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  1. you Baganda!! what do you think ure???? ure very mean en selfish but @ least you cant lead uganda anymore!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ha ha ha ha, i wont generalise by saying “all”, but some baganda are too retarded…to say that museveni is more hated than amin is at first annoying then funny…but hey, we r all entitled to our opinions…regardless of our blinded judge of character

  3. you fool mugume, once your useless hero (M7) is out of power, we shall see joseph kony in the west, laughing hard at you milk filled brains. FOOL.

  4. Dear Comrades, you have to be rational in your judgments especially my brother Zikusooka. It is true President Museven has stayed for long in power but this is as a result of people at the grass root who continue cherishing the achievement attained especially the issue of Peace and Security and availability of basic life requirements. I don’t agree with u that Mr Museven is useless, quite countless milestones has he achieved in bringing this country back on the Global Map. Of course not every aspects of his leadership has favored all but on the overall he scores 90% so if you feel not satisfied with his achievements join his team, learn his strength and weaknesses and then you can borrow a leaf from such and convince the populace, i mean all Ugandans Not just Buganda as u seem to assume that it’s (Buganda) the only pivotal regional for winning the Presidency.

    If there is any one who would still be bitter it is the Banyoro whom Buganda chose to rally against with the help of the British Colonialist. History has it that Bunyoro Kingdom was indisputably the largest and strongest on the African Landscape. The Food stores (Granaries), grabbing of land in Kibaale, Mubende, Nakasongola, Infesting the Abarusulas with Gonorrhea through buganda Daughters (Prostitutes) , Infecting herds of Cattle with rinderpest, not withstanding the burning of the severally large farms of the Bunyoro Kingdom in bid to weaken the Kingdom could never have left any worse memories in the banyoro Communities. Who knows some of the demise buganda is facing is as a result of such historical deeds. Being born again i feel for love to thrive forgiveness is the remedy for our freedom. I love all and hate none, our master the lord Jesus Christ forgave the thug who was rebuking him at the cross so we can always attain freedom through forgiveness no matter the history of our persecutions. Such freedom can never come from the world but only from God himself.

    God bless u

    Wilson Charlenes Bagonza


  6. Fellow country men and women let us be united in our country we all love our cultures, kings and our country Uganda.sincerely speaking president MuSEVEN is the one brought back the monarchism to Uganda, so why can’t we praise him?For the case of issues that Buganda kingdom is demanding from the central government, i suggest the concerned people agree on their terms so that what possible to be returned to Buganda kingdom be returned.And i believe there might be some reasons why the government is not returning those assets to Buganda and let those reasons be published so that the public could also know.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY,LONG LIVE UGANDA LONG LIVE ALL THE UGANDANS.

  7. Museveni is a fraud and a dangerous scam artist. The emaciated common-sense talking guerilla leader of 1986 is now an accomplished small arms trading greedy billionaire who only cares for his family. He jets around the world in a luxurious private jet, while Uganda’s citizens are walking around bare feet. Precisely the sort of thing he deplored in 1986! Let’s see if his blood-thirsty pistol-wielding bahima-dominated PGB personal guards can protect him from the ravages of his own immune system, which is so messed up that unable to control his body temperature he is forced to wear arctic clothing in tropical heat. What a pitiful sight!

  8. Wilson,

    To say that M7’s long stay in power, albeit a controversial one, has been and is a function of the support of the peasnt is not only hilarious but also fallacious. Everyone, possibly apart from some of guys who are sponging off the national treasury, well knows how M7 cannot win a free and fair election, the more reason he has always used his tribal army to beat up, harrass and kill Ugandans during elections. Can you also tell us why M7’s hollow victories of 2001 and 2006 were challenged in the supreme court and these so-called victories were almost annuled?

    Now Bunyoro’s assumed former strength, why is that you only look at Buganda for your hopless blame games while you ignore to accuse Ankole, Toro, Busoga, Tanzania, DRC to which Bunyoro lost countless counties??? You are simply blindly following M7’s hate mongering aganist Buganda.

    And stop calling yourself a saven person if this is the way you hold hateful positions about a section of Ugandans. A mulokole does not behave and/or reason the way you do or Janat M7 or any of those other idiotic foreigners from Rwanda screwing up our country.

    Finally, your thinking or even wish to see Buganda destroyed is just wishful thinking. It can and will never happen. Buganda nationalism is for real and unless the rest of Ugandans amicably agree to have Buganda attain its wishes, the whole of Uganda will never have peace.


  10. Mr. Omara, this scaremongering is the least thing that ourc ountry needs. The country needs to move forward – not in circles of demonising past leaders and the tribes from which they hail. The Banyankole NEVER wrote to God to produce Museveni as a tribesmate. Neither did the LANGI or ACHOLI or KAKWA choose to be born from the same tribe as Obote or Tito or Amin respectively.

    Let individual mistakes of Ugandan presidents be attributed to the person and not their tribes. I am embarrased about your retrogressive and scaremongering campaigns against the Banyankole. Are you aware that some of them are as unpriviledged as many of us from other tribes??? It is retarded ideas like yours that will continue to scare some Ugandans from voting for the CHANGE THAT THE COUNTRY SO BADLY NEEDS!!!

  11. This is for MR OKWAT .We understand your point Mr,lucky that u dont have your neighbour waving a gun and stick in your face. Most people would love to vote as well but if the path they are using to go to vote is covered with stick men and guns,the language they hear spoken by the stick man and gun is that.HOW IN HEAVEN DO EXPECT THEM TO FEEL ABOUT THAT TRIBE IN CHARGE OF ALL. i JUST WONDER IF YOUR TRIBE, ANKOLE OR ANY OTHERS LEADER YOU HAVE MENTIONED HAVE CONTACTED m7 WITH THE ISSUE OF HOW THEY FEEL THEY HAVE BEEN REPRESENTED TO THERE COUNTRY MATES.If these people never wrote to God for his behaviour,so why carry on helping with his ruthless manners.
    I Also regrate to see the language of the annoyed citizens use to put there point out,but we just have to understand that in a senseOur priviledges varies.
    Thats why others will come up with a conclusion.(Tell me your friend and i will tell u your behaviour) Of couse so many an able in these tribe,yes but if u went in these region, they feel excactly the same as the outsiders feel.We just need the balance and this can only be done by people expressing there fear which u call scaremongering.It is a concern and you just have to wish for the best so that our country get rid of bullys who make dictators. we want people to vote please,and not blood shade anymore. COME ON UGANDANS SAW THEM UP

  12. Yes Michael,sad you think Baganda are too retarded and that is not generalising acording to your big brain.We can see your profesion in that. The man your talking of Idi Amin was not silly enough to make or expand Kampala . Thats why at list he left toilets present in the city,he did not have trains but wished one day that will be. He kept the capital city UTC,ministry of works,city green parks etc at list for his people and country he did not like very much.Masaka town municiple council had jobs like kampala did. The streets had names and toilets again and were present .He was nusty and killed i would say, but of a kind not like this now. Ask about in the neighbouring countries ,like zaire,Rwanda,Burundi,sudan,kenya,etc the fear they have now is greater than before.He was direct to what his intend was than kill me slowly.But now we just dont know whats next. Uganda gov,t now i think makes its citizen feel like this AIDS virous kind of politics. You can say or do anything without the power from the Master.I dont know if that means democracy to you as your not a retard.
    Please Michael dont waste your good education by not generalising.

  13. thank you for your response it is both enlightening and frightening. All ruthless cruel robbing dictators throughout history have tried to justify their diabolical actions with metaphysical explanations; subduing the population by quoting philosophical systems which justify their particular view of world order e.g. Nazis quoted Nietche. The Ugandan government will not be the first to engage in bloodshed because they have a distorted twisted perspective on their right to govern as if it were a “divine right”. In the modern world the notion of “destiny” and “divine right” does not equate with democracy. It is the ranting of a depraved despot who will grasp and maintain power at any cost.

    The comment about wiping the Buganda from the face of the earth “once and for all” is chilling. It reveals the heart of the writer! ” Once and for all” suggests others have tried and not succeeded and looks forward to a time when the eradication of a tribe can be achieved. If this happens it will be pure “politics” nothing to do with the “divine”. There is nothing “divine” about the barrel of a gun! There is no “destiny” in rigged elctions! There is no “philosophy” in courts which function on bribes. Need I go on?

    Perhaps the greatest threat to any dictatorial despot is the plight of the “dispossessed”! They have no where to go and nothing to lose!

  14. for the truth stares everyone in thy face but people dont see,its really amazing how a very bright light fades like a candle in wind,if ever is a god for Africa then its getting too late before action,we really are forsaken ,why only ruins are left behind by our presidents??????!!!!!!!

  15. ma dear, if we’re mean we r now fade up of baby sitting u on our land, u better pack and leave before u face it rough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN………………

  16. Ok.have your say. You can express all that has been bothering you in the heart. feel free.please.Thanks.

  17. I do not see how united we shall be if such bad statements(bad) are allowed on Ekitibwa kya Buganda’s wall. You see the likes of Zikusooka of this world, are sowing seeds of hatred. You cannot abuse and humiliate the non Bagnda and in particular the (Banyankole) , because M7 is. No, you will be wrong. Do you see where we are heading to??

    M7 as a president has done what he has,and has failed where he scored Zero, but let us grow up and stop that nonsense. You cannot blame me because of my faher’s deeds.

  18. @ Rugangura,you get alot of simperthy for whats happining,but their again,people wonder what are u going to do about this. M7 has betrayed the banyankole tribe as a representative to other country mates and yet most banyankole read these articles. Have any Munyankole confranted him about this. Its not ok to just sit down and wait as more steam is comming out . I think it will be wise to start speaking to Mr M7 by this tribe, of how he has represented them. We all know its the hardest thing to do but if not tried,or nobody is bothered about it,then you can expect more. M7 claims to be born and brought up in uganda Ankole,surely up bring is part of our society.Remember that its dis honour to miss represent your tribe in a very important post like he has.Our languages, when we get annoyed of were ever we come from can be terrible. If you have listened to one of his speach about migingo island,what he called those people is similar to what Zikusooka said,particularly a person in a very high position. He represents Uganda,all of us and that was very un profesional. They called him a name which he pretended he did not understand, and because he was representing us, we feel the name belongs to us now. we have a very big fight to clear this and so goes the Ankole tribe. Best get together and sort it out ,then u will be compromise. Sorry but just think of the facts and act.

  19. fuck museven let him go out power coz he is now useless no more gud expectation from him since he has spent almost 25 years with his fuckin corrupt government, un employment ,sectarianism ,separations in military let him fuckin go with his fuckin govenment .we are tired ov fuckin NRM kati tekyalina birungi okujako okwonoona egwanga .misusing government funds has become a big prob so let da vice prsident bukenya ,mbabazi , jim muhwezi be imprisoned coz they ave fucked up with government dime yet poor people are suffering .naye lwaki mweremeza mubuyinza lwakki temutuviira bisajja mwe mututamye oba mulowooza munafiira mu buyinza .

  20. Ladies and Genttlemen, you all know that our Mother Land Uganda is in a dire stuation!We should not stigmatize certain groups or tribes of people because of the stupidity or poor judgements of the few who belong to those tribes. As before mr. death has made a come back to our land with a vengeance! Wars, diseases, terrorism, to mention afew. We can keep on calling each others bad names and going for each others troats but that ain’t gonna take our problems away. We need solutions.Better solutions.We need to raise up and pull our Country from the deep hole it is in now.Please correct me if I am wrong.


    Some writers on some foras have intimated that Uganda Government should pay damages to CBS (read Mengo mouth piece). It is very interesting indeed. Court awarding damages to Mengo! The truth is slowly and inadvertently beginning to emerge. A quick arithmetic of the claimed USh 31million lost daily by Mengo due to CBS closure (from information inadvertently volunteered by a Muganda Mengo insider) gives a whooping figure of over USh11billion a year!!. How many Baganda have ever been told of this income? How have they benefited from these billions of shillings for the time CBS has been in existence? I hope Uganda Revenue Authority has taken note of these huge earnings.

    I hope court will also one day award damages to the people who lost their billions worth of property as marauding ‘Baganda’ gangs destroyed peoples property, and inflicted personal bodily injuries to innocent people simply because because The Creator made them when His chopping axe was not yet blunt – so they came out without rugged finishes!!

    Why should damages be paid by Government to Mengo for stopping a genocidal act that was being perpetrated by this CBS? Even then, how does Mengo come into all this CBS saga? I thought that evidence adduced clearly indicated that the shares which were for Mengo in CBS have never been subscribed for – thus legally disqualifying Mengo as one of CBS legal owners.

    But that aside, the Kingdom has to learn to live within its means. All the predatory tendencies and opulent living, yet the cries are made daily of how Baganda are walloping in poverty. I thought the subjects were supposed to benefit somehow from all these huge revenues, otherwise what is the purpose of an institution if it can not take care of its subjects??

    Those of you calling for removal of President Museveni’s government incidentally are advancing the same reasons that the government has failed to cater for its people. But you opt to have selective ears, minds and eye lenses when any Kingdom matter comes up!!. That’s what some philosophers call intellectual bankruptcy. The other day I saw a convoy of The Kabaka, and it was composed of about 10 vehicles. I wonder for what. I thought this was a popular, down to earth King ‘nga asiimye okulabikako eli abantu be’ – who would harm him any way? I thought he had no enemies among his subjects. And who is paying for all these expenses? I do not have any personal ill-feelings against the institution of the Kabaka, but those putting forward some arguments are approaching the subject the wrong way. My advice is simple: Live lavishly if you can afford it!!

    Who are the beneficiaries of BUKADEV? Can you dare investigate and find out? Sorry I had forgotten. Enkuluze tetunulwamu.

    I part wish a shot: if the Baganda are more united than all the other tribes in Uganda, how many political parties are in Uganda now, and how many are headed by Baganda?? Certainly not less than 80%

    We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Let Baganda not point a fingure please.


  22. Ms. Najjuka, well said.
    These are courageous and informative comments. Will comment next time. Some people have taken the name of God in vain. They even swear lies in the name of God! Blasphemy! Anathema Maranatha! Those who have the Spirit of God cannot keep company with ungodly and inhuman words and actions. Even if God allows evil and wickedness by leaders and rulers, it does not mean that He rubber stamps what they do. When the people of God do not warn others or caution them, then the blood of those people will be on them, Ezekiel 33, but if they do and the wicked do not turn from their evil ways then it is up to them! Some people hate Baganda without reason! You may ask them and they don’t know themselves but simply believe the lies that rulers and ploiticians since 1965 have been spreading! I ma fortunate and privileged to have my relatives, my Grandfather and Grandmother (RIP) who worked as a doctor in many parts of Uganda treating the rich and poor alike. They were greatly loved for they loved those people. The was a Muganda who had studied on Buganda Kingdom scholarship. the difference is they were “Balokole”. They knew God.
    It is my desire and wish that all Ugandans get to know God. For they will get to know the truth. For God is spirit and those who worship Him, worship Him in spirit and in truth.”
    Baganda have sacrified so much, yet few are even appreciative.
    God is raising us up once again for many thought that we have been dead! Ezekiel – God asked Ezekiel 37:1-28 to prophesy to the dry bones in the valley! Baganda are rising once again from the valley of dry bones. We are going back to our fellow bones, fellow skin is growing back on those bones, Fellow muscle and sinews are growing back! Fellow flesh is growing back on those bones! God is breath! Baganda shall breath again! Baganda shall live again and as a new people. You will live to tell! Amen.

  23. i wonder why pepole here are blaming Baganda for m7 having the highest Votes here, are u sure its only baganda voting him here, why dont u just vote and wait for the results, this is a fair voting, you feel bad coz you cant rig this vote, mulabye, ate mbasaasidde.

  24. its funny how you are all complaining and planning on chasing away banyankole, even if u chase M7, most of the presdential candidates have Ankole traits i.e Besigye, Moa and Beti. wat do u have to say abt that

  25. Guyz, lets leave our Uganda in the Hands of the Almighty God coz he knows the wright head for this country, every dog has its own day.

    For God and my Country i pray…. AMEN.

  26. Dear Ugandans , time is now to redouble our efforts to see off the oppressor in Feb 2011, he is surely bidding farewell to the nation in the three months of this campaigns. We must walk that very extra mile with together with resolute determination and vigour to reclaim our dignity and freedom , all civil liberties must be restored and the lives of all our people upscaled. IPC/FDC Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go out in millions and vote Kizza Besigye in feb 2011.

  27. You guys sometimes i wonder if u belong to this country, first of all buganda is not Uganda u ought to know that, besides however much u hate Museveni of course he’s the one u’re referring to, he restored yr Kingship. Anyway words wont kill thats for sure so u talk or write any nonsense u feel like but he’ll continue his journey & anything u’d please treat some people with some respect……..! Stop yr incites. thanks.

  28. Ugandans have 4gtn where they have come from. you are voting Museveni as the most hated because he gave you all the rights to say what you want and nothing happens. For the baganda you are very selfish people period. you have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. You should appreciate the efforts of Mr Museveni although there have been some failure we should look for means of improving. I believe the most people voting Museveni as the most hated president are the people who did no see the regims of the people they are comparing him with.

  29. You guys, can you stop your tribalism, we are all Ugandans and we should be united. however, president Museveni should appreciate Baganda for bringing him in power before bragging about how he restored the monarch. Well Buganda also supported him in his first term until he was supposed to leave power. Now the guy wants the kingdom to support him even after the expiration of the time he was supposed to rule.

  30. To Lilian Mugyenyi and Andrew in Uganda, and those who think like you, where do you live in Uganda? It is notable that many non Baganda have been either born or raised in Buganda, settle in Buganda, work in Buganda, enjoy everything that Buganda Kingdom has built up from the Muzungu up to now, when even Baganda in the Kingdom do not enjoy! Instead of being thankful and humble enough to compare and acknowlegde where they have come from, they just out of envy, jealousy and hatred trash Baganda, our Kabaka, and the Kingdom! Tell us what you have done for your regions so far! Are you doing anything at all or you are trying to grab ours? Who is selfish, the Baganda who have welcomed everyone or the guests and squatters who have grabbed everything and heaped insults on their hosts and hostesses? Shame on you! Kyokka temuswaala! Mukala bukazi ngeddebe!

    How many Baganda are poor? How many Baganda are in exile – political, economic, self? How many Baganda have been educated on Govt. funds from 1966? How many Baganda have been in key public positions? How many are in public positions at the moment? how many hospitals are in Uganda? How many schools are in Uganda? How many schools are politicised in admissions as those in Buganda including those founded by Buganda Kingdom? How many Baganda can’t afford even a simple Panadol or Aspirin? How many Baganda can’t afford clinic or hospital treatment? How many Baganda are flown out of the country for giving birth, or health related or medical related by the Govt. on public funds? How many Baganda can afford to take children to school? How many Baganda can afford pit latrines nowadays yet they could afford them in Kabaka Muteesa II’s time? How many Baganda can afford those paid toilets in Kampala? How many Baganda can afford to eat healthy? How many Baganda can afford those “Supermarkets in Buganda? How many Baganda have electricity in their homes, let alone afford it? How many Baganda who had land then before Museveni and NRM have their land now? How many Baganda have mortgaged their land to UCB – Salim Saleh’s Bank now, and other Banks for school fees/tuition for their children? How many non Baganda, at the moment Banyankole and Banyarwanda who have studied on Govt. scholarships and lavish student allowances in Uganda amd abroad since 1896? How many Baganda men and women have grown up with little or no education since 1986? How many Baganda men and women have been killed by shooting, torture in “safe houses”, in jail, by poisoning, hunger, malnutrition, poverty, incurable diseases, curable diseases, etc. since 1986? How many Baganda have died or been killed in the Army? How many Baganda were killed in the Luweero Triangle War whether harbouring “bayeekera ba Museveni” or not?

    If we cannot speak for our own people, whom do you expect us to speak for first?

    If I know all this and much more, an individual who is concerned about my people, the how much more does God Almighty who knows and sees human hearts know.

    “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, what a man /woman sows, he/she will reap.” “Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature.” (Whether in this world or the next.) Hosea 6:7-8. God is keeping record for He is Light and knows and sees all what is said and done in the dark. And good thing, God does not take sides with evil. God hates evil.

  31. I fuckin hate u retarded Baganda who still gat those fucked up beliefs of owning shit yo fore fathers had. And if u supported those ignorant retarded fools who rioted in september then am sorry to say but u can as well eat yo own shit, u cunt faced faggot.

  32. I have gone thru all the comments but all of u guys i have a question for u has any of u been to hospital and u need blood do u ask who was the owner of the blood a munyankole , muganda ,musoga mucholi etc

  33. How long did Lee Kuan Yew govern Singapore? During the three decades in which Lee held office, Singapore grew from being a developing country to one of the most developed nations in Asia.

    How many of you have read the National Development Plan? Most of you elites forget that Museveni is still popular in the villages, well, maybe except Busoga. And a lot of you who live in diaspora have these weird notions about Uganda being a dictatorship and noone can say anything – geez, the freedom of the press, and all the other freedoms the people enjoy are totally glazed over. How free are you in the countries you live? Instead of asking yourself the Kennedsque question of what can I do for my country, you ask what has Museveni done – He is only one person. He never held a gun to the heads of over 300 members of Parliament who changed the constitution to give him a third term – their greed has kept him in power. For some of us who lived in the chaos of the 1970’s and 1980’s – as long our greedy representatives support him and the rural populace vote for him – rule on – May be we shall become the Singapore of Africa!!

  34. Uganda’s problem lies deep in its history with the neighbouring countries : just take your time to read this to inform yourself more of the events in this Region of Africa :

    Click below to read —–

    page37 – npi@npi-News.dk – 97




    It was on Tuesday , December 17 , 1985 a Peace Pact Agreement which was reportedly aimed to put an end to the Internal confrontations in Uganda . and was said to have been signed in the Kenyan capital , Nairobi . The Agreement was reported to have been a Peace Agreement for Uganda . It was therefore to have been called the Uganda Peace Pact Package or the Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 or simply the Nairobi Agreement of 1985 . The text meaning of the so called Uganda Peace Pact / Ageement already had indications available that could enble to formulate broad views on it .

    Notable . The problem of Uganda is one of Identity crisis , Legitimacy crisis and the issue of Sovereignty , which is still held by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland .

    In reality , the so – called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was an Agreement between the Luo / Nilotic people , on the one hand , and the Bantu people , on the other hand , both the Luo / Nilotic people and the Bantu people being from the East Nile / Uganda . Properly stating , the so – called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Luo – Bantu Peace Agreement for the East Nile / Uganda .

    The Luo interests were represented by Acholi people and the Bantu interests by Ankole people . Lieut – General Tito Okello , an Acholi heading the Luo interests and Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni , a Muhima from Ankole heading the Bantu interests . Both signed the Agreement .

    In short , the so – called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 was a Re – Unification of the fighting forces of the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) , which was the Military of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ) , formed during the Moshi Agreement of March , 1979 , in Tanzania . To undrestand this , a brief background History of events are needed to clarify the present – day situation of clouds hanging out here over the so – called Uganda Peace Pact Agreements of Nairobi 1985 and the today ‘s transformed as another Peace Pact Agreement to be reached in the Juba Talks . ( Replication of the Nairobi Peace pacts going on in Juba on Ladoland now . ) The only difference being in the fact that the discussions today are being carried out on the the piece Land of Lado but not in Kenya or in the Sudan State .The world is being deceived that there is already an existing State in AFRICA – a so called – Southern Sudan State with a full recognised Governament in function . A fiction name to replace the Kingdom / State of Lado by the Occupants . It must be clear on the minds of the people of this World that the Government in Exile of the State / Kingdom of Lado has no role – play in these Peace Agreements of Uganda Orchestrated Peace pacts neither before in Naroibi nor in the present forms going on in Juba o will go on in Juba . The hopes of Lado People is to see that as a Neighbouring State , Uganda does accept to resettle the Acholi – Nilotic people in their rightful homeland in East Nile / Uganda and fully to participate in the politics of Uganda .

    To begin with , the aims or objectives of the Moshi Conference, in Tanzania , attended by the 28 groups from the East Nile / Uganda during the period March 23 – 29 , 1979 , under the Chairmanship of Professor Tarsis B . Kabwegyere , a Muiru from Ankole , were .

    a ) / – to remove the Idi Amin regime ;

    b ) / – to establish democracy in Uganda without the West Nile / Lado ;

    c ) / – to re – establish National Independence in East Nile / Uganda .

    The implication of b ) above was that the West Nile / Lado was not needed in and was not to be considered as part of Uganda . And , the implication of c ) above was that Uganda was not Independent during the eight – year period Rule of 1971 – 1979 when it was ruled by the West Nile / Lado , with General Idi Amin Dada , a Kakua – Kuku Tribe from Lado , as the President .

    The outcome of the Moshi Conference of March 23 – 29 , 1979 . was the formation of the Uganda National Liberation Front ( UNLF ), which constited of an Executve Council , a Legislative Council known as the National Consultative Council ( NCC ) , and a Military Commission known as the Uganda National Liberation Army ( UNLA ) and sometimes refered to as the Military wing of the ( UNLF ) .

    Together with the Tanzanian Peoples Defence Forces ( TPDF ) and Forces from other countries in Africa and outside Africa , ( specifically from the Commonwealth Countries ) , the UNLA fought the Ugandan WAR of 1978 / 9 against the West Nile / Lado . The only point to mention in this regard ; there was a UNLA Section of a Luo people of Uganda on one hand , and another UNLA section of Bantu people of Uganda , on the other hand . The two Sections of the UNLA had only one and the same aim : to Liberate the East Nile / Uganda from being ruled by the Sudanic People of the West Nile / Lado , who were described and regarded as Foreigners in East Nile / Uganda .

    The UNLA and their Tanzanian and other Allies succeeded in April 13 , 1979 , the UNLF Government was Sworn in , in Kampala , with Mr . Yusuf Lule ( to represent the largest tribe in Uganda – the Baganda interest in Uganda – ) as the President of the Liberated Uganda / East Nile . From that moment , President Lule declared : that there was the Nile between ” us ” , meaning that the East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado . The people of West Nile / Lado were Deprived of their Ugandan Citizenship in the Broad Legal sense . This issue was confirmed by the Ugandan Minister of Information , Mr . Aterker Ejalu , during the International Conference on Refugeese in Africa at Arusha , in May , 1979 .

    From May 12 , 1980 , some new events were in sight .

    a / – Mr Apollo Milton Obote was received in Uganda like a Head of State on his return from Exile in Tanzania . Mr Yoweri Museveni did not break off from the UNLA or the UNLF as a sign of Protest against this ;

    b / – One of the intrigues that was used was to impose Mr Obote as the President of Uganda , was for the massacres of the Sudanic People in the West Nile / Lado from October 1980 , and Mr Yoweri Museveni was the Vice – Chaiman of the Ruling Military Commission which Ordered the UNLA and the militia to carry out those massacres .

    It follows that Mr . Museveni took part in imposing Mr . Obote as the President of Uganda in 1980 . But , once Mr Obote got to power in December , 1980 , he did not give Mr . Museveni any post at all .

    Thereafter , Mr Museveni broke off from the UNLA and formed the Uganda National Resistance Army ( UNRA ) to fight Mr . Obote inorder to search for an Executve Position in the Government of Uganda . Being unable to defeat , militarily , the UNLA Section under the Luo People control , Mr . Museveni agreed , following the over – throw of President Obote on July 27 , 1985 , to negotiate for the post of Vice -Chairman of the Ruling Military Council . which post was being held by Colonel Wilson Toko , a Lugbari Tribe from West Nile / Lado . And , the UNLA , controlled by the Acholi – Luo tribe , agreed to negotiate with him because they were unable to dislodge his UNRA forces .

    This Background information has been summarised by two West European newspapers in the following terms :

    1 . Le Monde – Dimanche 8 – Lunedi 9 september 1985 :

    Translations : ” Mr . Museveni would perhaps be tempted to want power for himself all alone . Few observers are prepared to understand to say that , once in , power , he would conduct himself as a true democrat ” .

    Quotations : ” M. Museveni serait peut – ètre tentè de vouloir le pouvoir pour lui tout seul : peu d’observateurs sont prèts sois , à parier qu’une aux affaires il se comporterait come un vrai dèmocrate ” .

    2 The Guardian – Tuesday , December 17 , 1985

    ” The National Resistance Army Leader , Yoweri Museveni , said he had accepted the post of Vice – Chaiman of the Ruling Military Council , a position he has long sought .” .

    Hence , there can be no question that the so – called Uganda Peace Agreement of 1985 will solve the political problem and crisis in the East / Uganda, on the one hand , and the pollitical conflict betwwen East Nile / Uganda and the West Nile / Lado , on the other hand . That Agreement was only a military Convinience which helps to alleviate the thirst of individuals for power . This Same Peace pact as a replication is going on in Juba now – in the Year , 2006 . Mr Museveni is quite happy seeing that , this time , there are no Lado People Representations on their Peace Talks . But , He the President of Uganda forgets one thing ————- ? ” WITHOUT THE LADO ISSUE TO BE SOLVED ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT BY THE AFRICAN PEOPLE , THERE WILL BE NO PEACE NEITHER IN UGANDA NOR IN CONGO NOR IN SUDAN . PERIOD


    dThere will be no peace in Sudan Central Africa not until the issue of the old Lado Kingdom is brought back on the world Maps and fully recognised as the Legitimate State Kingdom as established on 9th May 864 a.d . The Morden Kingdom State of Lado was Established.


    One hundred years of Occupation is enough . LADO People have lost Patience and want their Liberation now . The Lado People have never Signed any Agreement with either the British or the Belgians to hand over Lado as a Colony, The occupation is therefore illegal, following Article 6 in the Berlin Treaty signed on 26 February 1885.

    – Nascondi testo citato –

    There is no Sovereignty under the British Commonwealth .

    L A D O P O L I T I C AL A F F A I R S

    Lado considers A NATION – STATE in a Political concept as :

    A Nation – State is a specific form of State ( a Geographical Entity ), which Exists to provide a Sovereign Territory for a particular Nation ( an Ethnic Entity ), and derives its legitimacy from that function. We probably can consider a State – Nation on the thinking to be a Sovereign State of which most of the Citizens or Subjects are United also by Factors which define a Nation, such as Language or common Descent , which implies typically a Unitary State with a single system of Law and Government . It is almost by definition a Sovereign State, meaning that there is no External Authority above the State itself. LADO by her CONSTITUTION of 5th MAY 1772 till todate exists by this defination as A KINGDOM STATE IN THE EXCLUSIVE NOTION OF A NATION – STATE . LADO BECAME INDEPENDENT FROM EGYPT IN 687 B.C WITH HER FIRST KING NAMED LARO . ( SEE THE HISTORY KINGDOM OF LADO AVALAIBLE FROM LADO ARCHIVES . )

    Dependent Territories of any kind are not considered Nation – States, until they achieve Independence . The Nation – State implies the parallel occurrence of a State and a Nation. In the Ideal Nation – State, the Population consists of the Nation and only of the Nation: : The STATE not only houses it, but Protects it and its National Identity, that is they coincide exactly: every Member of the Nation is a Permanent Resident of the Nation – State, ( State / Kingdom ) and no Member of the Nation Permanently Resides outside it. It is on this Grounds that there are no Ideal Nation – States, however examples of near Ideal Nation – States would be Japan Iceland and the struggling Kingdom of Lado fighting still todate with the Western European Powers in Mantaining her Sovereignty / Capacity .

    This Ideal has influenced almost all Existing Sovereign States, and they can not be understood without reference to that model. It also explains how they are different from their Predecessor States. Thus, the term Nation – State is also used, imprecisely, for a State that attempts to promote a single National Identity, often beginning with a single National language , for example France or Germany or Italy . These Nation – States did not always exist, and most of the present Nation – States are located on Territory that once belonged to another, Non – National, state, for example, in the case of Europe , the original State was the Roman Empire . They came into Existence at least partly as a result of Political Campains by Nationalists . Usualy we may think of the Establishment of a Nation – State , can be considered the Central demand of any Nationalist Movement.


    A Nation – State is Associated with a Particular Group of People, the Nation, and derives its claim to Legitimate Existence from them. This in contrast to some Monarchies, which derived their Legitimacy from the ruling Dynasty , or Ancient Land Grants to its Ancestors. The Nation – State is in a sense the Historical Vehicle of that Nation, and tries to ensure its Survival as a Nation . Almost always, it has an Explicit Policy to Protect the National Culture.

    A Nation – State is one of a Class of similar States . To distinguish itself, and also to express a shared Identity of its own Population, it has National Symbols . above all a National flag and a National Anthem , often a Wide range of National Emblems. In fact and in a short way to say , Nation – States have Promoted a National Identity in almost every area of Human Social and Cultural life, from the National Library . to the National Airline and to the National Language .

    Nation – States attempt to create and Maintain National Unity, and at least a minimal Internal Uniformity. Nation – States have a Cultural policy and a Language policy for this purpose, and the Educational system is often Subordinated to this goal. That always meant some compulsion, and in some cases Brutal Repression of Minorities and Xenophobic Campaigns against Non – National influences. The desire for Uniformity is said to have positive Economic effects, because Nation – States generally try to reduce Internal disparities in Income . The Nation – State tends towards to have a Regional policy for that purpose . This Concept is being opted for dividing Lado Kingdom by the Western Powers ; as by 1910 the British Authorities deliberately removed Lado Kingdom best known ( Lado Enclave ) in Sudan Central Africa and Partitioned it in its divided Region Areas and placed these different Regions being incorported in the present European Controlled Colonial Countries : Uganda State , Sudan State and Democratic Republic of Congo . These are now sometimes refered Nation – State Countries in Sudan Central Afirca and in Reality with No Sovereignty / Capacity at all . The European Power like Britain continues to Exercise her Crown over the Countries in the hope that Lado Kingdom is ruled through these Countries . The present todays Wars in Sudan Central Africa is all due to this .

    Sovereignty as an Issue Must not Exist in Afica since Lado kingdom in International Legitimacy avvails to that . This is so by the Broad Legitimate Inscription of the Berlin Treaty of 26th FEB . 1885 in bringing all the Existing African Nations under the Sovereignty of the Western / European State / Kingdom Powers . In fact the Determination of Independence to these so called today ( Independent African Countries ) in 1950 ‘ s and 1960 ‘ s was within the jurisdiction Frame – Work York of the Sovereignty of these Powers . This Common sense is seen in the terms like Signing to be Independent in the ambit of CommonWealth has been and is still the British – United Kingdom Broad Foreign Policy towards African People of Nations . Lado instead has not been Subjugated under this Policy and therefore must be detroyed altogether as a Kingdom State with her Invested leader AGOFE since from 687 B.C – One of the World ‘ s Oldest History Kingdom States in Existence still .


    In Europe, before 1850 , the Classic Non – National State was a Multi – Ethnic Empire. It was a Monarchy ruled by a King or Emperor , or in the Case of the Ottoman Empire , by a Sultan , The Population belonged to many Ethnic Groups and They spoke many Languages. The Empire was Dominated by one Ethnic Group, and their Language was usually the Language of Public Administration. The Ruling Dynasty was usually, but not always, from that Group. This type of State is not Specifically European to talk of , as such Empires Existed on all Continents : Asia Africa and America etc,— -to say least . Some of the smaller European States were not so Ethnically diverse, but were also Dynastic States . ruled by a Royal House. Their Territory could expand by Royal marriage, or Merge with another State when the Dynasty merged. In some parts of Europe, notably Germany where very small Territorial Units Existed. They were Recognised by their Neighbours as Independent, and had their own Government and Laws. Some were ruled by Princes or other Hereditary Rulers, some were Governed by Bishops or Abbots. Because they were so small, however, they had no Separate Language or Culture : The Inhabitants shared the Language of the surrounding Region.

    In some cases these States were simply overthrown by Nationalist Uprisings, which were inspired by the so-called Ideal of the Nation – State , —- meaning a State with a Uniform State sponsoring National Identity .. In other cases a Nation State seems to have grown by Accretion of smaller Entities. Some grew to Unification by Trade and Political Integration. Some were Unified by Force. In this case the transition was Complex, but this so-called Nation – State became the Standard Ideal in Europe, and in the rest of the world because of European Dominance of the world by use of Force than otherwise States have always Existed in the World and fierce struggles have been put against this European Force which in example Lado is still facing against some of the European Powers to bring Lado State – Kingdom a Subjugated State -Nation in the Continent of Africa

    This so-called Nation – State, at least in theory, produces a Uniform Population, Language and Culture. It stops where the Nation stops, and it does not swap Territory with other States simply, for example, because the King ’ s daughter got married.

    The usefulness of this for example and at least in theory, tends to show and present Uniformity like a Uniform French Identity which is different from a Supposed Uniform German Identity, despite the fact that the French-German State Border is not the French – German Ethnic Border and there are some who would consider themselves of German Ethnicity on the French side of the Border and vice versa.

    The so-called Ideal of the Nation – State is actually a State which has attempted to define a National Identity which justifies its Existence, Internally and Externally; and this is the process , we can often ironically refer to as Nation-building .

    By this Model, Non – National Entities have survived in Europe: the Dependent Principalities of Liechtenstein , Andorra and Monaco , the republic of San Marino , and the Vatican City .

    Examples of Nation – States

    Very strange enough , Switzerland is often called a Nation – State, despite having no Dominant Ethnic Group, No National Identity, and Several National Languages. This is Odd because Switzerland’s Primary reason to be is to Protect against a State attempting to enforce a State Wide National Identity.

    A classic Nation – State, by definition, is Inhabited by one Ethnic Group, who speak one Language, have one Culture, and share one Religion. The Population, in other words, is Homogeneous . This group is referred to as ‘ The Nation’ or ‘The People’. They all live inside the border of the Nation – State . No other Ethnic or Cultural Group lives there

    It is often said that Island States are the best place to find something like this, and Iceland is often Cited as the best example of a Nation – States . Although the Inhabitants are Ethnically Related to other Scandinavian Groups, the National Culture and Language are found only in Iceland. There are no Cross – Border Minorities, the nearest Land is too far away.

    Japan is Traditionally seen as a good Example, although it includes the Ethnically distinct Aino People of Hokkaido, acquired a Korean Minority during the Colonial Period, as well as a very Restricted number of Immigrants since the early 1960 s.

    The Republic of Ireland was until recently Inhabited almost entirely by Ethnic Irish, but the National Territory is not considered complete by Nationalists because it does not include Northern Ireland .

    Very few others approach the Ideal Model of the Nation – State : the Border does not correspond to the Distribution of the National Group. Sometimes that is impossible, because Population is Ethnically mixed, down to the level of Individual Streets or Buildings. Where part of the National Group lives in a Neighbouring Nation – State, it is usually called a National Minority. In some cases States have Reciprocal National Minorities, for instance the Slovaks in Hungary and the Hungarian in Slovakia .

    National Minorities should not be confused with a National Diaspora . which is typically located far from the National Border. Most Modern Diasporas result from Economic Migration. The Existence of an Irish Diaspora : does not make the Republic of Ireland . any less a Nation – State, and does not affect Northern Ireland, since few Emigrants go there anyway.

    The Possession of Dependent Territories does influence the Status of Nation – State. A State with large Colonial Possessions is obviously Inhabited by many Ethnic Groups, and does not conform to the Ideal of a Single – Culture State. However, in most cases, the Colonies were not considered an integral part of the Motherland anyway, and were Separately Administered . Some European Nation – States have Dependent Territories in Europe. A real example is Denmark : contains Virtually all Ethnic Danes and has Relatively few Foreign Nationals within it. However, it Exercises Sovereignty over the Faroe Islands and Greenland. If these are considered separate Nations, then Denmark is not a Classic Nation – State.

    Minorities and Irredentism

    So – called Nation – States differ from the definition in two main ways: the Population includes Minorities, and the Border does not include all the National Group or its Territory. Both have led to Violent Responses by Nation – States, and Nationalist Movements.

    The Nationalist Definition of a Nation is always Exclusive : no Nation has open Membership. In most cases, there is a clear Idea that Surrounding Nations are different. There are also Historical examples of Groups within the Nation – State ‘ s Territory who are specifically Singled out as Outsiders, such as the Roma and Jews in Europe, or Copts in Egypt. Negative responses to Minorities within the Nation – State have ranged from total Assimilation to total Extermination. Typically these responses are effected as State Policy, though non – State Violence in the form of pogroms occurs . However, many so-called Nation – States do accept specific Minorities as being in some way part of the Nation, and the term National Minority is often used in this sense. The Sorbs in Germany are an example : for Centuries they have lived in German – speaking States, surrounded by a much Larger Ethnic German Population, and they have no other Historical Territory. They are now generally considered to be part of the German Nation, and are accepted as such by the Federal Republic of Germany, which Constitutionally guarantees their Cultural Rights.

    Of the thousands of Minorities and underlying Ethnic Nationalities in so-called Nation -States across the world, only a few have this level of Acceptance and Protection .

    Irredentism :

    The response to the non-inclusion of Territory and Population may take the form ofI Irredentism , demands to Annex unredeemed Territory and incorporate it into the Evolving so-called Nation – State, as part of the National Homeland . A CASE AFFECTING LADO SINCE FROM 1910 .

    Irredentist Claims are usually based on the fact that an Identifiable part of the National Group lives across the Border, in another so-called Nation – State . However, they can include claims to Territory where no Members of that Nation live at present, either because they lived there in the past, or because the National Language is spoken in that Region, or because the National Culture has influenced it, or because of Geographical Unity with the Existing Territory, or for a Wide Variety of other Reasons : Past Grievances are usually involved .

    It is sometimes difficult to distinguish Irredentism from Pan – Nationalism since both claim that all Members of an Ethnic and Cultural Natio belong in one Specific State. Pan – nationalism is less likely to Ethnically specify the Nation. For instance, Variants of Pan – Germanism has different ideas about what constituted Greater Germany, including the confusing term Grossdeutschland – which in fact implied the inclusion of huge Slavic Minorities from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Typically, Irredentist demands are at first made by Members of Non – State Nationalist Movements. When they are adopted by a State, they result in Tensions, and actual attempts at Annexation are always considered a Casus Belli , A cause for War. ( At present War goes on Lado People right inside Territory ) . In many cases, such claims result in long – term hostile Relations between Neighbouring States. Irredentist Movements typically circulate Maps of the claimed National Territory, the Greater Nation – State. That territory, which is often much larger than the existing State, plays a central role in their Propaganda. Examples include:

    Greater Albania

    Greater China

    Greater Finland

    Greater Germany, an ___expression of Pan-Germanism compare Pan-Slavism

    Greater Greece, expressed in the policy of Megali Idea

    Greater Hungary

    Greater India

    Greater Morocco

    Greater Romania

    Greater Serbia

    Greater Somalia

    Greater Brittanic Over – Land possesions . ( CommonWealth issue as a matter of facts . )

    Greater Southern Sudan Nation – State underway to be Created by the Combined Efforts of Britain , United States and some European Powers to Totally remove LADO IDENTITY .

    Irredentism should not be confused with claims to overseas Colonies , which are not generally considered part of the National homeland. Some French Overseas Colonies would be an exception : French rule in Algeria did indeed treat the Colony legally as a département of France, unsuccessfully. The US was more successful in Hawaii and so wants to be Again together with Britain over LADO Central Africa of today in Third Millenium .

    Conflicting Nationalisms

    Iceland not only has clear Borders, it is inhabited by People who are either Immigrants or self – identify as Icelandic. In many Nation – States, all or part of the Territory is claimed on behalf of more than one Nation, by more than one Nationalist Movement. The intensity of the claims varies: some are no more than a suggestion, others are backed by armed Secessionist Groups.

    Belgium is a Classic example of a disputed Nation – State. The State was formed by Secession from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1830, and the Flemish Population in the north speaks a dialect of Dutch. The Flemish Identity is also Ethnic and Cultural, and there is a strong Separatist Movement.

    The Walloon Identity is Linguistic ( French-speaking ) and Regionalist . There is also a Unitary Belgian Nationalism , several Versions of a Greater Netherlands Ideal, and a German-speaking Region Annexed from Prussia in 1920, and re – Annexed by Germany in 1940-1944.

    The fact that a Nation – State has a disputed Territory in this way, does not make it less of a Nation – State. If large sections of the Population reject the National Identity, the Legitimacy of the State is Undermined, and the Efficiency of Government is Reduced, That is certainly the case in Belgium, where the Inter – Communal Tensions dominate Politics.

    Most States now declare themselves to be Nation – States, that is States that attempt to define and enforce a State sponsored National Identity. In the case of very large States, there are many competing claims and often many Separatist Movements. These movements usually dispute that the larger State is a real Nation -State, and refer to it as an Empire and what is called Nation – building is actually Empire – Building. There is no Objective Standard for assessing which claim is correct, they are competing Political claims. Large Nation – States certainly need to define the Nation on a Broad basis. China , for example, uses the concept of ” Zhonghua minzu ,” a Chinese People, although it also officially recognises the Majority Han ethnic Group, and no less than 55 national Minorities.


    The origins of the Nation – State are disputed: not to mention of Nationalism Some theories see them as a 19th – Century European Invention, the product of Nationalist Movements, facilitated by Developments such as mass Literacy and the early Mass media . Some see the Nation – State as Emerging in a few Specific States, such as France and its rival England . Both expanded from a Core Region, and Developed a National Consciousness, and sense of National Identity ( Englishness ). Both Assimilated Peripheral Regions and their Cultures ( Wales, Brittany, Aquitaine and Occitania ), where Regionalism and Nationalism Resurfaced in the 19th century.

    The idea of a Nation – State is Associated with the rise of the Modern system of States, usually dated to the Treaty of Westphalia (1648). The Balance of Power , which characterises that System, depends for its Effectiveness on clearly-defined, Centrally Controlled, Independent Entities, whether Empires or Nation – States. The Nation – State received a Philosophical Underpinning from the era of Romanticism , at first as the ‘ Natural ‘ — _Expression of the Individual Peoples ( Romantic Nationalism ) Since then many Varieties of Nationalism have Developed.

    The increasing Emphasis on the Ethnic and Racial Origins of the Nation, during the 19th Century, led to a Redefinition of the Nation – State in Ethnic and Racial terms. In fact this reached its height in the Fascist Movements of the 20th century. The combination of ‘ Nation ‘ (‘ People ‘) and ‘ State ‘ Expressed in such terms as the Völkische Staat made Fascist States such as early Nazi Germany Qualitatively different from Non-Fascist Nation – States. Normally Minorities, who are not part of the Volk, have no Authentic or Legitimate Role in such a State. ( The ultimate Development of the Nazi State was Determined by the Total War with its conquests rather than Nazi theories of the State ).

    In recent years, the Nation – State ‘ s claim to Absolute Sovereignty within its Borders has been much Criticised. A global Political system based on International Agreements, and Superanational Blocs Characterized the Post – War era. Non – State Actors, such as International Corporations and Non – Governmental Organizations, are widely seen as Eroding the Economic and Political power of the Nation – States .

    A STATE is an Organized Political Community occupying a Definite Territory, having an Organized Government, and Possessing Internal and External Sovereignty. Recognition of the State ‘ s Claim to Independence by other States, enabling it to enter into International Agreements, is often Important to the Establishment of its Statehood, although some theories do not make this a requirement – for instance, the Montevideo Convention.

    SOVEREIGNTY is the Exclusive right to exercise Supreme Authority over a Geographic Region, Group of People or Oneself. Sovereignty over a Nation ( People ) is generally vested in a Government or other Political Agency, though there are Cases where it is held by an Individual. A monarch who rules a Sovereign country can also be referred to as the Sovereign of that country.

    NATION :

    A NATION is an Ethical and Philosophical Doctrine in itself, and is the Starting point for the Ideology of Nationalism. The Nationals ( the Members of the ” Nation ” ) are distinguished by a Common Identity, and almost always by a Common Origin, in the sense of Ancestry, Parentage or Descent.


    LEGITIMACY in Political Science, is the popular Acceptance of a Governing Regime or Law as an Authority. Whereas Authority refers to a Specific Position in an Established Government, the term Legitimacy is used when describing a System of Government itself —where ” Government may be generalized to mean the Wider sphere of influence


    A UNITARY STATE is a State or Country that is governed Constitutionally as one Single Unit, with one Constitutionally Created Legislature. The Political Power of Government in such States may well be transferred to lower levels, to Regionally or locally elected Assemblies, Governors and Mayors ( “Devolved Government ” ), but the Central Government retains the Principal Right to recall such Delegated Power


    Lado Provisional Government Drafts

    With or without the Consent of the UN and the Anglo-American Powers, LADO will go ahead with the Implementation of Action Plan for Lado as an Independent and Sovereign State in the Preparatory Diplomacy for the final Recognition of the Independence of Lado.

    No more time is being wasted now .

    The Indifference of the Western Powers to the plight of the Lado People is a sad Fact. Nonetheless it has made the Lado Provisional Government realise that we can waste no more time knocking on Closed Doors.

    Lado Constitution of 1772

    Lado as a National Entity in Central Africa dates back to 9 May 847 A.D., though the name and the People contained in the Present Tribes of Lado can be traced back to around 700 B.C.

    The Lado Constitution was passed on 9 May 1772, after the 60-year War and gave Executive Powers to the Agofe, which is the Institution of the Government. The Constitution also gave sweeping powers to women – powers which the women of Lado have made sure to hold on to, in as much as they are very visible in the running of the Affairs of the Household, be it Ori, Muslim or Christian, as well as in the Affairs of Politics. A number of women had also been fighting on equal terms with the men in the War which earned them places in the War Cabinet, and they had replaced the men in almost all positions to keep the Society running during the War. All this commanded tremendous respect and at the same time favoured the women with special protection set down by Law, all of it due to the Role women played during the 60-Year War (1700-1760 A.D.)

    Women in charge of Household and Economy

    This traditional Status of women being in charge of the Household and the Economy may be seen today by some, particularly the younger men pursuing a higher Education and modern living, as too powerful and suppressive since it is not good custom to go against a Mother’s or a Grandmother’s will. And this is a Tradition, or rather a Law, which will not be altered in the Lado Action Plans since Unity, Stability and Family Traditions are the very Foundations for the successful continuance of the Lado Society.

    Lado Year Action Plans

    The Lado Provisional Government, which was formally proclaimed and Established on 7 March 1987 in Arua – Aru in Lado (Africa), has set up Action Plans from 2001 which pledges to bring the Lado Nation and the Lado People of the various Tribes and Religious Observations Peace, Stability and Security. The Action Plans come none too soon as the Situation in Lado has worsened gravely with the uncontrolled Political and massive Human Rights Violations and the Ethnic Cleansing Operations against the Lado People caused by the Intensified Fighting in Central Africa by Foreign Warring Parties using Lado Soil, including the Nile Valley, as their Battling Ground.

    Kidnappings of Lado Children

    A Massive Problem to the Lado Civilians is also the extensive Kidnappings of Children who are hidden in large Camps where they are trained as Killer Soldiers or being used as Forced Workers or Slaves.

    Such Destruction of the Children of Lado is in fact the very Destruction of the future Citizens and Generations of the Country and the very Soul of Lado which is victimising the whole Nation State of Lado. This is the Blue Print of Suppressing and Eradicating the Entire Kingdom / Nation – State of Lado, both Physically and Psychologically leaving the Lado People with no Identity of their Own.

    Fifteen Dicastries Share Power

    The Lado People are becoming increasingly impatient with these Unstable and Uproaring Conditions in their own Country – conditions which are supported by the former Colonial Powers and Big Business Corporations . These dicastries together with the Lado Provisional Government is set on Preparing for the Independence and the Sovereignty of Lado.

    So in order to restore a proper Political System and to ensure a Just System where all Citizens are given Equal Rights, Duties and a Fair Share in the Affairs of State, fifteen Dicastries (Ministries) have been set up to Coordinate and Structure the Overall Policy of the Affairs of the State (Country).

    The fifteen Dicastries are for the following Affairs: Family, Tribes, Justice, Culture, Welfare, Economics, Treasure, Research, Religion, Protection, Information, Relations, Programmes, Administration and Management. Above all these Dicastries is the Lado Green Bureau, which is the Office of the AGOFE of the State of Lado.

    The Exercise of Power

    In order to prevent any Abuse of Power or Excesses in the whole Structure of the State of Lado, three Controlling Bodies of Government, have been established by the Constitution of Lado, namely the Legislative Council (Joroti), the Executive Council (Okurujoti) and the Judicial Council (Liimati).

    Each Dicastry is headed by the Coordinator of State who is assisted by the Secretary of State.

    Each Dicastry has five Directorates each headed by the Director General who is assisted by the Under Secretary of State.

    Each Directorate is then divided into Departments which are headed by Directors who are assisted by Assistant Secretaries of State.

    All other Affairs of the State are handled by the Lado Civil Service Staff who are selected in accordance with their Skills, Professional Qualities and Merits. Responsible for the Employment, Promotions and Pensions is the Lado Civil Service Commission, which is placed directly under the Prime Minister.

    The Commission is also responsible for the Employment and the Recruitment of the Military and Diplomatic Service Staff of Lado. In the event that any of the People in the Top Hierarchy of State should be engaged in the Abuse of Power against the State and against the Citizens of Lado, be guilty of Misdemeanours or Treason, they will be Impeached. That applies to those who hold the Offices of the State, such as .the Prime Minister, the Governor, the Coordinator of State, the State Secretary, the Judges, the Ambassadors and other State Holders of Lado.

    The Lado Political System

    As one of the Fundamental Rights of the Citizens of Lado, according to Lado Constitution, the Lado Political System allows for the Free Expression, the Free of Assembly and the Free of Association, both in Political and Non-Political Organisations, such as Political Parties, Interest Groups, Pressure Groups, etc., etc.

    Year Plans will go Ahead

    Lado will go ahead with Year Plans Regardless of whether the International Community Recognises the Independence and Sovereignty of Lado or not . Elections in Lado will be called in the near future.

    In order to gain a Seat in the Lado Parliament, the Political Party must first register with the Lado Political Council which consist of the 29 Lado Tribes and is chaired by the Agofe of Lado.

    The LPC Council consists of seven Committees, the Constitution Committee, the Associations Committee, the Society Committee, the Unions Committee, the Clubs Committee, the Friendship Committee and the External Relations Committee (ERC).

    It is the LPC Associations Committee, a totally Independent Body composed of Lado Tribes, which is responsible for the Registration of any Political Party of Lado.

    The Legal System Protects the Weak

    The Power of Clan Committee (Paamvu) holds the Authority to settle all Disputes in the Households (Jooti).

    It is this Committee, headed by “The Custodian” (Amba) who acts as a Mediator, or in the Lado term ‘The Lord of the Land,’ solving all such Disputes, which refers to the Protection of Women and Children and ensures the Safety of Family Institutions.

    A Husband must by Law always Protect and Defend his Wife and the Children. This Institution is called ‘Baaru’ (The Family), whereas the Institution of Jooti is the Household headed by the Wife.

    This Law guiding the Paamvu (Clan) consists of the Tribal Customs and the Traditions including the Common Law of Lado which is Basic Law.
    Lado Politics and Committee System

    Directly under the LPC Council is also the Society Committee which deals with the Professional Societies, such as Lawyers, the Medical Profession, Engineers, Teachers, etc.

    The Union Committee holds the Trade Unions, The Student Unions and the Union of Mothers which advises Young Women, Pregnant Women, working Women, etc.

    Under this Committee is also the Young People’s Union which is involved in advising and training Young People and especially is responsible for Literacy, and the Clubs Committee which deals with all areas of Social Life, Sports, Music and the Supply of the Financial Support for these Activities.

    The Friendship Committee coordinates areas such as Friendship Societies with other countries, Cultural Exchanges, Language, etc.
    The External Relations Committee deals with Lado Foreign Relations
    Each Committee is well organised by the Representatives of each Tribe.

    The Agofe and External Relations

    The Lado Foreign Policy is conducted by the External Relations Committee which consists of five Sections: Foreign Affairs, Peace Affairs, Security Affairs, Religion Affairs and Commerce Affairs.

    The External Relations Committee is constantly studying, researching, analysing, organising and advising – and is directly reporting its findings to the Agofe of Lado. In charge of this Committee is a Vice Chairman and the President of the External .

    The Pro-Chairman also acts as a Substitute for the Agofe in order to ensure that the Agofe may always be kept up to date on all important Affairs of the Country and be the Stabilising Factor in the Lado Nation State Foreign Policy.

    The Academy of Lado

    LADO has long nurtered a Burning Desire to Record the History of Lado through the Centuries of Lado’s age-old History as the Cradle of Civilisation . It was the Europeans who realised that Lado is the very Base of Central Africa, and on 26 January 1846 H.H. Pope Gregory XVI signed a Document making the Upper Nile Valley, Lado, The Vicariate of Central Africa .

    Other Historical Documents of Importance for the History of Lado, are the Turco-Egyptian Firman of 13 February 1841, and the Turco-Egyptian Firman of 1 April 1869 for the Occupation of Lado which took place on 26 May 1871.

    LADO has for a long time been working on establishing ‘The Institute of Lado Affairs’ which will contain all information on Lado, i.e. History, People, Religion, Languages, Geography, Nature, Sciences, etc..

    All this Research Work will eventually lead to the Creation of the National Archives of Lado.

    What the seven million Lado People and the three million Lado Refugees, and ‘Stateless Persons of Lado living in Exile outside Lado need most of all is Peace, Security and Political Stability .

    It is the Sense of Pride in the Lado People’s National Identity and Heritage which LADO Government’s Year Action Plans is set to Achieve , Meaning the Independence and the Sovereignty of Lado.



  37. In banyankore we say that ‘ekyeba juba nobwooro nobugumba’so Baganda have forgotten where Museven found them with there kabaka that why they say all that.but we er sorry for you en this is his tym to enjoy 4 what he fought 4.If you want also go en fight.

  38. guyz hope uv seen Hosni Mubaraka. he did for his coutry more than tha fool but now he’s in a cage,believe me nothing will go without a pay.Museveni did all the bad things which were done by his predecessor only that he is doing most of them in safe houses ruther than constitutional sqaure.Amin killed his enemies and museni is doing the same including babies of two yrs.اعمل ما شات كما تدين تدان

  39. Agaba, you are a fool; you cant see that the writing on the wall. People are heart-sick of this kleptocracy you call a government. We sorely need to rid ourselves of this ‘nrm’ cancer which has brought unprecedented levels of corruption into our country. Agaba, the price to be paid will be heavy and we in this country cant wait to see m7’s bloodied corpse being hauled down the streets….
    Mark my words!!!

  40. The guy has got all the qualities which are making him to be the most hated president Uganda ever had!! This includes his few friends and inlaws. You can immagine each one of them might have exessive money whic can be enough to run a Country (UGANDA) for more than a Year.

  41. Please Let us Answer the Question of the (MOST HATED) not the (LONGEST SERVING PRESIDENT)

    1) Be Informative
    2) Be Objective
    3) Be Sensible

    The Truth is about facts’ Not the display of stupid emotions.


    HATRED FOR WHAT?????????????????????????????????

  42. fellew baganda be ready any time frm this min .WE a closing just by Natete every munyarwanda ,& co must leave as they came , go they a buildg acrdes 4da king instead of paying 4 rates 2da land lord

  43. Amurat, stop blasting Omara for nothing. Tell us how many banyankore or banyarwanda in Uganda are suffering from head nodding in their in their districts or regions, and m7 has failed to act ,like what is happening to notherners, look at a beer factory being built in mbarara, for a luxurious item-beer, and to create jobs for westerners, as if in moroto or soroti, people dont want jobs. Infact, Amurat, dont bother Omara, the m7 yu r struggling to defend is a munyarwanda,not a munyankore, unless yu r fighting for him since yu r also a rwandese.


  44. Sorry, this previous response is to the so called ”Akwat”, not Amurat as I called him.

  45. people i think all of us we ave to read abt the tell of the bachwezi and to stabilize our nation the right person in the linage of the bachwezi to take us forward without living others behind is not yet found.bt according to my understanding and seeing kabaka mutesa was the right person for this nation coz he is in the linage of the leadership of the chwezi people.all these hatred your are seeing on the presidents of were as aresult for the mistakes made at first

  46. i have listened to you all guy naye Abanyankole take care kubanga..tugenda basala ko emitwe ebyo byemutumanyira mulinde…these dudes forget mbu Kabaka was in da Bush with all these Ankole fools..Musevenui killed all Baganda men who went to the Bush…..Remember kayira..naye mwe temufayo..Buganda eddamu okubuza….ate abaganda muyige kino..if u we go back to the Bush..its time we act on our issues..this time tuyina okulwanira eddembe lyaffe kuluno tudda mu nsiko kulwanirrira nsi yaffe si yu ganda kuba batumanyidde nyo

  47. why write all these long comments, we’ve heard them all before. of course themost hated is the the one hated by even those who appear (read pretend) to love him because he also hates them too…HE HATES ALL OF YOU, period!

  48. ate abaganda muyige kino..if u we go back to the Bush..its time we act on our issues..this time tuyina okulwanira eddembe lyaffe kuluno tudda mu nsiko kulwanirrira nsi yaffe si yu ganda kuba batumanyidde nyo

  49. all these do not bring sugar,salt at home and take a child to school. Remind me what great, average………,….,…,minds always discuss. so which mind that has posted all these. any way others are flying planes let me think of how at least i can enter the airport.

  50. Mutesa 2 for his denial of a unitary state in Uganda, Baganda try to read history and know what science was behind the scene of Kabaka Crisis of 1953 and 1966. but do you know that you Baganda’s ur too selfish but this is just a request and advice to you that try to leave politics because dont expect a Muganda to rule uganda in this 20 century because of the selfishness you have. for example which muganda is really competing well in the presidential canditate elections well since the unification of uganda territories to a unitary state, try to revise the way you act please. am not a supporter of H.E Yoweri kaguta Museveni but am a PATRIOT. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.

  51. Not to beat a dead horse here, but I must have asked the powers that be fifteen times
    if we had the jelly that year, so was it really necessary to
    leave eight jars of jelly out on the counter this year just to rub my nose in it.
    This is one of those weeks that Mc – Creery should use to try to drum up more support from the non-country Idol fans.
    Catherine Porche: Okay, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, too fast.

  52. i wish this was the way we coasted our votes u gu man you would be no more and for those of u who think it the banganda issue it a matter of voting we need a revolution and we are surely going to fight to our last men Museven get ready

  53. For Rwandans,who know how this monster Museveni contributed to the atrocities that happened in Rwanda ,with the other monsters Bill Clinton,Tony Blair, Kagame killing the population in North of RWANDA since 1990,cleansing people in different place of DR Congo, triggering genocide bya killing the Rwandan and burundian presidents mhuuuuu! by any means ,by any cost I wish i could see this evil perish the way he killed both our presidents of RWANDA Habyarimana and the one of BURUNDI Ntaryamira ,I really wonder why God let these such evil to last so long annoying people

  54. The Baganda are proud people but not selfish. we have supported so many presidents from different tribes including Museveni himself. With expectations of Development. All have failed or even betrayed our support. We allowed Banyarwanda to settle in Buganda. When you come to Buganda, we welcome you in peace as long as you work to better the country. We want development and smart leadership but political leaders are failing the country. The Baganda’s are the only ones putting pressure on the government to do better. Other tribes need to join this effort instead of just blaming Baganda. The only way a black person will gain respect around is when he/she is not begging for aide. Other tribes should just join us. We want Uganda to be a first world country but the political leaders have failed. thats why the Baganda are making their own development plans like Toffaali to improve their region. Other Kingdoms should do the same to improve their kingdoms. this government cant take us anywhere anymore

  55. Paradoxically is you posed the same question in reverse you will certainly get a reverse answer
    i.e. who is the most loved president in the history of Uganda?
    who is the most hated president

  56. Baganda could be proud just like many tribes elsewhere but they are not selfish in fact they are stupid
    for example many a Baganda blit “we have supported so many different tribes………..all have failed or betrayed our support”. Now that’s stupidity at its worst; the fact is that you have helped no one, on the contrary you are simply gullible and easy to use by anyone who knows where your nob for being used lies
    In their short history Baganda have been used by the following people yet they seem to love it.
    Kintu….wasn’t a Muganda but exploited their gullibility to enslave their minds and body up to to-day
    The Bazungu used Baganda to colonize this part of Africa and of course dumped them there after
    Obote, after vowing to crush Buganda (1960) the Baganda stupidly went ahead and gave him the latitude and space to do so
    Iddi Amin after flushing Mutesa out of his hole in Lubiri went ahead to have his biggest support from the Baganda, WHY?…he brought back Mutesa’s corpse he helped to kill….very stupid
    Although there was Kayiira in the bush (Luweero), true to their gullibility Baganda overwhelmingly supported Museveni

    Right now Baganda are supporting Museveni, Besigye, Mbabazi Mao or Otunnu not Bwanika or Mabiliizi, WHY? because the latter being Baganda the Baganda consider them to be stupid

    sadly their Kabaka is comfortable with their stupidity because that’s the only way he can rule over them….and correct amatafaali without accountability….Ssabassajja awangaale

  57. I hate museven coz in 30 years he never do anything for Uganda no schools no medicine in hospitals more poverty

  58. Banyankore and banyarwanda your time is up. God is just giving you respite, you will soon face the music!!

  59. m7 was supposed to leave in 90s,coz he has done much in promoting tribalism,tortured true opponents like kayila,bobi,not byesigye coz is a comedian in politics and a striker 4 m7

  60. museven had made me a refugge in my own country.while that ka obote exiled our beloved king mutesa the 2 and bought his death.

  61. Such returded discussions never will catch my intellect. Ok lets call it a study. What will the results help improve. Come back to the table of rational discussion. Enjoy ur self distraction talks.

  62. Pliz do not blind fold Ugandans, they know whom they hate most and their hearts have been hurt for so many years but no condition is permanent, for God and my country

  63. President M7 stands for mickmouse democracy, brutality, tribalism, Nepotism, zabernsim, propaganda, and inflicting fear in population, suppression, oppression, murder ,corruption and so many social evils. In simple terms his regime kills everything you live for. Only we Ugandans living in Uganda can experience.

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