills the body but will never kill the soul. long live the kabaka
    Sylus Nyamanka

  33. Why can’t we read Olara Otunnu’s votes? The presence of Dr Otunnu in the race has brought in some kind of fragrance and good atmosphere. There are less cases of intimidation compared to the two previous presidential campaigns. Otunnu opened the eyes of many who previously started their campaign behind the bar. Otunnu defied the so called summons by detectives who were working under Museveni’s orders.
    The detectives who wanted Otunnu to explain comments he allegedly made about President Museveni’s handing out money to Lord Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony.
    A former United Nations (UN) diplomat, Dr Otunnu, must have stunned everyone when he said that he wouldn’t retract his words, instead he had enough evidence to confirm what he had said was true. If it was Besigye, Mao, Kamya, Bwanika including all those Tinyefuza, the best they would have done is to coil their tails. Let us give credit where it is due. He knows the laws and they know he knows the laws. They know, Otunnu was among the team that set-up the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    If you want to know how powerful this Otunnu, ask why Museveni backed off with his CID intimidations?

  34. You people let us agree with each other over Kabaka issues of having equal power with the president. i think that will not work and can not work over this civilized society of Uganda. if you may ask how many chiefdoms do we have in Uganda. The are very many but only Buganda is demanding for special respect from thee central Government. it does not make sense anywhere. “The way you respect your father is not the same way the community regards him”. Much as i can not vote for museveni. No president will give Buganda special respect over other communities never and never. Do not takee the advantage of colonial policy and you think it will work anywhere NO and that is out this is Uganda as a country Not Bugnda as a region and culture Never. Do you remember how Baganda chased other tribes in DUKADUKA. Never unless you do not know the history of uganda.

  35. U guys we are tired of the selfish interests of Baganda and Buganda in General.Remember Uganda is a republican Country NOT a monarchy.We should think in Terms of Uganda NOT Buganda.SUUBI is narrow minded only caring about kabaka and Buganda.So we should embrace a president who will Look at Uganda Not Buganda.Long live Uganda and Gabula Nadiope

  36. President Museveni has abused and mislead washington on the Great lakes region, we have measures in place to ensure free and fair elections in uganda.

  37. I would vote for YK Museveni; because, better the devil i know than an angel i don’t know.

    YK Musevni can still perfom.



  38. We should look beyond our noses, those who see YK Museveni as a failure are failures themselves. Where the country is now needs Museveni to continue the implementation of the plans he has drawn, for the example, who new at one stage that Uganda would have free eduaction. People in towns especially Kampala shouldn’t lead the whole country into disaster. Let all the citizens continue to enjoy the benefits of state, vote Museveni.

  39. I thank all of those who can see what President Museveni has done.Let all of those critising him put them selves in his shoes, the way he found Uganda and where uganda is now. Some of the issues mentioned are global issues affecting the whole world not Uganda alone. There is no Goverment that will give you hard cash to develop your self, but the goverment is obliged to put up infrastracture to enable you make money for your welfare. We create a lot of statements of criticism but should some of us go into power its when we can recognize that things are easy to say, but difficult to do. However, I dont say that Museven is perfect, but he has tried through difficulties and many of us are going to give him another chance. Pls pls wait its a matter of time to tell.

  40. Chris who says Beti Kamya doesn’t have the capacity to deliver, what do you mean by that anyway, if has come with far with those men, she can deliver, and i can see you are ignorant about her policies and her agenda, the lady clearly said that federal can be got through Parliament and is why she encouraged people to stand on the federal ticket, they are about 100 candidates standng for MP under the UFA, so the madam is aware that federal can be got through state house thats why she has to sensitive people so that they get the idea and vote in the UFA MPS who’ll vote for federal once its tabled in parliament.

    Chris you stated Mao has a record of leadership, and so does Beti Kamya, while MP in Rubaga North, she set up a sacco(LUNDA SACCOS) and aslo a development organisation (lubaga North Development Association), so if you talk about a leadership record, count Beti Kamya in. Brenda im with you


  41. Politics is not an employment and I wonder why people like Museveni can not copy the example from Nelson Mandela and just live this country in the hands of other potential leaders like Mao.
    Its time for us to change the politics of this country.

  42. oh well, what you have ever seen is the child, and its better to buy clothings after getting a baby, and in all we must know that all leadership comes from GOD, ……steel yours john kennedy from R.U.K media. thanks


  44. I will vote for any candidate except, Museveni, NRM & their associates, for obvious reasons: corruption, nepotism, greed (for power & money), breakdown in social services (esp. health & education), extreme poverty, contempt of the Kabaka of Buganda, politics of patronage, balkanisation of mother Uganda along tribal & ethic lines for selifish reasons, …. the list is endless. Secondly, I expect Baganda to come to their senses this time around and shun Museveni & NRM. My heart bleeds when I still read the likes of ‘Nalubega’ above saying they’ll vote Museveni, in total disregard of the humiliation metted on the Kabaka by Museveni regime! Come Baganda; the ball is in our court to change the leadership of this country. Think first before you cast your vote.

  45. Remember Alex Mukulu’s Play -30 years of banana’s ? Well that is NRM for you! 30 years of jiggers, curruption, lies,pot holed roads and rot. This paka last thing is filthy let’s vote them out

  46. All those presidential aspirants are bird of the same feathers, i don’t see any reason as to why we need a change, mze should stay coz he claims that he is the only one with a vision!

  47. My vote is for either museveni or mao , but the problem is with Apolo Nsibabi who brought the Kabaka bill in parliament . Member of parliament from Buganda say to that that BILL. greetings to LATIF SEBAGALA

  48. banange museveni has made it worse with the new bill he has brought againist the kabaka.museveni yeteebye.iwould rather vote for mao

  49. OLARA Otunnu is the Candidate for HOPE for Ugandans.
    He is the Candidate for HOPE and peaceful coexistence of Ugandans!
    In OLARA Otunnu we hear the voice of request for building a Uganda, which includes
    Buganda hence the reason of seeking negotiation and dialogue.
    Uganda needs peaceful coexistence and HOPE for the better future!
    My VOTE is for OLARA Otunnu

    OCAYA pOcure


  51. Fellow Ugandans who cherish for peace and national unity, the candidate to vote come Feb 18 is none other than H. E Norbert Mao, a man who has stood by his words, has a good truck record in his leadership as a member of parliament and as a Local Leader[LCV] and above all is a civillian with no blood in his hands. We are tired of soldiers they are chamelions. God bless MAO.

  52. Some of You people write as if You just woke up yesterday. Like Malcom in Pretoria, Mbu, “IPC HAS A POOL OF LEADERS, THERE ARE MANY CLEAN AND SELFLESS CADRES IN FDC. . .” are You kidding Me? these were the same goons who robbed us with the currency devaluation in the late 80s, The late sulaiman kigundu was the mastermind of this plan to defraud us, some of these guys ate from the sale of our properties at the mombasa port. You people think corruption began in 2001? there waws alot more corruption btn 1986 and 1996 than ever in our history, these thieves only critisize the NRM of the last 10 years because they were part and parcel of the thuggery, theft, and killings of the late 80s. Let your precious Besigye, Jack Sabiiti, Major Rubaramira, General Muntu etc. etc explain our people who died in Mukura, our people who died in northern uganda in 1986-87 being slaughtered like animals, our Muslim brothers who died in Mbarara, they cannot even comment about these henious crimes because they were part and parcel of them. Now crazy Ugandans are lauding them as saviours!
    Even Betty Kamya ate money when she was serving the government, in jinja i remember her very well! under her leadership, our zoo almost collapsed! when besigye was heading the armoured brigade, do you know how he pilfered our money? and this Otunnu goon, mbu He wants to “Take Our Country Back”, back where? He spent decades transversing world capitals and thinks we will hand him power on a silver plate?

    NOBERT MAO is the only player capable of Uniting us. Besigye is bent on vengeance over M7, Winnie is bent on vengeance over Janet because she took her dream place. Bidandi Ssali is trying to go out with a bang (Olina Keweekoledde???). Betty Kamya is taking us for a joy ride, how will she bring federo when her party has only 5 MP candidates out of 300 constituencies? Besides, she blantantly abused the constitution with 69 others. Bwanika and Lubega are good and patriotic but their time is yet to come.

  53. But am for Kabaka yekka…!!! when is the Kabaka standing in for Presidence…??? awo Uganda ejja kutereera.. remember.. we are in Buganda, so our leader in Buganda should be a Muganda…!!! si wewaawo ….??? nteeseza bubi…???

  54. Some of the writers on this post are either young or just deliberately ignore putting the issues right.Uganda came from BUganda.What forced the kabaka of buganda into exile sir E.Muteesa II in 1955 was the issue of refusing his kingdom to be part of a united Uganda.Buganda was forced to unite with other parts of the country to form a united uganda.read facts.go to UAH catagory of Kingdoms and read buganda at 600 years. Mutwesibako temulina wamwe? abanyolo mulina gyemuva,abengulu namwe bwemutyo ,abanyankole namwe bwemutyo why dont you go back to your respective places instead of undermining our kabaka on his land.GO BACK AND DEVELOP YOUR RESPECTIVE REGIONS.

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